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LOW-VOLTAGE CIRCUITS (Single-Cell Circuits): Unlike many electronic design labs, we also specialize in single-cell (one-battery)-operated circuits for many different device types described on our various webpages. This means that in many cases we can do a fully-functional circuit for you which will operate from a SINGLE AAA, AA, C, D, pill, cellphone, etc. alkaline, carbon-zinc, nicad (ni-cd, nicd), ni-mh, silver oxide, mercuric oxide, lead-acid, zinc chloride, zinc-air or lithium (li-ion) battery! That's because we have tons of the ultra- low voltage, very versatile LM3909 ICs (and we buy LM3909 ICs all the time - if you have any to sell or trade, email us), and other components which are conducive to low voltage designs (eg: special ultra- low voltage DC-DC converters that boost battery voltages as low as 1.1 volts to as high as 5 volts and 1 amp).

HIGH-VOLTAGE CIRCUITS: And unlike many electronic design labs, we also specialize in high-voltage circuit designs of many different device types, up to about 100KV, AC or DC (mostly low power).

ADD A NEW ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY COUNTER TO YOUR CUSTOMIZED DEVICES: Many of the Device-Types described herein automatically come with displays. These displays may consist of meter-type digital readouts, analog readouts or LEDs. Now you can add a new small and portable Electronic Frequency Counter (EFC) to any Customized Devices (CD) device you contract for with us (includes, but not limited to the Device-Types described herein) which processes or produces a sinewave, square wave or triangular wave between 0.009 Hz and 99,999 Hz. Be sure to specify an EFC for YOUR device CDAF (green link at top of webpage is CDAF; only $99 extra for the EFC, $49 extra to modify each device to be EFC-capable). With an EFC, you can monitor the entire effective air bandwidth for infrasonic, audio and ultrasonic sounds, as well as electromagnetic signals within this same bandwidth - including brain wave frequencies and many power, servo and control frequencies! This should greatly increase your data and documentation, and is especially useful for tracking and analyzing mind control, electronic attack, radionics, audio, power, servo, control and other signals. Since the EFC comes as a separate module which plugs into your CD devices, all you need is one EFC for all of your EFC-capable devices, PLUS you can use your EFC for other non-CD devices and uses. We can sell you the EFC by itself custom-modified with battery holder and ON/OFF switch, if you wish, and with any of these types of signal connections: RCA, phone plug, miniphone plug, BNC, USB, spade lug, flat lug, ring lug, banana, pin, barrel plug, bare wire ($249 + S/H ($6.90 USA S/H)).

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The ULTIMO WATER LEAK DETECTOR & WATER LEAK LOCATOR (UWLD&L-b) - WATER LEAK PINPOINTER + OTHER USES: Does your home or business have a possible water leak problem? Indications are usually high and escalating water bills, sounds of running water late at night when no one is up using water, unusual but usually sudden sounds coming out of the plumbing (eg: compressed air sounds, vibrations), loss of water pressure, air bubbles, soil, bugs, rust or root pieces in the water, creaky or settling sounds of the building, sticky doors that weren't sticky before, dampness, and/or cracks which suddenly appear in floors, walls, ceilings, foundation, driveway, one or more unexplained increases in your water usage, notification from your water provider that you usage is unexpectedly high, etc. Leaking pipes, joints, and fixtures and appliances are common these days, and many private and public properties all over America have serious water leaks, and not usually covered by home insurance. While in most homes and businesses, water pipes are routed under the floor, in many they may also be routed through the walls and even the attic crawl space. Leaking water can cause tremendous damages to structures - even catastrophic settling and cracking of the building or its foundation - which can cost you $1,000s and even $10,000s to repair - even destroy the building itself - not to mention wasting invaluable and ever-decreasing drinking water and very high water bills. Water leaks occur because of plumbing aging, vibrations and tremors (eg: heavy vehicle traffic (especially heavy vehicles like trains, trucks, buses), construction and industrial or military activities, road work or city sewer/water line work nearby or over the water line, and from earthquakes, flooding, nearby explosions, exposure of water line to hazards, sonic booms, avalanches and other earth movements, corrosive soils or water (eg: caliche), or simply through aging and/or poor materials and workmanship, etc.), defective materials, defective workmanship, corrosion, frozen and burst water lines or faucets, soil settlement, erosion, overpressurization from the city or other water utility company, hard water, and plant roots attracted by a small leak and making it into a bigger water leak or multiple leaks. We once experienced a serious water leak under our driveway caused by a pea-size stone pressed up against the water line - every time someone drove on the driveway, microvibrations rubbed the two together until a hole was rubbed into the line within a few years time.
           You can usually easily, quickly and at no-cost test your water system for water leaks: You turn OFF all water uses inside the building the best you can (watch out for leaky faucets, running toilets, icemaker, swamp cooler, etc.), you then look at the water meter and if it is still turning, in most cases you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system which you should get repaired - and usually quickly. Usually, the faster the meter turns, the greater the leak and the emergency to repair it. Even a moderate leak dozens of feet from a building can structurally damage the building. Small leaks can turn into major leaks and floods within minutes or a few hours, or within days, weeks and months - depending on many factors. However, while the turn-OFF test will tell you that you likely have a water leak somewhere on your side of the water meter, it won't tell you exactly where the leak is at in typically complex business and home plumbing systems, so you are faced with either finding the specific location of the leak within a few feet using special leak-finding equipment (preferably using this our UWLD&L-b device), or tearing up most or all of your yard or driveway where the water line passes under to frantically locate the water leak in the old-fashioned greatly laborious, expensive and time-consuming brute-force way - often at $1,000s in expenses for brute force searches for water leaks and to fill-in and restore all what the diggers dug up. Since locating the water leak usually requires fast action on your part, it is far cheaper to have the UWLD&L-b device on hand, rather than finding yourself forced into having most or all of your entire yard or driveway dug up and then refilled. Once you use the UWLD&L-b device to help pinpoint your leak location, of course if you can't do the plumbing work yourself, then seriously consider having a professional plumber to do the job for you.
           Municipalities almost never check for water leaks on private property (local plumbers don't like the competition), and some don't even have water leak locator equipment to pinpoint their own municipal water leaks as evidence by the large stretches of streets often dug up to locate and repair water leaks. Many small town and rural area plumbers do not carry water leak locator equipment - only equipment to test water lines in general - they can usually determine what water line the leak is in but not exactly where it is in that line, which may be dozens - even 100s of feet long. Plumbers who do carry water leak locators typically charge $200 - $300 to do this job EACH TIME they test your water lines, it can take days for them to come out and test your water lines - even in emergency situations - and then you have to depend upon them to accurately tell you the location of the water leak. And some plumbers will charge a double charge if they detect a leak in your system but you don't hire them (at great additional expense) to do the plumbing repairs - even if they can't pinpoint your leak. We could find no plumbers or equipment rental shops in a city of 500,000+ who would rent their leak detectors to us or let us verify the leak ourselves using their leak detection equipment. Some plumbers subcontract out for water leak detectors at your added expense - worse, often resulting in multiple finger-pointing contractors. Since plumbers charge far more for tearing up your entire yard and/or home or business and replacing an entire line or large line section rather than pinpointing the leak and replacing only that very small part of the plumbing with the leak, crooked plumbers will still claim that they can't pinpoint the water leak using their water leak locator equipment, so you end up not only paying for the entire job but also their expensive leak testing efforts. Plumbers charge a lot, but on top of that, they usually do not restore the site they damaged to reach the plumbing - some won't even clean up their debris - all that is left to the owners, which is often also very costly, back-breaking and time-consuming work. Also, if you can pinpoint your leak and do a spot repair of it, you can avoid the scarring of a much larger area resulting if the leak is not pinpointed and the entire line must be replaced, which gross repair can substantially reduce the value of your property and exaggerate to prospective buyers and renters how bad your leak situation was. The cost for a plumber to replace your entire yard line and/or building line and for you to clean up the debris and restore the site can cost you many $1,000s. However, by pinpointing the leak by using the UWLD&L-b and just repairing the leak, your costs are usually a few $100s, often less. Detecting leaks is one vital area of life where if you don't want the job to put you in the poor house, you often must do the job yourself!
           If you are a renter, don't think that you don't need to report leaks to your landlords. Failure to report leaks can result in you being sued, losing damage deposit money, evicted AND forced to look for a new home, not to mention that many renters these days pay their own water bills, and also the great waste of drinking water. Also, the costs to landlords to repair leaks plus the resulting damages due to late reporting, one way or the other, the renter ends up paying for - usually with higher rents - so smart renters do their due diligence and promptly report leaks to their landlords, and perhaps ask them to consider the UWLD&L-b to save them - subsequently you - considerable expenses. If you are an owner or landlord, you definitely MUST have the UWLD&L-b on hand to immediately address all suspected leak situations.
           The 41.5" long UWLD&L-b is simple and easy to use. The UWLD&L-b is a system which is used mostly in earthen areas over or near water lines to detect and pinpoint the most likely locations of water leaks. The UWLD&L-b is simple and fast to operate; it has two pointed parallel probes at the end, which you push into the earth along the water line path, usually to a depth of 2" - 10" (depending on depth of water line, soil hardness and rocks in the soil). The UWLD&L-b detects and measures the resistance between the probes, using the provided digital multimeter, which you simply plug the UWLD&L-b into. If the soil resistance between the probes drop, then the soil is more conductive at that spot. Because soil conductivity is affected by how wet the soil is, resistance dips almost always point to water leak origins. For use in hard surface areas (eg: paved areas, such as concrete slabs, asphalt) non-accessible through soil, you drill pairs of small holes into the pavement (drills and bits not included) to insert the probes. The provided User Manual describes how to operate the UWLD&L-b in the most labor-saving and efficient way to quickly zero in on water leaks learned from many tests. Note that while the probes are 11" long, you can detect water leaks as deep as about 4 feet (many soils) because when water leaks into soil it tends to percolate upward often to substantial distances due to the pull of the sun on the surface moisture and water cohesion force (you can verify this by placing one end of a vertical dry towel in a bowl of water and watch the water percolate up the towel), as well as percolate laterally outward and downward (in addition, if the leak is in the form of a spray, the water can be forced to shoot dozens of feet in the soil).
           We are selling several of these UWLD&L-b devices. They are all handmade with minor variations between them, so the one you get may not be the exact one in the images (eg: the meter in image comes in yellow and red color).
           The UWLD&L-b is not limited to finding water leaks in fresh water lines, but can also be used to find leaks in swimming pools, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, water pumps, valves, faucets, sewer systems, septic systems, fire hydrants, and water storage tanks - works well with virtually every type of underground water situation as long as some of its wetness is close enough to the surface to touch the probe points. For sewer line leaks and septic tank line leaks, the UWLD&L-b should also help you find areas where roots have invaded your sewer line or septic line.
           The UWLD&L-b has other possible non-leak uses: For examples, it can be used to detect possible sources of shallow underground water sources, and to detect buried metal objects ranging from metal pipes to buried coins, jewelry and treasures, and conductive minerals - even underground gold nuggets, gold veins and gold-rich soils. When resistance plunges for relatively short movements of the probes or to near zero ohms resistance, it often indicates close proximity to or contact with a metal object or conductive mineral (while great in conjunction with a metal detector, the UWLD&L-b can work well in areas where metal detectors don't do well). When used with a voltage source instead of the multimeter (voltage source not provided), which may be as simple as a single battery connected to it, the UWLD&L-b can be used to stimulate plant roots, and even to electrically stimulate earthworms to surface for gardening and fishing uses. The UWLD&L-b can also be used to puncture the ground to aerate the soil, to quickly pick up trash blown onto your yard and plants, to pick high fruit from trees, to gig fish, and even to ward off feral animals. You can also use the UWLD&L-b to test for soil wetness for gardening and agriculture purposes to determine how well and uniform your irrigation system is providing water for your plants, your fishing worm bed, etc., to help you determine when, how often and how much to water. Also, the the small test lead probes which are included with the digital meter are also pointed and work well for testing soil wetness of potted plants and in small or confined garden areas.
           The UWLD&L-b has so many important uses that everyone should keep one handy. And since leaks can occur at any time and are usually near-emergency and sometimes emergency situations, you really need to have a UWLD&L-b right on hand so that you can immediately address suspected leaks. Last made, $395 [10 lb].
           Note: Since we do not have control over your soil and leak conditions (both of which can be highly variable and complex situations) nor how you will use this device, we cannot guarantee the UWLD&L-b will pinpoint your water leaks, and we assume no liability for false positives, false negatives, locating or failure to locate a water leak that caused or will cause damages, failure to identify the exact location of a water leak, or for anything else related to your use or abuse of the UWLD&L-b device or your leak problems. Also, the UWLD&L-b detects only water leaks (not tested or approved for non-water leaks) that wets soil. Also, we are not licensed plumbers, so we don't provide plumbing services, claims, advice or opinions.
           HYPERSENSITIVE SOUND ALARM (HSA): Another very effective way to detect and locate water leaks (hydrophone) (plus non-water leaks: Air leaks, gas leaks, fuel leaks, chemical leaks, etc.), is by using The Hypersensitive Sound Alarm (which also has many other critical uses ranging from detecting people trapped in cave-ins and collapsed mines, buildings, tunnels, ditches, wells, avalanches, landslides, etc. (active earthquake zones, mining areas, avalanche areas, tsunami areas, war zones, terrorist target areas), hidden pest infestations, unknown and strange sounds, animal studies, home security / burglar alarm system, seismic activity, etc.). The HSA produces a highly amplified audio output and a sound alert output, and is described on our audio.htm webpage. Water leaks and other leaks under pressure usually make spurting, spraying, gurgling or PSSS-type sounds; such low-intensity underground sounds usually cannot be heard by the naked ear - especially when the sounds are faint and your ears are 5+ feet off the ground. Since both soil conductivities and the conduction of sounds in the earth widely vary due to many soil and water leak factors, one device may work better than the other, and ideally one would use both devices for detecting and pinpointing water leaks or underground water sources.

NOTE #1: The UWLD&L-b differs from the UWLD&L (previous model) because of its 4 major functional improvements: (1) Metal body construction of the tube to make it stronger. (2) Handle for easier pushing, and for carrying, hanging and storing the device. (3) Foot extension (foot pedal) for easier pushing. (4) Greater overall length for greater comfort, especially for taller people (about 41.5" vs 36").

NOTE #2: Gold carpenter's level shown on left and HSA are not included. The probe ends are very sharply pointed. Be very careful when using tool to not injure or damage anyone or anything. Safety shoes, leather gloves, and protective eyewear and head wear are highly recommended. The foot extension should only be used if the soil is particularly tough to penetrate and a probe is not stopped by a rock or other hard object. Be careful when using tool so you don't lose your balance and fall. If you use tool to penetrate into a sticky soil, such as clay soil, don't go too deep and slowly work the probes out without bending, jerking or twisting them.

The HYPERSENSITIVE SOUND ALARM - Ultrasensitive Sound Detector: Have you tried to track down these low, fleeting, distant or faint sounds yourself only frustratingly not being able to hear well enough or react fast enough to catch them or to determine their sources? Or hired expensive "surveillance experts," "bug-sweepers" or "ghost busters" with same zero results or a bunch of BS? The HSA works by using a highly-directional microphone, super-amplification circuitry, a fast latching circuit (reacts in milliseconds), both a LED and loud beeping alarms (which comes with a volume control and can be disconnected for a silent alarm / secret alarm indication instead) to detect and continuously alert you to low, fleeting, distant and faint sounds in the mike's pointing direction at and within the sound band the HSA is tuned for (if you specified an HSA band).
           HSA DETECTS CRITICAL LOW-VOLUME, SHORT DURATION BEEPS FROM OTHER ALARM SYSTEMS: Are you missing sounds from alarms or alerts which are so weak and/or short-duration that you are distracted or sleep through them? Bothered by strange sounds / weird sounds which seem to come at random or odd times, especially while you are asleep? Unfortunately, many critical alarm systems put out a few faint beeps and then shut off - critical beeps you can easily miss because you are soundly asleep, temporarily out of the area or distracted by other noises and activities. The HSA is designed to detect such faint and short-duration sounds and continuously put out a loud alarm until you shut it off, it times out (if you set it for a time duration) or its battery depletes (if you specified battery operation). To remotely monitor the HSA, you can use a baby alarm with it (baby alarm is not included with the HSA unless explicitly contracted for). We believe that for all critical sounds, as many people as possible who consider that sound to be important should be able to monitor it. However, baby alarms are NOT substitutes for the HSA because baby alarms themselves neither detect low-level and short-duration sounds nor do they lock onto any sound. And unlike the HSA, baby alarms are not highly directional (they also pick much unrelated ambient noises such as traffic, neighbors, equipment, animals, etc.). This means that if you try to use a baby alarm to substitute for the HSA, and you are even briefly distracted or step out of the baby alarm receiver area, or you sleep deeply, or the faint short-duration sound is masked by a louder sound picked up by the typical omnidirectional baby monitor mike, you will likely miss the critical low-volume and/or short-duration critical sound. Also, if the source of the sound or the sound itself you are trying to monitor is expected to soon change but the new sound is also expected to be low-volume and/or short-duration, or there are other faint short-duration sounds you are also interested in, know that the very versatile HSA does a great job detecting and alarming to all types of low-volume and short-duration sounds - the HSA has countless low-volume, short-duration sound uses.
           THE HSA IS VIRTUALLY IDEAL BUSINESS AND HOME INVASION ALARMS: The HSA, especially the Entire Audio Band (20 Hz - 20 KHz) and the All-Band Audio Plus Ultrasonic (20 Hz - 80 KHz) versions, is a far better preventer of and home alarm system / business alarm system for burglaries and home invasions than traditional home alarm systems / business alarm systems because while traditional business / home alarm systems don't typically activate until the criminal has already damaged or invaded or is in the process of damaging or invading your property, the HSA (with the HSA inside your home or business) can alarm you even if the criminal or feral animal is just milling around the outside of your home, business, or nearby car or other property. As the result, traditional alarms can activate too late to save you, your loved ones or property. The HSA is also great against criminals casing your home or business, snoops, peeping toms, knob-turners, lay-and-wait ambushers, home-invading creeps, vandals, snatch-and-grab thieves, gas thieves, and unwanted door-to-door solicitors - its silent alarm / secret alarm feature can quietly alert you to a current or recent invader or snoop without also alerting the invader or snoop. And as part of a baby monitor, home watch, business watch and nanny watch system. When you or your kids come home to an empty house, is your home really empty? One of the most vulnerable parts of people's homes is their garage - an HSA in your garage can alarm you if someone is trying to break into your garage or has enterred through an open garage door. Basements are also vulnerable to home invaders, burglars, murderers and rapists. We all live in an increasingly dangerous world, increased security is now a must.
           HSA DETECTS DISTANT & REMOTE SOUNDS: The HSA is also highly recommended for detecting and listening to remote and distant sounds, and may be a real lifesaver in finding lost children and animals. Also great for bird watchers and other animal researchers, for trackers, for hunters, and for military and police uses. With the HSA, you can detect and hear people and animals at much greater distances and long before they can hear you - giving you great advantages in many situations.
           HSA DETECTS FAINT SOUNDS FROM COLLAPSES, CAVE-INS, AVALANCHES, EARTHQUAKES, TSUNAMIS, WAR ZONES, MINING ACCIDENTS, TERRORIST ATTACKS: The HSA can also be highly effective for detecting people trapped in cave-ins and collapsed buildings, bridges, tunnels, mines, ditches, wells, avalanches, landslides, etc., and is highly recommended for people and emergency services in active earthquake zones, mining areas, avalanche areas, tsunami areas, war zones, and likely terrorist target areas. If someone is trapped or buried, you want the HSA to be right on hand to immediately search for them by detecting their movements, shouts, cries and digging in the rubble. You also want to detect hidden broken gas lines, broken water lines and broken steam lines. Highly directional and ultra sensitive, so you don't need to be near or right over the source of the sounds - a big advantage in rubble situations.
           HSA DETECTS WATER LEAKS, AIR LEAKS, GAS LEAKS, FUEL LEAKS, CHEMICAL LEAKS: Water leaks can be devastating to your property, not to mention seriously drive up your water bills and waste valuable drinking water. Need to detect water leaks or overflows in your buried plumbing, walls, ceilings and floors, and through soil, concrete slabs, asphalt, wallboard, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, carpets, wood, plastic and other materials? The HSA can be used to non-destructively pinpoint the locations of underground water leaks and ceiling, floor and wall water leaks (water lines, sprinkler systems, faucets and other valves, hydrants, swimming pools and water tanks). Water leaking under pressure usually makes spurting, spraying, gurgling or PSSS-type sounds, such low-intensity buried sounds usually cannot be heard by the naked ear - especially when your ears are 5+ feet off the ground, which the HSA serves as an excellent hydrophone. Air leaks, gas leaks, fuel leaks and chemical leaks can make similar faint but distinctive sounds which the HSA can also detect. Many plumbers and equipment rental places do not have leak pinpointing devices, and plumbers which do virtually never rent them out, and charge you $200 - $300 EACH TIME they use them on your property (some double the price if they find a leak and you do not hire them to make the repairs). If you can't pinpoint your leak in a yard line, building line or valve, you may be forced to replace the entire line at huge expense, not to mention the extra expense of removing the debris from the torn up area, repairing it, and suffering a loss on your property because it now will likely be heavily scarred due to replacing the entire line. However, if the HSA can pinpoint your leak, you can usually restrict your repairs just to that small area at much less cost and damage. For leak detection, contract for The Entire Audio Band Version of the HSA with the Delux Water Leak Detection Mike. The Delux Water Leak Detection Mike is a mike consisting of a long padded cone (to concentrate leak sounds) attached to a three-foot plastic tube handle - an electronic stethoscope. You place the cone on the surface in various places as you walk along the line's route, and listen for distinctive leak sounds, where the sounds are loudest usually indicates exact location of leak. The Delux Water Leak Detection Mike also works great as a long distance surveillance mike, but is not sold for that purpose. In addition, also consider getting the Long-Reach Mike, which is a mike in a five-foot thin plastic tube handle which can reach deep into small spaces and pipes, and which usually much enhances received leak sounds when inserted into a steel pipe driven into the ground near the leak.
               Note that another very effective way to detect and locate water leaks is by using the soil conductivity method of our less expensive Ultimo Water Leak Detector & Locator, described on our misc-electronics.htm webpage, and pinpointing water leaks by detecting dips in soil resistance due to the water leak wetting the soil (not effective for air leaks, gas leaks, fuel leaks or chemical leaks, or water not leaking into soil). Since soil and water leak conditions vary widely, and one may work better than the other to detect your water leaks, you ideally should have both the HSA and the UWLD&L on hand to detect water leaks.
               Note: Since we neither have control over your soil and leak conditions nor how you will use this device, we cannot guarantee the HSA will pinpoint your leaks, and we assume no liability for false positives, false negatives, locating a leak after damage has already occurred or is imminent, failure to identify the exact location of a leak, or for anything else related to your use of the HSA device or your leak problems. Also, we are not plumbers, so we don't make plumbing repairs or provide plumbing advice or opinions.
           HSA HAS MANY OTHER IMPORTANT USES: Hearing sounds or voices in your head or your thoughts being repeated back to you which are not caused by a medical condition and appear to be emanating from external sources you can't seem to pinpoint or seem to be impossible sources of sound? Plagued by sounds no one else can hear or directed towards you alone? Or by weird sounds, voices or other disturbances which emanate from underground, walls, attic, basement, crawl space, garage, shed, bedroom, other room, large appliances, vehicles and/or equipment? Great for car owners and auto mechanics to ferret out those strange vehicle vibrations, squeaks, rattles and buzzes. Or underground streams or other liquid flows? Or as part of a baby monitor or nanny watch system. Or infestations of insects or rodents busily eating or nesting behind your walls, attic, floor, basement or other hidden places? Or as an electronic geophone / seismic activity detector. Or are you into ghost-busting, spirit hunting, space alien hunting, or animal detection or research (eg: bird watching, hunting, bats, dolphins, whales, burrowing animals, mice, rats, termites, ants, etc.)? The HSA can be used in all of these other applications as well.
           HSA FEATURES: The HSA is simple and easy to operate and comes with the HSA Module, the Hypersensitive Mike, the buzzer sounder, quality headphones, AC power adapter (for AC power operation), two new 9VDC alkaline batteries (portable DC operation), cabling, and user manual. The HSA Module comes with a Sensitivity Pot so that you can set the sensitivity (ie: input gain) from high sensitivity to ultra high sensitivity, a Duration Pot to set the duration of the alarm signal, and an output Alarm Volume Pot to control alarm loudness. In addition to a powerful beeper, the HSA also has a LED which also lights when the alarm is activated, even if you disconnect the beeper for silent indication. The HSA also comes with an output port where you can listen to and/or record the filtered highly-amplified sound (if in the audio band) and/or view the detected signal on an oscilloscope. If you need remote monitoring (eg: the people doing the monitoring are in a different area or office than the HSA), you can easily use the HSA in conjunction with a wireless baby monitor, home watch / home alarm system, internet monitoring system / internet surveillance system, real time spy camera, or some other applicable legal transmitter/receiver system (the HSA neither includes any of these extra systems, nor interfaces to them, nor any recorder, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, etc.).
           The HSA has two modalities of operation: (1) Feedback Modality, and (2) Non-Feedback Modality. In the Feedback Modality, the alarm signal is also fed back into the sound detection circuitry, which continuously retriggers the alarm until you shut off power to it. In the Non-Feedback Modality, the alarm signal is not fed back, in which case, the alarm activates for periods primarily set by the Duration Pot.
           The highly-directional mike is almost always required to determine actual sound directions - often critically important to determining sound origins with minimal false alarms, and thus determining what or who is making the sounds. By also selecting the band where your sounds of interest lay in, you can also greatly minimize false alarms by isolating your specific sounds of interest - especially useful where and when they are buried in much ambient noise and/or are remote or distant.
           If ultrasonics is important to you, we also do ultrasonic HSA device types. Don't be fooled by similar devices which can't perform above 40 KHz. We also offer HSA infrasonic versions (ie: sounds below 20 Hz), but because infrasound is spread out and infrasound direction is usually not detectable using electronic detectors, the mike provided is built-in and much more omnidirectional.
           Note that for all critical uses of the very versatile HSA, be sure to repeatedly test it in non-critical situations as similar as possible to your actual critical use, and then use the HSA as a backup system to any existing system you may have to alert you. Most important are the, (1) Adjustment for input sound amplification (multiturn Sensitivity Pot) to maximize true positive indications while minimizing false indications, (2) Pointing of the directional mike so that you maximize sensitivity in the direction that the sound of interest comes from, and (3) Setting of the output sound level so that you will be reliably alerted while not disturbing others not wanting to be disturbed. As with all of our devices, we are not licensed medical personnel, so we never make medical claims or provide medical advice or medical opinion or medical device.
           The HSA is the absolute ultimate in low and short-duration sound detection capabilities! Should detecting low and short duration, remote, distant or faint sounds (audio, ultrasonic and/or infrasonic sounds) and alarming you when detected is what you require, the HSA is ideal for you! Last made $395 [2 lb] for the Bass Version (20 - 500 Hz), Midrange Version (500 Hz - 4 KHz) and Treble Version (4 - 20 KHz), $545 [2 lb] for the Ultrasonic Version (20 - 80KHz), $695 [2 lb] for Near Infrasound Band Version (2 - 20 Hz, built-in omnidirectional mike), $895 [2 lb] for Far Infrasound Band Version (0.2 - 2 Hz, built-in omnidirectional mike), $595 [2 lb] for the Entire Audio Band Version (20 Hz - 20 KHz - recommended for maximum versatility and where you are not certain which band the sound mostly lies in or if the sound covers multiple audio bands (ie: wideband audio sound)), $995 [3 lb] for the All-Band Audio Plus Ultrasonic Version (20 Hz - 80 KHz, with major band-selection switch - recommended for both wideband audio sound and mind control and electronic attacks, ultrasonic communications, and animal detection and research where the animal produces or responds to ultrasonic signals), and $795 [2-3 lb] for any other audio and/or ultrasonic band version you specify (each specified band must be between 1% and 25% of upper frequency in width and be at least 500 Hz wide, and must entirely reside between 20 Hz and 200 KHz; add $95 more for each band you specify above first band; 4 bands max; bands may overlap and you may have gaps between your selected bands). Both the plug-in mikes and plug-in alarm sounders have 4-foot cables (flexible, lightweight, high-quality coaxial cables). While the provided mike is highly directional, we can substitute this mike for a more omnidirectional mike (same cost; covers a much greater area but is not nearly as directional), and we can provide additional mikes (eg: more omnidirectional mike along with the usual highly-directional mike), $95 [1 lb] per mike extra for all mikes, except the Delux Water Leak Detection Mike, which is $195 extra [3 lb]. While the alarm sounder is rated at 70-80 db, we can substitute it for an even much louder 90-110 db alarm sounder ($45 extra), or provide the 90-110 db alarm sounder as an extra sounder ($75 [1 lb] extra) (as with all alarm sounders, take cautions to not disturb your neighbors and others without their permissions, and place and tune the HSA system to minimize false alarms). Since you can control volume to the alarm sounder, you can also set the volume to either type of alarm sounder to very low if you wish for a much more localized alarming. Should you also need a relay contact output, add $50 for the relay output. Should you need a stop-clock function (freezes a clock display when alarm sounds; clock is included but requires a relay contact output) - great for documenting activations, add $75. As with all of our Customized Devices, we will of course consider any other variations in features and capabilities you specify on your CDAF.

The ULTIMO HUMAN VIBES TRANSFER SYSTEM: Certain frequency tones have long been known to have vital positive effects on people's lives and well-being. Other tones are dissonant, annoying and even harmful to people. This is why you like music. This is why, in a romantic situation, romantic music works best. And why you hate the screeching of chalk on a blackboard. Back in the day, we used to talk about "vibes", sayings such as, "she has good vibes", "he gives off bad vibes", etc. "Vibes" clearly is just short for subconscious vibrations, otherwise known as tones, oscillations and pulsations. We also talked about "clicking", such as, "I really clicked with him/her/them" - biological frequency synchronization. "Clicks" are literally tone pulses. Today, we talk about "making connections", "resonating with him/her/them", "soul mates" and "soul works" - again, vibrations' critical roles. This is why some natural sounds (such as those integrated into Gregorian Chants), like ocean waves, rain, wind, etc. help us meditate, relax, sleep better, concentrate more and feel more positive than total silence.
           Some people just seem to naturally generate great vibes. Call it charm, charisma, delightfulness, desirable, likable, endearing, appealing, magnetic, attractive, striking, alluring, hypnotic, mesmerizing, spellbinding, irresistible or compelling if you will. Much of these attributes have to do with obvious physical appearance, intelligence, sense of humor, air of great success or wealth, etc., but often, none of these other things appear to be the dominant factor. Great vibes may be that something else. On the other hand, some people, no matter how good or great they are in these attributes, just cannot seem to evoke adequate positive responses from others, and their true selves go unrecognized. Bad vibes may be the culprit.
           We believe that people electronically transmit their vibes using their own bodies, which may have a positive, neutral or negative impact on all of their other characteristics, sometimes causing a great person to be undesirable (negative vibes) and a bad person to be desireable (good vibes) - a form of willful blindness. The simple truth is that it is critical in life for people to like you: Romance, friendships, jobs, opportunities, successes, wealth, popularity, social acceptances, first impressions, etc.
           The UHVTS is designed to allow you to overlay and thereby suppress and replace any bad vibes you may have with great vibes, or to improve good vibes you may already have. Your entire body listens to the music. Using our Soft-Pinch Electrodes with our UHVTS, you can transfer low voltage and low current music, soft gentle sounds, recorded music, voices and natural sounds, and single tones and tone combinations to your body, then to someone else you want to favorably impress - vibes that they may not be consciously aware of but still greatly impacts them. While some of these vibes can be transmitted thru air and water for short distances, strongest transfers require physical skin-to-skin contact with the other person. This does not mean that the skin-to-skin contact be lengthy. Even a few seconds may work, for examples, handshakes, brushing by someone, pats on an arm, hugging, sports activity - whatever is OK for both of you. When you walk across a nylon carpet, you can get a spark when you then touch metal or touch someone else, proving that electricity connected to your body at one place is instantly transferable to others when you touch them. Depending on the signal, contact quality and susceptibility of the other person, he/she may then be more interested in being close to you. This is almost always a subconscious experience and not a conscious one.
           Last made $2995 [2 lb].

The SUPER SOFT-PINCH ELECTRODES (Pair): The SSPE electrodes are a very special non-invasive external electrode pair (non-invasive electrodes) which gently, yet securely, pinches onto fingers, toes, ears, nose, loose skin, plant parts, rough and uneven surfaces, etc., and do not require any skin penetration, gel, saline solution, pad, tape or elastic band to work. The Soft-Pinch Electrodes are very versatile spring-operated and bifurcated on both sides (2-tine fork-like). Because these electrodes are bifurcated, other electrodes can be connected to them in series or even groups if you wish using screws. Can be used as experimental and monitoring radionic electrodes, biomedical electrodes (bio electrodes), biofeedback electrodes (BF electrodes), paranormal electrodes, electronic attack electrodes, and mind control electrodes. Can be used on people, animals, plants, and even inert objects. Not intended as medical electrodes. Can be used as stimulating electrodes or recording electrodes - even for some high-voltage uses (used by us for voltages upto 250V, but always carefully test first). Not only are these electrodes very gentle and hold on well, but they can be quickly connected, disconnected and moved around on the surface being used on. SSPE electrodes have very supple and flexible 1/8" dia. leads, yet lasts for 10+ years under normal use and are highly insulative and water and oil resistant. The SSPE comes in any length you specify, 2' - 60' foot range (combined lengths of both SSPE electrodes), and each SSPE electrode can be of the same or different lengths and/or use the same or different end connectors as you specify (because these are Soft-Pinch Electrodes, we recommend 1-2 feet extra for slack). Last made $12.95 for 2' [1 lb], +$4.95 for each additional combined-length foot you require (specify length of each lead, and your end connector(s) - BNC, banana plugs, pin plugs, spade lugs, "eye" lugs, alligator clips, etc., lugs and 3' lead lengths (6' total) are assumed if you don't specify). For an image of Soft-Pinch Electrodes and more details, see ABQ-Techzonics Test Equipment webpage, then search for this Item there (search for "SSPE"), then return here to Lone Star Consulting, Inc. to obtain all you need (Note: As policy, we never recommend for or against another company, product or service).

The VERY FLAT & THIN SPIRAL ANTENNAS: Unique and difficult to make/find thin, flat spiral antenna with many applications, including with three devices described above. We can do just about any flat, thin spiral antenna from dime-size to about 12" diameter size in any gauge of wire from 30-gauge to 10-gauge (26-gauge most common, the thicker the gauge the thicker the completed antenna), single-layer and multi-layer (mutlilayer has greater inductance but is also thicker), and copper or nichrome. Great not only for optimum antenna placement through thin slots, cracks, slits, orifices, openings and spaces in electronic equipment chassis and between PC boards for electronic diagnostic, electronic troubleshooting and electronic control purposes but also for medical, biomedical (eg: miniature Helmholtz coils, brainwave coils), biofeedback, remote control, electronic implants, magnetic field generation coils (eg: telecoils/magnetic induction loop systems), small metal detector coils, magnetometer coils, communications antennas, surveillance antennas (eg: direction-finding antennas; and 'through-wall' type applications where the transmitter coil is on one side of a wall and the receiver coil is opposite on the other side), near-field TSCM monitoring, EM shields, works of art, jewelry, crafts, wall mountings, work mats, heating mats, coasters, conversational pieces, etc. We can also cover, coat, and/or mount the antenna using many different materials and fixtures. Last made $29 [1-2 lb], for a spiral antenna about the width and thickness of a credit card, about 400 microhenry.

SUPER METAL DETECTORS: We research, design, develop, experiment with, modify and/or repair Pulse Induction (PI) metal detectors and Very Low Frequency / Transmitter-Receiver (VLF/TR) Motion Discriminator metal detectors - including exciting designs that use bismuth, hall effect devices, toroidal, and other innovative and visionary techniques - devices designed to detect, repel or attract non-ferromagnetic metals and non-metallic conductors. Prices ($100 min.) and weights widely vary.
          THE ULTIMO SHOE METAL DETECTOR: The biggest problem in using standard metal detectors is that they are very visible and attract gawkers, other metal detector users and treasure hunters, thieves and others - sometimes like flies. If you find something, it then becomes very obvious to even the most dimwitted observer. One of our most popular and exciting metal detector device-types is our USMD. We build a quality metal detector coil inside the sole of one or both shoes of a pair of rubber-soled shoes you provide us that fit you well. We modify the shoe(s) for the USMD. The electronics' thin cable is snaked up through the inside of pant leg which connects into its small control module, which attaches to your waistband or pants pocket (your preference). A small earphone is connected to it to alert you to any finds. Sensitivity is about 3 feet diameter, about the length of an adult stride. You inconspicuously stroll up and down the area of interest to you alone, walking your dog, whatever. You can finally profit from taking walks! When you get an alert, if legal, you then stoop and dig for your treasure. Great for treasure hunters. Great for detecting land mines as well (landmine detection for metal landmines). Last made $1995 [2 lb + shoe weight], for one shoe; $3895 for both shoes. Shoe sole must be 10"+ long, 3-1/4"+ wide, 5/8"+ thick, man or woman shoe. We strongly recommend that you do not wear or carry these shoes onto any public transportation, building or facility. Sole thickness may increase by about 10% after mod. We are not responsible for any damage to shoes or for any problems you may have wearing or using the modified shoes. Modified shoes should only be worn on grass, sand or non-rocky dirt, casual style walking only.

The ULTIMO BLIND PINPOINTER LOCATOR: Do you need a device which can zero onto the exact location of an opposite spot on the other side of a blind wall, ceiling, floor or ground where you can't access both sides at once or take precise measurements on both sides to locate the point on one side which is closest to the opposite point of interest on the other side? Then the UBPL is great for you. The UBPL comes with both a Detector Unit and a Placement Unit. Easy to use, and requires only one person. You place the Placement Unit on one side, and steadily hold or secure it there in its optimum position so it doesn't move, and then you move the Detector Unit on the other side, starting approximately opposite to the Placement Unit until the Detector Unit provides a maximum reading, which almost always indicates it is exactly opposite to the Placement Unit. Many different uses. For example, you need to drill a hole through a wall, but you have no idea exactly where it is going to come out on the other side, and a mistake can be very costly to you. For example, you are digging a tunnel, and from inside of the tunnel you can't be certain as to exactly whether or not the tunnel is headed in the exact right direction and what adjustments you must make in digging the tunnel if it is not. For example, you are a survivalist and you want to bury a stash of food, water, other supplies and valuable items for later retrieval but you don't want animals or other people to find your stash so you have to conceal your stash location so that it doesn't look suspicious to animals and people, and you are worried about later forgetting its exact location.
           The UBPL comes with both a Detector Unit and a Placement Unit, and the User Manual. Depending on the material within the wall, ceiling, floor or ground, maximum detection distance is about 4 feet. If sides are not parallel to each other, one or both sides are rough, uneven or damaged, or the material within the wall, ceiling, floor or ground varies in composition, structure or density from point to point, accuracy is likely to be adversely affected. While the UBPL works on grounds which are damp or have some metal or mineral content (maximum detectable distance may diminish as the result), it will not work well on grounds which are wet, heavily mineralized or on a metal surface or material. Both Detector Unit and Placement Unit, last made $1495 [3 lb] each. Last made $495 for each additional Placement Unit and last made $1195 for each additional Detector Unit, if an extra unit(s) is contracted for separately (all units must be contracted for together so that they all can be tested with each other).

The AUTOMATIC WRITING MACHINE: Some people appear to be very sensitive to signals coming from God, angels, space aliens, ancient ancestors, departed spirits and even animals, which sensitivity manifests itself into automatic writing. However, most people lack this inate sensitivity, but would still like to engage in automatic writing based on incoming signals. Basically, how the AWM works is that you hold it in the palm of your hand and a pen or pencil in the fingers of same hand prepared for writing. You lay down a blank sheet of paper. You turn ON the AWM. You then attempt to draw freehand an horizontal straight line across the paper about at your normal writing speed. The AWM picks up signals from the air using its wideband antenna, highly amplifies them, and then transforms them into mechanical vibrations. These vibrations then cause your pen or pencil to vibrate in the vertical axis to modulate your attempted straight line into what now appears to be writing. Practice and experimentation are required for best results. Also may help to reveal mind control and surveillance attempts against you. Also makes a really fun game, and a great science project. Last made $685 [2 lb]. $100 added for highly directional antenna.

MINI-TIMERs: These small, mostly single-cell timers (1/8 - 1/2 cubic inches in size) are accurate, long-term timers which activate after minutes of time, producing a beep and/or LED indication. Used to time events and activities, and to alert or remind the user of something he/she is doing or to start or stop doing. Mini-timers are ideal for timing athletic activities (eg: runs, walks, workouts), guard/security/sentry duties, arrivals/departures, chores, games, tests, homework, phone or TV use, medications, therapies, cooking, lab experiments, explosives uses for mining and land-clearing, and coordinated activities. Output switches near battery voltage once each timing cycle (1 minute to 1 hour; adjustable-time versions available). Optional forms of alert. Optional forms of activation and stopping. Optional latching relay outputs or other type outputs. Optional displays. An absolute must for all those critical situations where you must have accurate timing but your timer must also be small, compact, concealable, and electronic. Non-automatically recycling versions, [3-16 oz], last made $149 each. Automatically recycling versions, last made $245 [3-16 oz] each.

The ANY-WAVEFORM-YOU-WANT!: That's right! The AWYW is designed to produce any periodic waveform you specified - no matter how complex - and the waveform maintains its basic shape through any band of frequency you select. We can do just about any band you specify from less than 0.1 Hz up to 1+ MHz. The client specifies the desired waveform and the band. And since each point is generated digitally for the waveform, the resolution (ie: number of points for each cycle) must also be specified by the client (20 points is usually adequate for most uses, 100 points is maximum, and additional filtering can certainly be specified to smooth any waveform jaggedness). Waveform is generated and stored electronically, no computer or software is required. Triggering can be internal, external (pulse, square wave, sine/triangle to sync to other AWYWs or other devices), or manually done. (Since there is an almost unlimited variation of what one might want as a waveform, the resolution of the waveform, its bandwidth, output voltage level, and other factors, a rough price range given.) Last made $795 - $1295 [1 - 3 lb].

The PROGRAMMABLE ANY-WAVEFORM-YOU-WANT!: That's right! The PAWYW is designed to produce any periodic waveform you specify - virtually no matter how complex - and the waveform maintains its basic shape through any band of frequency you select. We can do just about any band you specify from less than 0.1 Hz up to 1+ MHz. This exciting device works just like the AWYW described above, but instead of having one waveform frozen into the circuit, a high-resolution multi-turn tuning pot is provided for EACH point in the cycle, and it controls that point and only that point! And you see the changes you made real time on an oscilloscope (not included) so you can spend endless hours experimenting with waveforms! And by connecting its output to a spectrum analyzer (not included), you actually see how changes you made impact harmonic content, and you can even experimentally create waveforms with specific harmonic content! Thus, you can program in any waveform you want point-by-point, and change or tweak the waveform as you wish. The PAWYW will allow you to copy and store in the device any periodic or quasi-periodic biological or other signal you run into (including your own signature waveform), and then bring it to the lab to repeatedly play it back to study it, to copy it over to another device, and to use it as an emulator, stimulator, et al. Great for all kinds of science projects and studies. You can even use two PAWYWs with a dual-trace oscilloscope (not included) to "draw" simple figures (eg: a person walking the dog) you specify, over and over again. The client specifies the desired waveform and the band. And since each point is generated digitally for the waveform, the resolution (ie: number of points for each cycle) must also be specified by the client (20 - 500 points based on what you contract for, and additional filtering can be specified to smooth the waveform jaggedness). Waveform is generated and stored electronically through the pot settings, no computer or software is required. Triggering can be internal, external (pulse, square wave, sine/triangle to sync to other PAWYWs or other devices), or manually done. (Since there is an almost unlimited variation of what one might want as a waveform, the resolution of the waveform, its bandwidth, output voltage level, and other factors, a rough price range given.) Last made $1295 - $3995 [2 - 4 lb].

ENERGY FORM CONVERTERS: Converting an energy from one form into another not only has many conventional applications, but is especially powerful in paranormal research where paranormal energies - especially those of an intelligent nature - manifest themselves in extraordinary and unusual energy forms. And in mind control and improvised weapons applications. Also, some energy forms cannot ordinarily be detected using the five senses (eg: radio waves), and require conversion to an energy form detectable by the five senses. The list of the energy form conversions we can do (described below)is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. Further, each conversion has an intermediate electronic stage, and so the signal can also be recorded, played back and analyzed (no recorder is included, and if needed, should be contracted for separately). Energy form conversions we can do:

'Upconverting' and 'Downconverting' refer to translating an energy form into a higher or lower frequency of that same energy form (Note: converting a signal from a higher frequency to a lower frequency may result in a loss of information in the signal as higher frequency signals can contain more data than lower frequency signals) [most weigh 1 lb], prices vary from about $100 to about $1000, depending on type of conversion and features).

EVENT COUNTERS, EVENT TIMERS, EVENT DETECTORS, EVENT RECORDERS: If events are detectable, we can almost always create a device that will detect events, record events, time events, count events, and/or display events. Inputs and outputs include, but are not limited to, switch/relay/manual close, switch/relay/manual open, DC voltage and pulse (any polarity or level), time, and the input from any transducer (eg: temperature, static charges, magnetism, EM, RF, sound, light, item, person, activity). Display can be none, decimal, binary. Whatever other bells and whistles you can think of. We can satisfy virtually any application!

The ULTRA TRACKING FILTER: A "Tracking Filter" is one in which either an occasional frequency burst or varying continuous wave frequency can be zeroed in on. The signal can be further processed to determine signal characteristics; the data or message contained therein can often be determined. One of the most powerful tools we have developed for processing data and message signals of all kinds of the type transmitted over phone lines (eg: FSK signals) and recorded using a quality tape/compact disk recorder (not supplied) is the UTF. It contains two notch filter stages. The first stage can be tuned to reject any primary frequency component (if there is one). The second stage is a precise, digitally-controlled and sophisticated tracking notch filter. The tracking stage scans until it locks in on the frequency. Then the signal can be bandpass filtered, further processed and analyzed according to the specific application. Great for ferreting out secret or buried messages or data! bandwidth is 250 Hz to 25 KHz, last made $395 [3 lb].

The WILLIAMS's LEVITATOR: Most of us were incorrectly taught in school that magnetic fields will only affect ferromagnetic materials (eg: iron, nickel, cobalt). You were probably also taught that it was impossible to use a magnet to attract - much less repel - non-ferromagnetic metals (eg: copper, aluminum, silver)! We have invented a very special magnetic device that will levitate small pieces of non-ferromagnetic metals! Does not use superconductivity! This is pure SCIENCE - not a magic trick or practical joke. The possible potential applications of the WL are incredible - ranging from fusion energy to high-speed trains. With the WL, you can conduct fascinating, eye-popping experiments in physics and magnetism. And it's great for school and science projects. Last made $395 [10 lb].

The (KEY)-REMINDER: Whatever you want to keep track of is activated the instant that it (or an extension of it, such as a flange) is pulled from the KR's clip. After an adjustable delay period (5 sec - 5 min), an alarm activates (9 VDC and relay closure outputs are also provided) to remind you that you forgot to return the item to its proper place. The KR works with any metallic or non-metallic object you can fit into its "dollar holder" type clip, including keys, tools, equipment, vehicle, clothes, child, pet, money wad, cabling - you name it! Last made $195 [2 lb].

HIGH-TECH SECURITY AND SURVIVAL BOOKS, MANUALS, SOFTWARE, CONSULTING SERVICES: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT CONSUMERTRONICS.NET (P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192) (www.consumertronics.net) - famous for their many frank and controversial high-tech survival books, manuals and software. The two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other nor is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with CONSUMERTRONICS.NET, please contact them DIRECTLY.

OFF-THE-SHELF AND OVER-THE-COUNTER HARDWARE OF ALL TYPES: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT TECHZONICS.COM (a subsidiary of Consumertronics) - famous for their huge variety of hardware offerings, especially electronic parts. The two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other nor is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with TECHZONICS.COM, please contact them DIRECTLY.

(More on these privacy and other policies on our www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/policies.htm) webpage.

Can't spare the bucks to pay for your order? Want some of the items listed above but have some of your own that you would like to use as trade? Don't fret - you can still get what you want for little or no out-of-pocket-$ if you have an item(s) of trade we are interested in! If you don't want to trade, we may consider buying what you offer. Either way, let us know.
Most of the specific items we are interested in are described on (email us first as there are some differences): www.consumertronics.net/items4trade.htm (Consumertronics Publisher of High-Tech Survival and Security Books, Manuals and Software, and Consultants).

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