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Welcome to Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Products & Services Guide Website: www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/specproj.htm

Welcome to Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Products & Services Guide Website: www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/specproj.htm

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Website Design Services (WDS)

Exciting & Dynamic - eCommerce & Personal - English & Spanish Design, Develop, Layout, Format, Edit, Maintain, Repair, Update,Audit, Evaluate, Promote (Search Engine Positioning), Troubleshoot
Backed by 5+ years of Professional Website Design Experience!

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. [english spanish websites personal ecommerce website development interactive webpages designs hotlink links webpage design services secure site auditing hit counters webmaster www domain names urls internet sales net dot com ipo audio clips avi mpeg flash fireworks coldfusion shockwave realaudio mp3 video animations f/x special effects digital cameras web camera animated images jpeg gif tiff pdf graphics htm html dhtml objects css cascading style sheets java applets java scripts asp perl cgi programming scan image morph paint draw photos convert filters format conversions search engines ocr shopping carts chat rooms guest consulting books slide shows email database forms frames promotions keywords meta tags business translate hispanic market páginas web de Español a Inglés o de Inglés a Español]

Hello! We support many technologies. For introduction into how to obtain hardware and our design philosophy, please go to our Home Page: Home. Hotlinks to all of our Device Types: Devices. Hotlinks to all of our high-tech Topics, Titles: Site Map. When you are done, please use your Browser's Back Button to return here.

Dear Sir or Madam:

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. of Texas welcomes you. Thank you very much for considering us to meet your important Website Design Services(WDS) needs. Now for only $20, we will evaluate your WDS needs and provide you estimates if we believe we can do your WDS!

INTERNET ROAD TO CUSTOMERS: You don't shop like your parents did decades ago - neither does anyone else! Even Wards bit the dust, and Sears got kicked off of the DOW! Today, most people exclusively or more heavily use the Internet to find businesses - including their local businesses - and to make many of their purchases than ever before. Some don't even use the printed Yellow Pages any more!

If you want to increase your business income - perhaps even to stay in business itself during increasingly competitive times - you simply can no longer dismiss this expanding market grid. I am not talking about dot com companies, but normal brick & mortar type companies of all of the types that have been doing business on the Main Streets of America (and the world) for years and decades. Today, there are very few types of traditional businesses which can't benefit from an Internet website, or from an improved website of what they already have. If you own a business or are considering starting a business, sit down and seriously consider how YOU can use the Internet to draw in more business.

When many people move to or visit a new community, they often search for and select from websites those businesses they intend to do business with EVEN BEFORE THEY ARRIVE IN THE COMMUNITY! And as far as many of them are concerned, they will treat most other businesses as if they were invisible - even if they run full-page ads in their newspapers or Yellow Pages! Please refer to "PC Computing" Magazine, Feb. 2000 issue headlines, "The Internet is Crushing Whole Industries ... is YOUR Company Next?" If your business does or can sell anything to anyone outside your local community or direct them to you when they are in your local community, your local community is 10,000+ or mostly Internet savvy or is expanding or does significant tourist trade, you MUST get an Internet presence or more than likely YOU WILL LOSE MONEY OR MAY EVEN GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

Very few businesses need a massive presentation like Amazon.com or Ebay - nor do we advise anyone to start off with a website any bigger than what they need now and for the near future. For most businesses, a basic 1-3 webpage website that describes their most popular products and services in text and images, where they are located, how/who to contact, how to order, any special features, capabilities, sales, discounts and deals, and perhaps some (optional) pricing, is all that they really need to use the Internet to pull in customers.

And if you are interested in forming a dot com company, how many times have you been told that some dot-com company that started out in somebody's garage for a couple of $Thousand just a couple of years ago puts up an Initial Public Offering (IPO), now has a market capitalization worth $Billions, with the owners now some of the richest people on the planet!? All based on some incredibly simple concept such as selling books or conducting auctions on the Internet! Even companies that years later have not made a single dime of net profit are now incredibly wealthy! Even though it is true that most dot com companies aren't doing as well as they did a few years ago, there still is literally a gold mine out there on the Internet by those who are bold and creative enough to grab the bull by the horns! And you don't have to be a computer nerd to jump in like everyone else! If you own or run an existing business - regardless of how big, old or well-established you are - it's the 21st Century now and chances are if you don't get it onboard on the Internet soon your business may be headed for the crapper!

On the other hand, you may have a killer website in English and now want to appeal to the exploding Hispanic market or vice-versa. English-Spanish and Spanish-English webpage translations are two of our major specialties. We will gladly translate your webpages English-to-Spanish or Spanish-to-English (Podremos con placer traducir su páginas web de Español a Inglés o de Inglés a Español).

Hello! I am John J. Williams ("tekmaster"), Webmaster of the Lone Star Consulting, Inc. webpages (and 50+ others), including this webpage - including all the images above. On this page alone (if you have a modern browser), note the scrolling text in the Status Bar (at the bottom). And the changes you get when you pause your mouse over any of the top images (play around with them some) -  Just some of the really cool things we can do for you!

Our webpages have made a lot of money over the years from Internet sales. If you want to get on board with e-commerce or e-solutions, or just want a really impressive webpage for whatever reason, we are the people you need! We are not some ivory-tower webpage design company who has only done business on the Internet as a web page design company that doesn't know jack about anything else. Our team has designed webpages to successfully sell just about every major category of products from books and manuals, hardware, software and various services for six years! Over the years, they have received many indications and even suggestions from their customers as to what works best and what doesn't.

Net surfers these days are very impatient, fickle and demanding! Why should they visit YOUR website when there are so many other thousands of really nice ones out there? You've got to grab their attention immediately - even before your page completely loads or changes - or they'll hit the Stop or Back buttons on their browsers. And after you've grabbed their attention, you've got to draw them into your website and keep them there until you've made the sale, passed on the idea or given them the information. Overdoing a webpage is just as counterproductive as underdoing one - a visitor thrust into a cluttered and confusing webpage with multiple frames and tables and a myriad of seemingly unrelated choices will likely flee the scene immediately.

If you are into e-commerce (and you are not yourself selling website design services), you'll do far better by dazzling your potential customers with your products and services than with a distracting array of expensive webpage gimmicks and tricks. On the other hand of course, a cheesy website can lose you lots of sales, especially if you present yourself as a high-tech company or professional. One of the really incredible things about e-commerce is that you can have a website which makes you look as successful and as rich as the biggest big-shot you can think of - regardless of your true nature and that of your business!

We strive to make our webpages the cleanest, most functional, fastest-loading, and as glitch-free as we can. And to make our webpages the most attractive, versatile, interactive, easy-to-navigate, universally-compatible, user-friendly, naturally-intuitive, and secure (as needed, such as for Order Forms) as we can. We want to do a thoroughly good job for YOU because we want you to succeed so you'll come back to us again! Some website designers are fat off of a couple of major corporate or governmental contracts - everyone else they "service" are one trick ponies to them.

When shopping for website design services, you'll notice that most are very vague and glib as to what they can do or are willing to try to do for you (we describe below the costly things you must avoid in picking your website designer if you do not choose to contract with us). You could literally spend hours presenting your ideas to one before he/she tells you,"I don't do WINDOWS!" or something else you really need. Few will even send you a list. We'll do our very best to do ANYTHING YOU WANT in webpage design as long as its not illegal, unethical or immoral!

You may have already tried to design your own website but it has given you so much fits that you just threw up your arms and gave up! Website design is NOTeasy! In fact since your webpages should be compatible to numerous different and varying systems and browsers and since they may involve several major computer languages, artistic and technical skills and programs, it is in fact difficult to design anything but trivial webpages - even for those highly intelligent and competent in other professions and trades. If you have a partially or mostly completed website or one that is buggy or obsolete, we can troubleshoot it and do our best to fix it up for you just as readily as we can design you your website from absolute scratch. Give us a try to serve you!

Pure and simple, here's what we want to do for YOU:
    (1) We support PC and Macintosh Platforms. We normally prefer to use Dreamweaver or Homesite to create, modify and maintain webpages, both of which create webpages that are usually totally or at least mostly compatible with all of the other major website design software, and with the major browsers. And we can convert plain texts and data into webpages for texts saved as an ASCII text file (eg: .TXT), and in the formats used by Word, Wordperfect, and PageMaker, and most Acrobat texts. We also support RealAudio, RealVideo, Flash, Fireworks, ColdFusion, Shockwave, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, PhotoStyler, CorelDraw, Freehand, Illustrator, Quicktime, et al.
    (2) English and/or Spanish Webpages from scratch, and English-to-Spanish Webpage Translations and Spanish-to-English Webpage Translations.
    (3) Support for RealAudio, RealVideo, Quicktime, AVI, MP3, and MPEG Audio and Video Formats. And we can do Format Conversions between most of them. Web Camera, too.
    (4) Support for GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, BMP, TARGA, ART, PNG, PDF, Kodak PhotoCD, Corel Clipart, Computer Graphics Metafile, Dr. Halo, Windows & OS/2 DIB, Micrograpfix Draw, and Autodesk Image Formats. And we can do Format Conversions between most of them.
    (5) Static Images, Animated Images and Wallpapers, including Clip Arts in Color and Black & White, both serious and cartoon-style: We have 1,000s of each of these to choose from. We can convert Static Images into Animated ones and vice-versa, and turn virtually any Image into a Wallpaper, Button (square or round) or Bar and vice-versa. We can vary the step times for Animated Images. With our digital camera, we can even record our own images, if required. If you can describe or roughly illustrate what you want, chances are we can provide it pretty closely. For example, our Logo image above was done by us from 3 separate images (eagle, star and frame), as well as the animated image on both sides of it.
    (6) Image Morphing in Color and Black & White.
    (7) Image Scanning and Image Processing in Color and Black & White: We have 100s of image filters we can do virtually all of the Image Distortions, Colorizations, Shadings, Framings, Special Effects, Vectoring, Video F/X, Mapping, et al possible on a webpage. We can paint, draw, crop, rotate, clip & paste, overlay, et al images.
    (8) Webpages support HTML, DHTML, Java <APPLET> and <OBJECT> and their Attributes, Java Script, cgi Script, Perl Script, and ACD VBScript languages.
    (9) Frames, Vertical, Horizontal or both.
  (10) Forms, including Order Forms.
  (11) Secure Websites and Password Protection.
  (12) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Processing, using OmniPage 9+.
  (13) Downloading Files Capability (FTP file downloads).
  (14) Shopping Carts and similar.
  (15) BBSs.
  (16) Chat Rooms and other Interactive Formats.
  (17) Guest Books.
  (18) Databases.
  (19) Webpage Cookies.
  (20) Scrolling Texts of dozens of types, including News Readers.
  (21) Sophisticated Layering.
  (22) Webpage and Email Hotlinks, including Links that don't look like Links.
  (23) Invisible and Virtually Invisible Webpages (ie: 1-pixel x 1-pixel), Links, Texts and Images (while it sounds absurd, invisible webpages, links, texts and images also all have some very important uses).
  (24) Searching the Web for You, and Web Research in general.
  (25) Search Functions - Site-Search Functions, and Linking to the big Search Engines.
  (26) Pop-Up Windows and Slide Shows.
  (27) Single-Selects to Access Multiple Images and URLs.
  (28) Banner Advertising.
  (29) Online Malls and Shopping Centers.
  (30) Internet Games and Contests.
  (31) Visitor Hit Counters and Site Statistics.
  (32) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and XML.
  (33) Promoting Website Positions on Search Engines, especially the major ones (AltaVista, Yahoo, Lycos, Infoseek (Go!), Fast, Hot Bot, Excite, Google, Northern Light, Web Crawler, AOL, Jayde, Jeeves and/or any others you want), and to 100s of lesser search engines if that is what you wish.
  (34) Editing, Layout, Formatting and Updating of Webpages.
  (35) Website Troubleshooting (already have a webpage but it's giving you the fits!?).
  (36) Webpage Maintenance and Repairs.
  (37) Website and Webpage Critiques ("Website Audits").
  (38) There is very little related to webpage and website designs we haven't done or can't do!

Design & Develop Your Entire Website (Website Design)

Our primary service is to design and develop your entire website, either partly or totally, and this is called our, "Website Design Services." "Partly" means that you supply us either a meaningful template for your website (ie: an existing but mostly empty website "frame" where we fill in the details), or a partially-built and/or tested website (see our Website Critiquing Services, and Website Troubleshooting Services below). "Totally" means that we design and develop your website from scratch. So that we can do the best job reasonably possible for you, you supply us the best you can a good description, script, flowchart, and/or storyboard of what you want your website to look like and how you want it to function, any special images (ie: actual photos and/or drawings, and/or computer image files of photos and/or drawings) of yours (eg: photos of you or your shop, an illustrated street map to your place, et al), and any generally available and non-copyrighted images if you wish. In either case, we then work to turn YOUR CONCEPT into a full-blown website designed to look the way YOU want it to look and to function the way YOU want it to function. (A "storyboard" is a series of diagrams which graphically illustrate the change or movement of something - sort of like a comic book strip.)

Promoting Your Website

Designing a great website is only half the battle! To succeed, businesses must do a minimum of these two things: (1) Provide a product/service that people will buy, and (2) Make the people aware that you not only exist but are the best place for that product/service. Period! There are now more than one billion websites out there - many competing for attention against yours. Optimum Search Engine Positioning (SEP) is now even more important than having a great-looking website! If your website is not optimally positioned with the major search engines - Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, Lycos, Yahoo!, Infoseek (Go!), Fast, Hot Bot, Excite, Northern Light, AOL, Jayde, LookSmart, Direct Hit (Ask Jeeves!), Open Directory, NBCi, MSN, Web Crawler, et al - using the keywords and phrases you feel are most important to finding it, your website may be seldom found by Net surfers - even those who enter your exact keywords. Or more than likely, your website will take up the tail end of some huge find - surfers seldom go beyond perhaps 5 search engine pages to find what they want, and many search engines bottom out at 200 (Google is one of the few exceptions). Minimal optimum SEP placement means that your website must be within the first 3 pages of at least one of the major search engines.
           Optimizing your website positioning with the major search engines is one area that we have developed a great deal of experience, knowledge and insights to. Some of it depends on how your webpages are worded and laid out. Others depend on little-known tactics, techniques and timing - some unusual - to get your website highly placed with them, without paying them big buck for the "favor." We specialize in ferreting out and analyzing the keywords users are likely to use when searching for the type of product or service promoted by the website, and how to optimally place them on the webpages so that when the webpages are indexed, they very likely to come out closer to the top of the list than all websites with competing products and services.

Website Critiquing (Auditing)

If the service you want from us includes (or is limited to) critiquing your website (or one or more webpages on it), we do website critiquing for a $250 for the first webpage and $175 for each additional related webpage, both fees are prepaid and non-refundable and both fees are for webpages up to two normal printed pages each (for each additional remaining printed page, add 25% to the applicable rate above). (Any part of a page is considered a whole page: eg: 2-1/4 page is charged as 3 pages.) We will do a detailed webpage analysis and make specific recommendations based on appearance, features and function in general or according to specific areas, functions and/or appearances you feel require special attention. We won't make or provide you the actual corrections to any problems. We will state what problems we found and the type of problems they are (eg: "ERRORS FOUND: (1) ... (13) Your xyz hotlink goes nowhere." ... "(27) Text improperly aligned to image: 'redrose.jpg'." ...). Should you contract for us within 30 days of our critique for our Website Design Services, we will refund you 1/3 of your total Critiquing Service charges, or 10% of your total Website Design Services contract charges for the first month, whichever amount is less. If you contract us for both our Website Critiquing Service and Website Troubleshooting Service (below) simultaneously, we will apply 25% of your Website Critiquing Service charges to your Website Troubleshooting Service charges.

Website Maintenance & Troubleshooting

If you are dealing with an existing website that you know of has problems from your experience or customer complaints, or because we or someone else critiqued the website and found them, then naturally you'll want to fix the problems immediately. Most commonly, problems are due to bugs, omissions and obsolescence. With so many different platforms, systems, monitors, browsers, et al around these days, many webpages don't display absolutely perfectly universally - most web users know that. And if your website is about something interesting to those who search it out and go to it, and otherwise your website is attractive and functional, most web users can tolerate a little error. Of course, no error is better than even a few. And if you website has significant appearance or functional problems, you should correct them as quickly as possible because many web users have elephant-like memories when it comes to bad websites, and you will never get most of them to ever visit your website again. With our, "Website Troubleshooting Service," we do our reasonable best to correct every known problem you are having with your website, both in appearance and functionally. Before we can troubleshoot a website, we must first perform our Website Critiquing Service (above) on it to systematically ferret out all known problems.
            Once we've designed or troubleshot your website, you'll probably want us to also maintain it for you, which we call our, "Website Maintenance Service." It means that we make minor content changes, check out and maintain your links, add new pages based on the same templates, make regular postings (eg: newsletters, customer lists, travel guides, press releases, meeting minutes, schedules, agendas, sale items, reports, et al), update meta tags, update search engines, and anything else to keep your webpages polished and sparkling.
            If you want us to troubleshoot or maintain a website not of our own design, we can also do so if you own all the proprietary rights to it, and our service won't conflict with existing contracts you have with others for these services. Before you can contract us for our Website Maintenance Service, you must first contract us for either our Website Design Service (for new websites), or both our Website Critiquing Service and our Website Troubleshooting Service (for existing websites). Our Website Critiquing Service and Website Troubleshooting Service also apply if we originally designed your website but it is now clear to us that someone else has substantially changed it.
      While designing any website, of course some troubleshooting of problems are naturally an inevitable result and is already factored into the design contract. And usually some troubleshooting is required to maintain a website, which is already factored into the maintenance contract.


To contract with us to provide you these services, we require that you print out*, complete and sign this "WEBSITE DESIGN APPLICATION FORM" (WDAF). All pages, including all attachments by you that describe or illustrate what you want us to do for you must each be initialed and dated by you in ink. You must also include a non-refundable $20 evaluation fee for the first webpage (ie: your homepage) and $15 for each additional related webpage (applied to your job if you contract with us). We will then provide you our cost and time estimates to design, develop, critique, maintain, and/or troubleshoot your webpages in our "Website Design (WD) Cost & Time Estimates" form we respond to your WDAF with (www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/WDcost.pdf).Our fees and expenses are described below. If you have any questions, email them to us. *If you have a PostScript printer driver installed, you can print this out at 75%, here's how: File => Print => Properties => Graphics (tab) => set to 75% => OK = > OK

A "website" consists of a home page and zero to perhaps even hundreds of relatedwebpages. The term, "related" means that they are not only closely related in concept and subject but also interconnected to at least the home page through hotlinks on them all. For example, if your flower-selling business has a home page, it may link that home page to a related webpage on roses, to one on customer service, or to one on the business' online order form. Webpages that are not related should belong to different websites. For example, if you have a webpage on bee hive care and another on astrophysics, they are not related. If your webpages are not related, then complete one set of these documents for each website they should be a part of because you can use only one set of these documents for one home page and whatever other webpages are relatedto it.

Usually within 7-10 days after our receipt of these documents, should we be able to provide these services to you, we will provide you time and cost estimates. You are under no obligation to accept our estimates. Our minimum charge is $250. If you do accept them, we will then require a 1/3rd non-refundable downpayment to get started on your project. You may provide a larger downpayment if you wish. As your project progresses to the point where we have consumed 75+% of your downpayment in fees and expenses and it mutually appears to us all that we will successfully complete your project to your satisfaction, we will require a minimum payment of your next $100 or 1/3rd payment, whichever is greater. And when that is 75+% consumed by fees and expenses and it mutually appears to us all that we will successfully complete your project to your satisfaction, we will require the final payment. If your project can be completed satisfactory to you prior to the consumption of all your payments, we will refund to you your unused balance. However, if your project's satisfactory completion extends beyond the estimated dollar amount, we will require additional payments equal to a minimum of $100 or 1/3rd the original downpayment, whichever is greater, whenever 75+% of your current balance is consumed by fees and expenses until however long it takes to either complete your project to your satisfaction or you wish not to use our services any longer. THERE IS NO REFUND FOR ANY AND ALL FEES AND EXPENSES ALREADY ACCRUED.

We have found that it takes about 5-10 hours for us to design a unique basic webpage of medium-size and complexity (ie: two frames, no forms, two printed pages long, client supplies all required images, audio and text on disk), and 1-6 hours for each medium-size and complexity webpage based on a pre-existing webpage or template. The actual time required for development of a website is based on individual needs and inputs. Some webpages may require less time, others require more.

After the satisfactory completion of your project, you will no doubt want us to continually support you with website maintenance for updates, changes, et al, and for designing webpages. At that time, we will bill you for our fees and expenses as they occur, and you will be required to pay them in full within 15 days after they occur.

NOTE: For all outstanding balances for over 15 days, we will cease doing any further work for you without any liability to us, until they are all paid up in full. For all outstanding balances for over 30 days, we will charge you a 1.5% per month interest rate on all outstanding balances.

NOTE: We estimate solely based on your written description of your job. And it is only your written mutually-agreed on specifications that we are responsible to satisfy. While we will try our reasonable best to provide you satisfactory webpages within our time and cost estimates, website design is a complex work of art which utilizes complex equipment, software and the Internet, and one in which not every possible problem or contingency is known or can be anticipated or controlled. And it is also an endeavor where the client should have the freedom to make changes on the fly and on an iterative basis, if that be his/her wish, to produce the best possible website for him/her. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any level of final adherence to our initial estimates of cost and time. These estimates are to be considered only as rough ballpark figures. In our estimates, we try to factor in known and anticipated problems and contingencies, and when they occur to a lesser extent than the unknown and unanticipated ones, if any, then the client will be refunded any and all balances that result in such cases.

To get started, here is what you need to do:
      (1) You need to have some idea as to what appearances and features your webpages should have to best satisfy your reasons for having them. Some websites are purely personal in nature. Others are social - clubs, schools, churches, family re-unions, et al. Others are for non-commercial sales purposes (eg: to sell your home, car or computer). Increasingly, more are for the lucrative e-commerce purposes in full or part. You need to have a plan, and to sit down and sketch out what you want us to do for you and how you want your webpages, if more than one, to interface with each other. I advise that you visit as many websites as you can, study their appearances and features, and jot down their URLs (ie: web addresses) for later reference. While websites and their texts, images and audio and video clips are generally copyrighted and we can't infringe copyrights, by telling us what you prefer, we can best formulate a plan to satisfy your particular webpage needs.
     (2) You need to make a list for us of all of the things that you will provide us as part of your job to make us more able to provide you the optimum webpages at the minimum expense to you. You may already have an existing webpage(s) that you want us to maintain or update for you. Whatever items you can supply us such as texts, images and clip arts, video and audio clips, et al should help. Some items may only be reasonably provided by you. For example, if you want your webpage to contain a photo of your Aunt Mildred or your research is on ant larvae, then clearly you must provide the images you want us to include for you. The images and audio and video clips you provide should not require any "studio work" or "field work" on our part to be useful for webpages. If you don't have specific images or audio or video clips on hand, then sketch or describe what you are looking for and we will search our very large database to find something that might be close. And if we don't have it locally, we'll search our other many sources for them should we contract together.
    (3) You need to write up a script, flowchart, and/or storyboard of what wording, appearance and functions you want your webpages to contain. Since many websites these days are interactive and/or involve at least several interconnected webpages, a flowchart and/or storyboard is especially helpful to best illustrate the theme or scheme of what you expect your visitors to see and do at each of your webpages, how they are all interconnected and interrelated, and what choices they have when on each of your webpages. No one knows better than you what you want the "big picture" to be.
    (4) Each webpage you require should at a minimum have three elements which you should provide us: (A) A TITLE (60 characters max), (B) A DESCRIPTION (160 chars. max), and (C) A set of KEYS(ie: Keywords or Keyphrases, 800 chars. max). The TITLE should describe what the webpage is for, for example: "Kate & Bob's New York Broadway's Flower Service".  The DESCRIPTION should say more, for example: "Kate & Bob's New York Broadway's Flower Service specializing in red and yellow roses, and a variety of petunias".
    (5) Your KEYS should include as many of the keywords and keyphrases you can think of relating to the purpose of the webpage and how your intended audience will be able to target your website through the various search engines (it is a good practice to have the name of the business, person and/or main function listed in the Title, Description and Keys). For example, if you want your webpage to sell flowers for you, your keys might be: "roses petunias orchids, ...." All keys should be lower-case, including names, acronyms and abbreviations, and NOT separated by commas or other punctuation marks. Don't include articles (eg: "the"), conjunctions (eg: "and"), prepositions (eg: "for"), and try to avoid other simple or common words (eg: "red") unless they are virtually inseparable to the main word(s) in the key (eg: "red roses"). If the plural form is common, always put the noun in plural form. When you write your script, flowchart or storyboard for your website, try to include as many of these keys as near to the top of each webpage as possible without sacrificing appearance, features or function too much.
    (6) After you've accepted our contract and paid the downpayment described above, we will then begin immediately to design and realize the webpages you have contracted for. Once we are able to build the webpages to a point that they are at least basically functional, we will post them up on our server with a special name for you to observe at your end and comment on (preferably via email) so that we can modify your webpages towards what you want on an iterative basis. If we must search out the images and audio/video clips ourselves, we will also include our findings for your comments. Keep in mind that if any static or animated image is not exactly what you are looking for but on the right track, we can modify and/or combine it to a tremendous degree to become a lot closer to what you want - just tell us what changes you need - we'll do our best to make them for you.
    (7) Since your website is intended for final placement on YOUR ICD 's (Internet Service Provider) server, you need to have an ICD that both has the capabilities to handle your webpage features in an efficient manner, and is willing to work with you to provide you their capabilities for your use. For example, if you need an online Order Form on your website for taking credit card orders, you will need for your ICD to provide you both a secure server and a folder on it for you to upload cgi and perl scripts to accomplish Form functions. And your ICD must be willing to host your webpages, and provide you enough memory (2+Meg) for you to operate your website with anticipated room for expansion. Each ICD operates differently and has different policies. Some are real hard to deal with and/or offer very little features for you. Others will bend over backward to help you realize as much benefits from being with them as possible.More than likely, the ICDs in your area are like ice cream flavors: There are many variations but only one or two worth tasting! You need to do some research and asking around to find the best ones.
           BE CAREFUL WITH WHOM YOU PICK AS YOUR WEBSITE DESIGNER : A ploy some other website designers use is when they resort to such hackneyed phrases as, "Award Winning" or "Testimonials" in their touting of their website design expertise. As all self-serving touting can usually be easily faked or exaggerated, they are often meaningless claims, and you should never let such gimmicks substitute for viewing the actual webpages they've done and what they are actually willing to do for you. Some will even lay on their webpages a confusing array of frames and background wallpapers thicker and more gaudy than a Vegas carpet!
           I also do NOT recommend that you contract with your ICD personnel to do your website. One of the reasons why I became my own Webmaster was because most (but not all) of the various ICDs I've contacted over the years to try to contract with to do our webpages were exorbitantly costly, lacked the manpower, software and/or equipment to do first-rate webpages, and/or considered their webpage design "services" secondary to their ICD functions. Hiring your ICD to do your website is like hiring a gas station to repair your car: Every time somebody drives up for gas, they drop their tools and rush out to their gas customer - you get your car back days late with bolts missing, loose or cross-threaded! Or they'll provide you webpages based on one of their templates that will fit you about as well as your Aunt Mildred's girdle! And in a larger sense, there is some conflict of interest between a host ICD and its website design services: ICDs have a vested interest in minimizing the load websites put on their system - it's more costly for them if your website has a lot of images, features and functions or becomes popular. Therefore, they may resist designing webpages for you that might make you rich and famous but will add costs to their operation. That's why many big website designers do no hosting at all, have clients falling over themselves to use them, and do just fine, thank you.
          IF YOU WANT TO DESIGN YOUR OWN WEBSITE: Website design can be very difficult and tedious work, requiring several high-tech artistic skills and special software. If you want to do it yourself, I highly recommend ALLAIRE's HOMESITE as your primary HTML and Javascript editor. It does a good job and is reasonably priced. If you are into a high level of interactivity and special type effects (a few of which are found herein) or forms, one very good source for Javascript codes is:
             http://javascriptsource.comThe Javascript Source. If you try yourself but you find that it's just too much for you, we can either take on your project from scratch as an original Website Design, or perform Troubleshooting Services for you as described herein.
    (8) Make sure that you have a modern ICD , computer system, browser, modem and phone connection to at least fall into the upper 1/3rd range of Net surfers. Your ICD should have at least one T3 line. Your computer should be at least a Windows 95 PC or Quadra Mac. Your browser should be no older than the last version to the current one. Your modem speed should be at least 28.8K. Your phone line should be preferably on optical cable, but at least not multiplexed and of at least decent quality (if you require a second line for your Internet access, do NOT allow your phone company to multiplex your phone lines!). Anything less than these very basic requirements are going to make your (and many other) webpages much slower to load and cheesy-looking than you might expect. This is especially important if you are trying to use your website to sell anything because, based on what seems to be the case for us and others I know about, about 75% of your potential customers worldwide will come from those Internet users in the upper 1/3rd in Internet capabilities.

Your Inputs

So that we can best serve you, please clearly answer all of the following questions regarding your webpage needs (continue your answers on separate sheets as required):

    (1) What are the types of website services you require (check all that apply): ___Website Design Services, ___ Website Promotion Services, ___ Website Critiquing Services, ___ Website Troubleshooting Services, ___ Website Maintenance Services.

    (2) Describe the best you can the specific purpose of the service(s) you want us to provide you:

    (3a) FOR WEBSITE CRITIQUING SERVICES ONLY: Clearly and accurately list all of the specific webpage URLs which you want us to Critique for you. Then proceed to the Question (B) below if this is the only service you are contracting for:

    (3b) FOR WEBSITE TROUBLESHOOTING and MAINTENANCE SERVICES ONLY: Clearly and accurately list all of the specific webpage URLs which you want us to Troubleshoot and/or Maintain for you andwhich you have total proprietorship over. Then proceed to the last Question (A) below if you are not also contracting for WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES:

    (3c) FOR WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES ONLY: What is the general classification of your website: ___ Personal, ___Commercial (e-commerce), ___ Other Organizational, ___Sale of your home, ___ Sale of your business, ___ Sale of your vehicle(s) (make and model: ____________________________), ___ Sale of any other personal property. What specifically do you plan to describe and/or offer:

    (4) How many related webpages do you expect for us to do for you (include home page)?: _____.

    (5) What is your intent with your website?: _________________________________________________.

    (6) Who is your target audience?: ________________________________________________________.

    (7) What are your goals and objectives?: ___________________________________________________

    (8) What is your schedule?: ____________________________________________________.

    (9) Please list the 1-5 website addresses (URLs) you are most favorably impressed with:

    (10) Please list and describe all video and audio clips you want to include on your website, and indicate which ones you will provide us in one of the acceptable file formats described herein (do not provide at this time unless we ask you to), else describe those you don't supply:

    (11) Please list and describe all the static and animated images you want to include on your website, and indicate which ones you will provide us in one of the acceptable file formats described herein (do not provide at this time unless we ask you to), else describe those you don't supply:

    (12) Please list and describe all other items you want either to include on your website or you feel to help us better design and prepare your website or images (eg: javascripts, cgi scripts), and indicate which ones you will provide us (do not provide at this time unless we ask you to), else describe those you don't supply:


    (13) Describe in as much detail as you can all of the specific FUNCTIONS you want your website to perform (a flowchart and/or storyboard would be most helpful to include, especially if you have multiple webpages), including all hotlinks to all other webpages, images, videos and sounds:

    (14) Describe in as much detail as you can how you want each of your webpages to APPEAR. Include all written sketches, layouts, text blocks, and storyboards as best you can (don't worry a lot about specifics, including grammar and spelling). And include your Title (60 chars. max), Description (160 chars. max) and Keys (800 chars. max), which all should be in ASCII text or HTML format (PC or Mac):

       (15) Do you already have a registered Domain Name for your website (registered with Network Solutions or similar)? ___Yes, ___No. If "Yes," what is it:__________________________________________________.
If "No," do you expect to use your own Domain Name which you'll decide on and register later, or one provided to your through your Internet Service Provider (ICD )? ___ My own Domain Name, registered later, ___ My ICD will provide my Domain Name.

     (16) What will be the URL of your home page?:
            Is this your current URL: ___Yes, ___No.

    (A) Clearly and accurately list the name of your ICD , your username and password for FTPing webpages (usually same as your log-on), your ICD 's modem dial-up phone number, and your ICD 's business phone number (if you do not wish for us to be able to access your ICD area, then state so below, and we will post all changes in our ICD area and or by mailed disk to you, and then you can FTP the changes to your ICD area yourself):

     (B) ____(a) Number of websites (ie: homepages).    ____(b) Number of related webpages to these websites.    ____ (c) Number of unrelated webpages.
            FOR ALL SERVICES, EXCEPT WEBSITE CRITIQUING SERVICE: Your total non-refundable evaluation fee is: $_____________ [$20 x (a) + $15 x (b) + $20 x (c)].
            FOR WEBSITE CRITIQUING SERVICE: Your total non-refundable service fee is: $_____________ [First two printed pages each:$250 x (a) + $175 x (b) + $250 x (c)] + [Each printed page after first two pages: $250/4 x (a) + $175/4 x (b) + $250/4 x (c)]
           I have paid the total amount(s) by: ___ Money Transfer Service (Control #: __________________________), ___Direct Bank Transfer (not implemented yet), ___Postal M.O. (U.S or Canada in $US), ___Other M.O.*, ___Check* (*for Other M.O. or Check, allow 2+ weeks to clear payment before we render any service)

FAST & SIMPLE: LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.'s innovative Website Design program is fast and simple:
       (1) Again, you print out* this entire wepage, and read and complete this form and email (as an email attachment), or regular mail us this form which specifically describes your current/proposed website/webpage and what you want us to do for you (if by email, you must separately mail us the non-refundable $20 evaluation fee). *If you have a PostScript printer driver installed, you can print this out at 75% and save several pages, here's how: File => Print => Properties => Graphics (tab) => set to 75% => OK = > OK
       (2) We then email-attach, or mail (your choice) to you the cost and time estimates, which you print out in its entirety, read over and complete to obtain our website design services.
       (3) You then email (again as an attachment), or mail us this estimates contract, and send us the required downpayment for your project. (For fastest service, please pay by Postal Money Order, Money Transfer Service (MTS), or Direct Bank Transfer, we must hold all checks and other M.O.s and we don't accept credit cards or CODs.)
       (4) Once that is correctly done, we will thoroughly analyze your requirements and try to develop an effective solution for them as reasonably fast as we can. We will notify you as to progress, and of any special problems or requirements(eg: images, videos, sounds). You will make all subsequent payments as per the provisions of this contract.

I HAVE FULLY READ AND UNDERSTAND, AND UNCONDITIONALLY AGREE TO AND AFFIRM ALL OF LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.'S POLICIES AS STATED IN THIS "WEB DESIGN APPLICATION FORM," THE "WEB DESIGN POLICIES" (below), AND THE "GENERAL POLICIES" (www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/policies.htm). (NOTE: If you are a minor or for any other reason you can't make a legal contract, this contract must be signed by your parent or legal guardian)

Date: ___/___/20___ Voice#: ________________(__Day/__Eve.; __Home/__Office)  Fax#(optional):__________________
Other Phone#: _______________________ (__Day/__Eve.; __Home/__Office)   size=3>Email: _____________________

Print Name: ___________________________________Sign: _____________________________________

Shipping Address_________________________________________________________________________

______ Initial here if you fully understand and agree that no Website Design policy can be modified in any way by any expressed or implied statement to the contrary, and that the WDAF, WDP and our GP are the sole and exclusive sources for all Website Design policies(required).

NOTE: We respect your privacy and confidentiality: By popular demand: We do not sell, trade, give away, or distribute mail lists of our Good Customers.

______ Initial here if you intend this Website Design to be used, modified or maintained by anyone else, and for exactly whom it is intended (name, title, address, phone #)(required if it applies): _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________.

______ Initial here if you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor for which this Website Design is intended. If so, ______ initial here if you take full responsibility for its use (required if it applies) .

Thank you very much. Please complete (in ink) and mail (do not fax) this Form stapled to the WDP and all attachments (each page must be initialed and dated by you in ink) with your non-refundable evaluation fee to:
Lone Star Consulting, Inc., P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192

-- Please do not detach any part of this document as all parts describe our policies. Detaching any part may invalidate your entire Website Design Application Form, require resubmission, and result in delays. --

REASONS FOR POLICIES: For those who might ask why we have so many policies. The answer is simple: Today's overly-legalistic business environment reality requires them. Period. When you buy just about anything today - product or service - it usually is accompanied by some long, detailed set of official disclaimers. The greater the variety and complexity of the products and services sold - the more disclaimers. Even contracting for a "simple" fax service these days requires a 9-page contract! Personally, we don't like them any more than you do - not as consumers ourselves and not as business people. And it is certainly not our intent for any of our policies to be viewed as unfriendly or personally insulting in any way to our good customers. We do appreciate your business. Thank you very mucyh for your business. May you have the best of successes in all that you do. - John J. Williams, President



EVERY WEBPAGE AND WEBSITE WE CREATE OR MODIFY ARE THE UNIQUE ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS OF ITS MAKER OR MODIFIER AND ARE TO BE CONSIDERED EXCLUSIVELY AS WORKS OF ART BY ALL PARTIES AND IN EVERY RESPECT. Our website designs are often innovative (ie: unique, non-standard and non-traditional) to try to make them stand out over those of others.


NOTE THAT SINCE ALL WEBSITE DESIGN PROJECTS ARE CONSIDERED CREATIVE, UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE WORKS OF ART, AND ALTHOUGH LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. WILL REASONABLY STRIVE TO MEET OR EXCEED YOUR SPECIFICATIONS (we want you as both a current and future customer!), LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. DOES NOT CLAIM OR WARRANTY THAT THE END RESULT WILL BE WHAT YOU OR WE INITIALLY EXPECTED. IF A WEBPAGE WE DESIGN HAS BUG OR DEFECT IN IT THAT PREVENTS IT FROM FUNCTIONING PROPERLY IN AN EXISTING INTERNET ENVIRONMENT, LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. WILL MAKE ITS BEST REASONABLE EFFORTS TO FIX THE BUG OR DEFECT. HOWEVER, THERE IS NO MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE FOR ANY WEBSITE SERVICE WE PROVIDE.There are virtually countless platforms, systems, monitors and their settings, ICDs, Internet servers, hubs and routing, browsers with there numerous plug-ins, utilities and helper applications, and personal preferences using the Internet, it is unreasonable to expect any website designer to anticipate and design webpages which will function optimally for all the possible variations. Further, incompatibilities between the numerous variations are possible, which can lead to a situation that to correct a "bug" for one variation may create a "bug" for another variation. Further, because of all possible variations, no webpage can be expected to function and appear the same on all computer systems that can access and display it. Further, no website designer can duplicate the actual variations end users all over the world are experiencing accessing webpages on the Internet to be able to duplicate a webpage function, appearance or problem, regardless of how apparently distinct, unless something similar occurs on his/her systems or results from a clear error in webpage design.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SUBCONTRACT OUT PART OR EVEN ALL OF A JOB OR JOB FUNCTION ON BEHALF OF THE CLIENT AND FULLY CHARGED TO THE CLIENT WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE OR PERMISSION FROM THE CLIENT AS LONG AS EITHER THE SUBCONTRACTOR'S HOURLY RATE IS NOT GREATER THAN OURS IS FOR THE SAME TYPE OF SERVICE OR WE LIMIT IT TO OUR HOURLY RATE.To try to provide you the most cost effective website design as we reasonably can, due to the high specialization required by some websites, we may subcontract out part and perhaps in rare occasions even all of your website design project. If we require subcontractor support from a subcontractor who charges more than our hourly rates for the same type of service, we will first obtain written explicit permission from the client first.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. ACCEPTS NO LIABILITY FOR ANY SUBCONTRACTOR MISTAKES OR WRONGDOINGS IF IT WAS REASONABLE FOR IT TO BELIEVE THAT THE SUBCONTRACTOR WAS A RESPONSIBLE PROFESSIONAL WITH THE SUBCONTRACTED-FOR EXPERTISE . We will seek a subcontractor only if we ourselves cannot reasonably provide in a cost effective manner the website appearance, feature or function you require.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. CANNOT GUARANTEE ANY POSITION WITH ANY SEARCH ENGINE. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. will use the best of its abilities to get your website optimally placed on the Search Engines because YOUR success makes us look and feel good (if you contract for us to promote your website with the Search Engines). Note that Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has no control over any of these Search Engines, and we've seen all the major ones sometimes put out strange, inconsistent and highly erroneous results from time to time in our years of doing Internet researches. And we've done a lot of experiments over the years to try to maximize the indexing of our websites by the big search engines, have learned a lot of what usually works and what usually doesn't work, and have found that they mostly use different sets of criteria in their indexing - what sometimes boosts you on one search engine may get you canned on another. And they seem to change their rules just about whenever they feel like it - what gets you a high position today can put you back in the pack next week and vice-versa. Further, some search engines position commercial websites based on how much money or business you do with them. Therefore, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. accepts no responsibility for your positioning with any Search Engine, or any mistakes no matter how made, if any, made in presenting your website or in the Search Engine's positioning of it.
        Also, especially if you are a business, you should never 100% depend on any single medium for promoting your business or your website URL. Usually, the best way to go is to put your URL and email address on every thing that promotes you from the Yellow Pages, to your local newspaper ads, to national magazine ads, to your stationery, to your invoices - you name it!

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. CAN'T GUARANTEE HOW MANY TIMES YOUR WEBSITE WILL BE VISITED BY OTHERS NOR THE RESULTS OF THEIR VISITS TO YOUR WEBSITE (eg: SALES MADE), NOR ANY LEVEL OR KIND OF RESPONSE OR REACTION TO YOUR WEBSITE. The Internet is global. Since we have no control over how and how many people will find your website, what systems they use on the Internet, what people are interested in finding or the keywords they'll use to find what they want, what their culture, beliefs, expectations and prejudices are, anything you might offer on your website, how competitive you are, and the marketplace for your offers or ideas, we can't guarantee in any way what the response will be to your website or webpages.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ITS PRICE SCHEDULE WHENEVER IT WISHES WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE OR LIABILITY TO ANYONE.We will guarantee you your older rates, if they are cheaper, for two weeks after any such price change is made. And all rate changes by us will be uniformly applied to all of our webpage clients, unless we have made prior written contractual arrangements that explicitly guarantee different rates.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH ANYONE IT SO CHOOSES WITHIN THE LAW, AND MAY AT ANY TIME CHOOSE TO STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH AN EXISTING CLIENT WITH A TWO WEEKS WRITTEN NOTICE WITHOUT LIABILITY TO ANYONE IN EITHER CASE. And clients have the right to stop doing business with us with a two weeks written notice and all existing balances paid in full without any liability based on the legal concept of discontinuing to do business with us.

LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. SHALL COPYRIGHT ALL WEBPAGES IT DESIGNS FOR YOU IN ITS NAME, AND IT SHALL OWN ALL RIGHTS TO THEM UNTIL YOU, THE CLIENT, HAS PAID ALL OUTSTANDING BALANCES YOU OWE TO LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC.After all outstanding balances are paid to Lone Star Consulting, Inc., it will then transfer all copyright rights to you for your webpages as a "Work for Hire."

IN NO CASE WILL IT BE REQUIRED FOR ANY OF US TO EVER PERSONALLY MEET EACH OTHER TO FULFILL THE CONTRACT. Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s personnel can easily and conveniently do all communications via the Internet by posting up your webpages in their various stages of design for your review and input, and by email, regular mail and phone.

ALL COST ESTIMATES ARE BASED ON THE FEES AND EXPENSES WHICH WE ESTIMATE WILL RESULT FROM THE HOURS, TYPES OF REQUIRED WORK, AND THE APPLICABLE RATES AND AMOUNTS DESCRIBED BELOW BASED ON YOUR INITIAL REQUIREMENTS. HOWEVER, ALL CHARGES WILL BE BASED ON THE ACTUAL WORK WE DO FOR YOU. As with most professionals, we charge by the hour, based on the level of difficulty of the work as we perceive it and the hours it takes us to perform each task, plus all expenses the effort for you incurs. Often, a client may want mid-stream changes in his/her website which require additional under estimated or unestimated work. Internet competition can be fierce yet your potential customer base is often astronomical - in many cases website development costs are small compared to the money which can be made. The most important thing is for us to provide you the very best and most effective website we can. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any level of final adherence to our initial estimates of cost and time.


  • THE WEBPAGES WE DEVELOPED FOR YOU HAVE BEEN MODIFIED OR UPDATED BY ANYONE OTHER THAN LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. IN SUCH A SUBSTANTIAL WAY THAT THEY CAUSE SERIOUS PROBLEMS WITH THE APPEARANCE OR FUNCTION OF YOUR WEBPAGE(S), OR WITH THE MACROMEDIA's DREAMWEAVER or ALLAIRE's HOMESITE WE USE TO DEVELOP YOUR WEBPAGES.All modifications, updates and other website maintenance should be made by Lone Star Consulting, Inc. This is because certain changes - even if seemingly minor - can sometimes produce major problems by rippling through the entire webpage, causing scripts to malfunction or not function, and/or manifest themselves in multiple and complex errors. To fine-tune webpages for optimal capabilities and appearances, we do much of our editing of them in the professional Edit Mode. Unfortunately, different webpage editors automatically and liberally reformat webpages, sometimes even to the extent that a webpage is barely recognizable. And tags implemented by one editor may not be implemented by another, or at least not in the same way. Therefore, the webpage editor used to make such changes can Save the webpage file back in a format that may not be reasonably useable by us and/or our software. If a webpage must be changed because of some kind of justifiable emergency or legal imperative reason, and we are unable to change it for you within 24 hours from your notice to us, then you may make changes yourself limited to correcting the emergency or legal problem at hand. However, be advised that if your scripts and/or applets then malfunction and/or your webpage editor fouls it up, we will have to charge you additionally to the extent it takes to correct whatever new problems, if any, which results. To minimize such charges to you, please use the latest version of Dreamweaver or Homesite to do all of your changes. If you cannot get these required emergency or legal changes done in a professional way, then you probably should just take your website down until we can make them for you. We are of course not responsible for any and all losses you incur by anything you do to your website or webpages or what we do on your behalf, including any resulting consequence of legal problems and any economic losses you might suffer because you had to take your website or webpage down. For any usual changes and updates that we can't make for you within two weeks from your notice to us, you may make these changes yourself; again with the proviso that you assume to pay for all extra work we might incur, if any, to correct resulting functional and script errors that occur.

TO PROVIDE A CLIENT ANY WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES, THE CLIENT'S ICD MUST PROVIDE ADEQUATE WEBSITE HOSTING FOR HIM/HER AT THE CLIENT'S EXPENSE, AND LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. MUST HAVE FULL AND FREE CAPABILITY TO UPLOAD WEBPAGES TO THE APPROPRIATE AREAS THE CLIENT'S ICD PROVIDES TO HIM/HER FOR STORING AND MAINTAINING THE CLIENT'S WEBPAGES. THE CLIENT FULLY UNDERSTANDS, AGREES AND AFFIRMS THAT HE/SHE GRANTS LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. FULL PERMISSION TO FREE AND UNFETTERED ACCESS TO THESE AREAS ON HIS/HER ICD , AND TO ADD TO, CHANGE AND DELETE WEBPAGE AND RELATED FILES IN THESE AREAS TO WHATEVER EXTENTS IT BELIEVES NECESSARY. FURTHER, THE CLIENT ALSO FULLY UNDERSTANDS, AGREES AND AFFIRMS THAT LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. IS IN NO WAY LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENCE, ACCIDENTAL OR OTHERWISE, WHICH RESULTS FROM IT ACCESSING HIS/HER ICD AREAS AND ADDING, CHANGING AND DELETING FILES LOCATED THERE, AND THAT THE CLIENT FULLY INDEMNIFIES, DEFENDS, AND HOLDS HARMLESS LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. SHOULD ANY SUCH DAMAGE OCCUR. Clearly, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. must have the same free and unfettered access to your website area your ICD provides you as you do, for it to be able to add-to, change and delete the files it must to provide you any service which requires changing webpages (its WEBSITE CRITIQUING SERVICE is its only service that doesn't). It is also very important that you totally own all files you have located in your ICD area, as Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is not responsible for file deletions and changes it makes on someone else's files store in YOUR ICD area. ALTERNATIVE METHOD: If you object to us accessing your ICD area, the only alternative method is for us to post up all of your files in our ICD area or mail them to you on disk, you copy them to your hard drive, and then you, yourself, FTP them up to your ICD area.


Our Professional Fees & Expenses

Our fees and expenses are very reasonable compared to other professional website design services. All fees are based on the half-hour basis (ie: all work of 1-44 minutes will be charged for 30 minutes, and all work 45-60 minutes will be charged for 60 minutes). The minimum charge for any service is half an hour (charges do not include Gross Receipts Tax if you reside in Texas or are otherwise required to pay taxes on our services):

(1) $39 per hour: All HTML, DHTML and CSS interfacing, programming, testing, general troubleshooting, updating, modifications, and routine maintenance. All writing, editing, layout, formatting, updating, and research for webpages and printed documents (eg: reports, research results), excluding all services described in (2) - (5) below. All image scanning, image processing, audio processing, and OCR processing. All format conversions (eg: .JPG files to .GIF). All platform conversions (eg: Mac HTML files to PC HTML and vice-versa). All other conversions that don't require intermediate steps or additional hardware. For any and all such functions done in Spanish, add 20% to the hourly rate. All straight Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish webpage translations which do not change the form or function of any translated part of a webpage are also $39 per hour. Except if you need the fancy or complex functions requiring the technologies in (2) below, the technologies in this paragraph should be all that is required for an attractive and functional website.

(2) $59 per hour: All Java applet, Javascript, cgi and perl script, XML, Flash, Fireworks, ColdFusion, ACD VBScript, database, shopping cart, and web camera interfacing, programming, testing,  troubleshooting, updating, modifications, and maintenance, if any such services are required. And the interfacing, programming, testing,  troubleshooting, updating, modifications, and maintenance, if any such services are required, for any other technology not described elsewhere in this section. For any and all such functions done in Spanish, add 20% to the hourly rate.

(3) $29 per hour: Phone, letter, mail, fax and email consultations and training with the client, his/her staff, his/her ICD personnel, or with anyone else relative to the clients website or webpages or any other technical topic (including not directly related topics with the client or his/her staff, such as the operation of any system or software). Conversations and data transfers to/from Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and from/to anyone else relative to the clients website or webpages. All relevant web searches, uploading, downloading, website promotions with search engines, and domain registration work. For any and all such functions done in Spanish, add 20% to the hourly rate.

(4) $14 per hour: All hard copy printing, disk copying, data transfers between systems, and website record-keeping functions.

(5) Consultant Fees: Physicians and other professionals occasionally require using consultants and other subcontractors to provide them expertise in technologies in which they lack the resources or depth of training to perform themselves for particular tasks. Website designers are no different, and we certainly don't claim that we are know-alls relating to website design and programming. Complex website designs can become highly complex and involve a multitude of high-tech artistic capabilities and talents. The technology is constantly changing and is becoming increasingly intricate and complex. For example, many website designers (including us) don't do original audio and video production work because that is an entire technology unto itself and usually requires expensive equipment and studio facilities. If the client does not provide the audio and video clips he/she needs to complete the website design as per his/her specifications, the website designer must subcontract out for these services. Our goal is to do the jobs for our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manners reasonably possible.
      When we need to subcontract out a job function, the client will be charged for the entire subcontractor charge plus our 10% of it ($10/hr minimum) supervisory fee (based on the subcontractors billed hours) for us to supervise the subcontract. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. reserves the right to subcontract any function it believes can be done better, cheaper and/or faster than what we can do ourselves without notifying or obtaining prior permission from the client as long as the subcontractor does not charge more than 1.5 times our hourly rates described above. If the subcontractor charges more than that, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. will either first notify the client what the estimated charges and estimated time will be or will limit the subcontractor charges to the hourly rates described above, in either case plus our 10% of the total contractor charges ($10/hr minimum) as our supervisory fee.

(6) Emergency Work: All fees described above will be multiplied by 1.5 (150%) for all work we are required to do for the client that is done on Sundays, National Holidays, or between 7PM and 9AM MST on any day.

(7) All Expenses: In addition to (1) - (6) above fees, the client is responsible for ALL expenses relate to all services provided directly or indirectly to the client. These include all phone, fax, mail, email, copier, printer, disk storage media, film, tape, postage, office supplies and small parts expenses, which will all be billed to the client without prior permission from the client. All facility, equipment, software, and services purchases, leases and rentals less than $100 and required by the job we are doing for the client will also be billed to the client without prior permission from the client; however, prior permission will be sought for all such costs which are over $99. If equipment and software will be used only for the client's project, the client wishes to have it or needs it, it costs over $99 and the client has paid for it in full, and the client has no outstanding balance with Lone Star Consulting, Inc., we will ship the equipment and/or software used by us "as is" to the client at our normal S/H rate (we will not maintain any copies or backups here). However, if the client does not want or need this $99+ equipment or software and the client has paid for it in full, and Lone Star Consulting, Inc. believes it can use, then Lone Star Consulting, Inc. may negotiate with the client to buy the equipment or software from the client. However, if the client does not want the equipment or software and can't interest Lone Star Consulting, Inc. into buying it, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. will dispose of the equipment or software after 30 days from its last day of use without any costs, losses or liabilities to itself whatsoever. Check, money order, Money Transfer Service (MTS), Trade are all fine - we do not accept Direct Bank Transfers.

In addition, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. requires the placement of a small identifier (free of charge) at the bottom of every website home page it develops for a client that identifies Lone Star Consulting, Inc. as the Website's Creator. In addition, if you contracted us to also maintain your website, we will also include a hotlink to our email. For these reasons: (A) Just like painters sign their works, webpages are works of art in which it's only fair to properly credit its creator, in which case his pride is at stake in the final product usually resulting in a better job, and (B) If a visitor dislikes or has any problem with some appearance, function or feature of the website, we will obtain much faster the invaluable feedback we need to make changes (with your permission and only if we are contracted to also maintain your website) to your webpages to try to make corrections promptly and with minimal loss to you and inconvenience to your website visitors. You are of course always solely and totally responsible for all products, services, policies, claims and promises you make to the public on your webpages, and for all of your business practices. Our little blurb will not exceed 3 square inches or 5% of your home page size (based on a printout), whichever is less. Under certain circumstances, the client may negotiate with us for us not to place our blurb on his home page but any such exceptional agreement must be approved by Lone Star Consulting, Inc. in writing.

HI-TECH Customized Devices HARDWARE, DEVICES: Also interested in hardware? Unique, Original, Made-to-Order (Customized), Special Needs, Weird, Controversial, High-Tech Customized Devices Hardware, Devices Services: Research, design, develop, test, modify, customize, repair, improvise, Customized Devices relating to high-tech survival and security: Electronics, computers, Internet, energy, computers, computer hacking, phones, phone phreaking, audio, video, financial, vehicles, electromagnetic, radar, ultrasonic, surveillance, improvised weapons & lab devices, countermeasures, medical, radionics, privacy, mind control, paranormal ... : Customized Devices (CD ) ==> www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/specproj.htm

HI-TECH SURVIVAL BOOKS, MANUALS, SOFTWARE: PLEASE NOTE, we are NOT CONSUMERTRONICS (P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM 87192)(www.consumertronics.net) - well known for their many frank and controversial high-tech survival books, manuals and software. These two businesses are totally separate entities. Neither one owns the other or is a subsidiary of the other. If you wish to do business with CONSUMERTRONICS, please contact them DIRECTLY. (More on these policies in our General Policies section at www.lonestarconsultinginc.com/policies.htm)


Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is particularly interested in trading or buying modern computer systems, peripherals & software, electronic parts & test equipment, printing & publishing equipment & supplies, books, small parts, et al - too numerous to list! Parts must be new and unused. We are NOT interested in tubes, most large/heavy/bulky parts, parts which were clearly used (no "pulls"), aged, dirty, defective, discolored, worn or out-of-spec parts, radios/TVs/VCRs, or similar. Please do not phone or Fax us about what you have: Email us (preferred) or write us (do NOT include any attachments - describe in full in your email message itself). Please do NOT send us anything until a written, explicit mutual agreement results. Just describe what you have, its condition, quantity, and how much you want for it. IF we are interested in trading for or buying it, we will contact you accordingly. $50 min.

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