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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

VEHICLE-RELATED (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles):

The CARJACKING & KIDNAPPING FOILER: We live in an increasingly brutal world! People are being dragged out of their cars on busy streets, shot and stabbed and their vehicles and possessions ripped-off! Now, with the C&KF, a flick of a switch will set off a timer (select 5-300 sec), after which time and if the car is in motion, the C&KF will activate. The C&KF provides switched N.O. relay contacts (2), N.C. relay contacts (2), +12 VDC (up to 5 amp), and 8-ohm speaker outputs. Activate the C&KF with toggle switch, "grenade type" pull-pin, or remote pushbutton. Manual deactivation. The C&FK is extremely versatile. You can set it up to operate in conjunction with your vehicle's speaker(s), horn(s), and/or light(s). and/or with those that you provide. You can connect up your cassette recorder to scream out any message, such as, "Help! Police!", "This Car Stolen!", et al. The C&FK can be wired to disconnect the car's ignition system, dispense Mace (where legal), et al. The C&KF can be placed under the hood, in the cab, or in the trunk. If carjacked, quickly and secretly switch the C&KF ON, then flee the vehicle to avoid injury. The crook then gets the unpleasant surprise when vehicle is safe distance away from you. Arrest and recovery should be much more likely. (NOTE: The C&KF must be interfaced and installed by the customer.) While the User Manual cites many examples as to how it can be used, it does not cover every one of the 1,000s of possible uses it can be put to, or include the wiring diagrams of individual vehicle electrical systems. Last made $495 [3 lb].

The STEALTH PAINT "ELIXIR": The SPE is the top secret Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s proprietary formulation of certain paint pigments and additives which are easily applied to the outside and/or inside surfaces consisting of woods, drywall, plastics, adobe, metals, composites, concrete, cement, mortar, asphalt, brick, stone, ceramics, etc. The SPE is specially designed to greatly cut down on direct, reflected and scattered microwaves, including radar returns. The SPE is a stealth coating material that can be used to paint homes, businesses, other above and below ground structures, vehicles, watercraft, some aircraft, composite surfaces, other shielding materials, etc. (even if previously painted or coated), to help protect people inside them from surveillance, targeting, mind control and electronic harassment, dangerous microwaves, and ground-penetrating radar (legal uses only). The SPE is great shielding against EMFs, but is minor shielding against ultrasounds, sounds and infrasounds.

How much Stealth Paint one needs to cover a surface depends on the following:
...(A) The Area to be covered (for best protection of rooms, walls, ceilings and floors (except bottom level floor) should be 100% coated). How many square meters or square feet are your surfaces you need to cover?
...(B) How many coats of Stealth Paint do you need to apply? The more coats, the more protection.
...(C) How absorbent to paint is your surface? For absorbent surfaces, you will need more paint coatings.

Once you derive your total Area figure above (Area X Number of Coatings), go to a paint store. Look at commercial oil-based paint containers (ie: cans), which state on the can's label what area the can will cover. This figure is clearly exaggerated; we have found usually by about 20%, so your should multiple the label square foot by 0.8 (80%). Then compute how many store paint cans you would need if you used the store's paint to coat your total Area. Determine the weight of the contents of each can (if not on the label, weigh a full can and an empty can, and subtract the two weights for the weight of the can's contents only). Multiply the number of cans you will need by 1.05 (105%; the 5% for paint wasted by spillage, drippings, evaporation, etc.). Then multiply that figure with the weight of the paint per can to derive total required SPE weight. The total required SPE weight is what you will need to order from us; email us this weight figure (on email Subject Line, put STEALTH PAINT INQUIRY), and we will provide you total price and S/H (some discounts in both price and S/H for larger quantities). This is not an exact calculation, but should be a close estimate of the SPE you will need.

Then, at your end and at your cost, you will thoroughly mix your SPE into a mixing liquid of your choice and in the proportion you believe optimum for your use to turn it into liquid stealth paint elixir. Many types of mixing liquids will do, but not water or anything containing water (nor any gasoline, diesel fuel nor other highly inflammable, explosive or toxic liquid). Do not use water because the mixing liquid must act as a binder. The mixing liquid should be oil-based paint, oil-paint oil, damar varnish, egg tempera (ie: egg yolk), other coating, glue, caulk, filler, linseed oil or similar (some careful experimentation may be required to find the best mixing liquid and ratios for your particular surfaces). The mixing liquid converted into liquid SPE must also be able to set and dry within a few days at most.

Enough Stealth Paint Elixir powder you mix into 1 gallon of your paint (the paint is not included). Last made $95 [2 lbs]. NOTE: We cannot ship liquids thru the mail; so we provide the Stealth Paint Elixir in powder form only.

NOTE: we can do many different radar and lidar type of devices as CDs, except those listed below as "NA" devices.

The KX RADAR EMITTER (NA): The KXRE forces popular K-, X-, Ka- and Ku-Band Doppler radars to display certain discrete speeds (25, 35, 55, 65 MPH), regardless of the speed of the KXRE platform. It can be triggered ON manually (1-100 sec) or automatically be radar detector-activated. Plugs into the cigarette lighter. The KXRE can also be used to calibrate radar guns, to test radar detectors, and in microwave commo and signaling systems. With a radar detector, it can also be used to detect and count people, vehicles, livestock, baseballs, etc. We customize the KXRE for you for any combo of K, X, Ka and Ku outputs. The unit does not come with the Gunn Oscillator/Feedhorn Antenna (GOFA) assembly sets, all sold separately. KXRE, last made $495 [3 lb]. X-Band GOFA last made $295; K-band GOFA last made $395; Ka-Band GOFA last made $595; Ku-Band GOFA last made $595 (each [1 lb]). HISTORICAL DIAGRAMs only: $1,000.00.

The LIDARO (NA): The LIDARO converts ordinary motorcycle and vehicle-type headlamps into powerful InfraRed (IR) emitters, with little or no visible light present. The LIDARO is effective in disrupting "laser radar" (ie: lidar) types of detection. User-installed (because normal headlights are a vehicle safety feature, we do not recommend their use with the LIDARO, but the installation of additional lamps for that purpose). Last made $495 [3 lb]. HISTORICAL DIAGRAMs only: $1,000.00.

The "STREET SWEEPER" (NA): The SS is the same design as our popular KXRE except that the SS produces a powerful microwave white noise field capable of jamming all radar guns in its path on that band. Great countermeasure for any type of GHz attack! Comes without the Gunn oscillator/feedhorn antenna sets. See above KXRE description for antenna set prices (supports K-, X-, Ka-, and Ku-bands). Last made $495 [3 lb].HISTORICAL DIAGRAMs only: $1,000.00.

HIGH-TECH SECURITY AND SURVIVAL BOOKS, MANUALS, SOFTWARE, CONSULTING SERVICES: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT CONSUMERTRONICS.NET (P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192) ( - famous for their many frank and controversial high-tech survival books, manuals and software. The two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other nor is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with CONSUMERTRONICS.NET, please contact them DIRECTLY.

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(More on these privacy and other policies on our webpage.

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Most of the specific items we are interested in are described on (email us first as there are some differences): (Consumertronics Publisher of High-Tech Survival and Security Books, Manuals and Software, and Consultants).

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Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

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