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Please Mail All of Your Envelopes and Packages to:

          P.O. Box 23097
          Albuquerque, NM 87192, USA

NOTE: Please note that Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Contractors process all of our incoming mail for safety and security purposes, and we have trusted their support, assistance and confidentiality for years. This is important to us because much of the work we do for the general public - especially in mind control, electronic attack and energy technologies - is highly controversial and upsets certain powerful special interests which highly profit from using them against the public.

BUYING FROM US IS SIMPLE & EASY: (1) Select the Unique Customized Device(s) (CDs) You Want from our Topical Webpages (see: Sitemap, then Back Button to return here; we are not limited to these Device-Types), (2) Print and Complete your CDAF Form below (one CDAF for each Device; describe what you want us to do for you as best as you reasonably can), (3) Mail Us Your CDAF(s) to address below. (4) Then, email us right away so we can start work on your estimates for your unique CD Project(s). We Email/Mail to You Within 3 Days about Your CD Project Estimates. We want to do an Excellent Job for You.

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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF) for Unique, Original, Made-to-Order, Special Needs, Weird, Controversial, High-Tech Customized Devices

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. of El Paso, Texas welcomes you. Thank you very much for considering us to meet your important Customized Devices and other needs.

High-Tech Customized Devices (CD)
Program and Application Form (CDAF)

Unique, Original, Made-to-Order, Special Needs, Weird, Controversial, High-Tech Customized Devices Services

Research, design, redesign, develop, test, modify, troubleshoot, repair, improvise, reverse engineer, and/or prototype Customized Devices relating to high-tech survival and security: Electronics, computers, Internet, energy, computers, phones, audio, video, financial, vehicles, electromagnetic, microwave, radar, radio, ultrasonic, infrasonic, surveillance, improvised weapons & lab devices, countermeasures, medical, radionics, privacy, mind control, unexplained phenomena - much more! Includes scientific devices, industrial devices, commercial devices, personal devices, and inventions of most types.

Lone Star Consulting, Inc. - High-Tech Consulting

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Hello! We support many technologies. For introduction into how to obtain hardware and our design philosophy, please go to our Home Page: Home. Hotlinks to all of our Device Types: Devices. Hotlinks to all of our high-tech Topics, Titles: Site Map. When you are done, please use your Browser's Back Button to return here.

HI-TECH HARDWARE, DEVICES WE HAVE DONE / CAN DO: Research, design and development of Customized Devices based on a myriad of complex technologies requires not only a very high level of electronic and scientific knowledge and skills, which takes decades of intense education and hands-on lab and shop experience, but also the availability of a huge inventory of parts, supplies, test equipment, hand/shop tools, and design/data references. John J. Williams, M.S.E.E. (U. Texas), has 30+ years of electronic research, design and development experience. Fly-by-night Internet outfits (one even located in Estonia), making all kinds of wild and unsupported hardware claims based on gibberish, are all over the Internet with their glitzy websites like greed on a stock broker's face, but vanish as soon as their victims realize they were ripped off by them. We have no contacts outside of the USA. For reliable professional capabilities, you must rely upon LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC., El Paso, Texas, in business in El Paso for more than a decade.
         Don't know what our technical capabilities are and how they can meet YOUR SPECIAL NEEDS? See the high-tech Device Customizations we have done / can do => www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/devices.htm (NOTE: We are not limited to these device types - we will seriously consider doing almost anything legal).

One CDAF form is required for EACH proposed Customized Devices (CD) Project. Please now print out this webpage, or at a minimum, print out the CDAF form between the two horizontal lines below (you save several printed pages if you print this out at 75%). Then read, complete by hand in dark ink, and mail your CDAF to us with your $40 non-refundable Evaluation Fee in cash, or check or money order (Payable To: "Lone Star Consulting, Inc."), or Money Transfer Service (MTS) (To: "John J. Williams"). We then provide you time and cost estimates in typically 5-10 days. These estimates will be in our "Customized Device (CD ) Cost & Time Estimates" Form we respond to your CDAF with. You are under no obligation to accept our estimates. If your CD requires sending us equipment or manuals, please clear with us first. Please Note: (1) If you specify a CD project that we cannot reasonably provide you based on our policies, we cannot provide you estimates, (2) We cannot complete any part of the CDAF Form for you, "put words in your mouth", or recommend a particular device (we can tell you which of our devices are most popular for the types of needs you describe) - while we will certainly reasonably discuss your proposed CD project with you, all capabilities and features you need must come directly from you because you know your situation much better than we do.

ESTIMATES: We cannot provide you time and cost estimates without your properly completed and received CDAF form. For device-types which we describe on our webpages, costs estimates are almost always within ±5% of the rough ballpark cost estimate figures for our device types found on our webpages (mostly because parts prices fluctuate), as long as the Client does not substantially depart from our written description for the basic device-type, and he/she chooses Least Expensive Way to Go (below) and either battery or VAC operation (but not both). Also, since our cost estimates include S/H, if your address is non-USA or requires expedited shipping, our cost estimates will be a little higher. And resulting costs for a successfully completed and tested CD project are almost always within ±5% of estimated costs. All of our devices are unique customized devices so we permit great variations in Client specifications - more than anything else, we are a customizing shop. Clients whose device-type specifications are substantially more complex, more labor- or parts-intensive, and/or require parts/materials of much greater costs and/or special or unusual test equipment which we must obtain usually result in higher estimated and/or resulting costs.

HOW WE RESPOND: We cannot guarantee that we will respond to your CDAF within a few days of you mailing it to us - even if you mail it Overnight. That's because we usually don't email a response until we are able to evaluate your CDAF, which may take several days as we must do preliminary circuit design(s), find parts availabilities and costs, and estimate times. Also, it may take us several days to address our office mail because it may arrive just before a weekend or holiday, we may be tied up in the lab or finishing up on prior projects, a key person may be ill or away, and/or we may be out in the field. HOW TO EXPEDITE OUR EVALUATION: You can expedite our evaluation process by either accurately describing in detail by email (not by phone) what your completed and mailed CDAF contains, or by scanning in your completed CDAF and Evaluation Fee payment, and emailing it to us (tekmaster) as a PDF, JPG, GIF or TXT attachment (no other file format is acceptable). In either case, we can start our evaluation typically within two work days. However, we cannot provide you estimates of your emailed CDAF until we either receive your printed original CDAF with Evaluation Fee in the mail, or you provide us a Delivery Confirmation Tracking # so we can verify that you sent it to us (your mailing to us must include both your CDAF and your $40 Evaluation Fee, if either is missing, or your hard copy CDAF details do not closely match your email CDAF details, or we don't receive your mailed CDAF within 10 days of you contacting us about it, our estimates are automatically void).

Submit ALL PAGES of the CDAF below - even if you make no entries on a page

CD Application Form (CDAF) (CDAF last updated 2/10/19)

Please Mail Your Completed CDAF to:

          P.O. Box 23097
          Albuquerque, NM 87192, USA

NOTE 1: After mailing your completed CDAF, please email us right away to TEKMASTER for us to expect your CDAF, and briefly describe your unique Customized Devices (CD) Project so that we can start immediately to analyze your needs, look for parts availabilities and prices, and determine time and cost estimates for your proposed CD Projects. Upon arrival of your CDAF, we email you about your estimates. Please note that Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Contractors process all of our incoming mail for safety and security purposes, and we have trusted their support, assistance and confidentiality for years. This is important to us because much of the work we do for the general public - especially in mind control, electronic attack, radionics and energy technologies - is highly controversial and upsets certain powerful special interests which highly profit from using them against the public.

NOTE 2: We much prefer that you mail us your CDAF by USPS First Class Mail in a well-sealed envelope than to email it to us as an email attachment. As policy, we do our CD Projects on a first-come, first-serve basis. Since we go by the postmark date on received envelopes with valid CDAFs to determine queue positions, emailing your CDAF is not a time advantage. The simple fact is that USPS mail is much safer for your CDAF. Your CDAF provides us the details on what is afflicting you, who do you think the perps may be, and what you want us to do for you. Perps would love to get their hands on these details, and perhaps even change, delete or add to them, and/or to their methods of attack. We have found that many mind control and electronic attack perps are sophisticated and with good resources. Sometimes emails do not even get thru to us, and some get deleted by spam filters. However, if you have no other choice but to email us your CDAF as an attachment, that is also OK with us (we no longer do faxes) (if you do not get a response from us in 3 work days, then email us again). Your CDAF email attachment must be in TXT, or JPG or GIF image format. Since many other formats can be infected (eg: DOC, XLS, some PDF, HTML, ZIP, RAR, etc.) we never open up attachments that are not in TXT, JPG or GIF format. We also never click on website links. Keep in mind that by sending us your CDAF by email, you accept the fact that your emailed CDAF is just as valid as your hand-signed and dated CDAF you send to us by USPS mail.

NOTE 3: DO NOT CHANGE, DELETE, ADD TO, MODIFY OR MISINTERPRET ANY PART OF THIS CDAF CONTRACT. If such an action is made by an applicant which is believed to cause injury to Lone Star Consulting, Inc., or to any of its owners, officers, employees, agents and/or contractors (ie: its people), Lone Star Consulting, Inc. shall have the full right and discretion, with no liability to itself or to any of its people, to cancel this contract, not do or stop this CD project, keep all monies received for this CD project, demand full payment for this CD project, demand compensation with or without punity damages for injuries caused to it and/or to its people, forever bar the applicant from ever applying again, and/or to file criminal charges (if serious criminality is believed to be involved). It is best to just print this CDAF form out completely, then properly complete all of its parts, then mail it to us.

Your name, address: _________________________________________              Date: ____/____/20___




PLEASE COMPLETELY, ACCURATELY AND CLEARLY BY NAME or FUNCTIONALLY DESCRIBE YOUR CD THE BEST YOU CAN (NOTE: Estimates are based only upon what you describe here in writing, and NOT on any verbal statements or subsequent writings that modify your proposed CD project and make it more costly. Attach additional sheets as needed (sign and date each one and refer to them below). If you intend that the Device be later mass-produced (e.g. invention prototyping), then please specify that below, else we will design it to be individually optimized, and assume that you have no intentions of later reproducing the Device):

Intended End Use* (required): _____ For legal ____________________________________ purposes only.
*Initial before "For" above, then you MUST briefly describe your legal purposes, between "For legal" and "purposes". One example: "For legal personal use purposes only".

As a CD, and at additional costs, we will also provide you the schematics, plans (includes schematics), and-or source code to your CD device. LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. is making available to the public in CDROM format, the schematics/plans/source code for some of the devices we used to keep Top Secret, and they are available with or without the actual device. In some cases for proprietary reasons, we cannot provide you schematics, plans or source code. If provided, they will be provided for your personal, private and noncommercial uses only unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.

If your CD is a powered device, check one: (A) ___Battery. (B) ___120 VAC. (C) ___Both Battery & 120 VAC. ___ .
          If you picked (C) above, do you want us to also include a simple trickle-current battery charging circuit which will charge some types of batteries when you have both batteries installed and a 120VAC power adapter connected up and turned On at the same time, whether or not the device's ON/OFF Switch is On or Off: ___ Yes. ___ No.

THE LEAST EXPENSIVE WAY TO GO (LEWTG): _______ Initial here if you want LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. to select for you the technology, parts, design, box, labeling, and type of circuit board to be used in my CD. Else, complete (A) - (D) below (if you do not initial here and you do not complete (A) - (D) below indicating other than LEWTG, we will assume LEWTG):

(A) If you need a CD to be based on a certain technology (e.g. surface mount), or use special parts or designs, specify or provide them (they will usually add costs to your CD). IF you require special technology/parts/designs, specify/provide:
NOTE: If you do not specify/provide them or we cannot otherwise acquire and implement them, we will design and realize your hardware using what we view to be best and most economical technology/parts/designs for your hardware.

For your CD hardware box (i.e. enclosure or chassis), choose or provide the type and size of the box you require. For most circuits, we recommend standard plastic cassette type boxes because they: (1) Allow the quickest and easiest access to the circuitry by you and us, (2) Are inconspicuous (a very big plus for those who hate snoops and thieves!), (3) Are insulating and lightweight and yet tough, (4) Are usually the least expensive, and (5) Are usually most easily and most inconspiculously stored. This is just our recommendation in most but not all cases - you can of course specify or even supply your own box if you wish as long as the parts fit into it. Radio Shack is one good source for plastic/metal boxes of a variety of sizes and shapes. Other boxes are available from electronics industrial retailers. You may specify/submit one or several boxes and let us choose one. IF you want to choose/provide the type and size of the box, specify:
NOTE : If you specify your box, provide us the exact part number and source for it, and of course it must be available to us. For extra small sizes, unusual shapes, tight fits and/or special materials, cost and time estimates will go up considerably. If you do not choose/provide the type and size of your box, we will usually use a high quality plastic cassette box.

(C) For box labeling, we recommend the Casio or similar Label Printer that prints out plastic self-sticking labels. IF you prefer another type of box labeling, specify or provide:
NOTE : Unless otherwise specified/provided, we will label with a Casio or similar Label Printer.

(D) For your CD circuit board, you may choose Prototype Board (heavily sprayed with clear acrylic or similar coating to seal and secure the circuitry from vibration and humidity), Printed Circuit Board (PCBs are relatively very expensive in small quantities), or Perf Board. We recommend Prototype Board (most circuits) because if you wish or need to, you or us can better change parts (e.g. for later updates, modifications, repairs and testing), and we can usually more precisely realize your circuit (since de-soldering is not required for board parts, we hand-pick and test critical parts to produce the most precise results for YOUR needs). IF you want to choose the circuit board type, specify:
NOTE: If you do not choose the circuit board type, we will usually use Prototype Board heavily sprayed with clear acrylic or similar, or PCB for high-current, high-voltage, high frequency, and/or very high input impedance designs. If PCB is chosen, we will notify you in the estimates form.

(E) ________ Initial here should you want a new customized ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY COUNTER for your unique CD Project (highly recommended for all CD Projects that processes or produces sinewave, square wave or triangular wave frequencies between 0.009 Hz and 99,999 Hz).

NOTE: You are under no obligation to accept our cost and time estimates which we will provide you if we can do your CD . If you do accept our estimates, to start your CD, we will require a non-refundable 1/3 downpayment. Our receipt of your payment of your 1/3 downpayment is the same as your explicit agreement to all descriptions and all other policies related to your unique CD project as part of the conditions of this contract, and we will initiate your CD immediately.

I HAVE FULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND, AND UNCONDITIONALLY AGREE TO AND AFFIRM ALL OF LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.'S DESCRIPTIONS AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS STATED IN THIS "CUSTOMIZED DEVICES APPLICATION FORM," AND IN ITS POLICIES. (NOTE: If you are a minor or for any other reason you can't make a legal contract, this contract must be signed by your parent or legal guardian). For us to serve you best, please CLEARLY PRINT your info below - especially your email address to email you our estimates.

Date: ___/___/20____   Email (clearly print), #1: ________________________________ #2:________________________________
Voice#: _____________________________(__Day/__Eve.; __Home/__Office)      ____ I have mailed/included $40 Eval. Fee
Other Phone#: ___________________________(__Day/__Eve.; __Home/__Office) 

Print Name: ____________________________________Sign: _____________________________________

Physical Address_________________________________________________________________________________
Shipping Address (if different)_______________________________________________________________

Please read and correctly answer all below that apply to you (we may later require additional information). This CDAF fully applies to this specific requested unique Customized Device (CD) project, and to any and all additional CD projects for the same or similar device-type you request herein to contract for, and also to any and all replacements, updates, repairs, modifications, additions and deletions which are in any way relevant to this device, to any document and/or to any communication relevant to the CD project this CDAF covers:

(1) ______ Initial here if your only intent for your CD is for legal utility, educational and-or entertainment purposes only, and that you are fully legally authorized to buy, have shipped to you, possess, use, store, and have later modified and/or repaired (if necessary) this device or service in the form described by you and/or LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. (required).

(2) ______ Initial here if you fully understand and agree that no CD terms and conditions found herein and on our policies webpage (www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/policies.htm) can be modified in any way by any expressed or implied statement to the contrary unless mutually and explicitly agreed to in writing (required). NOTE: We respect your privacy and confidentiality: We never sell, trade, give away, or distribute mail lists of our Good Clients.

(3) ______ Initial here if you fully exercise YOUR First and Fourth Amendment Rights and YOUR Privacy Rights through LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. to lawfully bar anyone from forcing LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. to release details about your name, address and data relating to your order to any government, government-like (eg: BBB), government contractor, criminal or political entity. (required). NOTE-1: We do not have any global partners; nor do we sell, trade or give away a good Client's personal data. NOTE-2: While we have not had, don't have, and don't anticipate any problems with the law known to us, like all other businesses, LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. is subject to the laws and their interpretations - even those that are highly contrary to its stern Privacy and Confidentiality policies and wishes and the unexpressed wishes of its potential Clients and Clients. We are not Russia - although it often seems that way! For us to best protect your privacy and confidentiality regarding your dealings with LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC., please initial here as your EXPRESSED wish to be FREE from all forms of government, government-like, criminal and political access to your data, which puts us in a much better legal position to protect your privacy and confidentiality, should that ever become necessary.

(4) ______ Initial here if you learned about us thru word-of-mouth of a ____relative, ____friend, ____neighbor, ____associate, ____colleague, ____employer, ____employee, ____contractor, ____agent, ____medical professional, ____legal professional of yours (check all that apply). Many of our CD projects result from word-of-mouth contacts. (required if it applies).
          ________Initial here if this word-of-mouth person was also a Client of ours for which we did, are doing, or will be doing one or more CD devices for. If so, what is the name(s) of the relevant device(s): ________________________________________________________, and about how long ago was this person one of our Clients: _______ (___days, ___ weeks, ___ months, or ___ years). NOTE: Please do not disclose this person's identity here.

(5) ______ Initial here if you have been, are being and/or will be paid, rewarded and/or otherwise compensated by any person and/or entity for contacting us or doing business with us. (required if it applies). If so, fully disclose the identity(ies) of all such persons and entities: ___________________________________________________________________.

(6) ______ Initial here if you intend to use, test or store this CD device or service on any property owned, leased, rented, managed, controlled, operated or paid for directly or indirectly by any government entity or at the behest of or on the behalf of any government entity. If so, provide the exact name of this government entity, the total functions and intentions of this entity as it applies to you and to your CD, the headquarters address of this entity, and a clear and complete statement that describes your relationship with this entity relevant to this CD project. (required if it applies):

(7) ______ Initial here if you intend to use, test or store this CD on any property owned, leased, rented, managed, controlled, operated or paid for directly or indirectly by any person or other entity who would object to the use, testing or storage of your CD device on his/her/their property (required if it applies).

(8) ______ Initial here if you are a DEALER, SELLER, RE-SELLER, EXPORTER, BUYER OR AGENT FOR OTHERS, et al and you are purchasing this Customized Device for any other person or entity, and for exactly whom or what you are purchasing it for (name, title, home address, phone # of all such persons and entities; if a non-human entity, the name, title, address and phone # of its chief operating officer must also be provided). (required if it applies):
        DEALER, SELLER, RE-SELLER, BUYER FOR OTHERS, et al POLICIES: LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. has NO official dealers or re-sellers in any country. Any person or entity may of course make a Customized Device purchase from us as per our published policies, and then resell that particular item(s) for whatever amount he/she wishes. However, no warranty from us is transferable in any such sale or resale, we assume no liability for any such sale, resale, gifting or other transfer, and we assume no liability to any third parties, and no one is permitted to reproduce or make copies of any device we sell without our explicit, written prior permission.

(9) ______ Initial here if you intend this CD to be used or tested by anyone or anything else, and for exactly whom or what it is intended (name, title, home address, phone # of all such persons; if a non-human entity, the name, title, address and phone # of its chief operating officer must also be provided). (required if it applies):

(10) ______ Initial here if you intend this CD to be used or tested on or for anyone or anything else, and for exactly whom or what it is intended to be used or tested on or for (name, title, home address, phone # of all such persons and entities; if a non-human entity, the name, title, address and phone # of its chief operating officer must also be provided). (required if it applies):

(11) ______ Initial here if you intend to use or test this CD for, by or on any competitor, potential competitor, newsmedia, investigative, government, government contractor, institutional, military or law enforcement person or entity for any reason, purpose, time or duration. If so, completely describe complete details. (required if it applies):

(12) ______ Initial here if you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor or of anyone else for which this CD is intended. (required if it applies).

(13) If any of (6) - (12) above apply to you, ______ initial here as your unconditional agreement to take full personal responsibility and assume full personal liability for all CD uses and testing for, by and/or on any or all of the persons and other entities described in (6) - (12) above, and that you totally and forever abandon, waive and forego all immunities and defenses you believe you would otherwise be entitled to or applied to you should this CDAF or CD ever become a legal, regulatory or administrative issue. (required if any of (6) - (12) applies).

(14) If you need for us to do a CD for you as a mind control or electronic attack countermeasure (eg: shielding, jamming), transmitter detection/direction-finding/triangulator, or radionics device, please concisely list your relevant major manifestations here in order of severity starting with your most severe manifestation*: (a) __________________________ (b) __________________________ (c) __________________________ (d) __________________________ (e) __________________________ (f) __________________________ (g) __________________________ (h) __________________________ (i) __________________________ (j) __________________________ (k) __________________________ (l) __________________________ (m) __________________________ (n) __________________________ (o) __________________________ (eg: TV failures, headaches, tremors, sharp pains, V2K, forced speech, nausea, mood swings, etc.). The first time you experienced your serverist manifestation(s) (date and time): ______________________, and where did you experience it/them at (city, state, country, street, etc.): ________________________________________________.
          *NOTE: We use this info as one means of trying to link perps to other of our Good Clients based on the possibly identifying modus operandi of perps we believe have afflicted or are afflicting other Good Clients who have come to us for similar help by correlating your manifestations with those of others. If and when we find such links, we report them to the afflicted current Good Clients (a free consumer service by us), which may be very helpful for these Clients to put an end to their problems. A second reason why we need this info is for us to be able to correlate our device types effectiveness relevant to the Good Client's reported manifestations. We are not licensed medical or legal professionals so we cannot provide any medical or legal opinion, advice or claim.

(15) If the reason you are requesting a unique Customized Devices project with us relates to a verified or suspected mind control or electronic attack situation, ________ initial here. Then, append to this CDAF, on separate sheets, each signed and dated by you, in type or dark ink, concisely describe the clear and legible details of your verified or suspected perpetrators (perps) and their specific actions and technologies used against you as far as you know, their names and addresses (if known), the believed reasons of their attacks, when and where these attacks are now occuring, what specific attack devices you know or suspect they are using against you, their technical education, abilities, capabilities and accesses to attack devices (if known), if you have verified their attacks and how verified, and all other pertinent details you know about them and their verified or suspected attacks. (This info helps us establish possible correlations with other reports we receive, and may help us determine whether or not we have run into these perps and/or their technologies before, if so, who the perps are, and to identify the types of devices and technologies they may be using against you and others, so we can optimize what we can do for you and other TIs, and to possibly help you build a case against them. If you are or become a current Good Client of ours, and based on the info you append to your CDAF, we find info that we believe is relevant and material to your situation, we will provide you what we believe we have found relevant to the perps, their motives, and the technologies involved in your alleged mind control and electronic harassment.)

(16) If you have had, are having, or anticipate or intend having any complaint or conflict with any seller or provider of products or services or other persons or entities within the last or next 5 years that resulted in you, or someone on your behalf or at your behest, taking, threatening to take, or anticipating or intending to take any kind of official legal, regulatory or administrative action(s), or physical threats, or social media action(s), or complaint website action(s), or newsmedia action(s) against this seller, provider or other person or entity, ________ initial here. Then, append to this CDAF, on separate sheets, each signed and dated by you, in type or dark ink, concisely describe the clear and legible details of each and every such complaint or conflict, including the specific seller(s), provider(s), other persons, other entities accused in your action(s), the specific product(s), service(s) and/or reason for your action(s) was about, the case number(s) (if any), the specific court(s), agency(ies), social media(s), complaint website(s) and/or newsmedia(s) involved, all relevant dates, all of your causes action, all who represented you in whole or part (if any), and the resolution(s) of your action(s), threatened action(s), or anticipated or intended action(s). (We believe that complaint and conflict actions are likely to trigger perpetrators (perps) and/or other third parties aware of your complaints and conflicts who are more likely to have the motives and technical abilities and capabilities to retaliate against you, resulting in your request for a unique CD for you, so we can optimize what we can do for you, and possibly build a case against them. This info also helps us establish possible correlations with other info we receive, and may help us with actions we or you can take. If you are or become a current Good Client of ours, and based on the info you append to your CDAF, we find info that we believe is relevant and material to your situation, we will provide you what we believe we have found about the perps, their motives, their tactics, their histories, their devices, and their technologies in their possible retaliations against you.) Years ago, 4 seemingly-unrelated TIs came to us for help because they were being electronically attacked. Only months later, did we realize that the same perp was likely attacking them all because each of the TIs had an earlier conflict with him. If we had known about the conflicts then, our Good Clients could have quickly resolved the problems. We are trying to more quickly and effectively resolve your problems.

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LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. of Texas welcomes you. Thank you very much for considering us to meet your important original, made-to-order, special needs, weird and/or controversial unique Customized Device needs. Our hardware design and realization capabilities are so good that one of our inventions was even used by the prestigious electronics and hobbyist NUTS & VOLTS Magazine as a contest prize for the magazine itself!! Now for only $40, we will evaluate your important Customized Device (CD ) needs and provide you estimates if we believe we can do your CD!

DONATIONS WELCOMED: If we currently cannot do a device for you (eg: for some technical reason), if you DONATE substantial money to us, we will certainly do a line of research that may allow us to meet your unmet needs and those with similar unmet needs - even for Device Types we do not now normally make for the general public. Please email us. We are now the leading researcher of mind control and electronic attack technologies which tries to help people in need - PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU. These technologies are both numerous and complex, encompassing many disciplines and costly research areas that compete for our resources. We also especially excel in energy, radionics, personal security and survival research. We need your support! Please donate as much as you can to us, NOW.

We are a highly dynamic and innovative business. Our primary hardware design guru is John J. Williams, M.S.E.E., who has 30+ years experience researching, designing, developing, programming, modifying, integrating, analyzing, "reverse engineering," troubleshooting and repairing 1,000s of hardware and software products as an electronics engineer for the Navy, the Air Force, Lockheed (Senior Engineer), CONSUMERTRONICS (continuously since 1971), and as a physicist for NIMH, and have undertaken 100s of products over the last 10+ years for mind control and electronic attack detection devices and countermeasures, computers, phones, medical/Radionics, electromagnetic/ RF/radar, audio/ultrasonic/infrasonic/sonar/subliminal/jammers, optical/IR/UV/photo/laser/X-Ray, security/survival/surveillance/alarms/detectors, high voltage, ULF, automotive, energy, EFT, EM/electronic and improvised weaponry/countermeasures, etc, research, design, development, repairs and modifications of devices, systems, and services.

We design, build, test, repair, modify, maintain, customize, simulate, analyze, and-or consult on any device, system or project in our facilities- computerized, electronic, electrical, mechanical and optical. As well as to meet your hardware design needs, use our CD process for database researches, technical opinions, software design/analysis, and other non-hardware design or specialized research needs. We also develop and "hack" computer systems and software, and interface various hardware and software devices and systems.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.has acquired very high levels of expertise and resources to meet your needs. In fact, our high-tech security and survival resources alone are probably orders of magnitude above other design houses! Our people are proud of being able to successfully complete especially difficult and sensitive projects others will probably refuse or scoff at.

Much of our CDs work is prototyping for inventors, businesses, professionals, contractors, institutions, students and others. At no additional cost, we will gladly sign a legal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for you provided that your NDA is reasonable to us and covers the specific, unique and original features of your (proposed) invention only. If you have a NDA, please return it with this Form.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.'s John Williams's years of design experience most notably includes the devices described in our comprehensive Type Of Devices (TOD) webpage, located at: www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/devices.htm to give you an idea as to how extensive his design experience is. Of course, our technical capabilities are not limited to just these device types. In describing your CD , you may of course refer to the name of the device listed on the TOD webpage, or just describe it functionally as best you can whether or not it is listed on the TOD webpage. In either case, keep in mind that all CDs are unique (none is off-the-shelf or over-the-counter hardware) and based on the specific design and layout we use for it at the time of your CD, are handmade and hand-crafted technical works of art, and that you may in addition specify in your CDAF particular features and customizations of interest to you. In addition, new technologies arise all of the time and existing technologies change over time, new and improved designs are always possible, and parts availability change. Therefore, even when we produce two CDs with the identical names and-or functional descriptions, especially if there is a time lapse between the CDs, they will very likely have different designs and layouts.

Please note that all CD devices are provided as unique innovative experimental devices for legal utility, educational and entertainment purposes only, are not approved by any governmental, commercial or industrial entity, and we do not make any medical, legal, engineering, scientific, paranormal or supernatural claims. While we will provide you a device based upon YOUR electronic and mechanical specifications (specs) as best as we reasonably can, we never claim or warranty that the device will produce any effect or end result which is non-electronic or non-mechanical in nature (e.g. while we can certainly provide you a device which will produce subliminal outputs, we do not claim or warranty that its end result is you stop smoking). In the absence of specific workable technical specs provided by you, we will design your device based upon OUR THEORIES, which we do not claim to be provable to any degree. While the folks at LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. certainly believe that space aliens, spirits, angels and psychic powers do indeed exist, please understand that just like any other business, you cannot legally make claims without "proving them to the satisfaction" of often cynical, ignorant, self-serving, corrupt, malicious, special-interest controlled, and agenda-driven politicians and bureaucrats, so Lone Star Consulting, Inc. does NOT make any of these claims. Our only claim is that we provide the best CDs we reasonably can for our clients, regardless of the type of project or its technology, based upon our best knowledge and capabilities. NOTE: If your medical need requires a device used for a major life activity or classified as an "assistive device" under the law, we cannot provide it to you because it requires special FDA licensing (which we don't have). No CD is meant to replace, delay or conflict with any medical device or treatment prescribed by a licensed medical professional. We are NOT licensed medical or legal professionals so we cannot and do not provide medical or legal advice, opinion or claim. We do respect the fact that in the final analysis, only YOU can make those decisions important to YOUR life. Furthermore, if you need a device which will help you overcome some type of medical manifestation caused by perceived devices, forces or fields outside of your body (e.g. electronic harassment), we strongly recommend that, if you have not already done so, you first consult with your licensed physician (at your end and your expense) to determine for sure whether or not your medical-like manifestations are caused by a medical problem.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. INTENSIVE & EXTENSIVE TESTING PROCESSES: We sincerely strive to provide YOU the most reliable and sturdy CD as reasonably possible. That's because we are selfish - we want YOU to be happy with your CD device so that YOU will return to US for all of your future CD needs, and you recommend us to others. Before we adjudge that a device we designed and built functions reliably and as closely as reasonably possible meets all of YOUR contracted-for specifications, we subject it to the following intensive and extensive test procedures after completion of the device (we know of no other company which as thoroughly and rigorously tests each piece of their equipment as we do!):
==> (1) CIRCUIT INSPECTION & FUNCTIONAL TESTS: We visually examine the device and its circuitry for any wiring and layout errors, and for loose and visibly defective parts, and correct any we find. We then apply power, and go through a rigorous test procedure to check out all functions, mildly shaking and inverting the device in all directions while fully operating it.
==> (2) SHAKE STRESS TESTS: Upon successful completion of a device, we then subject the entire device to vigorous shake stress tests using mechanical shakers. We then repeat (1) above. (NOTE: While we consider our Shake Stress Tests to reasonably reliably test for normal shipping and client handling, no one including us can reasonably anticipate or design for all possible forms of physical handling and abuse which a device can be put through by shippers and/or users.)
==> (3) HOT AND COLD STRESS TESTS: We then subject the entire device to hot and cold stress tests. The heat test is done by pointing the nozzle of a commercial hair dryer set on its highest heat setting near the operational circuitry for 1-2 minutes. We then repeat (1) above. Then, if the device will fit into a freezer, we freeze it overnight, and then repeat (1) above again. (NOTE: While we consider our Hot Stress Test and Cold Stress Test to test for reasonably hottest and coldest operational characteristics, no one including us can reasonably anticipate or design for every combination of environmental conditions which are possible in shipping and places and ways of uses.)
==> (4) 24-HOUR CONTINUOUS "ON" TEST: We then subject the entire device to a 24-hour continuous "ON" test. We then repeat (1) above. Having past this test, and payment has cleared, we package and ship to YOU. (NOTE: Some devices have numerous operational modes, in which case we test a sampling of the modes, because to test each possible mode for 24 hours "ON" time in some extremely versatile devices we make could unreasonably result in weeks or even months of continuous testing.)

Technical "Life Coaching" - Another Great Service We Offer: A "Life Coach" is basically a person who can help you resolve specific problems that you have for which you believe you need someone's help but your problems are not so serious and long enough in duration that you believe you need to actually go to a traditional service-provider or professional over a relatively long period of time under a formal, expensive and inconvenient setting (e.g. office visits) or undertake a Customized Device. Life Coaching can occur in any aspect of life ranging from emotional, to financial, to legal, to medical, to technological (where we specialize). Usually, you need coaching on one or a few closely related specific problems. For Technical Life Coaching (TLC), the problem usually entails some kind of technology decision (e.g. Which computer should I buy for my ___?), How to do or operate something (e.g. How do I multiplex two signals using one carrier?), or some relatively hard-to-find information you've got to have (e.g. What is the 3 db penetration depths of a 3 GHz microwave signal into biological tissues?). Technical problems can range from practically trivial to highly exotic and complex. We offer TLCas yet another fine LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. service, see: www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/coaching.htm for more details and the TLC application form.

While we gladly answer relevant questions and provide information directly related to your Customized Device needs on a free but limited basis, we cannot provide free technical tutorials for a proposed CD or its related technology, or address any issues or provide any products or services not directly related to your CD or proposed CD, or bench-evaluate equipment you might want to use with your proposed CD (e.g. a salvaged card reader/writer subassembly). We can only provide these types of extraordinary forms of support if you contract with us separately for either a TLC (see above) or as an additional CD project (CD is less costly if you need much such support).

More on why to contract us for a Customized Device instead of buying factory-made hardware? Some device types that are available elsewhere, lack many of the important special features that the Client can specify in ours. For examples, you can't go down to Radio Shack or Best Buy and buy a Shielded Helmet, Power Meters Educational Module, Automated Control Signal Replicator, Subliminal Mixer/Amp, or any of our electronic attack and mind control countermeasures - even anything very similar. Even when you can find a mass-produced device similar to what you want, often it wlll lack or poorly implement some critical feature, and-or have annoying or unneeded features. Devices we make customized for your particular needs are much better. Also, clients come to us to realize some unique invention idea that they have. Even when one can find a mass-produced device similar to what he needs, if his needs are critical, it won't be enough. That's because mass-produced devices are seldom designed to optimize what the electronics can really do if only they hand-selected the parts and hand-optimized each circuit section. For example, when we design a device with an amplifier for you, we use very high quality ICs and then optimize the settings of every important bias to produce the maximum input sensitivity and gain, and minimum distortion of each circuit section. However factories usually put up with high tolerances due to the cumulative effects of individual component variations and are "happy" just to slap together an amplifier which works marginally well enough to minimize complaints. Just like you wouldn't tolerate having an assembly line surgery because your body parts are not exactly like everyone else's, you shouldn't tolerate functionally mediocre mass-produced electronics for your most important individual needs. Also, many mass-produced devices we've run into apparently were poorly tested for sturdiness at the factory. Our test program is rigorous (see above). And we maintain strict confidentiality. DEVICES TO BE MASS PRODUCED: Since most of our clients need a device for his/her own individual use, for them we provide a device individually optimized as described above. However, we also can design devices for mass production that, while not absolutely optimum as we do for non-mass produced devices, allows for considerable parts variations required for efficient mass production. If you want us to do an invention prototype for you that you intend to be mass-produced, you must specify that you are interested in mass-producing the device (Note: Devices we have invented or are proprietary to someone else are not available for mass production by anyone else - only devices invented by the client or us specifically specified and designed for mass-production purposes).

Thank you for your time and attention. We wish you the best of successes in all that you do. --- John J. Williams, M.S.E.E.


NOTE: ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN U.S. DOLLARS. We cannot ship an Item or provide a service unless ALL owed monies are received, deposited AND fully cleared by us first (no payments can be outstanding without prior, explicit written permission from us; Clients assume full responsibility for knowing what they owe us). We require a down payment of at least 1/3rd of a Customized Devices (CD) project to begin work on it.* Whatever type, form or amount of payment we receive from a Client, we reserve the right to deposit it and apply the clearance period (if there is a clearance period), and we assume no risk or liability in depositing it. We also reserve the right to refuse any type, form or amount of payment without giving a reason and also without risk or liability. Because we consider all valid PMOs (U.S. Postal Money Orders, Canadian Postal Money Orders (must be payable in $US), and International Postal Money Orders (must be payable in $US)), Money Transfer Service (MTS) and PayPal (PP) to be same-as-cash with zero clearance periods (PMO is the only MO or check we will consider same-as-cash as we can easily and quickly validate PMOs thru USPS; NOTE: If USPS does not validate a PMO, we consider the PMO to be invalid). PLEASE NOTE THAT REGARDING ALL CD PROJECTS, ALL 'DAYS TO SHIP'-TYPE STATEMENTS MADE HEREIN APPLY ONLY AFTER THE CD PROJECT IS SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED AND FULLY TESTED. Barring unforeseen situations, we always ship these orders within 3 days of our receipt and deposit (also applies if you send us cash or item of trade and we receive your cash or item of trade, we will notify you in writing, however, we are NOT responsible for cash or any other valuables sent to us - if you send cash or item of trade, be sure to pack it really well and seal your envelope well). To minimize shipping delays, always pay us by PMO, MTS, PP, Cash or Item of Trade. ALL PAYMENTS MADE TO US FOR OVER $250 MUST BE PAID BY VALID PMO (U.S., Canadian or International: Payable in $US), MTS, PP (confirmed U.S. PayPal addresses AND cleared by us in writing only, see below), CASH ($US only), OR ACCEPTABLE ITEM OF TRADE; we will NOT ship if you make us a payment of over $250 not made by PMO, MTS, cash or Item of Trade acceptable to us until and unless your payment has totally cleared to our satisfaction (see below); do NOT divide up payments so that each payment is less than $250 but total payment exceeds $250. We assume no liability nor responsibility, nor will we issue a full or partial refund for or provide a product or service for, any full or partial payment made to us (not made with U.S. currency cash) which does not clearly state on it in ink the name of the Client who is making the payment (this is to protect us from scams involving multiple claims for the same unidentifiable payment, or that we confusingly or inadvertently apply to someone else), in which case, we reserve the right (without risk or liability to us) to consider the "payment" to be an outright and non-returnable gift to us. Also, we may consider any payment or property provided to us improperly, mistakenly, in error or excessive to what is owed to us (if anything) by anyone, for any reason to be an outright and non-returnable gift to us in whole or in part without any liability to us (NOTE: If the payment is more than what is owed to us, we may treat only that part which is in excess of the owed amount as a gift to us).
         *VERY COSTLY ITEMS (eg: Gold, Silver, Platinum): Gold is particularly popular with some Clients because Gold has unique quantum level physical properties: Gold's color (almost all other metals are some shade of gray), and Gold does not tarnish (which implies immortality and infallibility). Because our devices are unique, customized and experimental devices, Clients can specify and do specify just about anything on their CDAFs. For CD projects which require a significant amount of very costly materials which may also have highly-fluctuating prices, we require in addition to the normal nonrefundable 1/3rd down payment to start the CD project, 110% of the costs of ALL of the costly materials at time of purchase that the Client specifies for his/her CD project in the exact form the Client wants applied to the CD project (eg: wire, plate, strips, film, pins, screws, enclosures, etc.). The extra 10% is about the average of wastage that occurs of all materials used in our CD projects (thru cutting, grinding, drilling, etc.). OR the Client may provide us the actual precious materias he/she wants us to incorporate into his/her device. This is because the prices of some costly materials (eg: Silver, Gold, Platinum) fluctuate so much - often based on unforeseeable political and economic events - we risk taking huge losses due to substantial unexpected price increases that occur between the time we would estimate the CD project cost and when we receive a down payment and can order the materials. Whether or not the CD project is successful, after we have finished working on it, we will return to the Client all recovered wastage, if any, of all costly materials used for the Client's CD project. This policy also applies to all specialized tools, equipment and parts which are intended only for the Client's CD project and also costly for us to acquire or which were provided to us by the Client, which we will separately return to the Client all of which are functioning and were not incorporated into the Client's CD project.

CREDIT CARD (CC) POLICIES - (Applies only if we state we accept credit cards, which we currently do not): For CC orders, a clear signature (of the cardholder for CCs) and date are required, and the provided address and phone # must be verifiable to the orderer. We accept VISA and MC orders for most book, manual and software orders, but not for any Customized Devices Projects or hardware order. CC orders must be placed by the cardholder and shipped to his address. From date of receipt of a CC order, it takes us 3-5 working days to clear and verify the CC and ship the order. We NEVER permit 1-day or 2-day shipping for CC orders. Be sure to include accurate and verifiable name, address and phone #. If we are unable to verify 100% order accuracy, we must reject it. Please note that, except for US and Canada, it is very difficult for us to verify cardholdership; therefore, if you reside in any country besides the US or Canada, before paying by CC, email us first with complete details. Else, please find some other way to pay us.

TEXAS CLIENTS: If your shipping address is in Texas, you must include the 8.25% sales tax on ALL payments, including evaluation estimates, Customized Devices, and eBay payments. If you are required by any other jurisdiction to pay tax, you must pay that tax to us and provide us the name and address of that jurisdiction so we can file that tax payment with them.

HIGH-TECH SECURITY AND SURVIVAL BOOKS, MANUALS, SOFTWARE, CONSULTING SERVICES: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT CONSUMERTRONICS.NET (P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192) (www.consumertronics.net) - well known for their many frank and controversial high-tech survival books, manuals and software. These two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other or is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with CONSUMERTRONICS.NET, please contact them DIRECTLY. (More on these privacy and other policies on our www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/policies.htm) webpage.

Can't spare the bucks to pay for your order? Want some of the items listed above but have some of your own that you would like to use as trade? Don't fret - you can still get what you want for little or no out-of-pocket-$ if you have an item(s) of trade we are interested in! If you don't want to trade, we may consider buying what you offer. Either way, let us know.
Most of the specific items we are interested in are described on (email us first as there are some differences): www.consumertronics.net/items4trade.htm (Consumertronics Publisher of High-Tech Survival and Security Books, Manuals and Software, and Consultants).

We sincerely apologize for the complexity and legalese of this CDAF contract form. Some complexity and all legalese are due to today's stifling legal- and bureaucratic-controlled environment. But some complexity is because we sincerely want our invaluable CD Clients to more clearly define what they want us to do for them so we can better serve them.

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