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Evidence of Mind Control - Why Mind Control and Electronic Attack Countermeasures are Critical: BASED ON THE OPINIONS OF LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.: Aaron Alexis was the Sept. 16, 2013, attacker in the Washington Navy Yard mass shootings. Earlier, Aaron Alexis had reported that three men had followed him from the airport, who were projecting thoughts into his mind and keeping him sleep-deprived using a "microwave machine." Also, Aaron Alexis claimed that the Government was attacking him with ELF signals (Extremely Low Frequency signals). Sound familiar? News reports during the shooting spree claimed that there were three shooters, but later said that Aaron Alexis was the only shooter. Earlier, Aaron Alexis visited two VA medical centers for mental therapy. We believe that Aaron Alexis was a VA Manchurian Candidate - a disgruntled loner Veteran targeted, programmed and triggered using EMF mind control technology to do what he did. The three men who followed him were his handlers - programmers and "Queen of Diamonds" "trigger" men - John Doe #1, John Doe #2 and John Doe #3 (supervisor of Doe #1 and #2) - typical set-up. And that the three originally suspected shooters were Aaron Alexis, John Doe #1 and John Doe #2. Why the reported number of shooters changed to one shooter was because while John Doe #1 and #2 were acting suspiciously (staying close enough to Aaron Alexis to control and monitor him), they never fired shots or acted threatenly themselves, so were later discounted. Stephen Paddock (Oct. 1, 2017 massacre of 58 people in Las Vegas, NV) is yet another example. Paddock was a rich and successful person with no prior indication or history that he would suddently rampage for no apparent reason. So, why did he do it? The authorities have not identified any reason why Paddock went on his rampage. Millions of people take Valium and don't shoot people. Just another victim of mind control? Another Manchurian candidate?
          For decades, we have asserted that Manchurian candidates are being trained in the U.S., and that the VA is complicit going back to the days where the VA used electroconvulsive "therapy" and lobotamies on Veterans in secret Government hospitals and compounds. This was not the first horribly violent act in which "John Does" were implicated - recall Sirhan Sirhan, Timothy McVeigh, other cases.
          The moral here is that if you are a Targeted Individual (TI) of mind control and electronic attacks - even if not a Veteran - you better take serious steps to ferret out the attacks and to countermeasure them - else you risk possibly becoming the next Aaron Alexis or Stephen Paddock! Mind control and electronic attacks are often extremely dangerous - even deadly. Seek help from trustworthy people who understand what you are going thru. Our goal is to help Targeted Individuals. Let us try to help you.

The Government Never Stops Doing Mind Control and Electronic Attacks on TIs: Mind control and electronic attacks come from governments (ours and many others), corporations, criminal and terrorist organizations, and technically-adept individuals for many reasons. The U.S. Government spends ever-increasing $Billions every year of tax money on developing mind control and electronic attack weapon systems. This money is scattered thruout Government, and much of it is spent in secret. Most of its mind control and electronic attack technology shortly leaks out to corporations, individuals, and hackers working for foreign governments and criminal/terrorist organizations. And the U.S. Government has a long, sordid history of secretly doing its weapons experimentation on unsuspecting and uninformed American populations. Many people wishfully rationalize that because the U.S. Government is stressed by great debt, or on sequester, or shut down with only essential personnel working, it cuts back on its mind control and electronic attack programs like most other programs. The U.S. Government never shuts down, or even scales back, its mind control and electronic attack research, development, testing and its abuses. Some say it even steps them up to better monitor and control people during bad times. Of course, when U.S. Government law enforcement is viewed as weakened, all the other perps know they can more freely operate against Americans because less Government law enforcement personnel and resources will be available to detect, much less arrest, perps is also weakened.

STINGRAY TARGETING DEVICES (STDs): One of several major examples is the Government's widespread abuse of StingRay technology. StingRay devices mimic cellphone towers by capturing and controlling all cellphone uses in its long reach, and capable of targeting any number of those cellphone users it captures for, "special treatment". At least 13 major Federal law enforcement and surveillance agencies routinely deploy StingRay devices in their "toolkit", including but not limited to, the military branches, FBI, CIA and IRS, plus 100s of state, local and other non-Federal entities, clearly also including private entities. Government agency internal regulations regarding StingRay uses, if any, are secret and vary from none to little. StingRay devices are smaller than a small shoe box, and can be placed almost anywhere, including buildings, vehicles, drones, planes, telephone posts, and even hidden behind non-metallic surfaces, including walls, curtains, pictures, signs and inside valises, backpacks and packages. The purchaser of a StingRay device signs a contract that states that he/she/it will never disclose nor admit to having a StingRay device, so do not expect Government officials and others to even admit generally to mind control or electronic attack - much less do anything about it. StingRay devices are used in secret to track and eavesdrop onto targeted cellphone conversations. More advanced devices using this technology can lock onto brainwave signatures to electronically verify who the cellphone user is, and track that TI, even if he/she switches phones, and even deliver mind control and electronic attack signals to the cellphone user.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) DEVICES: These days, some governments, terrorist groups, criminal organizations, corporations and even individuals are now doing more mind control and electronic attack research, development, testing and deployment than even the U.S. Government. Especially China, Russia, North Korea and others. If you had asked us decades ago who is doing these attacks, we would have told you, 'Almost certainly, the U.S.' - but not any more! In fact, China is clearly now doing an ultra ambitious "Manhattan Project"-level effort to develop and deploy mind control and electronic attack programs based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Clearly, the Chinese now have or will soon have the technology to monitor, surveil and control every human being on Earth down to their brain function level! The idea is to turn every person into a Manchurian Candidate. Russia and North Korea are clearly similarly engaged. And of course, whatever is developed by government-level and other advanced researchers has already or will soon end up in the hands of other governments, corporations, criminals, terrorists and tech hackers down the street and 10,000 miles away. The time will come soon when "ransomware" is not going to just apply to computers, but to virtually all human brains attacked, tortured, scrambled and shut down by Artificial Intelligence mind control weapons. Unless you can stop the attacks at your level (for which we offer many countermeasure device-types), you may soon end up paying ransoms just to keep perps away from your brain. Today, many Targeted Individuals (TIs) report crippling mind control and electronic attacks against them - in fact, we believe that many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia and similar are actually mass-attacked TIs. The many TIs who are endlessly suffering greatly and are being disbelieved, ridiculed, dismissed and even threatened for blaming electronic attacks, and some of us who have been ridiculed and attacked for doing mind control research even from the 1970s, are now finally vindicated!

          REPORTED CHINESE MIND CONTROL ELECTRONIC ATTACKS: Widely reported now are mind control and electronic attacks being done to U.S. diplomats in China, "very similar" to the Cuba attacks, 2016-2017. These attacks are causing 'subtle and vague, but abnormal sensations' and "pressures about the head". Same manifestations as a concussion or minor Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), but without actually hitting your head. Many reports of hearing, "painful, high-pitched noises" that cause, 'headaches, dizziness, nausea, and loss of concentration'.
(Albuquerque Journal, 5/24/18, p. A4).

          BEWARE OF POLITICAL EVENTS! It has come to our attention that electronic mind control is now widely used in many political events, especially political rallies. Here is how it works, and its fairly simple and the technology has been readily available for decades: Humans evoke very pleasurable feelings with some sounds (dopamine levels spike), and very angry feelings (serotonin levels plunge) or very fearful/anxious feelings (glutamate levels spike) with other sounds (high glutamate levels are also associated with PTSD and obsessive-compulsive disorders). These same effects occur whether you are hearing the sounds consciously or "hearing" them subconsciously. At a mind-controlled political event, microwave and/or ultrasonic transmissions are beamed at the people. When the candidate states a position or something favorable is said about him/her, these transmissions subconsciously inject into the brains of the people the pleasurable sounds, evoking a dopamine spike. However, when the candidate's opponent is being attacked (or his/her supporters) or somebody or something is being criticized, the upsetting discordant sounds are transmitted into the brain. When done enough, it becomes like a form of drug addiction. Later, the mind-controlled victims will evoke Pavlovian pleasure responses to their candidate's positions and issues when they hear it on TV or read about it or at other events. And negative Pavlovian responses to their candidate's opponent and his/her supporters, positions and issues. The result is that even if their candidate does acts which are horrific, disgusting and totally against their best interests, it makes no difference to them; facts and even religious beliefs become ignored or rejected - the only thing that matters is their dopamine boost. This is particularly effective on people who already feel or are vulnerable, so it does not work on 100% of the people. Likely workable on 80% - 90% of people. Based on our sources, the best current estimate is that 30% - 40% of the American people are now effectively, "Manchurian Candidates", and do not even have a clue that they are being mind-controlled. Many cases of mental illness result from mind-controlled people who are simply unable to square the real world with their delusional mind-controlled beliefs, and become even more vulnerable to more of the same or other attacks. But just like drug addiction, by eliminating or at least minimizing exposures to future mind control attacks, they can recover to a much saner state.

ARE YOUR CELLPHONES AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES ATTACKING YOU?: We were informed by several very reliable sources that built into some cellphones and other electronic devices is a microwave coil or ultrasonic speaker and related circuitry which transmits microwaves or ultrasounds into your brain when you use your cellphone or electronic device. And that these added circuits are being used to identify brainwave signatures (and thus user identities and locations of electronic devices with built-in GPS units), and also for V2K, RNM, mind reading, implanting thoughts and inducing mental illness type behaviors. We then randomly purchased several used cellphones of various types, disassembled them, but was unable to find any known extra circuitry. However, some of the cellphones have enough space inside of them, clearly intentionally left, to allow retrofitting with small additional circuits. Their signals may or may not work in conjunction with the normal signals of the cellphone or device; there are a huge number of possible variations. We suspect that when a TI is selected, somehow the perp obtains the TI's cellphone or other electronic device and retrofits it with various mind control and surveillance circuits. It is clearly not being factory-built into all cellphones (as is GPS) and other electronic devices - at least not yet - to do so would much increase likelihood of discovery followed by public outrage. Cellphones are perfect mind control and surveillance devices because they are regularly placed a few inches from your brain, so even weak and highly directional signals can be used. As a unique Customized Devices (CD) project we can provide you special shielding for your particular cellphone or electronic device to greatly attenuate unwanted microwave and/or ultrasonic signals enterring your brain.

HOLOGRAPHIC MIND CONTROL ATTACKS?: Back in the day, mind control and electronic attacks were performed in a bludgeoning way - most or all of the brain was flooded by the attack signals because pinpointing under normal non-laboratory access conditions was virtually impossible to do. Sometimes, this led to unpredictable effects. Mind control perps much prefer predictable effects. Now, brain pinpointing using holographic techniques have been achieved. University of California at Berkeley neuroscientists are refining methods on pinpointing precise locations in the brain to activate or deactivate brain activity thru specific sets of neurons there. These locations are pinpointed electromagnetically by using holographic techniques. This means that remote external complete and precise control over one's memories, thoughts, physical sensations and reactions have already or will shortly be achieved. These all can now be erased or substituted with false ones. Pain can be remotely induced or removed at precise areas of the body at the flick of a switch. No longer will physical contact between the perp and TI be required because electronic implants are no longer required to achieve this level of precision. And this holographic mind control technology can also be used to read the current settings of these neurons to read one's memories and thoughts (ie: mind reading). And it can also be used to identify one's brain signature as accurately as fingerprints.

THE VERY HARMFUL EFFECTS OF MICROWAVES AND ULTRASOUNDS IN GENERAL: Have you ever walked between an indoor TV antenna and the distant line-of-sight transmitter which signal your TV antenna receives? If you did, then you likely observed the TV displaying "No Signal" (or similar) and/or the image and/or sound breaks up. That is because your head and body absorbs much of the transmitter's EM signals. This is proof that your highly conductive brain and organs absorb electromagnetic (EM) signals, none of which benefit you and some of which may be maliciously or unintentionally harmful - may even inflict internal injuries. The types and frequencies of mental disorders, including various forms of mental illness and dementia (Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia these days) we often see today virtually did not exist 150+ years ago. In some age groups, 50% of the people now have Alzheimers disease. If that happened 100 years ago, it would be all over the scientific and general literature. Most of the Biblical Prophets where very old men, yet they were widely sought after and greatly valued for their great wisdom and insights. Some scientists have linked mental disorders to genes. You got your genes from your ancestors, so how come your ancestors didn't get dementia and very few of them were mentally ill? So what has changed? Now, we have many chemicals in our environment than ever before, so some chemicals are a factor (eg: mercury). What else has changed even more. 150+ years ago, there was no human-generated EM signals or ultrasonic signals in our environment. Today, the air is full of these signals, most of which are there for communications and entertainment purposes. Now, we have cellphones with powerful antennas blasting out electromagnetic signals just 2-3 inches from our brains. Now, ultrasounds perform many functions ranging from communications to medical to industrial to security. We believe that these constant exposures all of our lives to intense EM signals and ultrasonic signals are progressively destroying the most sensitive, vulnerable and valuable part of our bodies - our brains - and are major causes of these clearly huge increases of devastating mental disorders (especially dementia and schizophrenia, and also likely brain cancers and childhood behavioral disorders) in the last 150 years. So, even if you do not believe that perps are using electronic weapons to attack you, it is clearly very wise to protect your brain and the brains of your loved ones from these brain-damaging assaults - even if you believe to be 100% non-malevolent. So, please seriously consider our shielding countermeasures described on our mindcontrol webpages. You would not run out into the snow blizzard without protecting your body, so stop running out into the microwave and ultrasonic blizzard without protecting your brain!

Never forget: When the Government and law enforcement fails or refuses to protect you, YOU must protect yourself!

While mind control and electronic attacks seem now so out of control with the Government often complicit that some TIs have given up all hope of ever getting their lives back, we should be able to help YOU! While there is a vast number of possible mind control, body control and other electonic attack technologies and devices, there are only 5 known common modalities that can deliver such attacks (with our rough % estimates of the electronic attack cases involving each): (1) Electromagnetic attacks (50%, including microwave attacks and EMP attacks), (2) Ultrasonic attacks (45%), (4) Electronic Implants / Electrical Body Contact (20%), and (5) Infrasonic attacks (15%). Particle beams, gated-ionic radiation (a new mind control and electronic attack technology of which little is now known about), ultraviolet, X-Ray, etc. modalities are likely less than 1%. Note that the percentages add up to more than 100% because a substantial number of attacks are believed to be caused by a combination of these major modalities (eg: ultrasonic signals and EM signals used to simultaneously attack the same TI by the same perp; ultrasonic signals modulated by infrasonic signals, etc.). It makes little difference what attack technology or device is used against you - be it AI, directed energy weapons, holography, scalar waves, etc. - they all must use one of these modalities to attack you. Each of these mind control and body control electronic attack modalities can be detected, located, jammed and/or shielded against using the specialized device-types we make and can provide you for that modality.

CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF RESEARCH DONATIONS: Mind control and electronic attacks are the scourge of this century! An horrific scourge that very few in law enforcement will even consider addressing, forcing TIs to go on their own. However, we at Lone Star Consulting, Inc., constantly do research in mind control and electronic attack technologies - for decades now. Clearly, new attack methods are constantly being developed by the perps. Our sophisticated scientific research is very costly to do (try buying a new spectrum analyzer lately?), and is paid for by both Clients who purchase devices from us and those who are smart enough to know that our research findings can translate into detection and countermeasure devices which can be applied to their specific problems and the problems of so many other TIs like them. These donors help support our research with their generous donations. In short, both paid projects and donations are highly welcomed and needed. So please contract for a Customized Devices (CD) project with us. And please donate as much as you can and as soon as you can. For those who provide us substantial donations, we will often steer our research in directions that may specifically help them. Furthermore, if we can find a way to legally provide valued donors the devices of interest to them that we do not normally provide to the general public, even if it requires a special development on our part, we will do our reasonable best to accommodate their specific needs. How much we are able to bend over backwards for a donor depends on the type of research, the device types the donor is interested in, and the relative magnitude of his/her donations compared to other donors also seeking our help relevant to the same research. We very strongly appreciate our valuable supporters, so please donate.

Our Mind Control and Electronic Attack Countermeasure Devices Now Come With Advanced Transient Suppression!
Many people these days, especially Online, claim to sell mind control and electronic attack countermeasures and detection devices. Clearly none of whom can match the relevant highly-specialized knowledge, experience, equipment, parts, specialized materials, tools and facilities of Lone Star Consulting, Inc. to actually be able to help mind control and electronic attack victims, and most of whom are clearly outright frauds. Further, we are the only ones we know of who now provide Advanced Transient Suppression Technology (ATST) in our mind control and electronic attack countermeasure devices. All electronic devices can be damaged or destroyed by common high-voltage transients from lightning and defective high-voltage equipment and power lines, electrical arcs and coronas, inductive kicks from high-voltage power interruptions, and static electric discharges. Also, based on what we know, mind control and electronic attack predators are increasingly resorting to directional high-pulse burst transmitters (pulse-type directed energy transmitters), possibly even EMP, to wipeout costly countermeasure devices deployed by mind control and electronic attack victims to protect themselves. Our unique countermeasure devices now come with our ATST protection against up to 1,500 watts of burst energy attack power (at no extra cost) to foil even the most highly dedicated wipeout attack tactics, as well as to help protect you from common forms of high-voltage transients.

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Due to an apparent serious upsurge of mind control and electronic attacks and more people learning about us, we are becoming loaded up with new projects. Please do not delay with your project(s). Upon deciding what you want us to do for you, please click on green CDAF link at top of page and send us your CDAF(s). Note: Mostly due to ever-increasing parts costs and decreasing availabilities, we expect to raise our prices on some of our device-types in the coming weeks and months. Also, we may have to discontinue some device-types - later availabilities not guaranteed. Please send us your CD Project CDAF (green link at top of our webpages) today.

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JOIN US ON FACEBOOK AS OUR SOCIAL MEDIA FRIEND AND/OR ON LINKEDIN AS OUR SOCIAL MEDIA CONNECTION! As you likely know, we recently joined FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN social media. To join us, you must first email us directly to LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC., and explain to us why you want to be social media-connected to us. NOTE: We never accept such requests when they solely come through our social media sites - we regularly receive 100s of such requests mostly from totally unknown people. We are very selective - your acceptance is much increased if you are a prior or current Client, or a relevant serious researcher, expert, scientist or engineer. We are constantly engaged in much exciting work that we would like to share with our social media friends and connections. Most of our discussions on Facebook and LinkedIn will relate to mind control, electronic attack, radionics, physical survival and energy through increasingly worsening times. One big benefit is that LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. will provide free information found nowhere else (e.g. research results), which may be very helpful to you. Another big benefit is that you will be able to share your experiences and needs with others who may be or were in similar situations (e.g. you are experiencing certain types of mind control attacks, which may also be afflicting others in your area). We do not accept just anyone as our social media friend or connection - we seek a smaller but more focused and intense group. Interested in us friending you? Then email us here, and in your Subject Line, put: "Please Friend Me". In your email body, please explain in 100-500 words the benefits to both of us in becoming social media friends (Facebook) or social media connections (LinkedIn). Then tell your friends and connections about us! NOTE: With few exceptions, we are not going to post up our friends on Facebook and connections on LinkedIn until we have selected at least 500 Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections. We are not yet on Twitter or MySpace. - Thanks. John J. Williams, M.S.E.E.

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Can you spot electronic implants, and the wire?
This is the actual CT-Scan of the chin, neck and upper back area of one Gary D. Simmons of Australia, a former Navy diver who had been assigned to several clandestine operations, reprinted with permission from Simmons and Consumertronics.net. According to Mr. Simmons, one 'object' is in the spine at the jaw level; the hole in the back of the neck shows a 'wire' running down towards a second 'object' located between the trachea and the spine; there is yet a third 'object' below the jaw. I see other strange 'objects.' Do you? Furthermore, he states these were the results of a surgical operation and an official program in which he and about 100 other elite Navy divers were subjected to as part of, 'medical and mind drug experiments,' which he claims caused many premature deaths among them!
For more info on this image and amazing story => www.harold-holt.net (click on Page 2 hotlink on its bottom), then return HERE!.

Recently, the Lone Star Consulting, Inc. organization has received frantic calls involving great fears and concerns about an apparent recent alarming, shocking and frightening upsurge in mind control (mindcon), body control (bodycon) and other electronic attack and electronic harassment incidents (often also referred to as "directed energy weapons attacks" or "psionic attacks"). Clearly, these forms of electronic harassment attacks greatly increased since 9/11, and especially recently due to political and economic chaos. With chaos, electronic attacks are more likely ignored by the authorities, and victims become more hassled with other issues and more cautious about spending money even to protect themselves. Clearly, some electronic attackers are now electronically attacking their victims with impunity - more open electronic harassment attacks, accelerated electronic attacks, and more severe electronic attacks than ever before! If you do not believe that mind control and electronic attack devices are real and effective weapons - research these topics Online. Even so, what you will find is just a small bit of what is actually being done in these frightening and devastating technologies - no longer science fiction, even some now beyond science fiction. Most of the R&D is being done on top secret bases (eg: black projects) by our Government, various other governments, corporations, universities, criminal and terrorist organizations and individuals for numerous reasons. Today, virtually anyone who is a competent electrical engineer or electronic technician can design and make at least a crude mind control electronic attack weapon. One of many examples: We know that there were widespread uses of mind control devices in close states on election day in 2016 near polling places mostly by foreign perpetrators, which clearly dictated the final election results. Are you such a TI victim? It is more important than ever before for YOU to address these issues NOW! Our Government will likely never admit to these technologies, nor recent advancements in them, so it will do little or nothing to help you. As a TI, you are on your own! We believe we can help you. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. provides as a free public service by providing the free mind control / electronic attack tutorial, link below (as well as many very exciting and unique related device types described below) for those interested in electronic mind control (including RFID), electronic attacks, direct energy attacks, electronic harassment, brainwashing, brain entrainment (e.g. binaural beats), brain signatures, mind reading, voices in the head (e.g. voice-to-skull or V2K/V2S technology (Frey Effect / microwave hearing effect), and voice-of-God technology), Tempest brain monitoring, electronic body control, electronic implants and brain state control / brain state monitoring, Manchurian Candidates, and similar technologies and their countermeasures:

Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Free Mind Control / Electronic Attack Tutorial
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Microwaves (and ultrasonic sounds and infrasonic sounds) require the specialized device-types we provide (described below) to detect and countermeasure them because they can't be sensed by normal human senses and their directions (many are highly directional), bandwidths and ON times must be first determined before they can be documented or countermeasured (note that infrasonic sounds appear to be omnidirectional, thus location-finding can be very difficult, and infrasounds are thus also very hard to countermeasure, especially if source is distant). You may need to prove the existence and specific timing and location of the mind control and electronic attacks (within the applicable statutes of limitation), and then correlate your manifestations with these attacks against you. Even then, to obtain substantial results you would have to show that you mitigated the mind control and electronic attacks to minimize your injuries, such as by jamming it (which requires specialized electronic attack and mind control countermeasures equipment of the types we also provide), and/or shielding against it. And if you do all of this yourself as soon as you can, you stand a much better chance of getting law enforcement to take a serious look at your case as well. In virtually all cases, YOU, AND YOU ALONE, must obtain justice in these types of cases (see our Mind Control webpage for specialized equipment). You might fairly ask, "How can I document mind control and electronic attacks using your specialized equipment?" Permanent directional-recording and time-stamped recording circuitry are very expensive because they add complications to any device made by anyone. However, there is a cheap, easy and very credible way to do this. Use a video camera and make a videotape or video disk of your experiences, which will document your equipment set-ups, and its responses. Most modern cellphones have videotaping capabilities. Leave a visible TV ON in the background and an accurate clock so that you can also time- and date-stamp your videos. And/or have a reliable and credible witness(es) with you.
          TIs often ask us (after reeling off several major bad manifestations they suffer from), 'What type of EMF causes these things?' We tell them, there are so many different popular modern wireless technologies today for possible mind control and electronic attack exploitation, that it boggles the mind. Just to name some: 1G/2G/3G/4G/5G (Cellular Bands), 802.15.4 (2.4GHz), Bluetooth (2.4GHz), LoRa (<1GHz), LTE Cat 0/1 (Cellular Bands), NB-IoT (Cellular Bands), SIGFOX (<1GHz), Weightless (<1GHz), WIFI (2.4GHz and 5GHz, <1GHz), WirelessHART (2.4GHz), ZigBee (2.4GHz), Z-Wave (908.42MHz), plus others and more to come. The Cellular Bands are the 824 - 896MHz, and 1850 - 1990MHz bands. NO NEED TO THROW YOUR ARMS UP IN DESPAIR! We offer excellent solutions. For example, a major reason why so many of our TI Clients contract for our Shielded Helmet and Shielded Cap (described below) is that it makes little difference which wireless technology is afflicting them, what frequency it is on, where the external transmitter is located at, how the signals are modulated, what the perp's transmission schedule is, or even if the signals are or are not intentionally malicious, our Shielded Helmet and Shielded Cap will do excellent jobs to protect your brain because very little, if any, of these harmful signals will reach your brain. Nor does the type of wireless technology used against you much impact the functions of our EM Direction Finder and EM Triangulator (described below).
          QUESTIONS ABOUT EMF SHIELDING MATERIALS: Over the years, many TIs have asked us about EMF shielding. Many of them made grossly erroneous statements about EMF shielding, based on misinformation and disinformation they heard elsewhere. The biggest error is about aluminum foil shielding - which we call the "aluminum foil beanie myth" (decades ago, it was called the "tin foil hat" myth). Many believe that aluminum foils and copper foils greatly shields against BOTH the electric and the magnetic components of EMF fields. The second biggest mistake is to believe that some plastics impregnated with carbon (go by various names) also shield against mind control and electronic attacks; these carbon-impregnated materials did worse in our tests than even aluminum and copper to shield against EMFs. Costly carbon impregnated materials (eg: carbon composities) do work well in shielding against static electricity (but not as good as aluminum foil or copper foil), but very poorly against EMFs (their resistances are relatively high and vary wildly based on formulation and condition):
          (A) No shielding material, no matter what type, arrangement or thickness shields against 100% of an EMF signal; but 99.999+% shielding is possible). We know of no case where a weak offending signal caused mind control or electronic attack - all effective mind control and electronic attack EMF signals are of at least moderate intensity - therefore, even if you are being attacked by an intense EMF signal, with excellent shielding you can reduce it to a pipsqueak, thereby protecting yourself from being attacked. You need shielding much more effective than just aluminum foil.
          (B) How well a metal shields against any signal depends on whether the signal is electric or magnetic, the intensity of the EMF signal, the frequency and waveform of the EMF signal (especially above 10MHz), the EMF shielding metals, the arrangements of the EMF shielding metals, the thicknesses of the EMF shielding, and the distance the EMF shield is to the transmitter (to a smaller degree).
          (C) The goal of the EMF shielding is to MINIMIZE SIGNAL STRENGTH of the EMF signal passing thru it, so that the offending external transmitter's signal is attenuated (ie: reduced) as much as possible by your EMF metal shielding to protect YOUR brain and/or body. Attenuating a mind control signal by just a little clearly does not help you, and an aluminum foil beanie acts like a parabolic dish reflector (possibly injuring you even much more by focusing EMF signal reflections onto critical parts of your brain, see below).
          (D) EMF shielding is a very complex technology, but we try to make it simpler here:
              (1) From our research, about 99% of all EMF mind control and electronic attack signals are at frequencies between 50MHz and 2.4GHz.
              (2) In most situations, reflection losses are less than 10% of absorption losses in metal sheeting (but are much greater than 10% in the special non-sheeting shielding metals we use).
              (3) The losses stated below are the absorption losses only of aluminum and iron metal sheeting to show you how far greater iron (a ferromagnetic metal) shields against EMF when compared to aluminum (a non-ferromagnetic metal; copper is a slightly better shield than aluminum).
                       (A) ALUMINUM: Thickness: 0.1mm (about 4 mils, the thickness of some aluminum foils): Signal of 100MHz: 192db; 1GHz: 412db. --- Thickness: 1mm (about 40 mils): 100MHz: 1,149db; 1GHz: 3,361db.
                       (B) IRON: Thickness: 0.1mm: Signal of 100MHz: 1,247db; 1GHz: 3,986db (NOTE: Nearly 10 times more protection in decibels than aluminum!) --- Thickness: 1mm: 100MHz: 12,4651db; 1GHz: 39,419db (NOTE: Nearly 12 times more protection in decibels than aluminum!).
              (5) This clearly shows that iron provides far greater EMF shielding than does aluminum (non-ferromagnetic metal). It is not even close!
              (6) Mu-metal shields much better than even iron but is more expensive. Mu-metal saturates at lower magnetic field levels than iron, thereby making mu-metal less protective in very intense magnetic fields (eg: electric power stations, high-voltage power lines, large electric transformers). For mind control attacks using magnetic field signals, the magnetic field intensity is almost always below the metal saturation point because mind control does not require very high-powered signals - just moderately powered signals of the right frequency and waveform (however, some perps may use EMF signals so intense that they can cause dangerous heating of the skin and/or internal organs, possibly even burning them).
              (7) Some of our device-types (below) employ shielding, and all of our EMF shielding device-types include mostly ferromagnetic metals, optimally arranged for maximum EMF shielding effectiveness.
          ELECTRONIC PATCHES (ELECTRONIC IMPLANT VARIATION): Electronic Implants are almost always internal devices, around now for decades, that come in various sizes (some now are tiny), shapes, favored implant locations, and functions and capabilities. These electronic implant capabilities include radio and/or ultrasonic transmission by and/or to the electronic implant, or no transmission or reception ability at all (almost all of these types are pre-programmed using AI to last for months and years). Most now clearly include built-in GPS to track you 24/7. Most are active, but some are passive. A new variation of the ELECTRONIC IMPLANT is the ELECTRONIC PATCH (also called, ELECTRONIC TATTOO, and SMART STAMP), which is usually applied externally but may also be applied internally. The Electronic Patch is a small, flexible and stretchable electronic circuit with a strong but non-irritating adhesive, quickly and usually secretly externally applied to the body in places not normally viewable by you or those close to you. The external-type electronic patch is as thin as a human hair, about the size of a postage stamp, and of the same color and texture as normal skin to mimic human skin. Electronic Patches can come with the same capabilities and functions (above) as traditional Electronic Implants. Electronic patches are designed to last for days, weeks and even months. External electronic patches require no surgery. With modern electronic implants and electronic patches, your data (including body signals, locations, etc.) are automatically and non-periodically transmitted to the Internet "cloud" in RF bursts that appear to be electronic noise. Electronic patches can also receive signals, and/or be pre-programmed. As with modern internal electronic implants, the transducers used in electronic patches can now be chosen from a menu of transducers by perps to suit their particular needs, so a huge and increasing number of variations are possible. Electronic patches can also be applied to things external to you, such as inside or outside of books, magazines, clothing, electronic devices, equpment, tools, vehicles, etc., almost always for surveillance and tracking purposes, and as transceivers for electronic implants and electronic patches applied to your body.

NOTE: Some still believe that claims of mind control are false. But consider: Recently, MIT developed the technology of remotely and electronically implanting fake memories (implanted false memories) and implanting thoughts into brains. And this is just their mind control research they allowed to be published! And consider the very advanced work China is doing in AI mind control and electronic attack! For much more, click on our "Free Mind Control and Electronic Attack Tutorial" link below. It has much more real and helpful mind control and electronic attack information than any other website we know of. The mind control and electronic attack books and manuals of Consumertronics (www.consumertronics.net/mindcontrol2.htm) also contain important mind control and electronic attack information, including many circuit diagrams and other figures not found in our Free Tutorial.
Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Free Mind Control / Electronic Attack Tutorial
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Dedicated to Defeating Mind Control Tactics / Mind Control Strategies and Electronic Attack Tactics / Electronic Attack Strategies of all Types

DISCLAIMER: OUR MEDICAL/DENTAL POLICIES REGARDING ALL OF OUR OFFERS FOUND EVERYWHERE: NOTE: The term, "Medical" and related terms in all of our webpages, include ALL medical fields, including, but not limited, to ALL dental fields. While we do recognize as a simple fact of life that once a buyer buys any device from a seller, the seller has no control over what the buyer may actually use the device for nor does the seller assume any responsibility to anyone if the device is misused or abused, and that people have the right to choose whatever form of medical care they prefer, we are not licensed to practice medicine, and therefore we cannot and do not provide any medical advice, medical opinion, make medical claims, nor scientific claims, nor supernatural or paranormal claims, nor tell you what the causes are for any medical-like manifestation; nor anything we may provide you is to be used for a medical prevention, diagnostic, treatment, cure or medically-assistive reason; nor to in any manner stop, delay, speed up, interfere with, change or replace any medical procedure or drug prescribed for you by any trusted licensed medical person or other entity. All medically-related statements which we may make are lay, anecdotal and personal opinion type statements only. If you are suffering from medical-type manifestations, we always recommend that you first obtain a complete medical exam from trusted and licensed medical professionals (at your expense) to diagnose, treat and possibly cure all medically-caused manifestations. NOTE: Any manifestation - medical-like or otherwise - which has no known medical or other natural explanation, may be caused by mind control or electronic attacks.
          Also, we cannot produce a device which is intended or likely to be used as a weapon, to retaliate against anyone or which inflicts injury, pain or suffering to any person or animal, or which is otherwise illegal, unethical or immoral. So please do not try to contract us for any device to treat, cure, diagnose, prevent or assist a medical condition, is likely to harm any person, animal, or property of others, or likely to be illegal, unethical or immoral.

HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT DEVICE TYPE FOR YOU: If not a medical condition, your manifestations may be caused by several different electronic attack / mind control scenarios. You must analyze your situation, by asking yourself and answering these questions: (1) When do these manifestations occur? (2) Where do they occur? (3) Do the manifestations follow you all over? (4) Do they occur all together, or do you get one or some sometimes and another or others other times? (5) Is there anything you are doing which changes their intensity and/or frequency either up or down? (6) What is your body position when they occur? (7) What activities are you engaged in at the time? (8) Do you have any idea where the offending transmitter may be located and/or who operates it? (9) If you place a heavy wool blanket or sweater over your head, do they still occur? (10) If you place a large and deep steel pot over your head, do they still occur? (11) Have you observed any unusual or strange behavior by those suspected? (12) Is their behavior a predictor of a current, past or an upcoming attack? (13) Is your behavior a predictor of a current, past or an upcoming attack? (14) Is there anyone else around you or in a similar situation who you know of also experiencing similar manifestations? (15) Do other people, pets or other animals around you act differently just before or while you are experiencing your manifestations? (16) Are you receiving electrical shocks when you touch metal surfaces or run water? (17) What have the police, FBI, FCC, your doctor, etc. tell you about your manifestations? Please note that as policy we cannot recommend any device type as a device type which will stop your manifestations - this decision is left totally up to you. While we do guarantee that any device we provide you will electronically function as specified, since we have no way of being able to ascertain your situation ourselves, we cannot guarantee that the device will lessen or stop your manifestations.

Short on Money to Get What YOU MUST HAVE?
Hard Economic Times makes it difficult for many good people to defend themselves against all kinds of dangers, including Mind Control Attacks and Electronic Harassment. WE CAN HELP YOU!
All of our devices are unique and professionally handmade in the USA. That is why they cost more than the mass-produced foreign-made electronic devices common to discount stores. Our resulting higher prices means that many good people may find our CD projects hard to afford. To make it much easier for stretched people to obtain our unique Customized Devices, we now offer our special Lay-Away and Barter and Collateral Plans (use them individually or in conjunction with each other) as added means to obtain our products and services. For more details, click on: Our Easy Payment Plans, then click on your browser's backbutton to return here.

ADD A NEW ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY COUNTER TO YOUR CUSTOMIZED DEVICES: Many of the Device-Types described herein automatically come with displays. These displays may consist of meter-type digital readouts, analog readouts or LEDs. Now you can add a new small and portable Electronic Frequency Counter (EFC) to any Customized Devices (CD) device you contract for with us (includes, but not limited to the Device-Types described herein) which processes or produces a sinewave, square wave or triangular wave between 0.009 Hz and 99,999 Hz. Be sure to specify an EFC for YOUR device CDAF (green link at top of webpage is CDAF; only $99 extra for the EFC, $49 extra to modify each device to be EFC-capable). With an EFC, you can monitor the entire effective air bandwidth for infrasonic, audio and ultrasonic sounds, as well as electromagnetic signals within this same bandwidth - including brain wave frequencies and many power, servo and control frequencies! This should greatly increase your data and documentation, and is especially useful for tracking and analyzing mind control, electronic attack, radionics, audio, power, servo, control and other signals. Since the EFC comes as a separate module which plugs into your CD devices, all you need is one EFC for all of your EFC-capable devices, PLUS you can use your EFC for other non-CD devices and uses. We can sell you the EFC by itself custom-modified with battery holder and ON/OFF switch, if you wish, and with any of these types of signal connections: RCA, phone plug, miniphone plug, BNC, USB, spade lug, flat lug, ring lug, banana, pin, barrel plug, bare wire ($249 + S/H ($6.90 USA S/H)).

Introduction to this Page
Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF) Webpage

We make no device intended for medical use and we make no medical, supernatural, paranormal or psychic claims (details below)

MIND CONTROL & ELECTRONIC ATTACK ANALYSIS REPORT: Are you a Targeted Individual (TI) being attacked by perpetrators using mind control and electronic attack devices? There are so many signals out there being absorbed by your brain and body, while most are not malicious, how can you tell for sure which signals are harmful or malicious to you? Due to popular demand, we are now offering our MC&EAAR service. How this works is that you provide us your data points on the signals you receive using either a detection device we provided you as an earlier separate unique CD Project (see below for detailed descriptions of our popular mind control and electronic attack detection device types) or from your own signal detection equipment. We then objectively analyze your data points, and provide you a written report on our analysis of your data points. Your "data points" consists of the detected signal details and the resulting manifestations which you believe were caused by the detected signals. "Detected signal details" consists of the signal frequency, signal strength or signal power (e.g. LED bar readouts, volts/meter, dbm, gauss), direction (if you used a directional antenna) and duration, and the date and time of signal detection. "Resulting manifestations" consists of the physical, electronic, electrical and/or equipment manifestations you experienced shortly after or during a signal exposure, the duration of the manifestations, and date and time of manifestations. One "data point" consists of one line of detected signal details for each detected signal followed by one line of your observed resulting manifestations. Please also include the make and model of your detection device, a sketch(es) of the layout of the place where you experience these signals showing your equipment setup, and any other relevant information which you believe would assist our mind control and electronic attack analysis for you.
          Last made $995 [1-5 lb] for up to 100 data points (if your data points exceed 100, add $75 for each additional 10 data points) you need analyzed. (NOTE: We provide a 10% discount for our MC&EAAR services if your detection device is one which we provided you earlier as a separate CD Project (detailed descriptions of our popular mind control and electronic attack detection device-types below); the estimated costs by us is for the analysis and report only, it is not a retainer of any kind and does not include any mind control or electronic attack expert witness services or any other services (if you require additional services from us, you must provide us a new CDAF form for each additional service for us to consider), it does not include any hardware of any kind, and it does not include any onsite visits (we do not personally meet with Clients) or travel by anyone; our analysis is solely based on the information provided to us by the Client with his/her CDAF and assumes that the Client's information is 100% accurate and complete; Client assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of all of his/her information; our analysis shall be objective, unbiased and with an open mind even if it differs with the Clients own opinions or analysis; we will not identify any alleged perpetrator(s) or their motives or intentions as that is beyond the scope of our direct knowledge; and Client's costs are totally non-refunable once we have completed our analysis).

For Sale! One ULTIMO EMF & ULTRASONIC HEAD SHIELD PROTECTOR (Shielded Helmet): See below for description of our Shielded Helmet device-type. New, unused from a successful CD project completion - not a return, reject or prior technology. Size Medium, motorcycle helmet style. SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY upon our receipt of full cleared payment (clearance is immediate for Postal Money Order, Western Union, MoneyGram, or cash) and your completed Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF, green link above, which you can email or USPS mail to us). Reduce price of only $1195. This sale resulted because our Client waited too long to contract for her Shielded Helmet, and was forced to flee the US with her family to escape her perpetrators, preventing us from shipping the completed Shielded Helmet to her. Sold "as is", no returns or refunds allowed. Buy TODAY - once it is sold, this sale ends.

For Sale! Three ULTIMO MINI HEAD SHIELD CAPS (Shielded Caps): See below for description of our Shielded Cap device-type. New, unused from successful CD project completions - not returns, rejects or prior technology. Size Small, baseball cap style. One is tan, one is dark blue and one is medium blue (denim). SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY upon our receipt of full cleared payment (clearance is immediate for Postal Money Order, Western Union, MoneyGram, or cash) and your completed Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF, green link above, which you can email or USPS mail to us). Price is only $795 each (you save time because shipment is faster, and money because you do not have to buy and ship caps). These sales resulted because our Client waited too long to contract for her Shielded Caps, and was forced to flee the US with her family to escape her perpetrators, preventing us from shipping the completed Shielded Caps to them. Sold "as is", no returns or refunds allowed. Buy TODAY - once all are sold, this sale ends.

OUR VERY SPECIAL SHIELDING MATERIALS: Our people have spent decades and continue to spend in electromagnetic and ultrasonic shielding materials research (one of our biggest efforts), which required a lot of testing of many materials and combinations. And yes, our most recent materials and combination are substantial improvements even over those we used a few months ago. We developed our own proprietary shielding materials combination that we believe are unsurpassed. Keep in mind, all of our device-types are unique and custom-made. Clients have approached us with their own shielding materials combinations (many of which include ferrites), so if you have your own materials or combination which we can practically and safely implement, just specify it on your CDAF. Else, we will use our special proprietary shielding materials and combination, which effectively shield against very wide bandwidths of signals. - Tekmaster

The ULTIMO EMF & ULTRASONIC HEAD SHIELD PROTECTOR (Shielded Helmet): Ferromagnetic head shields (brain shields) are the best and most cost effective methods to protect the human brain from being read and tampered with using electromagnetic fields or ultrasonics. This (UEMF&UHSP) is our most advanced and improved version of our popular head shield / brain shield. The UEMF&UHSP is head shielding (brain shielding) which protects the head and brain of the protected Targeted Individual from virtually all of the exposure he/she experiences from EMFs (Electrical Fields and Magnetic Fields) and ultrasonic attacks to the brain (those which may cause remote mind control / thought control, behavior control, thought monitoring, voice-to-skull (V2K, V2S), mind reading, remote neural monitoring (RNM), forced "voice of God" hallucinations, mind games, disorientation, pain manipulation, etc.), brain scans, brain tracking and brainwave signature readings. And if you are afflicted by a head implant(s) (including electronic patch-type implants), it also protects against the electronic implant(s) from communicating with (ie: both transmitting to and receiving from) outside devices using radio frequencies (e.g. microwaves, RF) and ultrasounds (we can also include infrasonic protection).
          If you are experiencing attack-caused manifestations to your body, the Shielded Helmet (or Shielded Cap, see herein) should help tremendously if the perp's malicious signals are irritating parts of your brain that control those parts of the body undergoing the attack. However, the Shielded Helmet (or Shielded Cap) may not substantially affect the manifestations of attacks to your body where the tissue or organ is being directly attacked by the perp and not thru the brain connection to the tissue or organ, in which case, see The Ultimo Full-Body Shielded Raincoat herein.
          CAUTION: You cannot adequately shield your head by wearing a head covering with aluminum foil because your face is still exposed, and aluminum foil does not shield against dangerous magnetic fields. In fact, such a cartoonish aluminum foil cap / aluminum foil beanie much worsens frontal attacks because the offensive signals pass through your brain from your face to the back of the skull, and then reflect off of the metallized cap/beanie to pass through your skull and brain again from back to front in a much more focused form because the rounded shape of the metallized cap/beanie is very similar to that of a parabolic dish and thus will likely focus EMF fields and ultrasounds in or near the brain's frontal lobe, the cognitive center of the brain.
          Here is how this UEMF&UHSP CD project works:
              (1) Send us your CDAF (green link at top of page).
              (2) When we respond with time and cost estimates and you agree to these estimates, obtain a padded motorcycle helmet, football helmet, aviator helmet or similar of your choice (or we can obtain the helmet for you at added cost, see below) which best fits your head well and comfortably and that you like (at your expense; some bike helmets may not work well) for your helmet head shield / brain shield (helmet should be new or in excellent used condition). If you intend to sleep with the helmet On (many reports of TIs being electronically attacked during sleep), obtain a helmet also safe and comfortable for you to sleep in. NOTE-1: We can also buy the helmet for you - especially nice if you live overseas (to avoid delays and large extra S/H), just for convenience, and/or to avoid possibly tipping off your perp. Just provide us the make, model, size, style and color of the helmet (and helmet seller URL if you have a preference) you want in your CD Application Form (CDAF). NOTE-2: If possible, provide us a helmet that looks like a Gringo helmet (it does not have to be Gringo helmet). We find that Gringo-like helmets are sturdy, come closest for us to provide the Client maximum shielding, and is easier for us to work with.
              (3) Ship to us (at your expense) your chosen helmet (if you obtain the helmet).
              (4) We will then custom-modify it here with both EMF and ultrasonic shielding.
              (5) Upon successful completion, we will promptly ship to you your customized Head Shield Protector - Shielded Helmet - to you.
          To shield the front of your helmet to protect your head from frontal attacks, we place a metal screen in the normally open helmet visor area (screening is used so that you can breathe and see; the helmet's visor should be removable). This screening material will to some degree limit visibility (like looking through a window screen ). Therefore, we do not recommend that you wear the helmet when driving, operating equipment, jogging, climbing, balancing, water sports or doing anything else that requires optimum vision or balance (however, if you do fall or bump into things with the helmet On, it should at least provide your head considerable protection from injury). Also, we do not recommend that you stand or walk with the helmet On during times you may be unsteady on your feet. Do not wear this shielded helmet protector without an assistant standing by if you have or develop a breathing disorder or panic attack disorder which the helmet may aggravate in some people.
          Last made $1295 [3 lb (depends on helmet you select)].
             Note #1: Add The ULTIMO SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCY HARMONIZER (see below). We highly recommend that, along with your Shielded Helmet, you also contract with us for the USFH installed into the Shielded Helmet to much increase the positive effects of the Shielded Helmet.
             Note #2: ADD INFRASONIC PROTECTION TO YOUR SHIELDED HELMET: The Shielded Helmet is designed to protect you from EMFs and ultrasounds, however, the Shielded Helmet will also protect you from some infrasounds. While this infrasound protection is modest, it is still much better than having no protection. Infrasound attacks appear to be less common than ultrasonic attacks, but we are increasingly getting alarming reports on it. Robust protection against infrasounds is difficult and costly because it requires even more special materials, due to the physics of infrasound. To also robustly protect you against infrasounds, please contract with us for extra infrasound protection (in your CDAF, specify to add robust infrasonic protection). Note: Once a Shielded Helmet's shielding is installed, we cannot later retrofit it for robust infrasound protection. Last made, the added cost is $195.

The ULTIMO MINI HEAD SHIELD CAP (Shielded Cap): The UMHSC is a smaller, lighter and less conspicuous version of the UEMF&UHSP, as described above. While the UEMF&UHSP is extremely effective to protect TIs from EMF and ultrasonic attacks to the head, some consider it to be too conspicuous to be worn in public, and have asked for a cut-down version which can be secretly worn in public without being conspicuous. The UMHSC is the answer! The UMHSC also shields against both EMF and ultrasonic attacks because it uses the same shielding materials as the UEMF&UHSP. The UMHSC consists of two caps or hats, a larger cap/hat worn on top of a smaller same-version cap/hat. In between the two caps/hats, we install the shielding materials. The bottom cap/hat comfortably fits your head while the larger top cap/hat conceals the shielding material between the two, which is cemented to the two caps/hats. If both caps/hats have a bill (e.g. baseball caps) or rim, we cut off the bottom bill or rim unless you tell us not to in your CD Application Form (CDAF).
          Because the UMHSC does not cover the face area and perhaps some of the sides and back of the head (head coverage depends upon the caps or hats you pick), while it is very effective for the covered areas, the UMHSC is not going to be able to protect the non-covered areas. However, even this limited head shielding should be effective against brainwave signature reading (used to locate TIs for targeting) and mind reading (where a clean EMF signal is transmitted thru the frontal brain and received by a receiver on the opposite side to demodulate out the brainwave signals), as well as reducing the effectiveness of other forms of electronic attacks enough to prevent any or at least enough of the manifestations to thwart or discourage the perps doing the attacks.
          If you are experiencing attack-caused manifestations to your body, the Shielded Cap (or Shielded Helmet, see herein) should help tremendously if the perp's malicious signals are irritating parts of your brain that control those parts of the body undergoing the attack. However, the Shielded Cap (or Shielded Helmet) may not substantially affect the manifestations of attacks to your body where the tissue or organ is being directly attacked by the perp and not thru the brain connection to the tissue or organ, in which case, see The Ultimo Full-Body Shielded Raincoat herein.
          Here is how this UMHSC CD project works: (1) Send us your CDAF (green link at top of page). (2) When we respond with time and cost estimates and you agree to these estimates, obtain* two non-elastic caps (no shower caps) or hats of your choice. The bottom cap/hat should fit your head snugly and comfortably but not tightly. The top cap/hat must be 2-5 sizes larger (caps/hats obtained at your expense; there should be 1/2" - 1" of all-around spacing between the two caps/hats; both caps/hats should be new or in excellent used condition, and good quality). While we prefer that the bottom cap/hat is a baseball cap, other cap and hat types are also OK with us. For the top hat, to maximize shielding materials capacity and thus protection for the Client, we prefer a large dome hat, such as a floppy hat, sun hat, cowboy hat, helmet liner or hard hat (if in doubt about either top hat or bottom hat type, please clear with us first). Describe your caps/hats type(s) in your CDAF. If you intend to sleep with the caps/hats On (many reports of TIs being electronically attacked during sleep), obtain caps/hats which are also safe and comfortable for you to sleep in. (3) Ship to us* your chosen caps/hats. (4) We will then custom-modify them here with both EMF and ultrasonic shielding. (5) Upon successful completion, we will then return your customized cap/hat shield protector UMHSC to you. *NOTE: Your caps/hats are obtained and shipped to us at your expense. We can also buy the caps/hats for you - especially nice if you live overseas, to avoid delays and extra S/H (our cost is added to your CD Project). Just provide us the make, model, size, style and color of the caps/hats (and cap/hat seller URL if you can) you want for us to obtain for you in your CDAF.
          Last made $795 [2 lb]. For optimum head protection, we strongly recommend that you contract both for the UEMF&UHSP and the UMHSC to better meet your various activities (only one CDAF required to contract for both). This rough estimate is for when both caps/hats are baseball caps, both caps/hats are provided by you, spacing between caps does not exceed 3/4", and you don't want parts of the top hat also shielded (e.g. shielding its brim for extra protection).

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Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Shielded Helmat and Shielded Cap,electronic implants,subliminal mind control,electronic attack,ultrasonic attack,directed energy weapons research,ultrasonic mind control,infrasonic attack,brainwashing,brainwave entrainment,brainwave signatures,behavior modification,brain stimulations,brain state monitoring,mind reading,manchurian candidates,electronic gangstalking

The ULTIMO SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCY HARMONIZER: Our USFH device-type is a system which accurately produces the six (6) legendary Solfeggio frequencies, plus four (4) additional freqs some have associated with the Solfeggio Scale. These 10 Solfeggio Scale freqs were and are claimed to be used in ancient and soulful Gregorian Chants - which has mesmerizing effects (hypnotic effects) since Medieval times - but actually originating from natural sounds (e.g. ocean, rain, wind, etc.). The Gregorian Chants literally digs down deep into the very souls of people to produce unbounded euphoria, spiritualism, health, growth, connections, concentration, relaxation and rejuvenation. Today, the Solfeggio Frequencies are also used to greatly reduce or nullify the bad and negative effects of mind control and electronic attacks - great countermeasures against mind control and electronic attacks by jamming and overcoming negative energies transmitted into your brain as signals or triggered inside your brain due to previous mind control entrainment. We highly recommend that you ask us to build your USFH into a Shielded Helmet for you (see above) to much enhance the Shielded Helmet's capabilities to protect and rehabilitate your brain from mind control and electronic attacks. The Shielded Helmet creates the ultimate electronic quiet zone so that the Solfeggio Frequencies can produce maximum positive effects on your brain - just as you enjoy and benefit from great music a lot more in a peaceful quiet room than one filled with chaos and noise.
          The 10 vibrant Solfeggio Frequencies and purported benefits, and uniquely and accurately tunable by the USFH:
             SL (174 Hz - Love, Security, Warmth).
             RES (285 Hz - Restoration, Revitalization, Energy).
             SA (333 Hz - Sexual Attraction, Athleticism).
             UT (396 Hz - Liberates Guilt, Quells Fears).
             RE (417 Hz - Undoing Bad Situations, Facilitating Beneficial Changes).
             MI (528 Hz - Transformation, Miracles, DNA Repair).
             FA (639 Hz - Connecting, Re-Connecting, Nurturing Relationships).
             SOL (741 Hz - Improves Cognitive Powers, Awakening Intuition, Psychic Powers).
             LA (825 Hz - Achieving a Spiritual Plane, Spiritualism, Soul Ascendency).
             PP (963 Hz - Prophetic Powers, Communicating with God).
          Certain frequencies have long been known to have vital positive effects on people's lives and well-being. Other frequencies are dissonant, annoying and even harmful to people. This is why you like music. And why you hate the screeching of chalk on a blackboard. Back in the day, we used to talk about "vibes", sayings such as, "she has good vibes", "he gives off bad vibes", etc. "Vibes" clearly is just short for subconscious vibrations, otherwise known as frequencies, tones, oscillations and pulsations. We also talked about "clicking", such as, "I really clicked with her" - biological frequency synchronization. Today, we talk about "making connections", "soul mates" and "soul works" - again, vibrations' critical roles. This is why some natural sounds (such as those integrated into Gregorian Chants), like ocean waves, rain, wind, etc. help us meditate, relax, sleep better and concentrate more. The USHF basically produces purified and enhanced tonal forms of these natural sounds.
          Almost all Solfeggio devices these days are silly tuning forks. No one is going to be hitting a tuning fork every minute to produce an audio tone which can be produced automatically and continuously using electronics, even while you sleep or doing other things. And if you want to change the tone, you have to pick up another tuning fork. And if you touch the tuning fork against anything, its sound distorts and dies right away. The USFH is extremely versatile because it is designed to produce all of the 10 Solfeggio-related freqs in both sound and electromagnetic energy, and in several waveforms (sinusoidal triangle wave, square wave, and pulses (tunable from 10% duty cycle to 90% duty cycle) - you select). And it allows you to tune in all of the Solfeggio freqs.
          MIND CONTROL & ELECTRONIC ATTACK COUNTERMEASURE: The USFH is not only great for meditation, relaxation, sleeping, restoration, and recovery from illness or injury, but it is also great for neutralizing the effects of negative energies by jamming and overcoming them using both sound and EM fields, such as those negative sound and/or EMF signals produced by mind control and electronic attack devices. The big advantages of the USFH over more targeted mind control / electronic attack-type jammers is that you don't have to know what the offending freqs are, where they are coming from, when they are turned On, or when or how often the perp switches freqs. You just turn the USFH On, and keep it on or near you.
          The USFH, as with all of our devices, comes with a User Manual. The USFH includes quality headphones (unless the USFH is built into the Shielded Helmet or some other device), which while designed to be used on the head, can also be placed on other body parts, such as an arm or leg to play the Solfeggio tones through other parts of your body (we can even modify headphones for special applications, such as chest and stomach placements). The USFH also includes non-invasive electromagnetic coils.
          Last made $1495 [3 lb].
             Note #1: With two USFH units, you have a truly superb and delux Solfeggio binaural beats system or other dual-tone system by setting one USFH device to play one tone and the other USFH device to play another tone. Binaural beats systems are used in brain entrainment, neurological, psychological, physiological, psychic, therapeutic, learning, creativity, and hearing research. Binaural beats systems are another countermeasure against mind control and electronic attacks.
             Note #2: As with all of our device types, the USFH is a unique Customized Devices project, so we are not limited to the freqs suggested above. You can substitute any or all of these freqs just by specifying in your CDAF your freqs, limited to the 100 - 10,000 Hz range and to no more than 15 freqs (additional costs may apply).
             Note #3: While we can modify the Shielded Helmet for a USFH, we cannot do that with the Shielded Cap. Also, it is much cheaper and faster to contract for the Shielded Helmet and USFH together, compared to first contracting for the Shielded Helmet, and then later having us retrofit it with the USFH because that requires removing some shielding and then replacing it once the USFH is installed.

The STEALTH PAINT "ELIXIR": The SPE is the top secret Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s proprietary formulation of certain paint pigments and additives which are easily applied to the outside and/or inside surfaces consisting of woods, drywall, plastics, adobe, metals, composites, concrete, cement, mortar, asphalt, brick, stone, ceramics, etc. The SPE is specially designed to greatly cut down on direct, reflected and scattered microwaves, including radar returns. The SPE is a stealth coating material that can be used to paint homes, businesses, other above and below ground structures, vehicles, watercraft, some aircraft, composite surfaces, other shielding materials, etc. (even if previously painted or coated), to help protect people inside them from surveillance, targeting, mind control and electronic harassment, dangerous microwaves, and ground-penetrating radar (legal uses only). The SPE is great shielding against EMFs, but is minor shielding against ultrasounds, sounds and infrasounds.

How much Stealth Paint one needs to cover a surface depends on the following:
...(A) The Area to be covered (for best protection of rooms, walls, ceilings and floors (except bottom level floor) should be 100% coated). How many square meters or square feet are your surfaces you need to cover?
...(B) How many coats of Stealth Paint do you need to apply? The more coats, the more protection.
...(C) How absorbent to paint is your surface? For absorbent surfaces, you will need more paint coatings.

Once you derive your total Area figure above (Area X Number of Coatings), go to a paint store. Look at commercial oil-based paint containers (ie: cans), which state on the can's label what area the can will cover. This figure is clearly exaggerated; we have found usually by about 20%, so your should multiple the label square foot by 0.8 (80%). Then compute how many store paint cans you would need if you used the store's paint to coat your total Area. Determine the weight of the contents of each can (if not on the label, weigh a full can and an empty can, and subtract the two weights for the weight of the can's contents only). Multiply the number of cans you will need by 1.05 (105%; the 5% for paint wasted by spillage, drippings, evaporation, etc.). Then multiply that figure with the weight of the paint per can to derive total required SPE weight. The total required SPE weight is what you will need to order from us; email us this weight figure (on email Subject Line, put STEALTH PAINT INQUIRY), and we will provide you total price and S/H (some discounts in both price and S/H for larger quantities). This is not an exact calculation, but should be a close estimate of the SPE you will need.

Then, at your end and at your cost, you will thoroughly mix your SPE into a mixing liquid of your choice and in the proportion you believe optimum for your use to turn it into liquid stealth paint elixir. Many types of mixing liquids will do, but not water or anything containing water (nor any gasoline, diesel fuel nor other highly inflammable, explosive or toxic liquid). Do not use water because the mixing liquid must act as a binder. The mixing liquid should be oil-based paint, oil-paint oil, damar varnish, egg tempera (ie: egg yolk), other coating, glue, caulk, filler, linseed oil or similar (some careful experimentation may be required to find the best mixing liquid and ratios for your particular surfaces). The mixing liquid converted into liquid SPE must also be able to set and dry within a few days at most.

Enough Stealth Paint Elixir powder for 1 gallon of paint. Last made $95 [2 lbs]. NOTE: We cannot ship liquid paint thru the mail; so we provide the Stealth Paint Elixir in powder form only.

The ULTIMO SHIELDED WRAP (Shields Against Implants): The UFBSW is ideal for TIs with an electronic implant(s) which transmits to an outside receiver(s) and/or receives from an outside transmitter(s), and who have a good idea of the location of the implant inside his/her body. For the UFBSW, we provide you an adjustable rectangular shielded wrap made of the same shielding materials as the Shielded Helmet and the Shielded Cap (see above) - your body is shielded against both electromagnetic and ultrasonic type attack signals. Tell us where you believe that the implant is located inside your body, and the average diameter of the body part that has the implant(s). Ideally, the UFBSW is centered around the implant(s), and its width is 2-4 times the average diameter of the body part where the implant is located (you choose the UFBSW width) (Note: There may not be the available room on the body part to even allow for a UFBSW width 2 times the average body part diameter (eg: the implant is located in the upper arm or upper thigh); the UFBSW will still shield well but not as ideally if a wider UFBSW had been possible). Length of the shielded wrap is 4 times this average body part diameter (to allow for adjustability for size and tightness) for a single-layer wrap, and 7-times this average diameter for a double-layer wrap (provides substantially better shielding). You multiply the width and length together to provide us the wrap area, for which the cost is based. The wrap is secured with velcro. Just like the Shielded Helmet and Shielded Cap, the UFBSW shields only that part of your body it covers. Estimated cost and weight based on our last made experience varies according to the area size of the UFBSW, but we base estimated cost of $249 per square foot of UFBSW area + $99 per UFBSW Customized Design Project.

The ULTIMO FULL-BODY SHIELDED RAINCOAT: For the UFBSR, we cover the inside of a raincoat with the same shielding materials as the Shielded Helmet and the Shielded Cap (see above) - your body is shielded against both electromagnetic and ultrasonic type attack signals. You provide us with an oversized raincoat (the raincoat must be a larger size than what you normally wear - ideally, 1"-2" clearance in all directions from you body with the exception of the length, which should be 2"-4" longer than your usual length) at your expense. We then install the shielding material on its inside. Just like the Shielded Helmet and Shielded Cap, the UFBSR shields only that part of your body it covers. Some TIs have asked us about protection of the entire body or non-head parts of the body, because with the Shielded Helmet or Shielded Cap, all of the non-head parts of the body are still left exposed to direct attack. If you are experiencing attack-caused manifestations to your body, the Shielded Helmet or Shielded Cap should help tremendously if the perp's malicious signals are irritating parts of your brain that control those parts of the body undergoing the attack. However, the Shielded Helmet or Shielded Cap may not substantially affect the manifestations of attacks to your body where the unshielded tissue or organ is being directly attacked by the perp, and not thru the brain connection to that tissue or organ. In your CDAF, please specify whether the raincoat you want shielded does or does not include a hood. We can also include the Ultimo Solfeggio Harmonizer (described herein) but only on a hooded raincoat. The raincoat must be vinyl, heavy-duty and not transparent. Last made $3995 for no-hood raincoat [7 lb] or $5495 for hooded raincoat (for this price, hood must be an integral part of the raincoat - not a detachable part). We can also do shielded ponchos, shielded blankets, shielded coats, shielded jackets; email us if interested in a shielded poncho, shielded blanket, shielded coat or shielded jacket.

The ULTIMO BODY SIGNAL BLOCKER: Some scoff at the notion that perp's can put electronic signals onto your body to identify you, track you and perform functions on your body. Researchers have already successfully developed smart phone apps in which the the smart phone transmits thru a conductor on it, touched by a hand, an electronic security signal that travels thru the body and is then emitted from the other hand touching a security conductor on the door or other lock, which then 100% identifies the person trying to unlock, unlocks the door or other lock so the person can get in - a signal that the person cannot feel and is unaware of. This recent technology is proof that perps can impinge malicious signals onto your body to identify you, to control what you do, to injure you, to track you, and to surveil you. Likewise, signals that your body generates can also be transmitted to perps using this technology. Whenever a perp attacks you using external electromagnetic signals, the attack hits your skin first, then passes thru your skin, being absorbed by both your skin and your bodily tissues under your skin, resulting in some of the attack signals being on your skin and some being inside your body. Clothes offer no protection. When you walk on a dry nylon rug barefoot, and then touch a door handle with your hand, you are likely to get a painful static electric shock caused by an electric discharge. That is because the electricity you got onto your feet from your foot skin-nylon rug contact is transferred to all over your body. This electronic attack technology exploits this phenomenon. Likewise, even though a perp may target a small part of your body, clearly all of your body and skin bears some of the same signals the perp puts onto that part of your skin he/she irradiated. And likewise, any natural signals that is on your skin when a perp's signals first hits your skin will clearly initially protect you by disrupting and defeating the perp's malicious signals trying to enter your body - until the perp's signals overwhelm and replace them, which usually takes only a fraction of a second because the perp's signals will likely be the strongest signals by far affecting you. Often, the TI will actually feel this change (eg: your skin crawls and itches; your hair stands up on end; you feel like there is electricity in the air; you may sneeze or your eye waters for no known reason), and/or you get a vague sense that something is just not right. The perp may be attacking you whenever he/she wants to just in your normal daily activities of touching things, and you will be totally oblivious to all of this - only suffering its manifestations and consequences that you cannot explain. The UBSB attaches to your skin with skin-surface electrodes, generates strong random signals onto your skin that jams the perp's signals to overcome them, thus blocking the perp's signals from accumulating on your skin or entering your body. Since your body is conductive, the UBSB protects your entire body, whether you are naked or heavily clothed. When the UBSB output signals go low, whatever signals are on your skin at that time will be drained to ground - effectively shorted out. When the UBSB output signals go high, they disrupt the perp's new incoming malicious signals. Therefore, the UBSB is designed to act like a full-body skin-level electronic jammer which cannot be overcome by the perp changing attack frequencies (or deploying multiple frequencies or malicious signals from multiple directions), or by changing attack directions or timings. Since the UBSB output signals are random, the perp cannot modify or invent a device to defeat them, for example, by synchronizing with them. Includes our famous Soft-Pinch Electrodes for maximum electrode comfort. Note that while the UBSB provides substantial protection from electromagnetic attacks, it does not protect against ultrasonic attacks since ultrasonic signals do not manifest themselves as skin electricity (our various shielding device-types do protect against both EMF and ultrasonic attacks). Adjustable signal intensity. Last made $1995 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER DIRECTION FINDER (ElectroMagnetic Detector/Amplifier/Direction Finder): If you are being electronically attacked, electronically harassed, electronically controlled, electronically tracked, and/or electronically surveilled through some wireless means, the signal is either electromagnetic (EM) or ultrasonic (see below) in nature. There are all kinds of commercial EM scanners which will allow you to scan for the presence of EM signals. However, they almost never come with directional antennas (they usually have only an omnidirectional whip antenna) so that while using the whip antenna you can pick up EM signals and display the strongest EM signal coming to you from any direction, they cannot determine signal direction - only signal frequency and signal strength. Furthermore, since the standard whip antennas used in commercial scanners detect signals from all directions, a stronger EM signal(s) with a nearby center frequency(ies) (e.g. licensed ham and/or commercial radio stations and/or TV stations) to an electronic attack signal will cause the scanner with the standard whip antenna to detect it/them instead of the offending signal. However, because our UEMTDF comes with our proprietary highly directional antennas, when pointed in the offending signal's direction, often result in the clear detection and direction finding of offending signals - even when more powerful non-malevolent (e.g. licensed commercial stations, ham, cb) transmitters are operating in the same area, at the same time and at nearby frequencies. This is critical because electronic attack transmitters are often designed to operate in the "electronic shadows" of stronger legit signals, such as commercial TV stations and radio stations, to electronically hide them from scanner/whip antenna detection. Furthermore, commercial scanners come with no instructions on how to interpret the received signals in the realm of electronic attack, mind control and body control technologies. Because of the variety of directional antennas that we include and our User Manual insights about their uses, the UEMTDF can be used to detect and determine the direction of not only relatively distant external signals, but also nearby and even internal signals transmitted, for example, from an electronic implant(s) (for modern electronic implants and most other localized transmitters, it is usually very helpful to be able to detect both internal signals and external signals because modern electronic implants, room bugs, vehicle tracking transmitters, possibly telecoils/magnetic induction loop systems, etc. are often in two-way communications with much larger external transceivers which control them; electronic implant control is often based on the received biomedical data supplied by the electronic implants - data which is often biological result of previous control signal instructions from the external transceivers often in a closed-loop feedback type system). Other nearby signals the UEMTDF is designed to both detect and find include room bugs and tracking transmitters often concealed on vehicles, clothes and portable objects. The UEMTDF comes with a commercial scanner of our choice based on the description of your needs, plus 3 unique directional antennas of our design (used to be 5 antennas, but thru our antenna research, we now have 3 for Client convenience that work better than the original 5), plus description of both how to use the directional antennas and how to interpret as best we know the detected radio signals, including "radio static" that is often missed even by professional bug sweepers (detection is contingent upon the existence of a transmitter transmitting an adequate RF signal at the same time and direction you are trying to detect it). NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for a PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (PEMFJ)-type device because you needa highly directional RF signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking EMF so that we can optimally design the PEMFJ for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your PEMFJ is transmitting radio signals. Last made $1195 [3 lb].
            ANTENNAS LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER: We recently made major changes in our antenna designs, applicable to all new UEMTDF and UEMTT (below) CD projects. While we got good reports from our earlier antenna variations, our two largest antennas were relatively bulky and heavy, limiting portable use of them by some users. Our newest antennas are much smaller and lighter and thus easier to use. As a special consumer service, if you purchased from us an UEMTDF or UEMTT device-type since Oct. 18, 2007, we will provide you this new set of our unique directional antennas for estimated $395 per antenna set, plus the return to us of all of your original antennas in good condition. Your cost for these new antenna types is less than half of their cost component for new UEMTDF or UEMTT CD projects. To obtain these new antennas, please promptly email us your interest in this deal, and complete a new CDAF for them (green link at top of page, evaluation fee waived), and send it to us with your payment (non-refundable 1/3rd downpayment minimum) and original antenna set of antennas. Please allow 30 days from our receipt of your mailing. Note 1: This is not a refund offer or system exchange offer - but an antenna exchange offer only - so please do not send anything else back to us. Note 2: First posted Oct. 19, 2009, we may discontinue this offer at any time without prior notice or liability, so if interested in this deal, please email us promptly, we will honor those who earlier emailed us showing interest and then provided us his/her CDAF, payment and antennas within 30 days of email. Note 3: All of our policies fully apply as usual.

The ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER TRIANGULATOR: The UEMTT consists of two matching UEMTDF systems (above), plus additional instructions on triangulating EM transmitters. While the UEMTDF will provide you EM transmitter signal strength, signal frequency and signal direction, it will not directly specifically locate the signal transmitter. To best determine specific location of transmitter, you need to triangulate the signal, and that requires two UEMTDF systems. In addition to the User Manual, for all triangulation device-types we sell, we also provide a tutorial on signal triangulation with a completely worked-out example problem using our simple algebraic plug-in formulas. NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for a PERSONAL EMF JAMMER (PEMFJ)-type device because you needa highly directional RF signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking EMF so that we can optimally design the PEMFJ for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your PEMFJ is transmitting radio signals.Last made $1995 [6 lb].

The PERSONAL EMF JAMMER: John Williams's extensive researches into EM weaponry and EM harassing devices (and Radionics) - including on-site investigations of cases - have resulted in a high level of understanding and insights into EM weaponry and electronic countermeasures (EM weapons countermeasures), such as EM jammers and EM zappers. The technology for powerful and invisible EM attacks clearly exists - attacks aimed at harassing, controlling, crippling, and "poisoning"! Do you:

And you are certain that these manifestations are not caused by any medical condition. You may be the victim of an electromagnetic attack!

PEMFJ-type devices, as with all RF transmitting devices we design and build, is based on our RF policies defined on our policies webpage (policies.htm). The PEMFJ is designed to send out strings of pulses in a narrow bandwidth (0.1% of center frequency, up to less than 100KHz maximum BW) designed to jam (within the immediate area of one's body) offending EM transmitters, surveillance devices, microwave controllers, et al - even the newest EM devices. Portable and worn or carried on or near the body. Note that EM signal jammers are never designed to operate as electronic weapons or to jam legally licensed transmitters. Jammers transmit no intelligence but only a high-frequency carrier signal typically modulated by white noise or pink noise to mask out the offending signals of an electronic weapon (if you could hear the EM white noise, it would sound much like distant rain; EM pink noise sounds similar to white noise but has higher or lower composite pitch, depending on filtering). In contrast, electronic transmitter weapons transmit definite control signals or data signals which are usually designed to cause harmful manifestations in a person(s) (usually a targeted person), animal(s), and/or equipment. Since the bandwidth that harmful EMFs can occupy is enormous, it is important to determine where in this enormous electromagnetic spectrum lies the signals harmful to you. Therefore, you should first strongly consider as a Customized Devices the purchase of a directional signal strength or signal triangulation device so that you can ferret out the offending signals red-handed, detect their frequency(ies) (bandwidth) and include those details in with your PEMFJ-type CDAF - see our popular THE ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER TRIANGULATOR and THE ULTIMO EM TRANSMITTER DIRECTION FINDER -type devices above for a special deal. Last made $1495 [2 lb] (rough price when the bandwidth of offending signal was provided; if frequency was not provided, we select the frequency based on the best of our abilities resulting in less probability that we selected the right frequency and device may be substantially more expensive; we cannot do a wideband PEMFJ or a PEMFJ for certain frequencies).

The ULTIMO MAGNETIC BODY RESONANT FREQUENCY DETECTOR: The body's magnetic resonant frequency is reputed to be an electronic signature that many perps use to target and pursue Targeted Individuals (TIs) - body resonant frequency tracking. The UMBRFD allows you to determine what your body's magnetic resonant frequency is. Once you know what magnetic frequency your body resonates at, you can try various means of shielding to suppress it by further using the UMBRFD to ascertain which shielding works best. The UMBRFD is simple and easy to use. You hang our special magnetic field detector around your neck. It comes with a very special antenna, small tuner and EMF signal strength detector. You adjust the tuner until you obtain a frequency output at its highest intensity as digitally displayed on the signal strength detector. That should be the frequency of magnetic resonance of your body - your body resonant frequency. To use the UMBRFD, you must first be inside something that greatly shields you from external RF signals, such as a metal shed, quonset hut, building with a lot of metal in its structure, deep basement or cave, or in a remote area where RF signals are weak (your cellphone should show one bar or less), and with all RF transmitting electronic devices turned Off (Fermi Cage or Faraday Cage would be ideal, but few people have access to them). Also, some believe that one's body resonant frequency changes as one's health changes, so detection of body resonant frequency changes may be a warning to obtain a medical examination (we are not medically licensed professionals so we can not and do not provide medical advice, opinion or claim). Also, by finding the magnetic resonances of other people in your life, you may be able to find people that you share the most compatible "vibes" with. Note: The human magnetic field is very weak, so not all people have a detectable magnetic resonance frequency of the body. For us to provide you this device-type, we need to know the circumference of your head (simply snugly wrap a string or ribbon one time around your head, then measure its length). Last made was $1295 [2 lbs].

WIRING HITCHHIKING HARASSER ELIMINATORS: Are your home/business wiring, piping, etc. or even car wiring hijacked to electronically harass or surveil you by hitchhiking signals onto them? Because power and telephone lines, and metal pipe (e.g. plumbing), metal tubing (e.g. wire shielding) and metal linear structures (e.g. rebar, girders, conduit, trim, rails, fencing) surround you virtually everywhere you go in any building, electronic surveillance devices, equipment control devices, mind control devices and electronic attack devices can be connected to them in virtually every room and even outside the building for some distances - these omnipresent conductors serve as the optimum means to connect up, transmit and distribute these very harmful electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack signals throughout the building (sometimes called "carrier current" attacks - carrier currents caused by carrier current transmitters) - optimum conductors for virtually endless varieties of bugs, taps, harassment, control and line blaster devices. Our WHHE devices both test and filter out harmful hitchhiking signals!
       Since these conductors are so prevalent in virtually every building, added with the technologies of time multiplexing signals and frequency multiplexing signals, literally dozens - even 100s - of these types of very harmful signals can be operational on any day and night against you - usually no matter what rooms you are in. Your home or business is just several huge signal distribution networks plus transmitting and receiving antenna arrays. And all such wiring, piping, etc. can usually be just as easily abused for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attacks even if you turn OFF or disconnect them from their normal uses (e.g. turning Off AC power, disconnecting phones). This is nothing new - both power and phone wiring have been lawfully used for decades to carry high-band voice, control signals, and data (e.g. faxes, modems, DSL, zons, intercoms, alarm systems for phone lines, and intercoms and alarm systems for power lines) - proven technologies using common household AC wiring and phone wiring. Furthermore, because generic power and phone wiring and piping in all or part of one's home and business are often unshielded, they can be both easily accessed and connected up to AND used as a huge transmitting and/or receiving radio antennas to communicate with anything from electronic implants - to guys parked in the street - to cellphone towers down the road - to control centers 100s miles away - to ships at sea - to satellites - to electronically harass, control and/or interfere with your life! For examples: (1) Signals on them can be transmitted wireless for miles, and (2) Physical access to the wiring, piping, etc. is not even required; because the wiring, piping, etc. is unshielded, signals can often be inductively coupled into or out of power lines, phone lines, piping, etc. (e.g. inductively-coupled phone line taps are decades old technology). Offending microwave signals can also be reflected off of ungrounded or not fully grounded metal bodies.
       Since these virtually endless varieties of bugs, taps, harassment, control and line blaster devices can take on virtually any appearance and/or be hidden in just about anything inside of or near your building, they can be very difficult to detect through physical searches (short of tearing down all of your walls and ceilings where the lines and piping run, and disassembling all of your equipment). For example, these devices can be easily concealed inside TVs, radios, computers, cellphones, landline phones, electronic handheld devices, etc. - fully operating even when the TV, radio, phone, etc. itself is not turned ON. Or hidden in an outlet, inside of your wall or in your attic - even inside your car. If you share walls, floors or ceilings with other apartments, the devices can be on their side, or even outside your building. Since not all of these harmful devices are RF devices, the non-RF ones cannot be detected using TSCM field strength testing used for wireless systems. Nor can strictly receiving devices be TSCM-detected. And usually nor can transmitting devices which transmit in bursts, randomly or pre-dawn hours, nor when the perpetrator believes the area is being electronically swept and turns Off transmitters until the TSCM crew leaves. In short, your phone and power wiring, piping, etc. can be easily and secretly tapped into using hardwired, inductive-coupling and/or reflection techniques just about any place they are routed internal or external to your home/business. To understand just how frustrating it is even for experts to really troubleshoot an area, rent the Gene Hackman movie, "The Conversation" - and that was early 1970s' relatively crude, clunky and huge electronic surveillance systems!
       The high-band signal frequencies used on power and phone lines, piping, etc. (which can be time multiplexed and/or frequency multiplexed to support several such systems) are usually 5+ times higher than the standard 60 Hz / 50 Hz (power wiring) or 3200 Hz maximum (phone wiring) bandwidth normally used on them. The usable bandwidth of many power and phone lines exceed 2 MHz for loops up to about 6,000 ft (1.14 miles) and much higher over much shorter loops - very usable for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack. Metal piping, tubing, fencing, rails and other structures can conduct signals far higher in frequency than even power and phone lines (because most power and phone lines, pipes, etc. are unshielded, electrically noisy and inductive and leaky to high freqs, most high-band signals are under 200 KHz). Loading these unshielded conductors with all kinds of multiplexed and high-band signals they were not designed for may cause the wiring, piping, etc. itself and their terminations to resonate with strange sounds and noises which seem to emanate from walls and ceilings often on quasi-random and directional bases (e.g. strange sounds you can hear when standing in one position but not in another nearby position, and/or at some times and not at other times, and/or during certain conditions of humidity and/or temperature but not at other conditions), often throughout most of a building, and often similar to the vibrating and humming of an old or defective power transformer. They can also vibrate and hum in the ultrasonic and infrasonic bandwidths when signals mix and produce sum and difference frequency components. The weird sounds can also sound like a distant motor running, distant voices, whispering and mumbling, spiritual and God-like voices, high-pitched voices, low-pitched voices, chattering, music, animal sounds, whistles, echoes, pulsing, pounding, popping, finger-snapping, digital data sounds, zinging sounds, whooshing sounds, theremin sounds, etc., especially when real time complex signal mixings of possibly several signals at once result in partially demodulated and/or multiply-mixed high-band signals. These weird noises can literally drive some people nuts! If you are hearing sounds, noises or even voices or digital data signals or control signals coming from your walls, ceilings or appliances or inappropriately while you are on the phone, you may not be imagining it. Also, high frequencies imposed on power wiring can adversely affect induction motors (especially compressor motors common to refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners), causing them to operate roughly, chatter noisily and possibly stall out (because induction motor speed is proportional to the frequency of its power source, multiple frequencies can harm them), and can cause lights to vary in intensity or flicker. Modulated high frequencies on phone lines can cause malfunction of phone and computer equipment (e.g. loss of broadband sync, inability or slowdown in using DSL or even dial-up, faxes, zons, etc. because of a "noisy line").
       We offer 4 types of WHHE systems to test for and protect against offending EMF signals: (1) The WHHE1 is for AC power lines, (2) The WHHE2 is for phone lines, (3) The WHHE3 is for motor vehicle wiring, and (4) The WHHE4 is for non-electrical metal structures, such as pipes, tubes, appliances, fencing, rails and other metal structures, and unpowered wiring. For minimal recommended protection, you must typically have at least one of each WHHE type. For optimal and continuous protection, you must have two WHHE1 (one for each 120VAC power leg), one WHHE2 for each landline phone line, one WHHE3 for each vehicle, and one WHHE4 for each non-electrical ungrounded or improperly grounded metal structure within about 25 yards of you.
       The WHHE1 is designed to plug directly into any 120 VAC wall outlet (3-wire or 2-wire, 60 Hz or 50 Hz) located virtually anywhere to both detect and eliminate these higher frequencies on your AC power wiring (and to also cause an improvement in your power factor if it is typically inductive or lagging power factor (PF)) (Note: If you have an intercom, digital or other communications system which uses home/business electric power wiring to transmit/receive signals, the WHHE1 will also filter out those signals if used at same time). For example, voice, data signals, and/or control signals at 10 KHz, 50 KHz, 90 KHz, ..., 1890 KHz, 1930 KHz and 1970 KHz could all be frequency multiplexed onto a single 60 Hz power line simultaneously. That is, as long as a WHHE1 is not connected, because the WHHE1 wipes out all frequencies much above 60 Hz - wiping out those electronic attack and electronic surveillance high-band signals in one fell swoop! You may specify the WHHE1 to be non-battery powered (used only on powered AC lines to also power it), or battery-powered (used on both powered and unpowered AC lines). Note that the WHHE1's filtering functions cannot be duplicated using commercial power strips with built-in transient suppression. Power strips with transient suppression only filter out transients which are both high-voltage AND high-frequency, and then only for those devices connected to the power strip - not the VAC power lines connected to your AC outlets and located behind your walls in your home or business. Only the WHHE1 can filter out unwanted signals at your outlets and home/business wiring (as well as devices plugged into power strips). Even for devices plugged into transient-protected power strips, the designed protection is for transients which are both high-voltage AND high-frequency - much less effective against hitchhiking voice, control and data signals (which usually result in small RMS voltage level increases way below voltage levels required to switch in transient suppression).
             TEST: There is a test that will likely result in positive indication of hitchhiked signals on your AC power lines, but test requires about 2 months to complete: Obtain 3 same make and model plug-in digital clocks (not battery-powered clocks), and place them in widely-separated rooms but on the same 120VAC leg. Synchronize each clock to your cellphone or other battery-operated super accurate time source. At the end of one month, check the times on each of your 3 clocks against the device you synchronized them with. Most of these types of clocks are timed by the frequency of your AC line voltage (60 Hz in the US, 50 Hz many other places). However, with most of them, the timing is also advanced by signals and electrical noise interference on your line to various degrees based on their specific electronic designs and interference properties. If there is much communications or control signals on the line, the clocks will run faster than normal. Therefore, if at the end of the month, any of your clocks are more than a couple of minutes fast, more than likely, you have a serious problem with hitchhiked signals on your line for which we strongly recommend the WHHE1 to countermeasure. Since the electrical noise on most AC lines typically rarely reaches levels that would advance most clock timing, normally, noise by itself would contribute to about a minute or two at most in one month's time to advancing timing. If any of your clocks run too slowly, the clock is probably defective. And which clock has advanced the greatest is usually the clock closest to the hitchhiking signal input point where it gets the strongest signal. Then run this test again, with all of the clocks on the other AC leg. Note: This test is not proof of either the existence or absence of hitchhiking signals during the test month because of clock defects and nominal electronic differences; clock timing may use crystals and not line frequency; low intensity, very high frequency, and/or low duty cycle (e.g. burst signals, infrequent or occasional attacks) hitchhiking signals that don't significantly increment clock timing; very noisy line, etc., but it often is a very good indication.
       The WHHE2 is designed to plug directly into any normal landline phone line (works with corded phones and cordless phones), and works whether the phone is On Hook or Off Hook to eliminate higher frequencies on your phone wiring (Note: If you use DSL, modem or other digital phone line communications system, those signals will also be filtered out if used at same time). We offer 3 versions of the WHHE2: (1) WHHE2-HB: The High-Band (HB) version (the default version if you don't specify) filters out phone line freqs starting at about 4000 Hz and above. While the HB will filter out all signals at all times when toggled ON much above the normal phone voice BW of 300-3200 Hz, it will not filter out normal speech signals in the voice BW, resulting in possible but very unlikely unauthorized voice-band transmissions when phone is on-hook. (2) WHHE2-LB: The Low-Band (LB) version filters out phone line freqs starting at about 50 Hz and above. While the LB filters out voice and data signals at all times when toggled ON, it must be turned OFF when you need to talk on the phone or use it to transmit data or it will also filter out your and the other party's voices. Note that the LB version may negatively impact ring with some phones. (3) WHEE2-CMP: The Composite (CMP) version allows you to toggle between the HB and LB versions for maximum security - when you are talking on the phone, you set it at HB, when you are sending data online, you turn OFF both HB and LB, and when phone is on-hook, you set it at LB. The WHHE2 uses the common standard RJ-11 phone connector. The WHH2 always comes battery-powered.
       The WHHE3 is designed for 12VDC battery systems (e.g. vehicle battery wiring) because car battery wiring can also be - some say often - used to conduct unwanted and harmful signals which can be used for electronic surveillance, mind control and electronic attack. You can specify whether you want its cable to have cigarette lighter, battery clamp or other type of terminating connector you specify (Note: Any and all vehicle underhood connection work must be done by your automechanic at your expense and always in a legal and safe manner, and we assume no liability for the installation, removal and use of a WHHE3 device on any vehicle). You may specify the WHHE3 to be non-battery powered (used only on powered 12VDC lines to also power it), or battery-powered (used on both powered and unpowered 12VDC lines).
       The WHHE4 is designed to test and protect unpowered wiring, metal piping, metal tubing, metal fencing, metal railing, metal structures, and other unpowered conductors up to about 25 feet long by testing for and filtering out signal types they carry above 60 Hz. These include offending signals hardwired or induced onto metal structures, and to some extent, reflected signals. Protecting against reflected signals is designed to protect you from perps transmitting RF signals at unprotected reflective surfaces near you for its scattering effects or angular advantages, which then reflect onto you to do their dirty work; the WHHE4 grounds out air-transmitted offending RF signals it protects in your area. The WHHE4 can test and filter out great varieties of conductors which do or do not have known or accessible signal return paths (WHHE1, WHHE2 and WHHE3 test and protect circuits which have electrical return paths paired with them, e.g. AC power line neutral, phone Ring wire, car battery ground). The WHHE4 comes with two cables, each about 12.5 feet long, and each terminated by alligator clips (or some other type of connector you specify). One cable is connected to the unpowered metal wiring, piping, tubing, fencing, structure, etc. If this metal is accompanied by an accessible metal electrical return path (e.g. wire, piping, tubing, fencing, structure, etc.), the other cable is connected to it, else it is connected to nearby grounded metal, in which case an earth ground rod may be required (earth ground rod not provided, available in hardware stores). The WHH4 always comes battery-powered. Note: Not all plumbing or tubing (or fencing or structures) is continuous metal all the way into a good earth ground. Sometimes plastic plumbing or standoffs are used, which breaks any ground connection. Even if the plumbing pipe is continuous metal all the way to where buried in earth, pipe joints can be corroded enough or use enough teflon tape to break the electrical connection, the pipe can be laid in dry ground or concrete, and/or the pipe itself can be corroded enough to break its ground connection. In fact, plumbing pipe is never a reliable earth ground. National Electrical Code: 'True earth ground physically consists of a conductive rod or pipe driven into the earth to a minimum depth of 8 feet.' Plumbing pipe is never "driven into the earth" and plumbing, tubing, fencing and structures are seldom buried at least 8 feet deep. If unpowered metal is not itself solidly grounded to earth (easily determined) - not just wet-season or intermittently grounded - it makes a great conductor for offending electronic signals.
       Each WHHE device comes with a signal indicator LED and the DETECT/PROTECT toggle switch. One toggled position is the DETECT Mode in which the LED will flicker and/or brighten if there is a high-band signal on the line, piping, etc. The other toggled position is the PROTECT Mode which will filter out all types of high-band signals, transients and line noise interference hitchhiking signals to remove them from your line, piping, etc. The DETECT Mode continuously tests your conductor to determine if there is any unusual signal or other electrical activity on it. The toggle switch is especially protected with a snubber circuit designed to prevent contact arcing during switches. If the WHHE device conflicts with some other known and OK equipment or function connected to your wiring in the PROTECT Mode, then don't operate that WHHE in its PROTECT Mode when normally using such equipment or function (no known interferences in the DETECT Mode).
       EXTRA PROTECTION: WHHE devices are designed to further protect your lines from possibly destructive high-voltage pulses, transients and line noise which can sometimes also occur, whether natural or manmade (e.g. helps protect you from a perpetrator trying to wreck your phone or power system - even your computer - using a phone or power line blaster to deliver high-voltage transients, pulses and electrical noise to your system and equipment; and helps protect lines and equipment against damage caused by nearby lightning strike or transients, pulses and line noise). (Note that while electronic filters may eliminate 99.9+% of a signal - so much of the signal that the tiny remaining signal is lost in the line noise - no electronic filter wipes out absolutely 100% of a signal; always experiment with WHHE device first to make sure that it does not interfere with the normal use of your lines and equipment.). This very substantial added transient protection feature includes a gas discharge lightning arrestor (surge arrestor - not normally found even in expensive transient-suppressed power strips), a MOV (varistor), and the filter capacitor itself - all of which adds substantial protection from lightning strikes, line blasters, and powerful pulsed mind control and electronic attack devices hitchhiked onto your lines, piping, etc.
         Plus, if specified, WHHE devices come with an output connector which permits you to directly view hitchhiking signals on an oscilloscope or hear them on a speaker or earphones (if signal is in the audio band; oscilloscope, speaker and earphones are not included). By being able to observe and/or hear the signals which should not be on your line, piping, etc., you can often tell exactly what is being communicated or controlled, and correlate the hitchhiking signals with conversations, other activities, and unexplained manifestations.
       Note that since most home and office electric power systems are 220-240 VAC and standard outlet wiring is 110-120 VAC, there are two isolated AC power "legs" that power the various 110-120 VAC outlets and functions throughout the building. Therefore, to simultaneously and continuously DETECT and PROTECT both AC power legs, you need two WHHE1 devices. Also note that if your landline phone system has more than one phone line, each phone line is isolated from each other, so therefore to simultaneously and continuously DETECT and PROTECT all phone lines, you need a WHHE2 for each and every phone line. All WHHE device-types are small, portable, easy to use, uses standard connectors, and the WHHE2 and WHHE4 are 9VDC battery-powered (WHHE1 and WHHE3 operate off of their power line voltages but we can also make them to operate off of 9VDC battery to also test unpowered 120VAC power lines (WHHE1) and car battery wiring (WHHE3)). CAUTION: Do not use any WHHE device in the PROTECT Mode to do a denial-of-service attack against anyone legitimately using a phone system or power line for some normal high-band activity, for example, by interfering with or defeating DSL, modems, faxes, zons, intercoms, alarm systems, etc.
       Non battery-powered WHHE1, WHHE3. Last made $395 [1 lb] each.
       Battery-powered WHHE1, WHHE2-HB, WHHE2-LB, WHHE3. Last made $445 [1 lb] each.
       Battery-powered WHHE2-CMP, WHHE4. Last made $495 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO LED MIND CONTROL DETECTOR: A relatively recent powerful form of mind control and electronic attack is becoming increasingly popular. LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) are omnipresent in many different types of common electronic equipment for decades now, especially increasingly so with the advent of high-intensity energy-efficient LED bulbs, LED lamps and other LED lighting systems. LEDs are semiconductor light emitters which can be precisely programmed for specific wavelengths, colors, tones and modulations, and have been used for years to program astronauts sleep cycles in the Space Station. LED light usually appears as constant (0 Hz frequency) or blinking or flashing at very low rates (usually for alarm reasons). Older LEDs generally have such small bandwidths as to be nearly useless for mind control and electronic attack uses, even LEDs used in some LED biofeedback devices. However, some newer LEDs can be effectively modulated with signals up to about 100Mb/s - way beyond the modulation bandwidth required for mind control and way beyond the modulation bandwidths of all other common light sources - not to mention cheap and commonly available - making them ideal for mind control and electronic attack. Most electronic devices which have LEDs are now foreign-made, so which LEDs are now programmed and how are mostly unknown. You can't 100% block LED effects using dark sun glasses, and if the LEDs are intense, even closing your eyes may not help much. And LEDs can be intensely flashing you at such high frequencies and/or in the ultraviolet band even when they appear to be Off to the eye (e.g. the signal output LEDs used in TV controllers)! Because LED modulations can be very high bandwidth, just by glancing at the modulated LED light may be enough to entrain your brain, and some manifestations can be delayed, making it difficult to determine the cause.
         Mind control and electronic attack signals conveyed directly into the brain through the eyes and optic nerve pathways can be very destructive in several ways (e.g. direct interferences with nerve pulses, disruption or suppression of melatonin production, disruption of circadian rhythms, etc.). We now believe that many mind control and electronic attacks are being conducted through modulated LEDs flashing at such high rates that your eyes cannot detect these fast flashes but your brain does on a subliminal basis. You have no way of knowing without the ULEDMCD which LEDs may be attacking you and which are benign. And that while most of these LED mind control methods are clearly for commercial reasons (e.g. telling you to buy a certain product or avoid competitors), others are used directly for nefarious mind control and electronic attack applications. Modulated LEDs are also widely used for Visible Light Communications systems (VLC), including for the activation, programming and controlling of other electronic devices themselves directly involved in surveillance and spying, and mind control and electronic attack. In addition, flashing LEDs are believed to trigger or cause epileptic seizures, blinding headaches, chaotic thoughts, thought interferences, forced thoughts, perception alterations, insomnia, sleep disruptions, hallucinations, eye damage, temporary color blindness and distortions, loss of balance, depression, fibromyalgia attacks, behavioral modification, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and even psychopathic behaviors in some vulnerable people. You can be exposed to LED mind control or other electronic attack totally unaware of this type of electronic attack. Since your eyes won't likely detect it, you need a specialized device like the ULEDMCD to detect and alarm to LED mind control. The ULEDMCD detects LEDs which are outputting high-frequency signals (30 Hz - 200 KHz), indicative of some mind control, electronic attack and communications devices, and alarms you when detected. If detected and you own the offending device, you can tape over the offending LED with black electrical tape or paint over it with dark nail polish, disconnect the LED, report the device or take some other kind of action. The ULEDMCD last made was $595 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO MODULATED LED CONTROLLER: The UMLEDC produces a very wide range of programmable LED modulations, some of which may counteract mind control (not just LED mind control), seasonal effective disorders, some sleep disorders and circadian rhythm disorders (circadian disorders are believed by some to be one cause of breast cancer in women), some mood disorders, biofeedback, relaxation therapy - an excellent LED light therapy device. But unlike other cheapo LED devices, the UMLEDC comes with critical programmable features:
            (1) UMLEDC modulations are programmable (30 Hz - 200 KHz).
            (2) UMLEDC output waveforms, duty cycles and intensities are also programmable. Output waveforms can be sinewave or pulsed, or based on audio, infrasound or ultrasound you connect into it. Pulse duty cycles can be varied 10% - 90%.
            (3) UMLEDC comes with input connectors used by recorders, mikes and other electronic devices to modulate the LED light with audio, infrasounds and ultrasounds if you wish (input devices to the UMLEDC are not included).
         With the UMLEDC, a huge amount of modulated-LED experimentation is possible (never use the UMLEDC as a mind control device, and the UMLEDC is not sold as a mind control device, nor as a medical device nor medically assistive device). The UMLEDC can also be used as part of Visible Light Communications Systems (VLC). The UMLEDC last made was $1195 [3 lb]. Since your eyes won't likely detect the LED modulated outputs, you need a specialized device like the ULEDMCD (described above) to detect the outputs of its LED and output intensity. The UMLEDC plus the ULEDMCD last made was $1645 [5 lbs].

The ULTIMO TDCS BRAIN STIMULATOR: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) - "DC brain polarization" - is a painless, non-invasive, low-risk, silent, efficient and relatively inexpensive method of applying small direct currents to the brain cortex through the skull using skin-contact electrodes. The positive electrode boosts, increases or amplifies function of brain region closest to it, while the negative electrode inhibits or suppresses brain function. TDCS has been found to boost cognitive performance and learning and increase IQ, memory and reaction times, as well as to treat several mental disorders. Along with its many important positive uses, TDCS can be used to do mind control, as well as to reverse the effects of mind control, as well as to make the subject more or less susceptible to other forms of mind control. TDCS mind control can be used in conjunction with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) mind control. A mere 30 minutes of secret TDCS stimulation while a person is asleep or unconscious (e.g. knocked out, drugged or undergoing surgery) can result in permanent mind control and behavioral control changes - without the use of electronic implants and with no evidence that TDCS entrainment was ever done. TDCS can be used to produce robotic victims and even Manchurian Candidates. And TDCS is now widely used by the United States Air Force to train pilots in half the usual time. See The Ultimo TDCS Brain Stimulator (Radionics.htm webpage) for details on this popular TDCS device.

The BRAIN SIGNATURE WAVEFORM DETECTOR: One method believed to be used to track and target individuals for subliminal mind control, behavioral modification, entrainment, electronic attack and electronic harassment (electromagnetic / ultrasonic) purposes is by monitoring their purportedly unique set of brain Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz - Awake, mild/moderate stimulation), Beta (15 Hz - 25 Hz - Awake, moderate/excited stimulation), Delta (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz - Stage 3 Sleep, Stage 4 Sleep), Theta (4 Hz - 8 Hz - Stage 1 Sleep and REM Sleep), and Spindles (12 Hz - 15 Hz - Stage 2 Sleep, often with K-Complex) waveforms. The BSWD is a device that lets you experimentally research this phenomenon for yourself. User Manual includes a tutorial on how this technology is purported to work. Includes a RF receiver and the BSWD signal processor, and a high-quality oscilloscope to view your detected waveforms (as well as the many other uses oscilloscopes can be used for). NOTE: This system requires that you have but does not include a cellphone and active cellphone service because your low-frequency brainwaves are extracted from the very slightly modulated cellphone frequencies that pass through your head during normal cellphone calls. Last made $7945 [20 lb].

The ULTIMO SYSTEMIC MOBIUS COIL: The USMC is an induction coil specially and uniquely wound in a Mobius Coil pattern - often used as a transmitter antenna and/or receiver antenna. The Mobius Coil is an extension of the legendary Faraday loop. We believe that our Mobius Coil configuration - as opposed to an ordinary (non-mobius) electrical coil - produces unusual beneficial results relevant to jamming mind control and electronic attack signals and therapeutic effects (NOTE: not sold as a medical device or medically-assistive device). Comes with a tunable electronic waveform generator with selections for waveforms, frequencies, duty cycles and intensities. You specify Mobius Coil diameter from 1" to 24" to fit where you want the coil to fit (eg: head (head band), neck (necklace), wrist (bracelet), arm (arm band), foot, calf (anklet), leg, hips, waist (belt), chest, finger (ring), toe, etc.), a closed loop made of 1"-wide copper stripping*. While Mobius Coil comes in round shape, it is flexible and can be shaped or re-shaped into an oval, square, rectangular, triangular, spiral or round shape (limited to its flexibility range) if you wish to (some have reported different results when the Mobius Coil shape is changed). The Mobius Coil itself is also tunable thru a wideband of frequencies. Mobius Coils are very exciting experimental devices with practically unlimited applications, and are relevant to many mind control and electronic attacks. And often used in conjunction with neodymium magnets (ie: rare earth magnets), amethyst crystals, garnets, laser diodes and pyramids. Often used in healing (eg: Helmholtz Coil applications), DNA, quantum entanglement, time travel, scalar wave and orgone research. When it comes to Mobius Coil applications and benefits, researchers have just scratched the surface! Can be substituted for just about any other compatible antenna application. Last made $895 + $49 per inch specified coil diameter (battery-powered only, add $50 for 120VAC-powered only, add $150 for both 120VAC and battery powered). Caution: Some believe that some or all ElectroMagnetic Fields are harmful to health, so check with your trusted MD first to use this or any other EMF device or if you have medical-like manifestations. *We can also make Mobius Coils from aluminum, silver, gold, platinum and wire. In wire, we can do air coils, iron-core coils, ferrite coils, torroids, etc. And also in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 2", and 3"-wide metal stripping. If not 1" wide copper stripping, clearly specify materials in your CDAF. If made of silver, gold or platinum, Client must provide all of the precious metal materials - our Cost Estimates never include precious metal materials for any device. Some Clients are very interested in gold Mobius Coils, because gold possesses magic-like quantum properties (eg: gold color; never tarnishes (immortality and infallibility), etc.), believing that gold makes all of the difference in the world to their Mobius Coil applications.

The ULTIMO BRAINWAVE ANALYSIS & BIOFEEDBACK / BIOCONTROL DEVICE: The UBA&BBD permits both the extensive analysis of brainwaves and the extensive use of brainwave biofeedback and brainwave control functions. Its brainwave input stage detects and amplifies brain signals. Brainwave amplification gain is tunable (up to about 1,000,000) so that even very faint brainwaves can be accessed. Once amplified, a bank of bandpass filters are then used to break out the Delta (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz - Stage 3 Sleep, Stage 4 Sleep or deep sleep), Theta (4 Hz - 8 Hz - Stage 1 Sleep and REM Sleep), Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz - awake, mild/moderate stimulation, relaxed but alert), Spindles (12 Hz - 15 Hz - Stage 2 Sleep, often with K-Complex), Beta (15 Hz - 30 Hz - awake, alert, excited stimulation) rhythms, which actual signal outputs are provided for you to monitor in any combination using a meter, oscilloscope or chart recorder. Each of these outputs is internally connected to a signal accumulator stage, which accumulates each rhythm over periods of seconds and minutes to provide ultimate brain stage and stage transitional data. And because normally you want biofeedback and biocontrol functions controlled by accumulated signal energies so as not to be triggered by spurious or transient values (which may not be indicative of the brain stage) but by the actual stage that the brain is in (e.g. conscious, meditative, REM sleep, deep sleep, etc). An output is also provided for each accumulated signal. In addition, inputs, sensitivity control pots and outputs are provided for control functions, which include normally-open (NO) and normally-closed (NC) relay functions, +9 VDC battery, and 120 VAC (only with devices powered by 120 VAC) control outputs. For the ultimate in brainwave, entrainment, mind control, and behavioral modification research versatility, four jumpers are provided that permit you to jumper between actual signal and/or accumulated signal outputs to NO relay, NC relay, battery and/or VAC biocontrol circuit inputs, with the sensitivity of each biocontrol function controlled by its sensitivity pot. Finally, with the UBA&BBD, you can observe and record individual brainwave signals in any combination of alpha, beta, delta, theta and/or spindles, and you can use any of their actual and/or accumulated signal outputs to control NO relay, NC relay, battery and/or VAC outputs. Last made $1695 [2 lb] (battery-powered only), $1895 (120 VAC-powered only), and $1995 (both battery and 120 VAC powered). Does not include any meter, oscilloscope or chart recorder.

The NEUROPHONE DEVICE: Incredible, unique and visionary device that converts speech and other complex and highly redundant audio frequency signals into a much more concentrated and compact form that can be transmitted over a much narrower bandwidth, and over greater distances through various materials. The ND is of particular interest to:

The ND comes single-channel. Versatile, fascinating and useful. Modern IC Version, last made $995 [4 lb]. Transistorized (traditional, but using modern transistors) Version, last made $895 [5 lb]. Plans for transistorized version - still available - $195.

The OMNIMAX TENS SYSTEM: TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) devices ideally function to relieve chronic pain and nerve-related disorders (e.g. twitching muscles), to accelerate the healing processes, to relax nerves, to promote rest and sleep, as in invigorator, to minimize snoring, for Radionics research, as a general lab stimulator (e.g. for stimulus and response research and pain research) - much more! Lesser TENS devices meet only few of these functions (and even then only on a limited basis). Don't confuse the OTS with the other $600 - $900 TENS devices (e.g. Myostim systems), that uses only 1 transistor (no IC) per channel! You can program and fine-tune the OTS to produce practically limitless variations of electronic signal outputs to suit YOUR particular needs - the OTS puts virtually all other TENS devices to shame! Features programmable high-voltage output (25 - 150 Vpp); programmable frequency (20 Hz - 200 KHz); selectable sine, square wave, pulse (5 - 95% of period) and triangular waveform outputs; programmable duty cycle (5 - 100%); programmable triangular wave, positive sawtooth wave, and negative sawtooth wave automatic frequency sweep control or manual frequency control (you select); and selectable for periodic waveform, burst, white noise or pink noise output - great for jamming nerve impulses. The OTS is so extremely versatile and powerful that we ourselves have used these devices for personal transcranial stimulation (e.g. transcranial direct current stimulation, transcranial alternating current stimulation, transcranial radio frequency stimulation, and transcranial magnetic stimulation), personal transcutaneous stimulation (e.g. personal pain blocking, personal hair growth stimulation), plant growth, metal deposition / metal plating, ultrasonic / sonar, high voltage, and pest repellant research, and to test electronic component specifications (one person suggested that we make them as penis stimulators - regardless of his "findings," we do NOT sell any device as penile stimulators or for any other medical use). Great as a general electronics laboratory function generator to meet virtually every signal waveform and type an electronics circuit design or application calls for. You can then experiment with these numerous possible combinations of output voltage levels, frequencies, waveforms, durations and duty cycles to produce results that are optimum for YOU. If there does exist an electronic combination that will optimally satisfy YOUR needs for a few pennies of electrical energy, will that not be a great improvement on your quality of life over whatever current methods you are using to try to obtain similar results, if indeed you are using another method to try to obtain similar results? 1-Channel: Last made $1695 [2 lb]. 2-Channel (2 independent channels, same case & power supply): Last made $2995 [3 lb].
           The ULTRA OMNIMAX SYSTEM is a full blown OMNIMAX SYSTEM-type device as stated above, but which also includes an audio bandwidth input with several forms of pulse modulation of it to produce modulated pulse outputs for mind control research, PLUS outputs for small high-inductance magnetic coil electrodes (including the small magnetic coil electrodes) which can be used for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation research (TMS), with the User Manual containing detailed information on both the mind control research and TMS research-type features of this truly mind-boggling device-type. 1-Channel: Last made $2395 [3 lb]. 2-Channel (2 independent channels, same case & power supply): Last made $4495 [5 lb].

The UNKNOWN & UNSEEN ENTITY DETECTOR: A device type sometimes referred to by others as unknown presence detectors, unseen presence detectors, spirit detectors, ghost detectors, ghost busters, alien detectors, and alien buster detectors. Yet another one of our all time most exciting and incredible devices! Concerned about nearby hidden people (e.g. rapists, muggers, home invaders, stalkers, peeping-toms) or animals, or spirits or ghosts which can disturb the ambient static electric field and/or the electromagnetic field? Detect them with the U&UED! The U&UED is an ultra-sensitive device which will detect the presence or nearness of virtually anything which produces or disturbs this omnipresent Static Field (U&UED1) or Electromagnetic Field (U&UED2) (the U&UED-Combo is both a U&UED1 and U&UED2 combined in the same box using the same power supply). Static field and electromagnetic field disturbances are not normally detectable with the human senses alone (some animals are very sensitive to these electric field disturbances). Worried that someone is hiding in your home, business or vehicle? Or some feral animal is laying in wait to surprise and attack you? The U&UED may help to detect and warn you! With Sensitivity Adjustment to boost dynamic range. (NOTE #1: We do NOT claim that ghosts and spirits actually exist; our designs are based on our proprietary theories should they exist. NOTE #2: Works best under dry conditions, the environment should be less than 50% Relative Humidity because high humidity adversely affects disturbances in electrostatic fields; and avoid using the U&UED near large metal surfaces, large bodies of water and AC power and radio emitters and other manmade strong electrical disturbances as proximity to these entities may cause this device type to not properly function). The U&UEDs are the same types of devices used by paranormal researchers, UFO and alien researchers, and "ghost busters." Last made $695 [2 lb] each, $1285 combined (U&UED-Combo).

The AUTOMATIC WRITING MACHINE: Some people appear to be very sensitive to signals coming from God, angels, space aliens, ancient ancestors, departed spirits and even animals, which sensitivity manifests itself into automatic writing. However, most people lack this inate sensitivity, but would still like to engage in automatic writing based on incoming signals. Basically, how the AWM works is that you hold it in the palm of your hand and a pen or pencil in the fingers of same hand prepared for writing. You lay down a blank sheet of paper. You turn ON the AWM. You then attempt to draw freehand an horizontal straight line across the paper about at your normal writing speed. The AWM picks up signals from the air using its wideband antenna, highly amplifies them, and then transforms them into mechanical vibrations. These vibrations then cause your pen or pencil to vibrate in the vertical axis to modulate your attempted straight line into what now appears to be writing. Practice and experimentation are required for best results. Also may help to reveal mind control and surveillance attempts against you. Also makes a really fun game, and a great science project. Last made $685 [2 lb]. $100 added for highly directional antenna.

The ULTIMO NOISE COMMUNICATOR SYSTEM: Used to be that control signals, voice and data could only be communicated using clear signals. Not any more! The UNCS is a system, consisting of both an ultrasonic transmitter and ultrasonic receiver, used to demonstrate that noise can be used to communicate intelligent signals. Electronic, electrical, audio, ultrasonic and infrasonic noise can be intentionally used to produce a control signal, voice signal or data signal itself. Our research shows that noise - virtually regardless of what mode it is transmitted in and what band it occupies within that mode (but almost always high band) - can itself be used to transmit information! Noise communications is in fact a state-of-the-art method of secret communications. Noise is a particularly effective means of further stealthing mind control and electronic attacks as well as communications because even if a victim is able to correlate noise bursts with his/her manifestations, authorities can easily write off his/her allegations, such as, 'It's just a bunch of radio static that just happened to correlate with X's manifestations - everyone knows that noise can't control anything or transmit data.' Sometimes the intelligent information in the noise will give it a quality where it will sound voice-like (quasi-voice) or data-like - you may even be able to discern what the voice is actually saying if you listen very carefully - and it can also be subliminal (e.g. using ultrasound noise to conceal audio signals). In other cases, it will just sound like noise bursts, and often totally overlooked as a possible source of voice, data or control signal, or go undetected by normal senses because both the noise and signal are ultrasonic. Last made $9985 [4 lb].

SCANNERS - The DEVICE! (NA): Ever want to forcibly, yet secretly, project YOUR THOUGHTS into other people and/or animals as an overpowering EM signal? After years of secret experimentation, John Williams developed Scanners - The Device! The ultra-high gain, ultra-low noise and distortion brainwave (and other biologic signal) amplifier coupled to a powerful and effective, yet highly directional, EM transmitter is an absolute must for all serious students and practitioners of Psychic or Mind Control Lab, Weaponry and Countermeasure applications. Range is about 50 feet. Can be attached to a helmet or hat or on/inside clothes, carried in the hand, or concealed inside or behind any nonmetallic object less than about 6" thick. The SD is so controversial, we simply can no longer make it for the general public! Last made $1299 [2 lb]. HISTORICAL DIAGRAMs only: $1,000.00.

The ULTIMATE WEAPONS & LAB DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM (NA): The UW&LDS is a very powerful, effective, highly directional and totally quiet system used in theoretical and applied research into EM weaponry and psychological and physiological manifestations (e.g. behavioral modification and mind control). The UW&LDS uses programmable modulated GHz waveforms. Hand-held and portable. Range exceeds 1 KM. User manual includes operation details, insights and tips. The UW&LDS is a complete EM weapons/lab device experimental development system. Last made $3455 [12 lb]. CAUTION: The UW&LDS is one bad device! It can produce boresight waveforms that are extremely dangerous - and again, buyer assumes all liability for its use and abuse! As with all of our devices, do NOT use in any illegal, unethical or immoral way whatsoever!

The LONG-RANGE INFRARED DETECTOR : Detect the presence of things that generate heat without having to see or hear them first! The LRITD is an ultra-sensitive infrared (IR) detector that will alert you to heat sources up to about 200 feet away. The LRITD includes LED beeper indicators as well as switched 9 VDC and relay closure outputs (e.g. for burglar alarm uses). The LRITD can also be used to detect when a heat source leaves an area (e.g. to monitor a child or pet). And to verify when equipment is turned or left ON or OFF because most operating equipment generate some heat. Can sometimes be used to verify which rooms and areas are occupied by people or animals when they are not visible to you. And helps you detect the presence of hidden operating equipment, such as surveillance devices. And helps you detect the loss of heat from your home, business, or buried/concealed hot water lines and hot water line leaks to help save heating costs. Uses a unique, rugged, and highly effective method of concentrating heat in its detector unit for much greater sensitivity. Particularly sensitive to the 7-14nm IR range of human and (most) animal body heat. Last made $495 [2 lb].

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(NOTE: We make no paranormal or medical claims for any CD device; paranormal devices are mostly based on theories which are typically never "provable" to some powerful but corrupt/ignorant skeptics.)

The ULTRASONIC GALVANIC SKIN RESPONSE CORRELATOR: We believe that the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is a good indication of anomalies that reside beneath the skin where the galvanic skin response is taken from, and that galvanic skin responses will be very close to each other when the taken on two corresponding positions on symmetrical parts of the body of a healthy person. In other words, for example, if there is an anomaly located unseen under the skin of the right foot but not under the left foot skin in the same foot area, galvanic measurements will likely be different for both foot areas (same part of foot; amount of galvanic skin response difference largely depends on type, size, position and depth of anomaly; both areas should have same amount of skin wetness) because the two feet are fairly symmetrical to each other; however, if there is no anomaly in either foot, then the galvanic measurements, while usually not identical, should be close to each other. We define an "anomaly" (e.g. tumors, infections, impaired blood flows, nerve disorders, strained/torn muscles, strained/torn ligaments, strained/torn tendons, cracked/broken bones, lesions, subcutaneous electronic implants, etc.).
          The UGSRC includes two of our proprietary Super Soft-Pinch Electrodes. When attached to the skin, the input is fed into an ultra high input impedance ultra high gain amplifier (with AGC and adjustable gain to about 1,000,000), with the results displayed on meter (included). AGC - Automatic Gain Control - is important because it much extends the dynamic range of the amplifier, allowing for full amplification of very weak signals but little amplification of very strong signals.
          What makes the UGSRC especially important and totally unique is that it includes an ultrasonic pulser - a special ultrasonic output transducer. The purpose of the ultrasonic transducer is to "thump" or "ping" tissues and organs (i.e. stimulate tissues and organs) located under the skin with ultrasonic pulses (adjustable pulse rate), which pulses are believed to cause an electrical reaction by some anomalies. This reaction may result in a much heightened or amplified galvanic skin response, if so, causing a much greater difference in the galvanic skin response between the side with the anomaly and the side without the anomaly. And furthermore, this reaction may also result in a much much heightened or amplified galvanic skin response from the same electrode placement over an anomaly between the ultrasonic transducer being ON and being OFF, thereby making the UGSRC very useful in electrically ferreting out and pinpointing those well-hidden anomalies, and also for unilaterally testing non-symmetrical parts of the body as well. The ultrasonic transducer is usually placed between the two galvanic electrodes.
          Galvanic skin responses (GSRs) are also traditionally used to detect and expose lying (e.g. polygraphs / lie detectors), psychology research (e.g. reactions to stress and to disturbing thoughts and memories), biomedical research, biofeedback research, paranormal research / psychic research, mind control and electronic attack, and for "ghostbusting." GSRs are ever popularly used by a large religion to ferret out and compensate for stresses in people's lives. We also believe that the UGSRC can be used to test and/or stimulate animals and plants as well. The UGSRC is great for those into researching their own bodies, gadgeteers, experimenters, science researchers / science projects and Science Fairs. Practically endless uses.
UGSRC last made $1995 [2 lb].
          (NOTE: We are not licensed medical professionals, so neither can we make any medical claims nor can we provide medical opinion or medical advice; should you believe that you have an anomaly under your skin, promptly contact your own doctor (at your own expense); since this is a newer technology, we do not have tables that correlate galvanic skin responses to specific anomalies so we have no diagnostic information relating to any particular galvanic skin response for anomalies that may result from any medical condition so the UGSRC is NOT intended to be a diagnostic tool - see your doctor; since the UGSRC can only detect those anomalies that cause differences or changes in the galvanic skin response, it cannot detect anomalies, if any, which do not produce galvanic skin response differences or changes; the lack of a significant difference or change in galvanic skin response does not mean that there is no anomaly; external electromagnetic fields and electronic beams (e.g. from a direct energy electronic attack) which impact one side of the body more than the other can result in different galvanic skin responses in absence of any anomaly and thus the UGSRC may also be a useful tool in detecting exposures to ambient EM fields; and differences in galvanic skin responses can result from no known, understood or provable internal or external causations).

The ULTIMO "MONTAUK CHAIR": The infamous Montauk Chair is reputed to be based on the the design of a special chair which was used by space aliens to perform mind control. The original Montauk Chair was reputedly copied from a chair recovered from a UFO crash site - a UFO believed to have been used to perform alien abductions. The Ultimo "Montauk Chair" (UMC) comes with an headrest and an antenna array, which is adjusted to be poised just above the head and is shaped similar to a half-unfolded umbrella or Asian conical hat (i.e. "coolie hat"). The mind control / body control electronics are stowed in a shelf underneath The Ultimo "Montauk Chair". We cannot include any mind control / body control electronics (as policy, we can only provide mind control and electronic attack detection devices and countermeasures) with The Ultimo "Montauk Chair," but it does include its mind control electronic function diagrams (no mind control circuit diagrams), and its transducers (e.g. embedded coils, antennas, sounders, etc.), including their technical specs and all of their cabling and connectors, so that one can design and implement his/her own system. The Ultimo "Montauk Chair" is not limited to mind control and body control but can also be used for relaxation therapy, pleasure therapy, meditation, learning therapy, dream creativity, dream research, sleep research, radionics research, biofeedback research, entertainment, seances, etc., any or all of which we can include as part of your unique CD project at extra costs. In fact, our Ultimo "Montauk Chair" is ideal for our Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS) device-types (ULTIMO TDCS BRAIN STIMULATOR (UTDCSBS)) and the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) device-types we also do as CD projects (see our radionics.htm webpage for the UTDCSBS description).
           As part of the Client's CDAF application, the Client specifies the chair which we buy and convert into our Ultimo "Montauk Chair", because people vary in size and shape, as well as preferences for style, material and color. There are a few restrictions: (1) The chair must either have a sturdy headrest or the back of the chair must be strong enough for us to install a sturdy headrest. (2) The chair must have some area, preferably underneath, where a shelf of at least 1/2 cubic feet can be built to stow electronics (no dimension less than 4"). (3) The chair must be padded (some padding will be opened up by us and then resealed for placement of transducers, including coils, antennas and sounders). (4) The chair must have a minimum of metal in it near or above seat level as metal may interfere with its operation. (5) The chair must not weigh more than 60 lb. The Client selects a chair of his/her preference, and then emails us the make, model, dimensions, and type and color of chair materials. If we cannot find that chair make and model in our area, we will then try to find a chair most close to the Client's specified dimensions, type and color. Last made $6985 [Weight and thus Shipping costs vary depending on Client's size and chair preferences, and shipping address] (for a new chair with a built-in headrest not exceeding $200 in chair's base price).

The 6TH SENSE COMMUNICATOR: One popular product. The SSC consists of a bio-transceiver, which has electrodes (attached with an elastic band or tape). The electrodes may be attached to the heads of the source and receiver, to the head of one and the body of the other, or to each of their bodies, depending upon use. Examples: For bio-commo, the electrodes are attached to the head. For healing, one device's electrodes are attached to the head (or body) of the healer (source), while the other is attached to the relevant part of the body of the subject (receiver). What the SSC does is to highly amplify signals produced by the head/body of the source and transmit them to the head/body of the receiver. Thus, the receiver can actually experience the electrical activity generated by the source's brain. More than one SSC can be used at the same time to involve more than one source and/or receiver. And the source and receiver can be the same person or animal. Sure to give you endless hours of experimentation, exploration, learning, fascination, pleasure and amusement. Last made $395 [2 lb]. For two units (required for full-duplex operation), last made $695 [3 lb]. Last made $275 [1 lb] for each additional unit.

The TELEPATHIC AMPLIFIER : Some people are reputed to possess awesome telepathic powers (we do not claim that telepathic powers exist, or if they do exist, in what form, to what extent, who has them, or how used). "Telepathy" is a highly-specialized form of nonverbal and non-sensory communication believed used in some forms of subliminal mind control, mind-reading, remote viewing, secret communications, brainwashing, brainwave entrainment, behavioral modification, electronic attacks, and alien attacks. After much research, we now believe that we have pinned down the exact mechanism behind mental telepathy powers. For those who do not now possess adequate telepathic powers to effectively and reliably use them, and for those who have established telepathic powers and wish to increase range, the TA is a must! Note that our telepathic powers theory is strictly proprietary and a trade secret, and the result of many costly hours devoted to this research; however, we are also willing to seriously consider any Telepathic Amplifier device-types based on customer theory(ies). Last made $695 [3 lb], based on our theory.

The ALIEN BUSTER BLASTER : Sometimes referred to by others as a space alien jammer, space alien buster jammer or space alien blaster. Some know or believe that space aliens (ETs or extraterrestrials) exist, possess advanced mental telepathic powers, and secretly communicate, eavesdrop, control, harass and attack mental telepathically. How can one escape capture if the abductor knows and controls one's every move and thought? Often, UFO abductees believe that they can't escape alien abduction since their space alien captors know or can predict their every move by telepathically reading their minds and controlling their actions, and telepathically communicating this info to their "gang" members for electronic gang stalking. At least until now! Based on our proprietary telepathic research, the ABB jams and disrupts space alien telepathic communications as how we believe they occur (if they do occur). If so, creating a Telepathic-Free Environment for its believed victims protects them from telepathic mind reading, telepathic mind control, telepathic harassment, telepathic attacks, telepathic interference, and telepathic surveillance / telepathic tracking / telepathic location-finding by space aliens should the source of the attacks be telepathic and of space alien origin. Note that our space alien telepathic theory is strictly proprietary and a trade secret, and the result of many hours of space alien and mental telepathy research (and not provable because to prove space alien telepathic attacks using double-blind scientific studies requires recruiting provable space aliens to attack uninformed victims in scientific laboratory settings witnessed by Government scientists - all of which are not reasonably possible or likely legal to even attempt - the very reason why most victims of claimed space alien attacks cannot prove their attacks to others and must act on their own to protect themselves, and why we never make any claims about the existence of space aliens, space alien actions or intentions, or mental telepathy or any other paranormal phenomenon). We are also willing to seriously consider any Alien Buster Blaster device-types based on Client theory(ies) of space alien mental telepathy, if it can be reasonably implemented using electronics. Last made $595 [2 lb], based on our theory.
           NOTE: While we ourselves believe that space aliens exist, are walking the Earth right now, and are stalking and electronically attacking (or possessing or controlling) people, we do NOT claim that space aliens exist (or ghosts or spirits), or space aliens are walking the Earth, and if so, are stalking and electronically attacking people, because it is difficult to prove that someone is being electronically mind controlled or attacked and much more difficult to prove whether or not the attackers are humans or space aliens as their mind control signals could be very similar.

The SUPER SOFT-PINCH ELECTRODES (Pair): The SSPE electrodes are a very special non-invasive external electrode pair (non-invasive electrodes) which gently, yet securely, pinches onto fingers, toes, ears, nose, loose skin, plant parts, rough and uneven surfaces, etc., and do not require any skin penetration, gel, saline solution, pad, tape or elastic band to work. The Soft-Pinch Electrodes are very versatile spring-operated and bifurcated on both sides (2-tine fork-like). Because these electrodes are bifurcated, other electrodes can be connected to them in series or even groups if you wish using screws. Can be used as experimental and monitoring radionic electrodes, biomedical electrodes (bio electrodes), biofeedback electrodes (BF electrodes), paranormal electrodes, electronic attack electrodes, and mind control electrodes. Can be used on people, animals, plants, and even inert objects. Not intended as medical electrodes. Can be used as stimulating electrodes or recording electrodes - even for some high-voltage uses (used by us for voltages upto 250V, but always carefully test first). Not only are these electrodes very gentle and hold on well, but they can be quickly connected, disconnected and moved around on the surface being used on. SSPE electrodes have very supple and flexible 1/8" dia. leads, yet lasts for 10+ years under normal use and are highly insulative and water and oil resistant. The SSPE comes in any length you specify, 2' - 60' foot range (combined lengths of both SSPE electrodes), and each SSPE electrode can be of the same or different lengths and/or use the same or different end connectors as you specify (because these are Soft-Pinch Electrodes, we recommend 1-2 feet extra for slack). Last made $12.95 for 2' [1 lb], + $4.95 for each additional combined-length foot you require (specify length of each lead, and your end connector(s) - BNC, banana plugs, pin plugs, spade lugs, "eye" lugs, alligator clips, etc., lugs and 3' lead lengths (6' total) are assumed if you don't specify). For an image of Soft-Pinch Electrodes and more details, see ABQ-Techzonics Test Equipment webpage, then search for this Item there (search for "SSPE"), then return here to Lone Star Consulting, Inc. to obtain all you need (Note: As policy, we never recommend for or against another company, product or service).

The VELOSTAT ELECTRODES (Pair, with Meter): "Velostat" is a plastic material impregnated with carbon for conductivity that is commonly used in antistatic bags that hold electronic parts. Velostat works great to both shield against and detect static electric fields, which can develop on the body due to skin exposures to static electricity and EMFs, so therefore, our Velostat Electrodes can give you a very good indication of your ambient electrical exposure environment, and thus allow you to find ways to best shield against or escape high static electric and EMF exposure areas. No other electrodes can duplicate Velostat Electrode functions. The VE electrodes are a very special non-invasive external electrode pair (non-invasive electrodes) which gently, yet securely, attaches to bare skin, and do not require any skin penetration, gel, saline solution, or pad to work. Depending on skin adhesion (moist skin is best), tape or elastic bands may be needed. Can be used as experimental and monitoring radionic electrodes, biomedical electrodes (bio electrodes), biofeedback electrodes (BF electrodes), paranormal electrodes, electronic attack electrodes, and mind control electrodes. Can be used on people, animals, plants, and even inert objects. Not intended as medical electrodes. Can be used as stimulating electrodes or recording electrodes - even for some high-voltage uses (used by us for voltages upto 90V, but always carefully test first). The carbon-impregnated Velostat Electrodes come with a multimeter so that you can monitor yourself thruout your day, if you wish, to help you detect high-exposure periods and high-exposure places. Not only are these electrodes very gentle and hold on well, but they can be quickly connected, disconnected and moved around on the surface being used on. The VE comes in any length you specify, 2' - 60' foot range (combined lengths of both VE electrodes), and each VE electrode can be of the same or different lengths and/or use the same or different end connectors as you specify (because these are Velostat Electrodes, we recommend 1-2 feet extra for slack). Last made $29.95 for 2' [1 lb], + $4.95 for each additional combined-length foot you require (specify length of each lead, 3' lead lengths (6' total) are assumed if you don't specify).

The VERY FLAT & THIN SPIRAL ANTENNAS: Unique and difficult to make/find thin, flat spiral antenna with many applications, including with three devices described above. We can do just about any flat, thin spiral antenna from dime-size to about 12" diameter size in any gauge of wire from 30-gauge to 10-gauge (26-gauge most common, the thicker the gauge the thicker the completed antenna), single-layer and multi-layer (mutlilayer has greater inductance but is also thicker), and copper or nichrome. Great not only for optimum antenna placement through thin slots, cracks, slits, orifices, openings and spaces in electronic equipment chassis and between PC boards for electronic diagnostic, electronic troubleshooting and electronic control purposes but also for medical, biomedical (e.g. miniature Helmholtz coils, brainwave coils), biofeedback, remote control, electronic implants, magnetic field generation coils (e.g. telecoils/magnetic induction loop systems), small metal detector coils, magnetometer coils, communications antennas, surveillance antennas (e.g. direction-finding antennas; and 'through-wall' type applications where the transmitter coil is on one side of a wall and the receiver coil is opposite on the other side), near-field TSCM monitoring, EM shields, works of art, jewelry, crafts, wall mountings, work mats, heating mats, coasters, conversational pieces, etc. We can also cover, coat, and/or mount the antenna using many different materials and fixtures. Last made $29 [1-2 lb] for a spiral antenna about the width and thickness of a credit card, about 400 microhenry.

The PROGRAMMABLE LIGHT & SOUND DETECTOR: Do you need to activate something the instant that a light or sound is detected? For examples, as part of a burglar alarm system, proximity detector, or lamp, appliance, power tool, or process controller. The PL&SD/ detects light and/or sound and produces both a relay closure and 9 VDC outputs. Output durations and light and sound sensitivities are adjustable. Last made $195 [3 lb].

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