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Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Comprehensive Online Policies for All
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NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN U.S. DOLLARS. We cannot ship an Item or provide a service unless ALL owed monies are received, deposited AND fully cleared by us first (no payments can be outstanding without prior, explicit written permission from us; Clients assume full responsibility for knowing what they owe us). We require a down payment of at least 1/3rd of a Customized Devices (CD) project to begin work on it.* Whatever type, form or amount of payment we receive from a Client, we reserve the right to deposit it and apply the clearance period (if there is a clearance period), and we assume no risk or liability in depositing it. We also reserve the right to refuse any type, form or amount of payment without giving a reason and also without risk or liability. Because we consider all valid PMOs (U.S. Postal Money Orders, Canadian Postal Money Orders (must be payable in $US), and International Postal Money Orders (must be payable in $US)) to be same-as-cash with zero clearance periods (PMO is the only MO or check we will consider same-as-cash as we can easily and quickly validate PMOs thru USPS; NOTE: If USPS does not validate a PMO, we consider the PMO to be invalid). PLEASE NOTE THAT REGARDING ALL CD PROJECTS, ALL 'DAYS TO SHIP'-TYPE STATEMENTS WE MAKE APPLY ONLY AFTER THE CD PROJECT IS SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED AND FULLY TESTED, AND FULL PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED AND CLEARED. Barring unforeseen situations, we always ship these orders within 3 days of our receipt and deposit (also applies if you send us cash or item of trade and we receive your cash or item of trade, we will notify you in writing, however, we are NOT responsible for cash or any other valuables sent to us - if you send us cash, item of trade or anything else worth more than $10 - be sure to pack it really well and seal your envelope package very well). We are a small business, all of our people are highly trusted and employed by us for years, so if cash is missing, it was either missing at your end or enroute. If you hid the cash or item of value in your shipment and we don't report to you that we received your cash, then you must inform us of where it is hidden but only immediately AFTER we tell you we received your package. To minimize shipping delays, always pay us by PMO, Cash or Item of Trade.

MENTS MADE TO US FOR OVER $250 MUST BE PAID BY VALID PMO (U.S., Canadian or International: Payable in $US), or CASH ($US only), OR ACCEPTABLE ITEM OF TRADE; we will NOT ship if you make us a payment of over $250 not made by PMO, cash or Item of Trade acceptable to us until and unless your payment has totally cleared to our satisfaction (see below); do NOT divide up payments so that each payment is less than $250 but total payment exceeds $250. We assume no liability nor responsibility, nor will we issue a full or partial refund for or provide a product or service for, any full or partial payment made to us (not made with U.S. currency cash) which does not clearly state on it in ink the name of the Client who is making the payment (this is to protect us from scams involving multiple claims for the same unidentifiable payment, or that we confusingly or inadvertently apply to someone else), in which case, we reserve the right (without risk or liability to us) to consider the "payment" to be an outright and non-returnable gift to us. Also, we may consider any payment or property provided to us improperly, mistakenly, in error or excessive to what is owed to us (if anything) by anyone, for any reason to be an outright and non-returnable gift to us in whole or in part without any liability to us (NOTE: If the payment is more than what is owed to us, we may treat only that part which is in excess of the owed amount as a gift to us).
         *VERY COSTLY ITEMS (eg: Gold, Silver, Platinum): Gold is particularly popular with some Clients because Gold has unique quantum level physical properties: Gold's color (almost all other metals are some shade of gray), and Gold does not tarnish (which implies immortality and infallibility). Because our devices are unique, customized and experimental devices, Clients can specify and do specify just about anything on their CDAFs. For CD projects which require a significant amount of very costly materials which may also have highly-fluctuating prices, we require in addition to the normal nonrefundable 1/3rd down payment to start the CD project, 110% of the costs of ALL of the costly materials at time of purchase that the Client specifies for his/her CD project in the exact form the Client wants applied to the CD project (eg: wire, plate, strips, film, pins, screws, enclosures, etc.). The extra 10% is about the average of wastage that occurs of all materials used in our CD projects (thru cutting, grinding, drilling, etc.). OR the Client may provide us the actual precious materias he/she wants us to incorporate into his/her device. This is because the prices of some costly materials (eg: Silver, Gold, Platinum) fluctuate so much - often based on unforeseeable political and economic events - we risk taking huge losses due to substantial unexpected price increases that occur between the time we would estimate the CD project cost and when we receive a down payment and can order the materials. Whether or not the CD project is successful, after we have finished working on it, we will return to the Client all recovered wastage, if any, of all costly materials used for the Client's CD project. This Policy also applies to all specialized tools, equipment and parts which are intended only for the Client's CD project and also costly for us to acquire or which were provided to us by the Client, which we will separately return to the Client all of which are functioning and were not incorporated into the Client's CD project.

CREDIT CARD (CC) POLICIES - (Applies only if we state we accept credit cards, which we currently do not): For CC orders, a clear signature (of the cardholder for CCs) and date are required, and the provided address and phone # must be verifiable to the orderer. We accept VISA and MC orders for most book, manual and software orders, but not for any Customized Devices Projects or hardware order. CC orders must be placed by the cardholder and shipped to his address. From date of receipt of a CC order, it takes us 3-5 working days to clear and verify the CC and ship the order. We NEVER permit 1-day or 2-day shipping for CC orders. Be sure to include accurate and verifiable name, address and phone #. If we are unable to verify 100% order accuracy, we must reject it. Please note that, except for US and Canada, it is very difficult for us to verify cardholdership; therefore, if you reside in any country besides the US or Canada, before paying by CC, email us first with complete details. Else, please find some other way to pay us.

TEXAS CLIENTS: If your shipping address is in Texas, you must include the 8.25% sales tax on ALL payments, including evaluation estimates, Customized Devices, and eBay payments. If you are required by any other jurisdiction to pay tax, you must pay that tax to us and provide us the name and address of that jurisdiction so we can file that tax payment with them.


NO CONTACT IS TO BE MADE USING A LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. PHYSICAL, MAIL OR EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER OR BY VISIT TO A LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. ADDRESS FOR ANY NON-BUSINESS REASON, OR FORTRACKING, LOCATION, SURVEILLANCE, STALKING OR HARASSMENT PURPOSES RELEVANT TO ANY LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. OFFICER, EMPLOYEE OR CONTRACTOR - ALL SUCH CONTRACTS MUST BE MADE STRICTLY FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES ONLY - UNLESS OTHERWISE CLEARLY AND EXPLICITLY PERMITTED UNDER FEDERAL OR TEXAS LAW OR ORDERED BY A COURT OF COMPETENT JURISDICTION. At Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s discretion, any and all such contact attempts may be considered as forbidden inappropriate contact, see below, and/or as time waster contact, see above. In addition, the officer, employee or contractor so contacted, as well as Lone Star Consulting, Inc. itself, may at his/her/its discretion jointly or severally file lawsuit(s) alleging defamation of character, slander, libel, harassment, intimidation, and/or other causes of action against the person making such contact in his/her personal and/or official capacities and/or against any entity which has employed this person to make such contact, and that each and every such Defendant stipulates by attempting or authorizing such contact that any and all such legal allegations are 100% true and factual against him/her/it and furthermore, each and every Defendant agrees to forever and totally waive, forego, nullify and abandon all defenses, including but not limited to immunities and statutes of limitation, and furthermore to immediately reimburse, indemnify and hold harmless all Lone Star Consulting, Inc.-related Plaintiffs for all direct and indirect costs, fees and expenses of Plaintiffs in investigating and pursuing all such legal actions. Furthermore, each and every Defendant the Court rules against agrees to immediately and fully pay without protest all such awarded compensatory, punitive and/or other damages, if any, regardless of the size or type of the damage awards.

WHAT WE DO, ESPECIALLY RELEVANT TO MIND CONTROL, ELECTRONIC ATTACK AND ENERGY R&D, IS CONTROVERSIAL, SO WE MUST TAKE EXTRA STEPS TO PROTECT OURSELVES AND OUR CLIENTS. NO CONTACT IS TO BE MADE USING A LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. OFFICER'S, EMPLOYEE'S OR CONTRACTOR'S PERSONAL PHYSICAL, MAIL OR EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER FOR ANY ALLEGED DEBT, OBLIGATION, PAYMENT, DUTY OR ACTION OWED BY LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. OR BY ANYONE WORKING FOR OR ASSOCIATED WITH LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN NOTIFICATION AND EXPLICIT PERMISSION FOR CONTACT BY IT/HIM/HER. At Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s discretion, any and all such contact attempts may be considered as forbidden inappropriate contact, see below, and/or as time waster contact, see above. In addition, the officer, employee or contractor so contacted, as well as Lone Star Consulting, Inc. itself, may at his/her/its discretion jointly or severally file lawsuit(s) alleging defamation of character, slander, libel, harassment, intimidation, outrageous behavior, and/or other causes of action against the person making such contact in his/her personal and/or official capacities and/or against any entity which has employed this person to make such contact, and that each and every such Defendant stipulates by attempting or authorizing such contact that any and all such legal allegations are 100% true and factual against him/her/it and furthermore, each and every Defendant agrees to forever and fully waive, forego, nullify and abandon all Defenses, including but not limited to immunities and statutes of limitation, and furthermore to immediately reimburse, indemnify and hold harmless all Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Plaintiffs for all direct and indirect costs, fees and expenses of Plaintiffs in investigating and pursuing all such legal actions. Furthermore, each and every Defendant the Court rules against agrees to immediately and fully pay without protest or delay any and all such awarded compensatory, punitive and/or other damages, if any, regardless of the size or type of the damage awards.

Because we may receive 100s of letters, phone calls, emails, etc. per week, common sense and simple time-savers (eg: an SASE, well thought out inquiry, clear and concise description) often make our job to provide you our best response much easier. Do NOT make any unsolicited promotional phone calls or emails to us! Instead, send us your offer by mail. Include your SASE. Because of 9/11-related concerns, our controversial security products, and tactics of jealous competitors and perps, we have had to tighten our security. OUR PEOPLE ARE EXTREMELY BUSY; NONE OF US ARE REQUIRED TO ANSWER A PHONE CALL OR RESPOND TO A WRITTEN CONTACT ATTEMPT WITHOUT ANY LIABILITY. DO NOT TEXT OR SOCIAL MEDIA US - WE VERY SELDOMLY READ OR RESPOND TO TEXT OR SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGES. WITH US, EMAIL IS THE BEST WAY TO GO AS WE ALMOST 100% RESPOND TO REASONABLE EMAILS WITHIN 2 WORK DAYS. IF YOU CONTACT, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY CORRECTLY IDENTIFY YOURSELF AND/OR WHO YOU REPRESENT (IF ANYONE), AND 100% ACCURATELY AND COMPLETELY DETAIL US WITH ALL OF THE REASONS FOR YOUR CONTACT ATTEMPT, ELSE WE WILL NOT RESPOND OR RESPOND POORLY OR TAKE ANY ACTION YOUR ATTEMPTED CONTACT STATES OR IMPLIES, WITH NO LIABILITY TO ANY OF US..

If you approach us as any kind of author, researcher, reporter, producer, investigator, legal entity, competitor, potential Client, Client, Client representative, or in any other similar capacity, you MUST first, unless otherwise explicitly forbidden by law or by a court of competent jurisdiction, fully, clearly and accurately identify yourself, disclose to us all of your agenda, intentions, plans and the entire reasons and scope for your contact with us - all in writing - then obtain explicit written prior permission from us and strictly observe in good faith all limitations and exceptions we may place on your contact, else your contact is INAPPROPRIATE CONTACT and likely ILLEGAL CONTACT:

All contacts made with us must be strictly within the scope of legal and appropriate purposes only. All illegal and inappropriate contacts are strictly forbidden. In all contacts described above where we believe that the inappropriate contact was made accidentally or without intention to cause harm or injury, and the envelope or package ("mailing") can be safely returned, we make reasonable efforts to contact the mailing sender for instructions on return or disposal of the mailing, for which the sender must prepay return S/H. Within 10 days of us attempting to contact the sender: If we are unable to make this contact for any reason, or the sender does not OK the mailing return in writing to us, or he/she can not or will not prepay return S/H, or he/she can not make any other correction we require for mailing return, we may return or dispose of the mailing or any of its contents any way we choose to with no liability to us.

INAPPROPRIATE AND ILLEGAL CONTACT ARE EACH FORBIDDEN: If we reasonably believe we were injured directly or indirectly resulting from any contact made with us that we reasonably believe to be illegal, forbidden, unauthorized, investigative (without prior full and accurate disclosure to us full details in writing of all incidents, past, present and future), fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, entrapping or otherwise inappropriate, or from anything confidential that you have learned from anything we've provided you or anyone else verbally or in writing - even if our belief later turns out to be in error - you are personally and 100% responsible for immediately and fully reimbursing, indemnifying and holding harmless us for the total amount of all such expenses, costs and losses that we reasonably believe are likely to directly and indirectly result from such inappropriate contact(s), or from such verbal or written information. Furthermore and regardless to the extent that injuries have resulted to us as the direct or indirect result of your illegal and/or inappropriate contact(s), you agree without objection or qualification to pay $1,000 per hour fee for each hour (part of hour counts as an hour; at Lone Star Consulting, Inc. discretion, this fee may be in addition to time wasting fees, see above) to each involved officer or employee you cause directly or indirectly to spend time answering, addressing, responding to, defending, investigating, researching and/or taking legal and/or regulatory action, plus all resulting direct and indirect expenses, costs and losses, as the direct or indirect result of all such inappropriate contact(s). Furthermore, for any and all legal or regulatory actions, if any, that occur because of such inappropriate contact(s), you also agree to forever and totally waive, forego and abandon all defenses, immunities, statutes of limitation and counteractions that may otherwise apply to you and you also agree to personally subject and submit yourself to all court, jurisdictional, venue and applicable law assignments described above, all without any objection, qualification or reservation. Furthermore, you agree to pay each and every affected officer and employee all billed and/or incurred amounts relevant to this paragraph within 30 days of you being billed or the amount has been incurred, whichever occurs first, or agree without any objection or qualification to legal default and collection plus 1.5% interest per month being added to each unpaid balance. Furthermore, you forever and totally waive, forgo, nullify and abandon all defenses, immunities, statutes of limitation and arguments you may believe you have, including but not limited to statues of limitation, relevant to this debt and any and all efforts by us to investigate and collect this debt. Furthermore, we may at our discretion provide you updates on what you owe us until we bring legal action against you, without any liability to us, even if it takes us years.

FACILITY VISITS: Because of the high level of security our work sometimes requires, WE NEVER PERMIT VISITS TO OUR FACILITIES AND WE NEVER PERSONALLY MEET WITH CLIENTS. We have no showrooms. We never give tours. While we often provide hardware, technical services and support services, we never provide them in person. We never have a set schedule for being anywhere particular at any particular time. And unless we state otherwise, we never permit local pickup or local delivery of any item or service (written verifiable identity is usually required prior to any local pickup or delivery). ALL BUSINESS WITH US IS DONE STRICTLY BY EMAILs (much preferred), POSTAL MAILs and PHONE CALLs - AS PER THESE CONTACT POLICIES - NO EXCEPTIONS. We spend much time in the lab and in the field where work often cannot be disturbed, so we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular major company officer for a phone conversation at any time. If you need to converse with a particular major company officer, emails and mails are your best possibilities. ALL ATTEMPTS TO VISIT OUR FACILITIES WITHOUT CLEAR, EXPLICIT, WRITTEN PRIOR PERMISSION FROM US ARE FORBIDDEN INAPPROPRIATE CONTACT (see above). Whether or not related to Lone Star Consulting, Inc. business, any visit to our facilities which is not with our clear, written, prior permission, or so permitted by us based on a fraudulent, erroneous or deceptive representation by the visitor, is an unauthorized visit which automatically results in a non-refundable Unauthorized Visitor Fee (UVF) for each visitor and for each visit for which the visitor assumes total personal liability for paying. The amounts of the UVFs are set by us based on our perception of the real and potential injury to us caused by the visitor and visit, as well as the amount of our time and inconvenience for the unauthorized visit. The UVF amounts may vary between $0 and $1,000,000+ per visitor per visit. UVF fees are independent and separate from all other fees, charges and costs the unauthorized visitor may be required to pay.

WORK HOURS & PHONE CALLS: ALL THINGS RELATED TO A LEGAL OR ETHICAL MATTER MUST BE DISCUSSED OR DONE IN WRITING. NEITHER LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC., OR ANY OF ITS PEOPLE CAN VERBALLY MAKE A CONTRACT OR AGREEMENT OR BE REQUIRED TO TAKE ANY ACTION OF ANY KIND. NEVER DISPLAY A FAKE CALLER ID # - WE CHARGE A FEE OF $10,000 FOR EACH PHONE CALL ATTEMPTED OR MADE TO US WHICH DISPLAYS A FAKE CALLER ID #. NEVER ATTEMPT TO PHONE US WHICH RESULTS IN "PRIVATE", "UNKNOWN" OR SIMILAR DISPLAY ON OUR CALLER ID. WE ALMOST NEVER ANSWER PHONE CALL ATTEMPTS MADE TO US THAT WE BELIEVE DOES NOT DISPLAY AN ACCURATE CALLER ID #, OR WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE DISPLAYED PHONE #, OR HAVE A HISTORY OF HANGUPS, VOICELESS/GIBBERISH CALLERS OR STRANGE NOISES.. Because of our profound, dramatic and high-profile scientific research we do in some areas (eg: mind control, radionics, energy), many people call us because of our notoriety out of curiosity. We often work 60-80 hours per week as it is. For us to get our work done, we must be restrictive with phone calls - especially those which directly disrupt our work. We truly apologize to our Good Clients if that may come across as a bit aloof or even rude, but consider you would not like us to delay your project by wasting our time chit-chatting with people about things not related to any product or service we can provide them. Because of our highly unusual and varying work week (usually not M-F), work hours (seldom 9-5) and meal breaks (seldom 12-1), phone calls are usually the least reliable and least desirable way to contact us. Since we are not open to the public and our work schedule varies widely and often unpredictably, we do not keep regular work weeks and hours. And sometimes we are in a noisy environment or engaged in critical lab experiments or otherwise not available and we cannot answer the phone. To do our best work for our Clients, we cannot be disrupted from critical lab experiments and tests, which may take hours - even days - to set up and run. If the caller asks for a particular person in the lab, in traffic or otherwise unavailable to the answerer, the requested person usually cannot come to the phone - we much prefer that you do not ask for a particular person to talk to but instead clearly state your question, inquiry or concern and if our person answering the phone cannot respond to it, he/she will try to get someone who can. And in some phone situations, we cannot write information down or check on computer data at that time (to avoid all hacking attempts, one of our computers is not connected to Internet). Some topics cannot be addressed by phone and must be addressed in writing (and only to the extent of their written descriptions) because they can result in misunderstandings and/or misrepresentations of what was said which may result in serious errors; these topics include, but are not limited to: Changes in shipping, payments, CDAF and T&C Estimates details, and CD project specifications, technical and support questions which require research or analysis, and all disputes and complaints and any other potential or actual legal issue. You fully agree that any phone conversation which addresses any of these issues are neither legally relevant nor legally important nor legally liable to us - all of these issues MUST be addressed in writing. We do not answer phone calls in which the actual calling # is not displayed on our Caller ID (if your displayed Caller ID # is spoofed, false or invalid, then you legally stipulate to fraud by you and to forbidden inappropriate contact with us, and you agree to pay us $100,000 plus all other damages per spoofed call), or it is a toll-free number (ie: 800, 866, 867, 877, 888 area code), because most toll-free and non-displayed # (blocked, unavailable, restricted, etc.) phone calls we receive are telemarketers or snoops. Although we often work 60-80 hours per week to do good jobs for our Clients, we may answer the phone, place a phone call or continue a phone conversation ONLY IF it occurs between 9 AM - 5 PM MST (and won't likely extend beyond 5 PM on Mon-Thurs and 12:01 PM MST on Fridays, and no National Holidays), ONLY IF we are also working then, ONLY IF we are also not in a noisy environment, nor in the lab, nor in traffic, nor otherwise unavailable, AND ONLY IF your phone # is fully displayed and is not a toll-free phone #. We rarely make exceptions. If you strongly feel that you must talk to us by phone, email us or voice mail us first with your phone request (put "Phone Request" in your Subject Line); in your email or voice mail, state your name, address and phone # (must be a USA #), 3 dates and MST time ranges when you would like us to call you back, length of expected phone conversation, all subjects of conversation (all must directly relate to something we are selling), and exactly why the same information cannot be provided to you by email, snail mail or one of our webpages. If we believe that we can and should do this phone call, we will email you the date and time we will most likely call; if not, we will try to address your concerns by email. Do not record a phone call with us, regardless of who initiated the phone call, unless you explicitly state at the very beginning of the phone call that you are recording the phone call AND we explicitly tell you that it is OK for you to record the phone call (we reserve the right to require you at any time to provide us a totally clear, complete and unedited copy of your recording totally at your expense within 10 days of your recording). Do not text message us or voice mail us as we almost never search for, read or respond to text messages or voice mails. Reason: Most texts messages and voice mails are junk, and Caller ID is easily faked. If you are not a telemarketer or snoop AND you have bought or are interested in buying something from us, and we don't answer the phone (whether or not you have a blocked Caller ID display #), email us (clearly provide your name, phone #, email address and subject) or write us by USPS First Class Mail (with clear, complete and accurate return address). While we do our reasonable best to support our Clients and we reasonably try to answer all phone calls, we assume no liability for missed phone calls (we may be in a lab, shop, meeting, driving, etc.), for hanging up on callers, for not returning phone calls, for not addressing or responding to phone calls, or for anything we say or you say in phone conversations or as the direct or indirect result of phone conversations. In almost all cases, email is best.
           NOTE - No Lies, No Scams, No Cons, No Spoofs, No Pretexts, No Ruses: If you call us or we call you, and you ask to talk to a particular person about a subject matter(s) that is different or not fully disclosed by you before that person answers the phone than the actual subject matter you state to or talk about with the person after the person answers the phone, or you have spoofed the Caller ID number, or you have lied about or misrepresented in any way who you actually are or who you represent or your intentions, you agree to pay Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and/or the person within 30 days a sum of money that Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and/or the person considers to be the cost or damage you have caused Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and/or the person, regardless of the amounts, without any objection, qualification or defense offered by you, and that you further agree to immediately and fully pay for all direct and indirect legal and administrative costs, expenses and losses to collect that amount of money thereby fully reimbursing, indemnifying, holding harmless and making whole Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and/or the person, if any, and that you further agree to pay a monthly interest rate of 1.8% on any unpaid balance that you may owe, and that you assume personal liability for all of these payments thereby forever and totally waiving, abandoning, nullifying and foregoing any personal immunity you may believe you have.

EMAILS & FAXES: EMAILS (the best way to contact us): YOU MUST PROVIDE US A RELIABLE EMAIL WAY OF BOTH BEING ABLE TO CONTACT YOU ON TIMELY BASES IN WRITING AND YOU RESPONDING TO US ON TIMELY BASES IN WRITING. We require 2-way email communications with you at all times, and we may ignore or refuse to address your inquiries, questions and/or concerns without liability if you do not provide us a reliable way to email you and get email responses from you. Phone calls are not acceptable substitutes for written responses when it comes to anything important or legal. By providing us your email address, we may assume without liability that you are both receiving our emails and can respond to our emails on timely bases (within 5 calender days), regardless of whether or not you respond to them or how you respond to them, as long as your email does not come back to us as 'undelivered.' If your regular email is not working, then you must find either another email way (in which you fully identify yourself), or a Postal mail way to send us your inquiries, questions or concerns (Postal is totally acceptable for sending us your CDAF and other contract forms). If your only way of engaging in written communications with us is Postal, you must inform us of that fact prior to doing business with us so we can consider waiving our email requirement for you. Since Postal communications may take days and even weeks to reach us and we respond to, do not send us any Postal communications which has a time limit of less than 31 calender days. NEVER SEND US AN EMAIL ATTACHMENT FOR A .DOC, .XLS, .EXE, .ZIP or ANY OTHER EXECUTABLE OR COMPRESSED FILE FORMAT - THESE WILL NEVER BE OPENED AND ALWAYS BE IMMEDIATELY DELETED, AND WITHOUT NOTIFICATION TO THE SENDER, AND WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM. And all attached files from unknown subjects, advertisement, unexpected, and/or suspicious will also be handled in the same manner.
         Many people try to contact us; some with long statements of 1,000s of words, many are time-wasting scam and spam attempts. While we welcome Client contacts, we much prefer email contacts because USPS is too slow, phone calls can disrupt us from our lab and shop work for other Clients, and personal contacts are forbidden for obvious security reasons. If you contact us, for us to appreciate and act upon the important reason(s) why you contacted us, you MUST clearly and explicitly state within your first 100 words of your current contact with us (whether by postal mail, email, phone or any other way) what your important reason(s) are for contacting us. We accept no liability if the important reason(s) you intended to contact us about is/are not in your current contact but in a previous contact(s), or are stated after 100 words into your current contact, or vaguely or inaccurately referred to or alluded to. For any important reason of contact to be seriously considered by us, state at the begining of your contact: "MY IMPORTANT REASON(S) FOR CONTACTING YOU:", immediately followed by all of your important reasons clearly and concisely stated. This Policy provision fully applies to all types and reasons of contacts we mention in our Policies webpages.
         FAXES: We do not do hard copy faxes any more.

We welcome and encourage email contacts as usually the fastest, most reliable, least disruptive and most desirable means of getting a comprehensive and well-thought out response from us. Generally, we are often in the lab or field and cannot respond to email on an instant basis (but we respond almost always at least once daily). It is very important that when you place an order with us or complete your CDAF, you provide us your clearly readable, accurate and dependable email address, and that you assume full responsibility for anything you tell us or we tell you by email. We may assume without liability that you received and read our email sent to your provided email address and it has not been returned to us 'Undelivered,' whether or not your provided email address is your actual email address and whether or not you have responded to our email within 3 days of us sending it to you. Use emails to notify us when you sent a CDAF or payment (and the type and amount of your payment), ask for information, and just about anything else just as long as it relates directly to one of our offers and you are a Client or serious potential Client. However, there are several email restrictions:
       (1) Please never send us personal information via ordinary email. For your own security, since ordinary email is really not private, use regular First Class Mail (preferred) or phone call to inform us of personal information, if any, which is part of your CD project or order.
       (2) Never send us any spams, adwares, spywares, key loggers, phishing attempts, or junk or commercial emails, or computer infections of any kind, all of which are inappropriate contact with us. Our email is reserved strictly for our Clients and potential Clients to inquire about our products and services, place orders, and for technical and support for our offers and Client orders and their (proposed) CD projects. The email sender assumes full liability for anything he/she knowingly or unknowingly is directly or indirectly reponsible for sending us which directly or indirectly damages our system or files, attempts to defraud us, or in any way compromises our or any Client's privacy or confidentiality or retrieves any of our files, passwords or keywords or key strokes.
        (3) Never send us an email attachment in executable or compressed file format (see above), or computer virus, trojan horse or worm. We never open email attachments with a executable or compressed file format - we always discard them - and we are never responsible for them. Nor do we ever buy from an unsolicited email ad or recommendation, nor do we click on an unsolicited email link.

MAIL (LETTERS and PACKAGES of all types and sizes and from all sources and shippers): Please clearly sign and date all written material you send us.
    General: When you write to us for any reason other than to place an order or inquire about one, please observe the following:
      For best responses, be sure to include a #10 SASE. We always carefully inspect all received envelopes and packages ("mailings"). We are not responsible for nor accept any liability for the receipt or disposition of unauthorized, poorly labeled, tampered with or otherwise suspicious mailings we do or do not receive (usually, we will attempt to contact sender first because communicating with our Clients is very important to us). Please use this procedure:
             (1) First, clear your mailing with us in writing to our email or mail (not by phone) PRIOR to shipping it to us. If a legal, regulatory or administrative document or notice of any kind is to be included in the mailing, you must also fully disclose exactly what type of document and/or notice, and if a filed case is involved, the specific case number and a full identification of the relevant court or regulatory or administrative body, and the names and License #s of all attorneys involved, if any. If you include any attachments, other materials, and/or supplementary materials, these too must also all be fully disclosed and be included with the mailing. Do NOT ship unless and until you receive in writing an OK from us for you to ship to us, with a Mailing # (which we will assign to you). The correct Mailing # must appear in clearly readable lettering on the front of your mailing. We assume no liability for any mailing sent to us without a proper Mailing # on it.
             (2) Clearly label your mailing with your correct and verifiable name and return street address, and actual phone number or email address.
             (3) In the back of the mailing, clearly write down a SPECIFIC, DETAILED and COMPLETE contents list of the mailing, or attach to the mailing's back this contents list in a transparent envelope (the list may be folded so it cannot be read by the shippers). We will dispose of any item found inside the mailing that is not accurately and fully described on the back of the mailing without any liability to us. We assume no liability for described mailing contents that we find missing from the mailing, or broken or damaged inside the mailing. If a legal, regulatory or administrative document or notice of any kind is inside the mailing, you must also fully disclose exactly what type of document and/or notice, and if a filed case is involved, the specific case number and a full identification of the relevant court or regulatory or administrative body, and the names and License #s of all attorneys involved, if any. If you include any attachments, other materials, and/or supplementary materials, these too must also all be fully disclosed and be included with the mailing.
             (4) Do not use a shipper that requires our physical address, for example, UPS, Federal Express, DHL and others which do not make deliveries to P.O. boxes. Currently, only USPS is known to ship to P.O. boxes. We do controversial security work, so we cannot allow a shipper which requires and may later reveal our physical location. NOTE: 1: We use a trusted service to examine all of our received mailings, and to pass onto us those mailings that it believes would be both safe and acceptable to us. It has our permission to dispose of any mailing it considers to be unsafe or unacceptable to us, which may occur without our knowledge or permission, with no liability to it or to us. NOTE 2: Many of our received mailings are opened up by our service at a US Post Office (away from other customers). If a received mailing contains anything illegal, Postal employees will be immediately notified, and the sender will very likely be caught and Federally prosecuted on a high-priority basis.
             (5) Do not ship to us anything that is illegal, contraband, contaminated, dangerous or hazardous to ship and/or for us to possess. We reserve the right to dispose of any such contents any way we want to without liability to us. This would be an unauthorized shipment.
             (6) Do not ship to us any non-transparent unopened containers, or other unauthorized shipment. We reserve the right to dispose of any such contents any way we want to without liability to us.
             (7) Do not ship to us any mailing which weighs over 60 lbs, which occupies more than 2.0 cubic feet in volume, or which its weight x volume product exceeds 100, or with any dimension greater than 6 feet. This would be an unauthorized shipment.
      For mailings that arrive to us unsolicited or without our prior written approval, if the sender does not provide us an immediate satisfactory written explanation which completely, in detail and accurately describes the contents of the mailing and why it was sent or returned to us, we will totally at our own discretion and at no liability to us, (1) Refuse to receive the mailing, (2) Accept the mailing and either return it to the sender or dispose of its contents as we see fit whether or not we have opened the mailing, or (3) We have agreed in writing to some other handling of the mailing. To reship an undeliverable, refused or return-for-refund mailing, we charge the normal S/H plus a 25% fee based on our S/H costs ($10 minimum), which must be prepaid by sender.
      RESTOCKING FEE: For all Items which are not Customized Device (CD) Items (we never restock CD Items) which we are either not able to ship or are returned to us due to no fault by us, we charge a 20% restocking fee based on the price of the Item. Restocking fees are always in addition to all other applicable fees and costs, and which must be paid immediately. A "CD Item" is any hardware Item which we have built or modified ourselves, and excludes all books and manuals and all commercial hardware Items including all off-the-shelf CD Item accessories such as cables, external power supplies, batteries, cases, materials, etc. Any hardware Item made totally by another business is not a CD Item.
      MAIL RECEIPT: We use a mail service because much of the work we do is highly proprietary and confidential, so we can't have mail delivered directly to us. Mailings are not to be considered "received" by us until actually received by Lone Star Consulting, Inc. personnel. We spend much time in the field. It may take several days (3-7 days typical) from the time that our mail service receives a mailing before Lone Star Consulting, Inc. personnel (or its contractor personnel) actually obtains, reads and addresses that same mailing.
    Certified, Registered, Insured & Proof-of-Delivery (CRIP) Mail: Also includes all forms of mail that come with a Tracking # (eg: Priority and Express mail). Because of past CRIP abuses, even if inadvertently signed for, LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. takes no liability or any other responsibility for CRIP mail which does not meet all of its requirements stated in both (1) - (7) above and (1) - (6) below, whether or not the CRIP mail is signed for. These requirements below are the only proper and authorized means for sending CRIP mail to LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. or anyone associated with it. The mere fact that the CRIP mail is signed for does not make it proper and authorized CRIP mail. Furthermore, we reserve our rights to return, destroy or trash unopened CRIP mail with our name on it which we find suspicious, with no liability to ourselves. To protect the sender's privacy, we may waive (2) above and (6) below requirements on the CRIP mail if the CRIP arrival is preceded by a received signed and dated non-CRIP First Class letter by the sender which notifies us of its upcoming CRIP mail, includes a copy of the CRIP envelope or package ("mailing") face (JPG or GIF format only), includes all of the information required by (2) and (3) above and (6) below, AND we acknowledge in writing the receipt thereof. NOTE: BECAUSE A MAIL SERVICE HAS PHYSICALLY RECEIVED AND SIGNED FOR CRIP MAIL FOR US, DOES NOT MEAN THAT LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. AND/OR ANY OF ITS OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND/OR CONTRACTORS HAVE RECEIVED AND/OR SIGNED FOR THE CRIP MAIL. ANY CRIP MAIL RECEIPT DATE THAT IS TO BE APPLIED TO LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. AND/OR TO ANY OF ITS OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES AND/OR CONTRACTORS IS THE DATE THAT THEY, HE AND/OR SHE BOTH PHYSICALLY RECEIVED AND SIGNED FOR THE CRIP MAIL IN HIS/HER OFFICIAL LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. CAPACITY.
       (1) The CRIP mail must NOT be a "RESTRICTED DELIVERY" one.
       (2) The CRIP mail must be addressed to and limited to: "LONE STAR CONSULTING, Inc., c/o Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Contractors, P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192." (These are our contractors who examine mailings for us to make sure they are safe and acceptable for us.) If it is to be to the attention of anyone, the name of that specific person(s) must appear in the next line after "LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC." No other CRIP mail is acceptable to us, except those of a clearly identifiable government origin. Please note that this is a valid mailing address for us where our mail is received at this time. If we change our mailing address, we will promptly post it here.
       (3) The CRIP mail must have a clear, truthful, accurate and verifiable return name and address, which all must 100% match with that on the receipt and return card, if any. Its CRIP number must also match that on the receipt and return card.
       (4) All letters, statements and notices contained in the CRIP mail must be signed and dated using black ink, and all such signatures and dates must be accurate and complete. Furthermore, all signers must include his/her accurate and complete printed name, official position title, official address and official phone number.
       (5) The Sender must also contact us by email for a special Lone Star Consulting, Inc. CRIP Number, which Mailing # he/she must clearly print on the CRIP mail. This unique number is computed by us from information we have about the Sender, type and the contents of the CRIP mail, which data the Sender includes in the body of the email he/she sends to us requesting the Lone Star Consulting, Inc. CRIP Number.
       (6) Below the return address, the word, "From: " must be clearly printed, followed by the clear, complete and actual name, physical address, email address and phone # of both the sending person and the person the CRIP mail applies to (if a different person), and also the actual name, physical address, email address and phone # of both his/her organization and immediate supervisor, if the CRIP mail sender is part of or represents an organization.


REVIEWS, ARTICLES, STORIES & INTERVIEWS: We welcome all honest reviews, articles, stories and interviews that relate to us. Interested in doing a story on us? Contact us for details. Policies above apply.

ELECTRONIC & FABRICATION CONTRACTORS WANTED!: Most of what LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. makes is mostly made by our contractors. While we already have excellent contractors right now, we will consider others. If you are a hard worker, have the high-level of knowledge, skills and experience we require, and you have the wherewithal at your end (facility, equipment, tools, parts and materials) to do electronic fabrications, please mail us your resume to our address at the top of this webpage. If after we consider your resume and your responses to likely follow-up questions, we are interested in contracting with you, we will provide you in writing and explicit contracting offer. You are under no obligation to accept our offer. NOTE-1: We never provide any information about our Clients to our contractors. NOTE-2: DO NOT PHONE US; send us your resume, and if we wish to communicate with you, it will be by USPS mail or by email, unless and until we give you our explicit OK to talk to us by phone. NOTE-3: Foreign contractors need not apply - we never contract with foreign contractors. NOTE-4: Each of us will be strictly confidential in our dealings and relationships with the other; release of any such information to anyone shall never be done without either the prior, explicit, written OK from the other or as required by a court of competent jurisdiction..

SUPPLIERS WANTED!: Virtually everything that LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. uses in its business is supplied through leasing agreements it has had for years. We are always looking for better deals. If you are interested in proposing a leasing type deal with us, click here ==> www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/suppliers.htm

LISTED & LINKED ADDRESSES: From time to time, we may list or describe - even provide links to - the names, phone numbers and/or mail/email addresses of non-Lone Star Consulting, Inc. businesses in our websites or other publications. NO SUCH LISTING/LINK IS TO EVER BE CONSTRUED AS A RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU TO CONTACT OR DO BUSINESS WITH IT. AS POLICY, NO MATTER HOW STRONGLY POSITIVELY OR NEGATIVELY WE REGARD ANOTHER BUSINESS, WE NEVER RECOMMEND FOR OR AGAINST IT. Furthermore, we take no orders for described/listed/linked entities, and we assume no responsibility for any of their Policies, prices, products, services, or for any other facet of their operation. Furthermore, we will not discuss any facet of their operation, pass on anything to or from them, act as an intermediate, accept, respond to or take any responsibility for any mail, email, packages, orders, refunds or phone calls for them, provide any form of Client or technical service on their behalf or at their behest, carry, ship, store or route anything to, from or for them, or evaluate, describe or comment on what they offer, and vice-versa. Any indications to the contrary must be assumed to be either inadvertent error or jesting on our part. And anything claimed to be said to the contrary must be ignored, and in no way alters what is stated in this paragraph.

         STORAGE FEES and ABANDONED PROPERTY: No storage fees result if you promptly pay off the balance of your CD when due, and your package is not returned to us as undeliverable although correctly addressed by us based on the shipping address you provided. Please pay any balance you owe on your CD within 10 days of being notified that we have completed it. Our Policy is to rush your CD to you as soon as we can after completion. You must send us full balance, if any, that you owe us for your CD within 30 days from the time that we have sent you a notice that your CD is completed. Since we have limited long term storage capabilities and regularly inspecting and accounting for stored items takes time and effort, we must charge for Onsite Storage for balance payments (plus 1.5% interest per month on all unpaid balances) that take more than 30 days to reach us after we provided our first notice or from the day that we receive back as undeliverable the package we shipped to you that is correctly addressed to you based on the shipping address you provided. Onsite Storage fee after 30 days after we provided our first notice or date of receipt of correctly-addressed returned package is a very reasonable 25 cents per pound shipping weight plus 25 cents per cubic foot (based on shipping size as we package all stored items to protect them) for each day of storage is immediately due by noon of the following day and automatically becomes part of your unpaid balance and must be paid off in full before we will ship. The minimum DAILY storage charge is $1 per day. The minimum TOTAL storage charge is $10. For example, a 2.0 lb, 2.0 cubic foot package (about our average CD project) stored 10 days is charged (10)(2.0)(0.25) + (10)(2.0)(0.25) =$10 total. Since it will probably take you several days to get this payment to us, you should add in additional days (usually 3 min.) of daily charges to cover the transit time of your payment or pay us by Postal M.O.or cash so we can ship immediately. In addition, if the package was returned to us, you will be charged re-shipment S/H (be sure to inquire about the return S/H and also include your new correct address), and we are not responsible if your package was returned to us damaged. If any Onsite Storage or balance payment is more than 30 days past due AND we have first notified you about your CD completion at least 45 days earlier, we will consider your CD to be ABANDONED PROPERTY due to failure-to-pay, and we will have the option to either continue to store your CD for a longer period or to dispose of your CD any way we see fit, either decision resulting in no liability, refund payment, damage, loss, disadvantage, or requirement for further or individual Client notification or explanation to Lone Star Consulting, Inc., and total balance payment and Onsite Storage fee will still be owed to us. Should we dispose of your CD as abandoned property and you later want the CD, then you will have to start over again and submit a new CDAF for it (after paying all accrued storage fees for the abandoned CD).
         SOLUTIONS TO PAYING BALANCE PROBLEMS: We bend over backwards to get your CD to you! If you are having trouble paying off your CD balance and need more time, you must ask us in writing within 10 days of CD completion notice if it is OK to send payments instead. Should we grant you permission in writing, you will be required to make monthly partial payments each of which must be at least 10% of the unpaid balance ($50 minimum) plus 1.5% interest payment on any remaining unpaid balance after each payment is due and paid in full, plus 25% of our normal Onsite Storage fee for the month period. In this case, the full partial payment of your unpaid balance is due every 30 days, and if it is more than 5 days late reaching us, then our full (normal) Onsite Storage Fee and failure-to-pay clocks will automatically activate and begin to accumulate. We will not ship until all balances are paid in full and are cleared (Postal M.O., and cash payments clear within 1 day of receipt).

    Document, Hardware, and Software Retention & Disposition Policies:Like most businesses, we are inundated with paperwork, hardware and software storage. This creates serious storage, maintenance and security problems about them. In addition, understandably, most people today are very concerned about jeopardy to their privacy and security, and don't want items about them stored for long periods of time by businesses remote from them; no matter what security measures are taken or how careful the business is, any such business can be black-bagged, burglarized or hacked of its records. We deeply respect your privacy and security concerns. Therefore, to best protect both our operation and our Clients, as our Policy, as part of our normal course of business, we now destroy - without prior notice by Lone Star Consulting, Inc., or liability or disadvantage to Lone Star Consulting, Inc. or to any of its officers, employees, agents, associates, contractors or vendors - all of which below are also referred to as "records" or as "items" herein: (1) ALL ORDER, CUSTOMIZED DEVICES APPLICATION FORMS (CDAF), ESTIMATES FORMS, PLANS, CIRCUIT DIAGRAMS AND USER MANUAL DOCUMENTS: After 45 days retention from day of shipment if we receive no other relevant contact from the Client or other legitimately interested party (eg: Client's estate) before then directly relevant and specific to the document. Furthurmore, if we believe that any plan, circuit diagram or User Manual is not likely to or cannot be implemented for any reason with reasonable costs and efforts, we may freely dispose of it at any time and as we see fit and without prior notice.(2) ALL COMPLAINT DOCUMENTS: After 45 days of complaint receipt and after 45 days of item shipment (if an item is involved), if we receive no other communications from the complainer or other legitimately interested party before then directly relevant and specific to the complaint. (3) ALL OTHER CLIENT-RELATED DOCUMENTS (including but not limited to all webpages and promotions): After 45 days retention from day of its first creation or receipt by us if we receive no other communications from the Client or other legitimately interested party (eg: Client's estate) before then directly relevant and specific to the document. NOTE: When we design and layout a CD project device, because all of our designs and layouts are unique, they are never based on existing full circuit and layout diagrams. Instead, if the design and layout are not trivial such that we can do them at that time in varied forms strictly from memory, the design and layout consist of subfunction/subsection variations joined together and we then make whatever changes are required by both the Client's CDAF and the optimization of the circuitry. (4) ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS WE CREATED FOR OR ABOUT A CLIENT: (including but not limited to invoices and shipping receipts and proofs): After 45 days retention from day of its first creation or receipt by us if we receive no other communications from the Client or other legitimately interested party before then directly relevant and specific to the document. (5) ALL CLIENT-RELATED HARDWARE (including all hardware sent or sold to us, or that we have sold but all or part of it is still in our possession in any form): After a 45 days of our holding of the hardware from the day we created, assembled, last repaired, last modified, last upgraded, last tested or last obtained it for or from a Client; or last in writing contacted us about by the Client; or in writing contracted for by a Client in which the Client did not pay for it or did not completely pay for it (including all applicable S/H charges and Texas tax (if TX resident)); or Client provided any kind of bad payment; or Client has implied or stated to us that Client cannot or will not pay for any remaining project and/or storage fee balance on the hardware that has or may result even if we are able or may become able to successfully complete and/or ship the hardware to Client; or Client provided us an erroneous, unclear or incomplete shipping address or shipping instructions, or it was returned to us as being undeliverable and the address on the package was 100% identical to the address provided by the Client if we have not received a satisfactory response from the Client or legitimately interested party by then to correct the situation. Furthurmore, if we believe that any part, tool, test equipment, subassembly, assembly or any other hardware we own or possess or provided to us by the Client is broken beyond reasonable repair or replacement, or is dangerous, contaminated or cannot be successfully completed with reasonable costs or efforts, we may freely dispose of it at any time and as we see fit and without prior notice. (6) ALL CLIENT-RELATED SOFTWARE: After a 45 days retention from the day we created, last modified, last tested, or received it for or from a Client or shipped it to a Client if we receive no other communications from the Client or other legitimately interested party before then directly relevant and specific to the software.
        POLICY SCOPE: This Policy fully applies without prior notice by Lone Star Consulting, Inc., or liability or disadvantage to Lone Star Consulting, Inc. or to any of its officers, employees, agents, associates, contractors or vendors. This Policy fully applies to all item forms and formats, including but not necessarily limited to, originals, copies, reproductions, roughs, outtakes, prototypes, completed versions, uncompleted versions, earlier versions, samples, exemplars, mock-ups, templates, and unmodified versions. This Policy also fully applies to all possible recordkeeping media, including but not necessarily limited to, printed copy, hardware, computer media, computer memory, all forms of offsite storage, illustration, photographic, video, recording tape, film, microfilm, electrical, electronic, mechanical, optical, magnetic and chemical. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. does not authorize anyone to obtain, keep, copy or distribute records on it, on its Clients or on its officers, employees or contractors for any reason except those specifically authorized to do so by its Policies, or by law, or by Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s clear, explicit, prior and written authorization, and then only for the specific limited purposes and period that the Policy, law or authorization requires. "Destroy" refers to thoroughly shredding, burning up, throwing away, giving away, crushing, recycling or otherwise totally and permanently destroying or eliminating the document, hardware and software record. NOTE: We NEVER voluntarily provide a document, hardware or software record relevant to a Client transaction, service or product to any business or government entity without first obtaining the clear, explicit, prior and written permission from our Client (unless we reasonably believe that the Client has injured us or is attempting to injure us in some way or a legal, regulatory or administrative proceeding is reasonably anticipated, foreseeable, pending or filed), or we are otherwise explicitly required to do so by law.
        EXCEPTIONS & EXEMPTIONS: Much information, including such things as circuit designs, are stored in the memories of our personnel and not relegated to any kind of document or recording, will last in their memories as long as their memories last, and are totally exempt from these Policies. Human memory storage is intentional because it is the ultimate security against snoops and thus the ultimate protection for our Clients. We will retain documents, hardware and software records longer than their applicable retention periods above under the conditions stated above if, and only if: (1) The Client has contacted us at least once every 30 days in writing (email or postal mail only) after the retention period expires if, and only if, the Client first contacted us 3-15 days prior to the expiration of the retention period, all such contacts must in writing and EXPLICITY AND DIRECTLY MENTION his/her specific document, hardware or software record we have on file (storage fees apply), or (2) A legal, administrative or regulatory action was reasonably anticipated, foreseeable, pending or filed before the retention period elapses that explicitly calls for in writing or we reasonably believe will likely explicitly call for and require in writing the specific document, hardware or software record, or (3) We believe that retention of the specific record is legally required by applicable tax law or other business law known to us (eg: for tax law, we retain records of all payments made to us for at least 7 years, but the retention periods stated herein apply to all records of the identities of who made the payments, the addresses shipped to, and what the payments paid for), or (4) We believe retention of the specific record is important for the existence, safety, security or operation of Lone Star Consulting, Inc., or (5) We believe the specific record relates to a fraud, scam, threat or other crime or tort anticipated, ongoing, attempted or committed against Lone Star Consulting, Inc. or anyone else where we could also be injured, or (6) We otherwise believe we should retain the specific record to legally protect us, or (7) The Client or other legitimately interested party explicitly in writing (email or postal mail only) requested us 3-15 days prior to the retention period expiration to preserve the specific record for him/her for longer than the specified retention period above (storage fees apply), if, and only if, the Client specifies the specific retention period he/she requests and that retention period does not exceed two years, plus pays all storage fees on a timely basis. In all cases where storage fees apply, the requestor must prepay all expected or likely storage fees within 10 days of his/her request or his/her request is disregarded. NOTE: If an exception did apply at one time, once we reasonably believe that no exception any longer applies, or we accidentally, unintentionally or unknowingly preserved a record for a period longer than the period fully justified for preservation based on these Retention and Disposition Policies, we may then immediately dispose of the document, hardware or software record without any prior notice by us or loss, disadvantage or liability to us. Furthermore, the Client fully agrees without qualification or reservation not to use against Lone Star Consulting, Inc. any document, hardware or software record he/she claims to have retained if Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has already destroyed that record under these Retention and Disposition Policies because once a record is destroyed by us we have no way of knowing or verifying whether or not the record the Client claims to possess is an authentic, complete, unedited, unchanged and totally accurate record of what actually occurred between us and the Client. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. accepts no liability, refund payment, damage, loss, disadvantage, obligation or requirement for any notification or explanation for disposing or retaining of any document, hardware or software record based on its published Policies, even if done by mistake, negligence or accident.

GROUPED ITEMS: In some of our device descriptions, we have listed numerous related items, for examples, the manifestations caused by mind control weapons or possibly reduced by our devices, animal species our pest contoller devices are likely to affect, etc. These lists do not state or imply that some or all of the listed related items have been in any way affected, tested, evaluated, approved or disapproved by us, or occur or are linked together under any situation, or are the cause, caused by, affect, affected by each other or by the same or similar things, or are somehow related to each other, to us or to anything else.

PROBONO & GREATLY REDUCED COST OFFERS: Rarely, do we provide a device or consultation service on a probono or substantially reduced cost basis. We are a for-profit company, and in great demand. We typically work 60+ hours/week on our paid projects, research projects, and required upkeep, repair and maintenance of our facilities, tools, equipment and inventory availability. For each paid unique Customized Devices (CD) project - always our top priority - we put in many professional hours, and much of the equipment, tools, parts and materials we use are expensive. We aim for a 10% average profit for each paid CD project - a very low profit compared to many tech/customizer companies. This why we only seldom devote time to provide work that is not fully paid for. If you want us to do a free or lower-cost project for you, simply email us with a complete and concise statement of what you want us to do for you, how much you are willing to pay for it (that is less than 94% of the rough ballpark cost estimate we state in the Description of our device of interest to you), and describe why you should get a special cost break. If you do not receive an email response from us within one week, email us a second time. If we do not email you a "Yes" answer or you do not receive a response for us for your second email attempt, do NOT try to contact us again about your offer. If you change your offer to 94% - 100% of our rough ballpark cost estimate, send us your CDAF so we can seriously consider accepting your proposition.

POLICIES FORBIDDING CONTACT WITH US: We are an extremely busy for-profit corporation with serious staff shortages, so to not waste our time and your time, we cannot communicate with people whom we cannot or will not be able to serve based on our policies. If we cannot or will not be able to serve you, we will almost certainly not respond to you beyond this message with no liability to us. Under the conditions below, do NOT contact us or do NOT further contact us. NOTE: Some of these conditions permit limited (by us) short-term contact with us, which requires our receipt from you of an acceptable Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF) + the stated Evaluation Fee (Postal Money Order or cash in $US only); these types of conditions have "(CDAF)" appended to them. The "(CDAF)" will allow you to explain why an exception should be made for you:
.... (1) Lone Star Consulting, Inc. (us) has no control over any device or advice received by the Client. Therefore, the Client assumes 100% liability for anything and everything he/she does relevant to any device or advice it receives from us, AND he/she will fully and immediately idemnify us for all direct and indirect injuries and/or legal costs and expenses such Client use, misuse or abuse of any device or advice causes us, if any. If you will not or cannot totally and unconditionally agree with these conditions, do not contact us.
.... (2) Our CDAF form is an enforceable contract between us. If you or we cannot do an enforceable contract with us or you for any reason, do not contact us. Also, read the CDAF form on our specproj.htm webpage, it has certain Required conditions that you must agree with. If you cannot or do not agree with any one or more of these required conditions, do not contact us.
.... (3) If we cannot 100% legally and ethically do business with you for any reason, do not contact us.
.... (4) If you cannot 100% legally and ethically do business with us for any reason, do not contact us.
.... (5) If you want us to design, build or advise you on how to design or build a mind control weapon or revenge device, do not contact us.
.... (6) If the only thing you need us to provide you are medical, legal (including as an expert witness), investigative or paranormal devices, advices or other services do not contact us (we are not licensed in these professions). All of such opinions from us are lay personal opinions only. If you also want us to provide anything we can provide you, first strip away all devices, advices and services which require professional licensing to provide.
.... (7) You must 100% unconditionally agree with this statement: "I 100% intend to use this customized device/consultation service (ie: CD project) solely for legal utility, educational and/or entertainment purposes only in all jurisdictions I may use this device in." If you cannot or will not do this, do not contact us.
.... (8) We ship directly to the shipping address of the Client. We never ship to intermediates. If you cannot receive all of our letters and package directly from us to your shipping address for any reason, do not contact us. (CDAF)
.... (9) If you cannot or will not reliably contact us by email or by USPS mail, do not contact us. (CDAF)
.... (10) We accept only 3 forms of payment: (A) Postal Money Order (PMO) in $US (no clearance period); or (B) Cash dollars in $US (no clearance period); or (C) Check or other money order in $US (90+ day clearance period to clear banking system). WE ACCEPT NO OTHER FORM OF PAYMENT. If you cannot pay us by (A), (B) or (C), do not contact us. (CDAF)
.... (11) You must 100% unconditionally agree with all of the relevant policies found on our policies.htm webpage, all policy pages linked to policies.htm, the CDAF form, and all other written policies relevant to you and your CD project and for every other CD project you have with Lone Star Consulting, Inc. If you cannot or will not do this, do not contact us.
.... (12) At all times, unless you are physically incapable, you must be able to directly and personally communicate with us unless you have our prior written approval (with no liability to us if we approve or disapprove) to communicate with you thru an intermediate, agent, friend, relative, legal authority, guardian, associate, employee, employer, contractor, etc. If you cannot or will not agree to all of this, do not contact us. (CDAF)
.... (13) If you contact us for any matter not directly related to a CD project of interest to you or one we have done for you, and you do not have our prior written permission to contact us, stop contacting us immediately. For example, the Internet is full of technical info on mind control technology. Any competent electronic engineer or technician can design and build mind control weapon systems, and apparently a vast number do with no help from us. While we certainly know how mind control technology works and how many of the weapons are likely designed and built, we do not and never have sold mind control weapons nor assist or consult with anyone into making their own weapons. We do mind control countermeasures and transmitter location devices only. So, we are NOT the direct or indirect source of any mind control weapon that some believe is being used to attack them, their family member(s) or their friend(s). With the apparent 1,000s of mind control perps on our planet, no perp is our friend, relative, associate, business client or someone we report to. No perp reports to us or confides in us about his/her wants or activities. We are totally anti-perp! If you or your relative, and/or your friend is being attacked using mind control signals, we certainly would like to try to help you with our mind control countermeasure and transmitter locator devices, but do NOT blame us for the harmful signals. (CDAF)
.... (14) If at any time you are not serious about providing us an acceptable CDAF or payment towards a CD project, then do not contact us or stop contacting us, except if and when you change your mind and provide us an acceptable CDAF..

CRITICAL IMPORTANCE OF RESEARCH DONATIONS: Mind control and electronic attacks are the scourge of this century! An horrific scourge that very few in law enforcement will even consider addressing, forcing TIs to go on their own. However, we at Lone Star Consulting, Inc., constantly do research, design and development (R&D) into mind control and electronic attack technologies - for decades now - as well as in many other critical technologies (eg: energy, personal security and survival, radionics, etc., see our webpages). Clearly, new electronic attack technologies and methods are constantly being developed and deployed by the perps. Our sophisticated scientific R&D efforts are very costly to do (try buying a new spectrum analyzer lately?), and are paid for by both Clients who purchase devices from us and donors - people who are smart enough to know that our R&D results can translate into devices which can be applied to their specific problems and the problems of so many others like them. Donors greatly help support our R&D with their generous donations. In short, both paid CD projects and donations are highly welcomed and needed. So please contract for a Customized Devices (CD) project with us, and/or please donate as much as you can and as soon as you can. For those who provide us substantial donations, we will often steer our R&D in directions that may help them. If we can find a way to legally provide valued donors the devices of interest to them that we do not normally provide to the general public or devices that require special R&D on our part, either of which efforts the donations allow us to afford to do, we will do our reasonable best to accommodate their needs and the needs of other non-donors like them. As long as we had already intended to do this specific type of R&D, your generous donations can make us afford to do the R&D or to do it better and faster if we are already doing it. How much we are able to do R&D more in a direction of interest to a donor depends on the type of R&D efforts that must be made, the device types the donor is interested in, the R&D's applicability to many other non-donors with similar needs and interests and for the greater good, and to what extent the donation makes it possible for us to do this R&D. We are very thankful for all donations. Any payment made to us that does not specifically and explicitly state that it is payment for a specific Customized Device (CD) project(s) in which we received and approved a Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF) for will be considered to be a donation. Any payment made to us in which we previously clearly state in writing is a donation, bequest, gift or similar will be considered to be a donation - even if the Client has provided us a prior CDAF and/or stated in writing he/she wants to contract with us for a specific CD device-type. Also considered to be donations: (1) To any payment made to us in which there does not exist a valid CDAF for a CD project that the payment can be reasonably applied to, (2) To any payment part in excess of the cost of its applicable CD project, (3) To any unsuccessful CD project payment part in excess of the 1/3rd non-refundable down payment in which the Client fails to apply for a refund within 45 days of the Estimated Time for CD project completion, and (4) To any payment made in which we believe the Client acted dishonestly, deceptively, in bad faith or for a criminal, unethical or tortious purpose. No donation is ever refundable to any extent, nor considered as payment for any particular device-type or service the Client may be interested in or for any debt the Client may owe us. We very strongly appreciate our valuable supporters, so please contract with us for your CD projects, and please, please donate.

BETA TESTERS: A "beta device" is an unique, experimental device used to test out research findings, with the objective of using the technology developed from it for future devices-types we may market. A "beta tester" is a volunteer, prior and explicitly approved by us in writing, who tests beta devices. As part of our ongoing researches, we will likely, but not always, produce beta device versions and seek volunteer beta testers to test them. We highly value our beta testers, and give those who provide us helpful data and advice substantial cost breaks for future CD devices they want to contract for, plus top priority in their current and future CD projects scheduling. All of the devices we provide are unique, experimental and handmade (using our technical and artistic skills, tools and materials). This is especially true for our beta devices. If you want to be a beta device tester for us, please email us clearly stating that you want to be our beta tester, and the types of technologies you want to beta test. You do not have to be a donor or prior Client to be a beta tester; however, because donors and prior Clients are virtually always much more enthusiastic and interested in our researches than non-donors and non-Clients, and we can produce only a very limited number of beta devices, we much prefer donors/Clients over all others, especially substantial donors/Clients. Beta testers are strictly UNPAID VOLUNTEERS, we provide no compensation whatsoever. Beta testers must agree to all of our Policies stated on our Policies webpages, except Policies relevant to guarantees and refunds as they do not apply to beta testers because we do not charge for our beta devices. Beta testers must provide us a written report after beta testing a device, within 30 days of receiving the device, else we have the option of charging them our full cost for the device-type closest to the beta device. Since beta devices are all unique, they must be made from scratch, and can only be made when our research requires them to be made, it may take several weeks for us to provide any beta device to a beta tester and only when our research requires a beta device(s). While in most cases, we allow a beta tester to keep any device(s) we send him/or, we may require that the beta tester return the device(s) we provide him/her, in which cases, the beta tester must return all such devices, totally at his/her expense, within 10 days of a written request from us to return the device(s). If not returned within 10 days, the beta tester must pay us for the device(s) in full within 30 days after the 10 days. The beta tester agrees to not provide any device(s) we provide him/her, nor any information they may learn or derive from a beta device, to anyone other than us for any reason. Furthermore, the beta tester agrees not to try to reverse engineer, disassemble, modify, repair or create a circuit diagram or layout diagram to any beta device(s) we provide him/her, and to also hold strictly confidential all aspects of the technology involved in the device(s), and is also forbidden to disclose to anyone that he/she is a beta tester for us without our prior written explicit permission. However, we may provide written permission for a qualified beta tester to make certain repairs and modifications we believe are needed, mostly to tweak a beta device to work better. We basically pre-test beta devices we send to our beta testers for function and safety, however, since the purpose of beta testing is for others to see how well the beta devices work at their locations and environments, we cannot anticipate nor supervise testing by beta testers, nor verify that they properly use and store beta devices, so we do not guarantee the safety nor function of any beta device. If we provide the beta tester a beta device(s) to test, the beta tester has no right to use or abuse the device in any way that is careless, negligent, illegal, unethical or immoral, and agrees to be totally responsible and liable for all results from accepting, using, abusing, handling or storing a beta device that results in any kind of injury or complaint either by him/her or any third party(ies), and to immediately reimburse, defend, indemnify and hold harmless LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. from any and all such injuries and complaints that may result. Our beta tester Policies do NOT establish any partnership, joint venture, employment, franchise, sales representative or agency relationship between beta testers and us, LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC., nor with anyone associated with LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Note: We cannot guarantee that we can or will send any beta device to any beta tester; first, the beta device must pass all tests on the beta device performed by us (it makes no sense to send out beta devices we believe will likely fail), and second, we must determine ourselves whether or not the beta tester and beta device are acceptable matches to us.

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CAUTION: BEWARE OF CROOKS POSING AS LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. HARDWARE DEALERS, AND THOSE SELLING SOUND-ALIKE OR LOOK-ALIKE HARDWARE PRODUCTS OR Customized Devices SERVICES. All of these fly-by-nights are crooks which will either steal your money outright or provide you with a butchered-up and outdated versions of our products. And some of these "dealers" are sting operations. LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. has NO DEALERS on the Internet or anywhere else. All Items must be purchased directly from LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. of EL PASO, TX, USA, as Customized Devices (no Off-the-Shelf or Over-the-Counter Hardware). Please report all rip-off operations you run into to LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Be advised that for anyone to offer a legitimate Customized Devices Service as comprehensive as that of LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. requires not only an extraordinary high level of design talent but enormous access to test equipment, tools, parts, reference materials, software, circuit databases, etc that few people can provide, and those that can require years - even decades - to achieve the required functional level.

              Purpose: These guidelines shall apply to all transactions related to the acquisition, maintenance, sale or other final disposition of Lone Star Consulting, Inc.-owned tangibe property.
              The guidelines set forth in this document shall be known as the company's capitalization Policy, and serve as Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s compliance with the Internal Revenue Code and the tangible property regulations promulgated thereunder. The guidelines are intended to be used for the company's financial accounting purposes.
              Tangible Property: Refers to all tangible personal and real property acquired ownership or produced by the company as implements, tools, materials, supplies, equipment, furniture, land, buildings and fixtures for its places of business for the purpose of carrying out all aspects of business operations. All such tangible property with an acquisition cost of more than $500* shall be capitalized and depreciated over its estimated useful life.
             Tangible Property Not Subject to Capitalization:
              De Minimis Amounts: Amounts paid to acquire or produce tangible property not exceeding $500* are to be charged to the appropriate de minimis property expense accounts. All tangible property expenditures with an acquistion or production cost under the stated threshold are to be charged to the expense accounts. This Policy does not apply to land, buildings, and other real property.
              De Minimis Amounts: Amounts paid to acquire or produce tangible property having an economic useful life (as defined in Section 1.1623(c)(3)) of 12 months or less are to be charged to the appropriate de minimis property expense accounts. All tangible property expenditures with an economic useful life of 12 months or less are to be charged to the expense accounts. This Policy does not apply to land, buildings, and other property.

*$500 is the default limit which applies if Lone Star Consulting, Inc. does not have an Applicable Financial Statement (AFS). If Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has an AFS, this limit is $5,000.

In addition to all of our Policies described on this webpage and our other webpages, the following Policies also fully apply => Policies

In addition to all of our Policies described on this webpage and on our other webpages, the following Policies also fully apply relevant to John Williams and to all members of his family => Personal Policies

MISSING, CONFUSING OR CONTRADICTORY POLICIES: We try to write our policies as complete, clear and detailed as we reasonably can, but our Clients are global and from all different kinds of abilities and backgrounds. If you do not read on our policies webpages a policy applicable to your particular situation, do NOT assume that we have no such policy. We cannot anticipate every possible need for a policy before something happens in this ever-changing world. Also, some things happen so rarely or are even unique or are so minor that we are not going to burden readers by adding more text to our policies webpages. Or if you find a policy relevant to you to be confusing or contradictory, do NOT assume which interpretation by us is correct. In all missing, confusing and contradictory policies situations, please email us your policy concerns and receive our email response prior to deciding whether to do business with us. If you do not email us about your serious policy concerns prior to your business decision, our decision of what the relevant policy is or how it is to be interpreted is totally at our discretion with no liability to us.

REFUSAL TO PROVIDE US DETAILED INFORMATION IN A DISPUTE: We are sometimes contacted by people trying to run scams on us or to harass us. All disputes must be conducted in writing to be valid, limited to emails and USPS First Class Mail. If we find that you have a justifiable dispute with us, of course we want to settle it in a fair way to both you and us. We do care about our Clients. But we can't do that without the facts. If you claim to have a dispute with us, but when asked by us for relevant details to verify or contradict your dispute, you fail or refuse to provide adequate details in your next contact with us, but instead, continue to harass us in any way, then you fully agree to pay us up front $1,000 per attempted contact with us (plus all additional costs caused to us directly or indirectly due to your attempted contact with us, plus interest (if applicable)), beyond that point after we inform you to stop harassing us. We also reserve our right not to open up any such future contact attempt by you or not to respond to your contact attempt with no liability to us. We also reserve our right to file harassment and stalking complaints against you with anybody we believe may stop harassment with no liability to us, including, but not limited to, filing in court and complaining to various law enforcement agencies. Also, all contacts are in the English language and unencrypted, and if you or someone on your behalf contacts us about a dispute, that person must be fluent in English so that we clearly understand what that person is telling us. Also, threats (implied or real) and vulgar language will not be responded to and may also result in us filing complaints against you with no liability to us.

EMERGENCY POLICY AND PRACTICES CHANGES: For years, people have contacted us to find loopholes in our policies to rip-us-off and/or to set us up or get us into trouble. The result is that we have been in a constant and sometimes frantic effort to patch up loopholes (why our policies webpages must be so long and detailed, and adds costs to our devices). Also, while we do not keep our Client info or designs in any data file of our creation accessible thru the Internet in our fanatical efforts to protect our Clients' private data and our designs, and we keep very high physical security here, some Client emailed data might be stored on servers owned by others and beyond our control, and they themselves may be surveilled by perps, and there is always the remote possibilities of stolen mail, other thefts or surveillance or having our facilities invaded, and there are very sophisticated global criminals now attacking U.S. companies big and small, and much of our work is very controversial, making us an especially big target. We are fanatical about protecting our Good Clients' privacy - we go way beyond what any other company does to protect our Good Clients. And our Country is now in danger of pandemics, insurrections and being suddenly taken over by a dictator or foreign power or descending into anarchy. Therefore, without prior notice or liability to us, under what we suspect to be possible imminent threat to us (ie: we believe we have been targeted in a way that we feel threatened that our Client and/or design data may likely be in serious near-future jeopardy), our property, our Clients, our designs and/or our hardware, we may change any of our policies and practices, which may or may not be stated anywhere on our website, on-the-fly and without prior notice and possibly without future disclosure, and with no liability to us. Even if a policy or practice is changed, it may remain on our webpages, because in vitually all cases, the changes will be temporary and short-lived, and will in most cases affect only a few people for a short duration .
      Note 1: These policy and practice changes may be small or large, and they may result in permanent losses or damages of some or all of Client records and/or our designs, and/or of our special devices, materials, parts, tools and equipment that we use to do our specialized jobs. Any of our policies and practices, including, but not limited, to our Retention and Preservation policies, maybe so changed.
      Note 2: These policy and practices changes may be directed towards everyone governed by our policies (eg: we believe we are under a mass threat of some kind), or directed towards a group governed by our policies (eg: perps apparently attacking a group for whatever reasons), or directed towards an individual (eg: we appear to be targeted because because a perp(s) is attacking a person who is governed by our policies; a person who claims to be or have been a Client of ours, whether or not true, but we cannot verify who he/she actually is and/or what he/she is telling us and appears to be trying to coerce us into doing something injurious or is otherwise acting very suspicious and menacing).

These exceptions:
      (1) We will not destroy or change specific policies, practics, specific records and/or specific hardware if we are ordered by a law enforcement agency or by a court of competent jurisdiction in time for us to be able to preserve the policies.
      (2) No later than June 5, 2021 or 10 days after you first contact us, whichever comes later, you notify us in writing (email or USPS mail only) that you want us to preserve the list of specific policies and practices you attached to your writing, AND you receive a written response from us acknowledging and specifically addressing your notice that shows that we received and clearly understand in detail the specifics of your notification and each and every listed policy or practice you want to be preserved for you intact, regardless of whatever perceivied threats to us or to you (thru us), with no liability to us. This is your opt-out window. Note: If you opt out, and in our view your opting out may significantly damage the protection we are trying to provide to other Clients, ourselves, our designs, and/or our hardware, we may immediately ban you forever from all future contact with us and stop all work we may be doing for you (if any), with no liability to us. If you do not opt-out in time, then you forever lose your opportunity to opt-out in the future, even if we do future projects for you. And if you opt-out you can never opt-in again.

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