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High-Tech Invention Prototyping and Other Invention Services / Invention Support For YOU
Custom-Made Invention Prototypes - Particularly Electronic and Electrical in Nature - Bring Your Inventions to Life - Attractive, Provable, Demonstrable

Unique, Original, Made-to-Order, Invention Prototyping We Can Do For YOU! Backed by 25+ years of Professional Design Experience!
Welcome to LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.! invention support services,professional invention services,invention consultants,invention consulting services,invention patent services,invention promotion services,invention analysis,invention research,invention designs,invention design services,invention development,invention prototyping,invention fabrication,invention testing,invention upgrades,invention upgrading,invention repairs,invention modifications,invention optimization

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BUYING FROM US IS SIMPLE: (1) Select the Unique Customized Device(s) You Want on This or Any Other Page, (2) Click on the green CDAF Link above, (3) Print and Complete the CDAF Form (one CDAF for each Device), (4) Scan your completed CDAF on a scanner. (4) Mail or Email as scanned-in (not photographed) JPG or GIF image Files to Us Your CDAF(s). We Respond to You Within 3 Days About Your Proposed CD Project.

Short of money? We do encourage mutually-beneficial trades that can save YOU a lot of money (eg: electronic parts & test equipment, computer & photo equipment, et al) ==>

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC., El Paso,TX: Invention support services,professional invention services,invention consultants,invention consulting services,invention promotion services,invention patent services,invention analysis,invention research,invention designs,invention design services,invention development,invention prototyping,invention fabrication,invention testing,invention upgrades,invention upgrading,invention repairs,invention modifications,invention optimization

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Introduction to this Page
Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

High-Tech Custom Invention Services / Prototyping Services

To help inventors, we research, design, redesign, develop, improvise, model, realize, prototype (eg: invention prototyping services), fabricate, test, modify, optimize, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, and/or reverse engineer hardware, especially electronic-based devices, relating to high technologies, primarily device types that relate to: Computers, energy, phones, sound (detect, record, process and produce audio, music, noise, infrasound, ultrasound), light and video (detect, record, process and produce visible light, video, laser, infrared light (IR), ultraviolet light (UV), X-Ray), electromagnetic (EM) (detect, record, process and produce radio (RF), microwave, radar), privacy, surveillance, countermeasures, controllers (including remote controllers), laboratory electronic devices, improvised weapons electronic devices, medical, radionics, esoteric, financial, vehicles - much more! Includes scientific devices, laboratory devices, industrial devices, commercial devices, personal devices, and inventions of most electronic equipment and computer equipment types.

We are technical professionals to serve YOUR High-Tech Survival & Security needs.
--- backed by 25+ Years of Top Professional Experience! ---

YOU Just might be the next Great American Inventor!
Intro to Our Customized Devices Invention Services

Dear Sir or Madam:

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. of Texas welcomes you. Thank you very much for considering us to meet your important invention needs. Our hardware design and realization capabilities are so good that, for example, one of our inventions was even used by the prestigious electronics and hobbyist NUTS & VOLTS Magazine as a contest prize (Jan. 2002, p. 80) for the magazine!!

For about 10 years, the Consumertronics.net of Albuquerque, NM offered its popular line of Off-the-Shelf Hardware (OSH), and sold 100s of them, as well as many unique Special Projects (SP ) devices. These were mostly designed and developed by John Williams, M.S.E.E., now working for Lone Star Consulting, Inc. of El Paso, TX. Most of these about 100 OSH and SP devices and variations over the years were controversial, wild, weird or wacky - why they sold so well and their customers loved them! Virtually all of their OSHs originated as unique SPs and/or from highly informed, mostly confidential sources. The claims Consumertronics.net made for its OSH devices were based on their own experimental results, their customers and/or their confidential sources. For example, if a customer ordered a "psychic" device as a SPConsumertronics.net would make it for the customer based on his/her concept as to how the device should electronically function. However, when the customer did not specify a theory in which the design of the device could be practically based upon, Consumertronics.net would use its own theory.

Finally, many of these exciting Device types or similar are now available from Lone Star Consulting, Inc.. as part of its exciting Customized Devices (CD) program. Many of the types of items described on our index.html webpage we can still provide you functionally similar to or better than a prior hardware item designed and developed by John Williams, but only as CD projects. To obtain any variation of these, any other hardware device-type known to exist or any invention services from us, you must first complete the CD Application Form (CDAFspecproj.htm). NOTE: Again, as policy, we never make any medical, legal, engineering, scientific, paranormal or supernatural claims, and all devices are provided as unique CDs for legal utility, educational and/or entertainment purposes only under our policies - no matter how a device or Customized Devices is described or sounds like. And all are provided as unique CDs only - none are available as OSHs (NOTE: "over-the-counter," "stocked," and similar terms all mean same as "off-the-shelf").

The descriptions on our index.html page are provided of most of the device-types John Williams, M.S.E.E., designed and developed, and many very similar to those offered at one time or another by Consumertronics.net are to show you the truly exciting and unbelievable eye-popping inventive and creative pioneering work Williams has done in electronic design and other areas, which experience is essential for providing YOU optimum invention prototyping-type services (for cost and time estimates, please submit the CDAF).

Some have asked us that since all of our CD projects are unique, do we also provide consultations after they purchase a CD project device from us. Unless also contracted for in the CDAF, while we provide detailed User Manuals, we cannot and do not offer free long-term consultation services (we are a corporation responsible to our shareholders so we cannot provide free services). Should any customer require help beyond the User Manual, we are willing (on a limited time and scope basis only, and as determined by us) to provide some help (we much prefer email for doing this). Should a customer need consultations beyond the limited consultations we typically provide as part of one's CD project with us, he/she can explicitly contract for it under the original CDAF and/or a subsequent CDAF designed specifically for such extraordinary technical consulting services at additional costs (Note: We do not personally deliver, install, use, test, check-out, troubleshoot, repair, modify, etc. a CD project device at a customer's location).

Long-term consultation services are almost always a very good idea for professional invention prototyping services because invention prototyping in particular typically involves substantial testing, modifications and tweaking to include and optimize all of the beneficial features and functions of inventions. Therefore, we have special invention programs, described herein, to provide long-term invention consultation services for our invention customers, which we additionally charge for as we provide the consulting services.

INVENTION SERVICES: Because public interest in inventing has greatly increased in recent years, the need for high quality invention services - especially invention prototyping services - have much increased. Unfortunately, many of the "invention services" that have popped up are clearly scams - offering ultra-expensive glossy brochures, patent searches (which some inventors do themselves), near worthless, self-serving and common-sense advice, and/or unsolicited mailings to "prospects" that do little or nothing to get inventions made and sold. If you want to sell or manufacture your invention, the most important thing to do first is to have a functioning prototype(s). RULE #1: You must have at least one functioning invention prototype BEFORE you pay one more dollar towards promoting your invention! Ask yourself, how many hours did Edison spend in his laboratories before he demonstrated his inventions? And how many glossy brochures did Edison mail out before his first functioning prototype?

Inventing is one of the few paths still left for realizing the "American Dream." Television programs like "The American Inventor" are just the tip of the invention iceberg of the thousands of amateur and professional inventors all over inventing things day and night. Most Americans now realize that unless you are already wealthy, creating a great invention is one of the very few remaining avenues in America now left where a person can become fabulously wealthy, famous and powerful.

Regardless of how good an invention idea is, realizing it with invention prototypes is often beyond what many small inventors can reasonably do by themselves no matter how smart, motivated and hardworking. Most inventors simply do not have enough technical experience, knowledge, skills, free time, equipment, tools, special parts and materials, and/or shop facilities to prototype their own inventions. Or to troubleshoot, repair, optimize, modify or upgrade their existing invention prototypes to increase varieties and quality of their invention features and functions. We have access to all of these vital invention assets - including immediate and direct single-source contractual access to 1,000s of different integrated circuits (ICs), transistors and transducers (digital, analog, interface, memory, microprocessor, etc.), 10,000s of other electronic and hardware part types, a huge variety of special materials, and an electronics laboratory and shop with 1,000s of tools and dozens of sophisticated electronic test equipment and device fabrication equipment, plus the high-level experience, knowledge and skills to design and realize complex devices for YOU - all intended for us to produce devices (both simple and complex) on a high-quality, fast, efficient and minimal-cost basis to our clients! Electronic devices can easily contain 100s or even 1,000s of parts, and the other invention services who must rely upon dozens or even 100s of diverse sources for ordering their parts in small quantities, consider how much they will charge YOU for this service. But because we have ONE SOURCE for virtually all of our parts and material needs, we just submit ONE LIST to ONE SUPPLIER and right away get back ONE BOX OF PARTS AND MATERIALS. We virtually never have to worry about calling suppliers for availabilities and prices, back ordering parts, huge small quantity markups, an S/H charge for virtually every part, then waiting for hit-and-miss deliveries and the resultant project delays - all of which YOU would pay them a premium for in your money and time!

Please let us try to help you realize your invention dreams. While we can't promise we can help you realize or improve every invention idea with functioning prototypes or that your invention will ever be a success, if we believe that your invention can be realized or improved, we will certainly provide you time and cost estimates to try to do your prototypes for you as CD projects. Beyond prototypes, we can also do limited quantity manufacture for you to test market and/or provide samples of your invention (requires a separate CDAF(s)).

In dealing with us, you will realize that we are both open-minded and frank: If we believe that there is a reasonable chance that your invention idea will work, we will attempt to realize your invention idea for you with an open mind. We do some pretty weird inventing ourselves, and in some areas we've stretched the limits beyond even what we initially thought were possible. If your invention idea is unusual, unconventional, wild, weird or wacky, we are the ideal invention prototype service for you. However, if we believe that your invention idea cannot be realized, was already invented, is illegal or has no known significant market or profit potential, we will certainly give you our frank opinion for all it's worth (in most cases, we can still move ahead on your invention if you still want us to). We would much rather not take your money for what we regard as an impractical or non-realizable invention idea than lose you for a good or great invention idea later on. We have found that most inventors are fanatical about their invention ideas, so while it is not politically correct for an invention service to criticize an invention idea that may not be very good (some invention services just keep their mouths shut and cash the checks), it is the only honest way of doing business. When it comes to inventing, there is a learning curve. Some novice inventors - brilliant as they may be - at the beginning of their invention career come up with inventions which have some impractical features and functions to them, but as they get into the invention process, later become accomplished inventors. When it comes to invention ideas, there is 'a time to hold 'em and a time to fold 'em.'

You need at least one functioning invention prototype! Without an attractive and functioning invention prototype, few prospects will listen to you about your invention. And even fewer will invest in your invention. We can often take an invention idea from its paper stage to a functioning invention prototype device you can usually carry into a manufacturer or investor prospect's place of business and demonstrate on a real time basis before their very eyes.

Sometimes with just a few improvements, a mediocre invention can become a great invention (eg: recently on "American Inventor," a guy came on with a Frisbee-looking device with a rope wrapped around its ring designed to be tossed out to drowning victims to save lives - an invention type that has a lot of potential. He lost in the first round. We easily saw that with just two improvements he would have changed his mediocre invention into a great invention; which were: (1) Attach flaps in the ring center similar to those split diaphragms typically used in plastic cup lids to hold the straw and car cup holders to hold the cup so that even if the drowning victim loses consciousness, his arm would not likely slip out of the ring and he could still be reeled into shore, and (2) Attach a colorful self-inflating loud beeping and flashing bladder around the ring so that when the ring hits the water it would automatically beep, flash and inflate into a buoyant life preserver to keep victims afloat and to make the device easy to locate and reach even in the dark, fog, ice, debris, fire or rough waves, or the victim is blind or blinded. In fact, we realize possible improvements in just about every invention televised on "American Inventor.").

RULE #2: When you get a great invention idea - act on it IMMEDIATELY! Most people are lucky if they get a half-dozen great ideas during their entire lifetimes. You only get a couple of brief shots in your life to become a rich and famous success. Let them pass by and they are gone forever - along with your dreams! Delaying can often be costly - if not totally disastrous. You are not the only genius out there thinking up great inventions. If you delay, someone else can beat you to your invention. Or your invention can become obsolete. You MUST strike the iron when it is hot. Contact us right away so that we can try to help you realize your great invention idea into a real, functioning invention. Right off, we will tell you the immediate steps typically taken to protect inventions from claims jumpers.

We are of course willing to sign a reasonable non-disclosure agreement, see example below.

NOTE: Our CD Program as it relates to our invention services is NOT limited to our device-types described on any of our webpages (or even to hardware - we also do software, special researches, et al). You can specify virtually any hardware, software, research or other project you want us to do as a CD for YOU and we will give it serious consideration. We cannot provide legal or medical advice nor make legal or medical claims, opinions or devices.

NOTE: AS WITH ALL OF OUR CD PROJECTS, OUR INVENTION-RELATED CD PROJECTS ARE UNIQUE, HANDCRAFTED, EXPERIMENTAL AND PERFORMED STRICTLY FOR LEGAL UTILITY, EDUCATIONAL AND/OR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, AND UNDER OUR POLICIES (policies.htm webpage). Not all device-types available as CD invention prototypes are available to everyone, in every possible form, or with every possible CD feature or option - each completed Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF) is individually reviewed and evaluated, and only then do we decide whether or not we can do your requested invention CD services. Please do NOT submit a CDAF for any device that you cannot legally buy, possess, use or modify, or that has already been invented if you are interested in invention services. In some cases, you may require a prior special licensing or permit to buy/possess/use/modify/sell an item to make it legal for you (eg: a FCC license with some RF-type devices). In all such cases it is solely YOUR responsibility to acquire all required permits and licensing for your invention and jurisdiction(s); as part of our policies, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. never agrees to obtain permits or licensing as part of a Customized Devices project. The inventor customer assumes full responsibility for the legality, function and safety of his/her invention.

NOTE: Again, we cannot consider, analyze, work on or estimate any proposed CD project unless and until you first submit to us an acceptable ==> CDAF. Therefore, we never provide any time or cost estimates (other than rough ballpark figures that do not commit us), and we can't even commit ourselves as to whether or not we can/will do any CD project unless and until you submit to us an acceptable CDAF. Keep in mind that whether or not we can do something for you as a CD project depends much on how you describe what you want and your intended use for it - again, we can NOT do anything that is illegal, unethical or immoral. To the best of your ability, your description must be clear and complete and be of something we can provide you. Even if you are not an engineer, tekkie or experienced inventor, you should be able to describe what you want the device to do for you - in most cases, we do the actual specifications and design here as part of a CD project (however, if you are an engineer, tekkie or experienced inventor, we can usually work from your specifications and plans). And your description must all be in YOUR WORDS - we cannot supply any of the words filled out in the CDAF. We normally work from a "black box" concept, which is: There is something you want to detect, modify, and/or produce and you need a device with features and functions you require which will detect, process, control and/or display the detected / modified / produced results. Our estimates are based on YOUR CDAF WRITTEN DESCRIPTION only. The biggest electronic demand for inventions is electronic devices that control mechanical features of the invention - we are especially experienced at creating such electronic control devices.

Thank you for considering Lone Star Consulting, Inc. for your invention needs. Best of successes.

- John Williams, M.S.E.E., President, Lone Star Consulting, Inc.

Please note that what we do is the actual invention prototyping. At this time, we do not promote inventions, but may do so in the future. We do not register invention patents (no invention legal services or patent legal services are included at this time (we are still working on trying to implement this capability) as we are not patent attorneys or inventor agents, and as policy, we cannot recommend patent attorneys, inventor agents or anyone else). We are not one of those so-called "invention services" which charge you huge amounts of money to "promote" your invention by cold-sending descriptions of inventions to businesses as junk mail or spam email. Please also note that when you contract with us for your invention needs, you do not necessarily have to contract with us for your entire invention. For example, if your invention is a complex electronic and mechanical device and you are on a tight schedule, you should definitely contract with us for the electronic part of your invention and possibly contract with a dedicated mechanical prototype service for the mechanical part of your invention (Note: While electronic prototyping is our strongest specialty, we also do some complex mechanical prototyping; however, by paralleling your efforts, the entire prototyping process can take less time to complete). Or if you can do the mechanical prototyping yourself, then just contract with us for the electronic prototyping. Or vice-versa. There are two primary types of invention services we offer (clearly specify which service type you want in your CDAF):
           TYPE I INVENTION SERVICES: For Type I invention services, you either provide us all of your invention design details yourself so that all we have to do is to follow your written specific plans (Type Ia), or we design and build all or part of your invention based on your written general plans and/or functional descriptions (Type Ib). For all Type I contracts, any unique or novel significant design, feature, form or function we (Lone Star Consulting, Inc.) make to your invention is done with your prior written permission, our improvement is not covered by the non-disclosure agreement, we exclusively retain all property rights to our improvement, and our improvement is not a work-for-hire. Type I contracts are the least expensive, and are usually used to obtain relatively low-cost and straightforward prototype services for simpler and more straightforward inventions with no or minimal expected changes and/or are usually from experienced inventors who tend to include all or at least most of the important features and functions their inventions can have.
           TYPE II INVENTION SERVICES: Type IIa and Type IIb invention services are like the respective Type Ia and Type Ib invention services EXCEPT that you must compensate us for all improvements (ie: all novel and unique designs, features, forms and functions we create for your invention) on a basis we negotiate with you if you want any prototype to include them and/or you adapt them as designs, features, forms or functions of any device you sell, lease or are compensated for in any manner, including but not limited to devices that have little or no similarity to the original invention. The time and cost estimates we provide for our invention service to the inventor include and are limited by what the inventor has clearly, explicitly and specifically stated in his/her CDAF. Any change, addition or deletion we make based on our suggestions (approved by the inventor) is such an improvement requiring this special compensation (excludes all changes, additions and deletions we make which the inventor originated, in which case, the inventor compensates us only for our labor and parts for implementing and testing the inventor's improvement). And by us being fairly and reasonably compensated by our own creative improvements, we have a very strong incentive to try to optimize invention prototypes (our compensation may be in the form of a lump sum payment and/or as a percentage, for example, of gross sales of items that have our improvement). Inventors vary considerably in their desire and willingness for invention services to suggest changes to their beloved inventions, and we never try to force inventors to accept our suggested improvements. However, most inventors also have a strong desire to optimize their inventions so that they can sell their invented products to as many buyers of their invented products as possible and for the greatest amount of profit for each item sold. Therefore, the success of any invention is often directly related to how useful and valuable the invention is perceived to be by the end user, and only by optimizing the invention can the invention's true potential as a money making market success can be realized. Furthermore, most inventors who do create a successful invention, do not want their invention to later become constrained, undermined, picked apart, paralyzed or bypassed by parasitic "improvement inventions" made by others on their inventions, so they much prefer to 'cross every T and dot every I' before patenting and manufacturing their inventions. Therefore, the smart strategy for the inventor is almost always to produce the most attractive, versatile, comprehensive, adaptable, portable, inexpensive-to-make invention prototype as reasonably possible. Although initially it is more expensive to contract for Type II invention services than Type I invention services, in the end if the invention is a market success (which is the objective to begin with), it is usually far better for the inventor to contract for a Type II invention service.
                 How we are compensated for novel and unique improvements we make to your invention contracted for under our Type II invention services: While we consider ourselves to be extremely creative, we cannot guarantee that we can make any improvements to your invention and we accept no liability for realizing, attempting, making, not realizing, not attempting or not making improvements to your invention. Each inventor, invention and situation are different. Most inventors are themselves very creative at making improvements and have already integrated about as many improvements as they believe completes and enhances their inventions. And some inventions are pretty narrow, straightforward and/or simple as is, and present little need or room for improvement. However, since inventors rely on professional invention services almost always because they themselves are unable to produce an optimally featured and functioning prototype, they are likely to miss many possible improvements which are discovered during the prototype fabrication and prototype testing processes that experienced inventors like ourselves usually catch. And as they say, 'two heads are better than one.'
                     If we believe we can make a substantial design, feature, form or function improvement to your invention over your current design and/or specifications, then we will contact you in writing with our basic improvement idea as a separate proposal, and ask for your written OK to try to integrate our improvement idea into your invention. We will not provide you the detailed design or plans of our proposed improvement unless and until you OK our improvement proposal in writing, we successfully integrate our improvement into your invention prototype, and you have obligated yourself to compensate us for our improvement based on our mutual agreement as to what our improvement is worth. However, we will provide you a general or functional description of our improvement. A hypothetical example of an improvement proposal wording might be: "We believe we can increase the electrical current output of your power supply invention from your CDAF-circuit designed 1 Amp output to 5 Amps output for the same input voltage with less than about a 10% increase in both dimensions and weight of the device and about a 5% increase in production costs. We believe this invention improvement will probably at least double your sales and profits for the device because those interested in higher current power supplies will now be in your market grid. We estimate that it will take less than 7 days to apply this invention improvement to the prototype. Our prototype improvement fee for this suggested improvement is $150 for the improvement itself as installed in the prototype, plus a $100 installation fee for installing and testing the improvement in your prototype, plus our royalty fee of 5% of the gross sales price of all items sold that include our improvement concept." If you agree in writing to our proposal within 10 days, then we will attempt the proposed improvement, else we will assume you don't want the improvement and move forward without attempting it. If we can do the improvement as stated within the described time period or a mutually-acceptable extended time period and after you pay us our prototype improvement and installation fees, and you obligate yourself to pay us our royalty fee, if any, the improvement becomes exclusively your property, and is automatically included in the non-disclosure agreement. If we are unable to successfully implement our suggested improvement, you will pay us only 1/3rd of the installation fee for attempting to implement it.
                     Of course, if the invention improvement addition, deletion or change is solely your idea and it was not included in your CDAF, you will have to pay us only the full installation fee regardless of whether or not we have successfully implemented your suggested improvement. Basically, for all of your suggested improvements, you inform us in writing and as specifically and detailed as you can what invention improvement you want. We will then provide you time and installation fee cost estimates. If you accept our time and cost estimates and have paid us in full for the cost estimate, we will attempt to implement your improvement within the time estimate.

We are willing to seriously consider any reasonable Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that you have to protect the unique and novel designs, features, forms and functions of your invention. The type of NDA that we prefer is worded below, which we believe is both fair and reasonable to all parties, but we will seriously consider any reasonable changes you suggest for it:
           OUR PROPOSED NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT: Lone Star Consulting, Inc. (referred to as "we" or "us") will not disclose to any other person, business, government agency or institution the unique and novel designs, features, forms and functions of your invention that we have evaluated for CD contract purposes even if we do not provide you a CD estimate or we provide you a CD estimate and you turn it down, with the following exceptions: We will disclose the invention's design, features, forms and/or functions without liability to us:
           (1) To those you have specifically permitted us to disclose to but only to the extent of the persons and/or entities you have permitted us to disclose to, and only to the extent you have permitted us to disclose the details.
           (2) That we are forced or ordered by law, regulation, subpoena or court order to disclose details of your invention to but only to the extent that the law, regulation, subpoena or court order specifies, and only to those persons and/or entities the mandate so specifies.
           (3) To a party(ies) and/or representative(s) of a party(ies) (eg: attorney, professional witness) involved in any legal or regulatory case, action, dispute or official complaint that involves any device, relationship, contract or other agreement between us and you or to which we have been named as a party or witness.
           (4) To the extent that you have publicly disclosed details of your invention.
                     NOTE: The NDA does not include or protect the disclosure of any design, feature, form or function that is not unique or novel, that has already been publicly disclosed, that is in the public domain, that is a trivial, obvious or likely design, feature or function (eg: color variations), that is non-functional in nature, that is a design, feature, form or function not integrated into the final prototype or a resulting commercial product, or that is a design, feature, form or function owned by someone else (other than the inventor and is not a trade secret), or any design, feature, form or function we have previously used in a device that we have sold or distributed.

Introduction to this Page
Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

HIGH-TECH SECURITY AND SURVIVAL BOOKS, MANUALS, SOFTWARE, CONSULTING SERVICES: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT CONSUMERTRONICS.NET (P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192) (www.consumertronics.net) - famous for their many frank and controversial high-tech survival books, manuals and software. The two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other nor is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with CONSUMERTRONICS.NET, please contact them DIRECTLY.

OFF-THE-SHELF AND OVER-THE-COUNTER HARDWARE OF ALL TYPES: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT TECHZONICS.COM (a subsidiary of Consumertronics) - famous for their huge variety of hardware offerings, especially electronic parts. The two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other nor is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with TECHZONICS.COM, please contact them DIRECTLY.

(More on these privacy and other policies on our www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/policies.htm) webpage.

Can't spare the bucks to pay for your order? Want some of the items listed above but have some of your own that you would like to use as trade? Don't fret - you can still get what you want for little or no out-of-pocket-$ if you have an item(s) of trade we are interested in! If you don't want to trade, we may consider buying what you offer. Either way, let us know.
Most of the specific items we are interested in are described on (email us first as there are some differences): www.consumertronics.net/items4trade.htm (Consumertronics Publisher of High-Tech Survival and Security Books, Manuals and Software, and Consultants).

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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

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