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All of our devices are unique and professionally handmade in the USA. That is why they cost more than the mass-produced foreign-made electronic devices common to discount stores. Our resulting higher prices means that many good people may find our CD projects hard to afford. To make it much easier for stretched people to obtain our unique Customized Devices, we now offer our special Lay-Away and Barter and Collateral Plans (use them individually or in conjunction with each other) as added means to obtain our products and services. For more details, click on: Our Easy Payment Plans, then click on your browser's backbutton to return here.

ADD A NEW ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY COUNTER TO YOUR CUSTOMIZED DEVICES: Many of the Device-Types described herein automatically come with displays. These displays may consist of meter-type digital readouts, analog readouts or LEDs. Now you can add a new small and portable Electronic Frequency Counter (EFC) to any Customized Devices (CD) device you contract for with us (includes, but not limited to the Device-Types described herein) which processes or produces a sinewave, square wave or triangular wave between 0.009 Hz and 99,999 Hz. Be sure to specify an EFC for YOUR device CDAF (green link at top of webpage is CDAF; only $99 extra for the EFC, $49 extra to modify each device to be EFC-capable). With an EFC, you can monitor the entire effective air bandwidth for infrasonic, audio and ultrasonic sounds, as well as electromagnetic signals within this same bandwidth - including brain wave frequencies and many power, servo and control frequencies! This should greatly increase your data and documentation, and is especially useful for tracking and analyzing mind control, electronic attack, radionics, audio, power, servo, control and other signals. Since the EFC comes as a separate module which plugs into your CD devices, all you need is one EFC for all of your EFC-capable devices, PLUS you can use your EFC for other non-CD devices and uses. We can sell you the EFC by itself custom-modified with battery holder and ON/OFF switch, if you wish, and with any of these types of signal connections: RCA, phone plug, miniphone plug, BNC, USB, spade lug, flat lug, ring lug, banana, pin, barrel plug, bare wire ($249 + S/H ($6.90 USA S/H)).

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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)


The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER DIRECTION FINDER: If you are being electronically attacked, electronically harassed, electronically controlled, electronically tracked, and/or electronically surveilled through some wireless means, the signal is either electromagnetic (EM) or ultrasonic (see below) in nature. There are all kinds of commercial EM scanners which will allow you to scan for the presence of EM signals. However, they almost never come with directional antennas (they usually have only an omnidirectional whip antenna) so that while using the whip antenna you can pick up EM signals and display the strongest EM signal coming to you from any direction, they cannot determine signal direction - only signal frequency and signal strength. Furthermore, since the standard whip antennas used in commercial scanners detect signals from all directions, a stronger EM signal(s) with a nearby center frequency(ies) (eg: licensed ham and/or commercial radio stations and/or TV stations) to an electronic attack signal will cause the scanner with the standard whip antenna to detect it/them instead of the offending signal. However, because our UEMTDF comes with our proprietary highly directional antennas, when pointed in the offending signal's direction, often result in the clear detection and direction finding of offending signals - even when more powerful non-malevolent (eg: licensed commercial stations, ham, cb) transmitters are operating in the same area, at the same time and at nearby frequencies. This is critical because electronic attack transmitters are often designed to operate in the "electronic shadows" of stronger legit signals, such as commercial TV stations and radio stations, to electronically hide them from scanner/whip antenna detection. Furthermore, commercial scanners come with no instructions on how to interpret the received signals in the realm of electronic attack, mind control and body control technologies. Because of the variety of directional antennas that we include and our User Manual insights about their uses, the UEMTDF can be used to detect and determine the direction of not only relatively distant external signals, but also nearby and even internal signals transmitted, for example, from an electronic implant(s) (for modern electronic implants and most other localized transmitters, it is usually very helpful to be able to detect both internal signals and external signals because modern electronic implants, room bugs, vehicle tracking transmitters, possibly telecoils/magnetic induction loop systems, etc. are often in two-way communications with much larger external transceivers which control them; electronic implant control is often based on the received biomedical data supplied by the electronic implants - data which is often biological result of previous control signal instructions from the external transceivers often in a closed-loop feedback type system). Other nearby signals the UEMTDF is designed to both detect and find include room bugs and tracking transmitters often concealed on vehicles, clothes and portable objects. The UEMTDF comes with a commercial scanner of our choice based on the description of your needs, plus 5 unique directional antennas of our design, plus description of both how to use the directional antennas and how to interpret as best we know the detected radio signals, including "radio static" that is often missed even by professional bug sweepers (detection is contingent upon the existence of a transmitter transmitting an adequate RF signal at the same time and direction you are trying to detect it). NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for a PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (PEMFJ)-type device because you needa highly directional RF signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking EMF so that we can optimally design the PEMFJ for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your PEMFJ is transmitting radio signals.Last made $1195 [3 lb].

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTING ELECTRONIC IMPLANT LOCATOR: The UEMTEIL is the same as the UEMTDF described above, but includes only our very Special Antenna we developed to optimize the location of EM transmitting electronic implants (Note: Not all electronic implants transmit EM signals; the UEMTEIL is not intending for electronic implants which do not transmit EM signals)*. While the small antenna included with the UEMTDF is sensitive to EM-transmitting implants, it is also designed to detect and find the direction of very high frequency external signals, whereas our UEMTEIL's Special Antenna is optimally designed for detecting and locating electronic implants, and is therefore much more sensitive to detecting EM transmitting implants (but still may pickup powerful external signals). Last made $995 [2 lb]. For the Special Antenna only (designed to fit your UEMTDF's signal strength meter), last made only $95 [1 lb], but only if included with your UEMTDF, if you contracted for your UEMTDF now or within the last 60 days.
       *HOW TO TEST FOR TRANSMITTING ELECTRONIC IMPLANTS: You likely have a transmitting electronic implant if your perp seems to have real time knowledge of your biological manifestations. Another test that usually works very well (depending much on your radio's signal frequency and direction) is to hold a portable radio at arms length, then bring it close to various parts of your body. A change in radio sound likely indicates that you have a transmitting electronic implant. Tune your radio to different radio stations and repeat the test; the radio frequency producing the greatest change is usually either near to the transmitting implant frequency or to an harmonic of it. NOTE-1: Because they are so inexpensive, electronic implants are now believed to be fairly common; you may be shocked or surprised as to how many people (and even animals) have them. NOTE-2: This test can produce false positives and false negatives, and we are not certain as to why.

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER TRIANGULATOR: The UEMTT consists of two matching UEMTDF systems (above), plus additional instructions on triangulating EM transmitters. While the UEMTDF will provide you EM transmitter signal strength, signal frequency and signal direction, it will not directly specifically locate the signal transmitter. To best determine specific location of transmitter, you need to triangulate the signal, and that requires two UEMTDF systems. In addition to the User Manual, for all triangulation device-types we sell, we also provide a tutorial on signal triangulation with a completely worked-out example problem using our simple algebraic plug-in formulas. NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for a PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (PEMFJ)-type device because you needa highly directional RF signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking EMF so that we can optimally design the PEMFJ for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your PEMFJ is transmitting radio signals.Last made $1995 [6 lb].

The PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (or Personal Signal Jammer): John Williams's extensive researches into EM weaponry and EM harassing devices (and Radionics), such as EM jammers and EM zappers.

"Signal Jammer" is also referred to as: Signal zapper, signal blocker, signal scrambler, signal crammer, signal obstructor, signal squasher, signal destroyer, signal deactivator.

PEMFJ-type devices, as with all RF transmitting devices we design and build, is based on our RF policies defined on our policies webpage (policies.htm). The PEMFJ is designed to send out strings of pulses in a narrow bandwidth (selected center freq 1MHz - 3GHz; BW is 0.1% center freq or 10KHz, whichever is greatest) designed to jam (within the immediate area of one's body) offending EM transmitters, surveillance devices, microwave controllers, et al - even the newest EM devices. Portable and worn or carried on or near the body. Note that EM signal jammers are never designed to operate as electronic weapons or to jam legally licensed transmitters. Jammers transmit no intelligence but only a high-frequency carrier signal typically modulated by white noise or pink noise to mask out the offending signals of an electronic weapon (if you could hear the EM white noise, it would sound much like distant rain; EM pink noise sounds similar to white noise but has higher or lower composite pitch, depending on filtering). In contrast, electronic transmitter weapons transmit definite control signals or data signals which are usually designed to cause harmful manifestations in a person(s) (usually a targeted person), animal(s), and/or equipment. Since the bandwidth that harmful EMFs can occupy is enormous, it is important to determine where in this enormous electromagnetic spectrum lies the signals harmful to you. Therefore, you should first strongly consider as a Customized Devices the purchase of a directional signal strength or signal triangulation device so that you can ferret out the offending signals red-handed, detect their frequency(ies) (bandwidth) and include those details in with your PEMFJ-type CDAF - see our popular THE ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER TRIANGULATOR and THE ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER DIRECTION FINDER -type devices above for a special deal. Last made $1499 [2 lb] (rough price when the bandwidth of offending signal was provided; if frequency is not provided, we select the frequency based on the best of our abilities resulting in less probability that we selected the right frequency and device may be substantially more expensive; we cannot do a wideband PEMFJ, nor a PEMFJ for certain frequencies (eg: security frequencies, military frequencies, first responder frequencies, airline frequencies, etc.)).

The PROGRAMMABLE NARROWBAND FREQUENCY GENERATOR: The crystal-controlled oscillator PNFG will allow you to select discrete frequencies (10KHz - 200MHz), up to 12 freqs of the frequency set you specify. In your CDAF, just tell us which frequencies you want in your set, and your set of waveforms. Waveforms can be sine, squarewave, pulse, sawtooth and/or triangular. And specify any modulations or frequency mixing you want. And whether you want a high-fidelity (1-channel) or stereo (2-channels) output(s).

And within allowable bandwith ranges, we can also change your selected frequency (ie: we replace here any crystal you want) (additional costs may apply).

One great use is to produce positive sounds for your personal enjoyment or meditation (eg: a frequency set consisting of Solfeggio, Chakra and/or other sounds). Another major great use is as a personal signal jammer to jam a particular frequency or selection of frequencies that you believe is annoying or attacking you. "Signal Jammer" is also referred to as: Signal zapper, signal blocker, signal scrambler, signal crammer, signal obstructor, signal squasher, signal destroyer, signal deactivator.

Includes an 8-ohm output and oscilloscope output (does not include speaker nor oscilloscope). For a single frequency, sinewave waveform, no modulations nor mixing, 1-channel, last made $995 [2 lb] (add $99 for each additional frequency, and $199 for each type of modulation and/or mixing type you need) (since the PNFG uses a crystal controlled oscillator (CCO), it is restricted to narrowband. And we can't do some restricted frequencies (eg: security frequencies, military frequencies, first responder frequencies, airline frequencies, etc.)).

The ULTRA ULTRASONIC DETECTOR & AMPLIFIER (Ultrasonic Direction Finder): The UUDA is designed to detect and amplify the presence of ultrasonic sounds in your environment - from weakest to strongest (gain tunable 5,000 - 500,000), from 15 KHz - 225+ KHz. Automatic gain control (AGC) is used to extra-boost weak sounds over much stronger ones. Directional and tunable. Ideal for detecting ultrasonic bugs, ultrasonic pain field generators, ultrasonic spurious emitters, ultrasonic communications (will demodulate some), ultrasonic range finders, ultrasonic depth finders, ultrasonic medical devices, ultrasonic mind control devices, etc. Also, the UUDA comes with a FREE NEW MULTIMETER for you to plug into the UUDA to observe the ultrasonic signal strengths as you scan for offending ultrasonic signals; to determine the directions of the ultrasounds (where signal strength is maximum); which meter you can also use for a vast number of other voltage and current measurements you may want to make unrelated to the UUDA. The UUDA also comes with an ultra wideband ultrasonic transducer housed in a special highly directional feedhorn assembly that allows you to determine the direction where the offending ultrasonic signal is coming from. NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for an ULTRA ULTRASONIC JAMMER (UUJ), ULTRA ULTRASONIC SHRIEKER (UUS), or ULTRA ULTRASONIC COUNTERMEASURE (UUC)-type device because you needa highly directional ultrasonic signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking ultrasound so that we can optimally design the UUJ, UUS, and/or UUC for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your UUJ, UUS, and/or UUC transmits ultrasound. Last made $645 [2 lb].For our Ultrasonic Triangulator, Ultrasonic Jammer, Ultrasonic Shrieker, Ultrasonic Countermeasure, and our many other sound-related device types see our audio.htm webpage.

The ULTIMO BLIND PINPOINTER LOCATOR: Do you need a device which can zero onto the exact location of an opposite spot on the other side of a blind wall, ceiling, floor or ground where you can't access both sides at once or take precise measurements on both sides to locate the point on one side which is closest to the opposite point of interest on the other side? Then the UBPL is great for you. The UBPL comes with both a Detector Unit and a Placement Unit. Easy to use, and requires only one person. You place the Placement Unit on one side, and steadily hold or secure it there in its optimum position so it doesn't move, and then you move the Detector Unit on the other side, starting approximately opposite to the Placement Unit until the Detector Unit provides a maximum reading, which almost always indicates it is exactly opposite to the Placement Unit. Many different uses. For example, you need to drill a hole through a wall, but you have no idea exactly where it is going to come out on the other side, and a mistake can be very costly to you. For example, you are digging a tunnel, and from inside of the tunnel you can't be certain as to exactly whether or not the tunnel is headed in the exact right direction and what adjustments you must make in digging the tunnel if it is not. For example, you are a survivalist and you want to bury a stash of food, water, other supplies and valuable items for later retrieval but you don't want animals or other people to find your stash so you have to conceal your stash location so that it doesn't look suspicious to animals and people, and you are worried about later forgetting its exact location.
           The UBPL comes with both a Detector Unit and a Placement Unit, and the User Manual. Depending on the material within the wall, ceiling, floor or ground, maximum detection distance is about 4 feet. If sides are not parallel to each other, one or both sides are rough, uneven or damaged, or the material within the wall, ceiling, floor or ground varies in composition, structure or density from point to point, accuracy is likely to be adversely affected. While the UBPL works on grounds which are damp or have some metal or mineral content (maximum detectable distance may diminish as the result), it will not work well on grounds which are wet, heavily mineralized or on a metal surface or material. Both Detector Unit and Placement Unit. Last made $1495 [3 lb] each. Last made $495 for each additional Placement Unit and last made $1195 for each additional Detector Unit, if an extra unit(s) is contracted for separately (all units must be contracted for together so that they all can be tested with each other).

SUPER-SENSITIVE, SUPER-DIRECTIONAL ANTENNAS: We can provide you highly directional and highly sensitive RF antennas for receiving or transmitting radio signals. From ultra-low frequencies to just under the infrared. And to connect into just about any device you have (common-type connectors are no problem for us; however, for rare, exotic and proprietary connectors, you may have to provide the connector(s)). Prices vary mostly according to bandwidth, center frequency and tunability. Specify bandwidth, center frequency and tunability in your CDAF, also, if you require a specific make, model or type of antenna.

The VERY FLAT & THIN SPIRAL ANTENNAS: Unique and difficult to make/find thin, flat spiral antenna with many applications, including with three devices described above. We can do just about any flat, thin spiral antenna from dime-size to about 12" diameter size in any gauge of wire from 30-gauge to 10-gauge (26-gauge most common, the thicker the gauge the thicker the completed antenna), single-layer and multi-layer (mutlilayer has greater inductance but is also thicker), and copper or nichrome. Great not only for optimum antenna placement through thin slots, cracks, slits, orifices, openings and spaces in electronic equipment chassis and between PC boards for electronic diagnostic, electronic troubleshooting and electronic control purposes but also for medical, biomedical (eg: miniature Helmholtz coils, brainwave coils), biofeedback, remote control, electronic implants, magnetic field generation coils (eg: telecoils/magnetic induction loop systems), small metal detector coils, magnetometer coils, communications antennas, surveillance antennas (eg: direction-finding antennas; and 'through-wall' type applications where the transmitter coil is on one side of a wall and the receiver coil is opposite on the other side), near-field TSCM monitoring, EM shields, works of art, jewelry, crafts, wall mountings, work mats, heating mats, coasters, conversational pieces, etc. We can also cover, coat, and/or mount the antenna using many different materials and fixtures. Last made $29 [1-2 lb] for a spiral antenna about the width and thickness of a credit card, about 400 microhenry.

MINI-TIMERs: These small, mostly single-cell timers (1/8 - 1/2 cubic inches in size) are accurate, long-term timers which activate after minutes of time, producing a beep and/or LED indication. Used to time events and activities, and to alert or remind the user of something he/she is doing or to start or stop doing. Mini-timers are ideal for timing athletic activities (eg: runs, walks, workouts), guard/security/sentry duties, arrivals/departures, chores, games, tests, homework, phone or TV use, medications, therapies, cooking, lab experiments, explosives uses for mining and land-clearing, and coordinated activities. Output switches near battery voltage once each timing cycle (1 minute to 1 hour; adjustable-time versions available). Optional forms of alert. Optional forms of activation and stopping. Optional latching relay outputs or other type outputs. Optional displays. An absolute must for all those critical situations where you must have accurate timing but your timer must also be small, compact, concealable, and electronic. Non-automatically recycling versions, [3-16 oz].149 each. Automatically recycling versions. Last made $245 [3-16 oz] each.

OTHER MICROWAVE & RADAR DEVICES: We have designed countless microwave and radar type devices, some of which are described in our Vehicle-Related section: VEHICLE-RELATED. If you are interested in these type of devices, then please go to our Customized Devices webpage, print it out, complete the CD Application Form part and send it to us. Prices ($100 min.) and weights widely vary.

SUPER METAL DETECTORS: We research, design, develop, experiment with, modify and/or repair Pulse Induction (PI) metal detectors and Very Low Frequency / Transmitter-Receiver (VLF/TR) Motion Discriminator metal detectors - including exciting designs that use bismuth, hall effect devices, toroidal, and other innovative and visionary techniques - devices designed to detect, repel or attract non-ferromagnetic metals and non-metallic conductors. Prices ($100 min.) and weights widely vary.
          THE ULTIMO SHOE METAL DETECTOR: The biggest problem in using standard metal detectors is that they are very visible and attract gawkers, other metal detector users and treasure hunters, thieves and others - sometimes like flies. If you find something, it then becomes very obvious to even the most dimwitted observer. One of our most popular and exciting metal detector device-types is our USMD. We build a quality metal detector coil inside the sole of one or both shoes of a pair of rubber-soled shoes you provide us that fit you well. We modify the shoe(s) for the USMD. The electronics' thin cable is snaked up through the inside of pant leg which connects into its small control module, which attaches to your waistband or pants pocket (your preference). A small earphone is connected to it to alert you to any finds. Sensitivity is about 3 feet diameter, about the length of an adult stride. You inconspicuously stroll up and down the area of interest to you alone, walking your dog, whatever. You can finally profit from taking walks! When you get an alert, if legal, you then stoop and dig for your treasure. Great for treasure hunters. Great for detecting land mines as well (landmine detection for metal landmines). Last made $1995 [2 lb + shoe weight] for one shoe, $3895 for both shoes. Shoe sole must be 10"+ long, 3-1/4"+ wide, 5/8"+ thick, man or woman shoe. We strongly recommend that you do not wear or carry these shoes onto any public transportation, building or facility. Sole thickness may increase by about 10% after mod. We are not responsible for any damage to shoes or for any problems you may have wearing or using the modified shoes. Modified shoes should only be worn on grass, sand or non-rocky dirt, casual style walking only.

The MAGNETIC DETECTORS: The ultra-sensitive MD uses a tiny sensor which detects magnetic fields as low as 65 gauss! The MD determines not only whether or not something is magnetized (even faintly), but its magnetic polarity - ideal for decoding magnetic lock keys, and for probing inside disk drives, watches and other small openings, and for detecting embedded magnetite. Magnetic poles smaller than a pin head can be detected. Unlike most commercial magnetic detectors, the MD is immune from ambient electric fields. Last made $295 [1 lb].

The MULTI-USE MAGNETOMETER: The MUM is a powerful, versatile, and sensitive electronic instrument used to detect and measure the magnetic field component of EMFs that occur naturally or are man-made (eg: wires and magnetic, electrical and electronic equipment). The MUM is one of our most practical and heavily used lab and field instruments. Major uses:

The MUM is easy to use. It includes 3 antennas (loop, pancake and cylinder). With Sensitivity Adjustment. Includes meter, lamp and sounder indicators. Last made $395 [2 lb].

The ULTRA ON DEVICES DETECTOR: Tired of hidden illegal recorders and other electronic devices monitoring or harassing you (analog and digital devices)? Most electronic equipment leak some audio and/or RF noise when turned ON - even if not radio transmitters or surveillance device. And as most are battery-operated, this leakage may be the only way to electronically detect their presence. Highly directional and sensitive electronic sniffer. Tunable gain to about 1,000,000. Last made $495 [2 lb].

REMOTE CONTROLS GALORE: We design and build many different types of Remote Controls using RF, sound/ultrasound, video/light/laser, phone, and/or vibration communications between the controller and the controlled device(s), for remote security, monitoring, detecting, reporting, exploring, communicating, assembling, disassembling, transporting, disposing, hazard control, competing, recreational, robots and robotic controls applications (robotics technology). Some of our designs use innovative and visionary techniques. Remote control cars, remote control planes, remote control trains, remote control robots, remote control appliances, remote control cameras, remote control security, remote control industrial devices, remote control processes - you name it - just about any remote control device or process you want! Prices ($100 min.) and weights widely vary.

The EMF "SIGNATURE" DOWSER: This nifty EMF dowser / electronic dowser device will allow you to instantly detect subtle and telltale variations and fluctuations in the EMFs of an area or on a person. All objects are believed to absorb and radiate distinct EMF "signatures." EMF changes from normal may indicate the presence of water, oil, minerals, future earthquake activity, and various health conditions. The EMFSD greatly increases your sensitivity to such subtle EMFs! Audio and LED indicators. With adjustments for amplification gain (to up to 1 million!), dynamic range and tunability to optimize its performance for your various experimental uses. Last made $395 [2 lb].

The SUPER CONDUCTOR DETECTOR: This exciting and incredible device detects virtually all nearby conductive materials without touching them - including as a metal detector for platinum, gold, silver, copper, aluminum - even carbon and some conductive composite materials - without touching the conductor - even through insulators like cloth / clothes, plastic, paper, wood and ceramic - even through flesh - even if hermetically sealed in an insulator! Especially designed for detecting and differentiating smaller conductive objects, such as coins, jewelry, watches, keys, metal hardware, and electronic implants (with conductive shells or innards). Highly directional to pinpoint conductive objects. For those truly interested in gizmos with astounding and seemingly supernatural capabilities, you absolutely MUST buy the SCD! Last made $1595 [2 lb].

The SUPER LIGHTNING RISK DETECTOR: Thousands of people have been struck by lightning - many killed or seriously injured or disfigured. You can be struck by lightning even though it is not raining - even though there is not a cloud in the sky overhead! Lightning is sudden, deadly and devastating. Lightning also kills animals, causes fires, disrupts electricity and destroys sensitive equipment like computers, CDs, TVs, DVDs, VCRs, phones, modems, et al. You can even be struck and instantly killed, injured or disfigured by lightning inside your home or office, for example, if your building is struck while you are using the bathroom, the kitchen sink or even on the phone! While many people have temperature, air pressure and humidity detectors in their homes and offices, virtually none have a lightning risk detector - even in areas that receive 1,000s of strikes per year! Lightning indiscriminately kills - it doesn't care if you are rich or poor, black or white, male or female, young or old! And most people can't sense just how much endanger they are exposed to from lightning strike until it is too late! With the SLRD lightning detector, you can get a handle on the level of lightning danger in your immediate area by detecting static electric conditions that often precede lightning strikes, and whether your danger is increasing or decreasing from usually unfelt changes that occur in the ambient static electric field. And you can set an audio and/or visual alarm, based on the detected risk of lightning strike, to let you know when YOUR risk level is too high for YOUR comfort level. Quit living life like it is a crap shoot! Especially if you live or travel in a high-lightning area, you absolutely MUST buy the SLRD! (NOTE: We do NOT claim that the SLRD will detect every occurrence of a lightning strike near you before it occurs as lightning is a very complex and varied phenomenon and in some cases the increase in risk of a lightning strike can occur rapidly; the SLRD is designed to detect changes in the static electric field near you and indicates, for example, that the voltage difference between your head and your feet area indicate that your body could conduct a potentially deadly electric current.) Last made $1295 [2 lb].

The SECRET COMMUNICATOR: The SC is an excellent, small secret RF device great for all types of fun. Person A taps a small, concealed switch hidden somewhere on their body. This sends Person B a secret signal (you come up with your own codes for your own uses) into a hidden, silent vibrator, also hidden on the body. Or the vibrator could be hidden elsewhere, and/or easily replaced with a small relay, lamp, buzzer, actuator, etc. Great for playing all kinds of games, competitions, magic tricks, parties, corporate meetings, love signals, secret rendezvous, plan executions, coordinated actions, covert activities, et al - virtually any kind of activity where secret signals are a must or desired. Last made $695 [1 lb].

The AUTOMATED CONTROL SIGNAL & AUDIO REPLICATOR: If you develop, test, repair or optimize electromechanical equipment - especially with hard-to-reach control sections - the ACSAR may be exactly what you are looking for to digitally record (uses no tape/compact disk) and playback control signals to automatically replicate over-and-over the desired electromechanical actions! Or to test the vulnerability of your equipment (eg: security equipment) to unauthorized or unwanted attempts to cause or replicate undesired actions. The ACSAR is an incredibly versatile device that records and plays back many types of control signals used to control electromechanical devices to force them to repeat certain machine actions over and over. The ACSAR will record and accurately reproduce ANY digital or analog signal (Digital:min. pulse width > 0.01 msec. Analog: all significant frequency components < 50 KHz). You can even record/playback voice, music, other sounds, and ultrasound! For digital, you can record/playback whether the input signal is continuous/non-continuous (including burst), fixed rate/varied rate, fixed pulse width/varied pulse width, periodic/aperiodic, synchronous/asynchronous, pure digital/hybrid digital-analog, or modulated/unmodulated! You control record and playback rates and durations, input gains (ie: sensitivity), and output gains - all real time! Record and playback rates and durations need not be the same (they may differ if you wish - great feature for data analysis, special effects, equipment troubleshooting, and fast-forwarding), and you can pause or clear at any time! And you can end recording/playback after memory IC is filled (1-cycle), or continuously (continuous playback is great for repeated task, instructional and subliminal uses)! Maximum record duration is 10 minutes - plenty of capability and time to record even the most complex control signal or sound segment. Functional Description: Several antennas of different sizes and shapes are provided that serve as both control signal pick-up and playback (you may use whatever other passive antennas you wish to at your expense). Additional input for audio. Outputs include direct, capacitor-coupled, and transformer-coupled. And as a unique and invaluable special feature of the ACSAR, the antenna input connector can be switched between its input circuit section and output section so that the same antenna connected undisturbed to the same port can be used for both input and output (I/O) functions! For example: The silver dollar-size, very flat and thin spiral antenna is inserted into the machine (eg: through a slot, crack and other thin or non-straight opening, and between densely-packed PC cards) where no other antenna will fit. The Record button on the ACSAR is then pushed to electronically record the sequences of machine control signals that were used to trigger actions that you need repeated over and over. Then, each time the Playback button is pushed, the control signal is faithfully played back to the control circuitry through the spiral antenna to repeat the machine action. The signal can also be replayed in a lab setting at the same, reduced or increased speed, and analyzed. Powerful and versatile test equipment! Much exiting fun! And great for science projects. Last made $2185 [3 lb]. (Note: The recording and playing back of control signals is a complex process. Sensitivity and sampling rate controls are provided to cover a vast range of use conditions. Experimentation is required. Although we provide vast tunability in ACSAR-type devices, it may not record and play back some control signals to produce reliable replicated actions primarily due to antenna positioning problems caused by lack of or cramped equipment control circuitry access. While the I/O ports can be used for numerous types of inputs and outputs, the only external I/O devices provided are the antennas, unless otherwise and explicitly contracted for.)

The SIGNAL & CODE INJECTOR: Similar to the AUTOMATED CONTROL SIGNAL & AUDIO REPLICATOR described above, the SCI produces a wide range of signals, included RF signals, and a huge number of code combinations of the signals, that one can use to non-invasively (ie: no electronic connection need be made) test your various equipment for vulnerabilities to outside signal interferences whether that interference be natural or manmade or be intentional or unintentional. The SCI does not come with a recording function as per the ACSAR. It does come with several controls that can be set and tuned to produce a very wide range of different kinds of signals and signal combinations (ie: codes), and the several antennas of the type used by the ACSAR, to subject your equipment to the most grueling exposure of possibly interfering signals to determine shielding and hardening against interfering signals that cause unauthorized accesses, jammings and other possible malfunctions. An external port is provided so that the SCI's signals can be multiplexed or modulated with other signals you produce from other equipment of yours. Unlike the ACSAR, the SCI does not come with a signal record feature. Last made $1595 [3 lb].

The KX RADAR EMITTER (NA): The KXRE forces popular K-, X-, Ka- and Ku-Band Doppler radars to display certain discrete speeds (25, 35, 55, 65 MPH), regardless of the speed of the KXRE platform. It can be triggered ON manually (1-100 sec) or automatically be radar detector-activated. Plugs into the cigarette lighter. The KXRE can also be used to calibrate radar guns, to test radar detectors, and in microwave commo and signaling systems. With a radar detector, it can also be used to detect and count people, vehicles, livestock, baseballs, etc. We customize the KXRE for you for any combo of K, X, Ka and Ku outputs. The unit does not come with the Gunn Oscillator/Feedhorn Antenna (GOFA) assembly sets, all sold separately. KXRE last made $495 [3 lb]. X-Band GOFA last made $295; K-band GOFA last made $395; Ka-Band GOFA last made $595; Ku-Band GOFA last made $595 (each [1 lb]). HISTORICAL DIAGRAMs only: $1,000.00.

WIRING HITCHHIKING HARASSER ELIMINATORS: Are your home/business wiring, piping, etc. or even car wiring hijacked to electronically harass or surveil you by hitchhiking signals onto them? Because power and telephone lines, and metal pipe (eg: plumbing), metal tubing (eg: wire shielding) and metal linear structures (eg: rebar, girders, conduit, trim, rails, fencing) surround you virtually everywhere you go in any building, electronic surveillance devices, equipment control devices, mind control devices and electronic attack devices can be connected to them in virtually every room and even outside the building for some distances - these omnipresent conductors serve as the optimum means to connect up, transmit and distribute these very harmful electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack signals throughout the building (sometimes called "carrier current" attacks - carrier currents caused by carrier current transmitters) - optimum conductors for virtually endless varieties of bugs, taps, harassment, control and line blaster devices. Our WHHE devices both test and filter out harmful hitchhiking signals!
       Since these conductors are so prevalent in virtually every building, added with the technologies of time multiplexing signals and frequency multiplexing signals, literally dozens - even 100s - of these types of very harmful signals can be operational on any day and night against you - usually no matter what rooms you are in. Your home or business is just several huge signal distribution networks plus transmitting and receiving antenna arrays. And all such wiring, piping, etc. can usually be just as easily abused for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attacks even if you turn OFF or disconnect them from their normal uses (eg: turning Off AC power, disconnecting phones). This is nothing new - both power and phone wiring have been lawfully used for decades to carry high-band voice, control signals, and data (eg: faxes, modems, DSL, zons, intercoms, alarm systems for phone lines, and intercoms and alarm systems for power lines) - proven technologies using common household AC wiring and phone wiring. Furthermore, because generic power and phone wiring and piping in all or part of one's home and business are often unshielded, they can be both easily accessed and connected up to AND used as a huge transmitting and/or receiving radio antennas to communicate with anything from electronic implants - to guys parked in the street - to cellphone towers down the road - to control centers 100s miles away - to ships at sea - to satellites - to electronically harass, control and/or interfere with your life! For examples: (1) Signals on them can be transmitted wireless for miles, and (2) Physical access to the wiring, piping, etc. is not even required; because the wiring, piping, etc. is unshielded, signals can often be inductively coupled into or out of power lines, phone lines, piping, etc. (eg: inductively-coupled phone line taps are decades old technology). Offending microwave signals can also be reflected off of ungrounded or not fully grounded metal bodies.
       Since these virtually endless varieties of bugs, taps, harassment, control and line blaster devices can take on virtually any appearance and/or be hidden in just about anything inside of or near your building, they can be very difficult to detect through physical searches (short of tearing down all of your walls and ceilings where the lines and piping run, and disassembling all of your equipment). For example, these devices can be easily concealed inside TVs, radios, computers, cellphones, landline phones, electronic handheld devices, etc. - fully operating even when the TV, radio, phone, etc. itself is not turned ON. Or hidden in an outlet, inside of your wall or in your attic - even inside your car. If you share walls, floors or ceilings with other apartments, the devices can be on their side, or even outside your building. Since not all of these harmful devices are RF devices, the non-RF ones cannot be detected using TSCM field strength testing used for wireless systems. Nor can strictly receiving devices be TSCM-detected. And usually nor can transmitting devices which transmit in bursts, randomly or pre-dawn hours, nor when the perpetrator believes the area is being electronically swept and turns Off transmitters until the TSCM crew leaves. In short, your phone and power wiring, piping, etc. can be easily and secretly tapped into using hardwired, inductive-coupling and/or reflection techniques just about any place they are routed internal or external to your home/business. To understand just how frustrating it is even for experts to really troubleshoot an area, rent the Gene Hackman movie, "The Conversation" - and that was early 1970s' relatively crude, clunky and huge electronic surveillance systems!
       The high-band signal frequencies used on power and phone lines, piping, etc. (which can be time multiplexed and/or frequency multiplexed to support several such systems) are usually 5+ times higher than the standard 60 Hz / 50 Hz (power wiring) or 3200 Hz maximum (phone wiring) bandwidth normally used on them. The usable bandwidth of many power and phone lines exceed 2 MHz for loops up to about 6,000 ft (1.14 miles) and much higher over much shorter loops - very usable for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack. Metal piping, tubing, fencing, rails and other structures can conduct signals far higher in frequency than even power and phone lines (because most power and phone lines, pipes, etc. are unshielded, electrically noisy and inductive and leaky to high freqs, most high-band signals are under 200 KHz). Loading these unshielded conductors with all kinds of multiplexed and high-band signals they were not designed for may cause the wiring, piping, etc. itself and their terminations to resonate with strange sounds and noises which seem to emanate from walls and ceilings often on quasi-random and directional bases (eg: strange sounds you can hear when standing in one position but not in another nearby position, and/or at some times and not at other times, and/or during certain conditions of humidity and/or temperature but not at other conditions), often throughout most of a building, and often similar to the vibrating and humming of an old or defective power transformer. They can also vibrate and hum in the ultrasonic and infrasonic bandwidths when signals mix and produce sum and difference frequency components. The weird sounds can also sound like a distant motor running, distant voices, whispering and mumbling, spiritual and God-like voices, high-pitched voices, low-pitched voices, chattering, music, animal sounds, whistles, echoes, pulsing, pounding, popping, finger-snapping, digital data sounds, zinging sounds, whooshing sounds, theremin sounds, etc., especially when real time complex signal mixings of possibly several signals at once result in partially demodulated and/or multiply-mixed high-band signals. These weird noises can literally drive some people nuts! If you are hearing sounds, noises or even voices or digital data signals or control signals coming from your walls, ceilings or appliances or inappropriately while you are on the phone, you may not be imagining it. Also, high frequencies imposed on power wiring can adversely affect induction motors (especially compressor motors common to refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners), causing them to operate roughly, chatter noisily and possibly stall out (because induction motor speed is proportional to the frequency of its power source, multiple frequencies can harm them), and can cause lights to vary in intensity or flicker. Modulated high frequencies on phone lines can cause malfunction of phone and computer equipment (eg: loss of broadband sync, inability or slowdown in using DSL or even dial-up, faxes, zons, etc. because of a "noisy line").
       We offer 4 types of WHHE systems to test for and protect against offending EMF signals: (1) The WHHE1 is for AC power lines, (2) The WHHE2 is for phone lines, (3) The WHHE3 is for motor vehicle wiring, and (4) The WHHE4 is for non-electrical metal structures, such as pipes, tubes, appliances, fencing, rails and other metal structures, and unpowered wiring. For minimal recommended protection, you must typically have at least one of each WHHE type. For optimal and continuous protection, you must have two WHHE1 (one for each 120VAC power leg), one WHHE2 for each landline phone line, one WHHE3 for each vehicle, and one WHHE4 for each non-electrical ungrounded or improperly grounded metal structure within about 25 yards of you.
       The WHHE1 is designed to plug directly into any 120 VAC wall outlet (3-wire or 2-wire, 60 Hz or 50 Hz) located virtually anywhere to both detect and eliminate these higher frequencies on your AC power wiring (and to also cause an improvement in your power factor if it is typically inductive or lagging power factor (PF)) (Note: If you have an intercom, digital or other communications system which uses home/business electric power wiring to transmit/receive signals, the WHHE1 will also filter out those signals if used at same time). For example, voice, data signals, and/or control signals at 10 KHz, 50 KHz, 90 KHz, ..., 1890 KHz, 1930 KHz and 1970 KHz could all be frequency multiplexed onto a single 60 Hz power line simultaneously. That is, as long as a WHHE1 is not connected, because the WHHE1 wipes out all frequencies much above 60 Hz - wiping out those electronic attack and electronic surveillance high-band signals in one fell swoop! You may specify the WHHE1 to be non-battery powered (used only on powered AC lines to also power it), or battery-powered (used on both powered and unpowered AC lines). Note that the WHHE1's filtering functions cannot be duplicated using commercial power strips with built-in transient suppression. Power strips with transient suppression only filter out transients which are both high-voltage AND high-frequency, and then only for those devices connected to the power strip - not the VAC power lines connected to your AC outlets and located behind your walls in your home or business. Only the WHHE1 can filter out unwanted signals at your outlets and home/business wiring (as well as devices plugged into power strips). Even for devices plugged into transient-protected power strips, the designed protection is for transients which are both high-voltage AND high-frequency - much less effective against hitchhiking voice, control and data signals (which usually result in small RMS voltage level increases way below voltage levels required to switch in transient suppression).
             TEST: There is a test that will likely result in positive indication of hitchhiked signals on your AC power lines, but test requires about 2 months to complete: Obtain 3 same make and model plug-in digital clocks (not battery-powered clocks), and place them in widely-separated rooms but on the same 120VAC leg. Synchronize each clock to your cellphone or other battery-operated super accurate time source. At the end of one month, check the times on each of your 3 clocks against the device you synchronized them with. Most of these types of clocks are timed by the frequency of your AC line voltage (60 Hz in the US, 50 Hz many other places). However, with most of them, the timing is also advanced by signals and electrical noise interference on your line to various degrees based on their specific electronic designs and interference properties. If there is much communications or control signals on the line, the clocks will run faster than normal. Therefore, if at the end of the month, any of your clocks are more than a couple of minutes fast, more than likely, you have a serious problem with hitchhiked signals on your line for which we strongly recommend the WHHE1 to countermeasure. Since the electrical noise on most AC lines typically rarely reaches levels that would advance most clock timing, normally, noise by itself would contribute to about a minute or two at most in one month's time to advancing timing. If any of your clocks run too slowly, the clock is probably defective. And which clock has advanced the greatest is usually the clock closest to the hitchhiking signal input point where it gets the strongest signal. Then run this test again, with all of the clocks on the other AC leg. Note: This test is not proof of either the existence or absence of hitchhiking signals during the test month because of clock defects and nominal electronic differences; clock timing may use crystals and not line frequency; low intensity, very high frequency, and/or low duty cycle (eg: burst signals, infrequent or occasional attacks) hitchhiking signals that don't significantly increment clock timing; very noisy line, etc., but it often is a very good indication.
       The WHHE2 is designed to plug directly into any normal landline phone line in the building, and works whether the phone is On Hook or Off Hook to eliminate higher frequencies on your phone wiring (Note: If you use DSL, modem or other digital phone line communications system, those signals will also be filtered out if used at same time). We offer 3 versions of the WHHE2: (1) WHHE2-HB: The High-Band (HB) version (the default version if you don't specify) filters out phone line freqs starting at about 4000 Hz and above. While the HB will filter out all signals at all times when toggled ON much above the normal phone voice BW of 300-3200 Hz, it will not filter out normal speech signals in the voice BW, resulting in possible but very unlikely unauthorized voice-band transmissions when phone is on-hook. (2) WHHE2-LB: The Low-Band (LB) version filters out phone line freqs starting at about 50 Hz and above. While the LB filters out voice and data signals at all times when toggled ON, it must be turned OFF when you need to talk on the phone or use it to transmit data or it will also filter out your and the other party's voices. Note that the LB version may negatively impact ring with some phones. (3) WHEE2-CMP: The Composite (CMP) version allows you to toggle between the HB and LB versions for maximum security - when you are talking on the phone, you set it at HB, when you are sending data online, you turn OFF both HB and LB, and when phone is on-hook, you set it at LB. The WHHE2 uses the common standard RJ-11 phone connector. The WHH2 always comes battery-powered.
       The WHHE3 is designed for 12VDC battery systems (eg: vehicle battery wiring) because car battery wiring can also be - some say often - used to conduct unwanted and harmful signals which can be used for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack. You can specify whether you want its cable to have cigarette lighter, battery clamp or other type of terminating connector you specify (Note: Any and all vehicle underhood connection work must be done by your automechanic at your expense and always in a legal and safe manner, and we assume no liability for the installation, removal and use of a WHHE3 device on any vehicle). You may specify the WHHE3 to be non-battery powered (used only on powered 12VDC lines to also power it), or battery-powered (used on both powered and unpowered 12VDC lines).
       The WHHE4 is designed to test and protect unpowered wiring, metal piping, metal tubing, metal fencing, metal railing, metal structures, and other unpowered conductors up to about 25 feet long by testing for and filtering out signal types they carry above 60 Hz. These include offending signals hardwired or induced onto metal structures, and to some extent, reflected signals. Protecting against reflected signals is designed to protect you from perps transmitting RF signals at unprotected reflective surfaces near you for its scattering effects or angular advantages, which then reflect onto you to do their dirty work; the WHHE4 grounds out air-transmitted offending RF signals it protects in your area. The WHHE4 can test and filter out great varieties of conductors which do or do not have known or accessible signal return paths (WHHE1, WHHE2 and WHHE3 test and protect circuits which have electrical return paths paired with them, eg: AC power line neutral, phone Ring wire, car battery ground). The WHHE4 comes with two cables, each about 12.5 feet long, and each terminated by alligator clips (or some other type of connector you specify). One cable is connected to the unpowered metal wiring, piping, tubing, fencing, structure, etc. If this metal is accompanied by an accessible metal electrical return path (eg: wire, piping, tubing, fencing, structure, etc.), the other cable is connected to it, else it is connected to nearby grounded metal, in which case an earth ground rod may be required (earth ground rod not provided, available in hardware stores). The WHH4 always comes battery-powered. Note: Not all plumbing or tubing (or fencing or structures) is continuous metal all the way into a good earth ground. Sometimes plastic plumbing or standoffs are used, which breaks any ground connection. Even if the plumbing pipe is continuous metal all the way to where buried in earth, pipe joints can be corroded enough or use enough teflon tape to break the electrical connection, the pipe can be laid in dry ground or concrete, and/or the pipe itself can be corroded enough to break its ground connection. In fact, plumbing pipe is never a reliable earth ground. National Electrical Code: 'True earth ground physically consists of a conductive rod or pipe driven into the earth to a minimum depth of 8 feet.' Plumbing pipe is never "driven into the earth" and plumbing, tubing, fencing and structures are seldom buried at least 8 feet deep. If unpowered metal is not itself solidly grounded to earth (easily determined) - not just wet-season or intermittently grounded - it makes a great conductor for offending electronic signals.
       Each WHHE device comes with a signal indicator LED and the DETECT/PROTECT toggle switch. One toggled position is the DETECT Mode in which the LED will flicker and/or brighten if there is a high-band signal on the line, piping, etc. The other toggled position is the PROTECT Mode which will filter out all types of high-band signals, transients and line noise interference hitchhiking signals to remove them from your line, piping, etc. The DETECT Mode continuously tests your conductor to determine if there is any unusual signal or other electrical activity on it. The toggle switch is especially protected with a snubber circuit designed to prevent contact arcing during switches. If the WHHE device conflicts with some other known and OK equipment or function connected to your wiring in the PROTECT Mode, then don't operate that WHHE in its PROTECT Mode when normally using such equipment or function (no known interferences in the DETECT Mode).
       EXTRA PROTECTION: WHHE devices are designed to further protect your lines from possibly destructive high-voltage pulses, transients and line noise which can sometimes also occur, whether natural or manmade (eg: helps protect you from a perpetrator trying to wreck your phone or power system - even your computer - using a phone or power line blaster to deliver high-voltage transients, pulses and electrical noise to your system and equipment; and helps protect lines and equipment against damage caused by nearby lightning strike or transients, pulses and line noise). (Note that while electronic filters may eliminate 99.9+% of a signal - so much of the signal that the tiny remaining signal is lost in the line noise - no electronic filter wipes out absolutely 100% of a signal; always experiment with WHHE device first to make sure that it does not interfere with the normal use of your lines and equipment.). This very substantial added transient protection feature includes a gas discharge lightning arrestor (surge arrestor - not normally found even in expensive transient-suppressed power strips), a MOV (varistor), and the filter capacitor itself - all of which adds substantial protection from lightning strikes, line blasters, and powerful pulsed mind control and electronic attack devices hitchhiked onto your lines, piping, etc.
         Plus, if specified, WHHE devices come with an output connector which permits you to directly view hitchhiking signals on an oscilloscope or hear them on a speaker or earphones (if signal is in the audio band; oscilloscope, speaker and earphones are not included). By being able to observe and/or hear the signals which should not be on your line, piping, etc., you can often tell exactly what is being communicated or controlled, and correlate the hitchhiking signals with conversations, other activities, and unexplained manifestations.
       Note that since most home and office electric power systems are 220-240 VAC and standard outlet wiring is 110-120 VAC, there are two isolated AC power "legs" that power the various 110-120 VAC outlets and functions throughout the building. Therefore, to simultaneously and continuously DETECT and PROTECT both AC power legs, you need two WHHE1 devices. Also note that if your landline phone system has more than one phone line, each phone line is isolated from each other, so therefore to simultaneously and continuously DETECT and PROTECT all phone lines, you need a WHHE2 for each and every phone line. All WHHE device-types are small, portable, easy to use, uses standard connectors, and the WHHE2 and WHHE4 are 9VDC battery-powered (WHHE1 and WHHE3 operate off of their power line voltages but we can also make them to operate off of 9VDC battery to also test unpowered 120VAC power lines (WHHE1) and car battery wiring (WHHE3)). CAUTION: Do not use any WHHE device in the PROTECT Mode to do a denial-of-service attack against anyone legitimately using a phone system or power line for some normal high-band activity, for example, by interfering with or defeating DSL, modems, faxes, zons, intercoms, alarm systems, etc.
       Non battery-powered WHHE1, WHHE3. Last made $395 [1 lb] each.
       Battery-powered WHHE1, WHHE2-HB, WHHE2-LB, WHHE3. Last made $445 [1 lb] each.
       Battery-powered WHHE2-CMP, WHHE4. Last made $495 [2 lb].

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