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Required Equipment, Tools, Parts Wherewithal
For All Legit Custom Houses & Specialty Houses
We know what we are doing and we are in business 10+ years

We made this informative webpage because for years some prospective clients have asked, 'I don't know you or "XYZ Company" who sells similar devices, so how do I know if you are better than "XYZ"?' Some who went to "XYZ" (mostly because "XYZ" had a glitzier website and/or talked a lot of impressive-sounding gibberish), later contacted us with, 'I go ripped-off by "XYZ" and lost much money, now I am sorry I didn't go with you guys instead!'. Or, 'I lost much money with "XYZ" devices which (don't work / I never received) and don't have much money left, now I am desperate, so will you please sell me your device for half of what you had asked?' (our answer is always NO).

NOTE: This webpage shows you some of the many electronic parts and tools we use to research, design, develop, fabricate and test the many exciting device types we offer. As much as we would have liked to, for obvious security reasons, just as we don't have a walk-in store and never personally meet with our Clients, we cannot provide you images of the outsides or insides of the offices, electronic laboratories, shops and field situations where our devices are researched, designed, developed, fabricated and tested. Nor of any of our unsung personnel who tirelessly work daily to accomplish all for our Clients. We do much high security and controversial work in mind control, electronic attack, radionics, energy and physical survival. Images of the outsides or of personnel risk recognition by people who have been in our area or who we come into contact with. Images of the offices, electronic laboratories, shops and field situations, while certainly very impressive, risk being recognized by service, maintenance, repair, installation and delivery people who come and go but don't know who we really are or what we do. This is not only for our own security but also, unlike other customized devices firms and specialty houses, to maintain absolutely strictest confidentiality for our Clients.

Our unique Customized Devices (CD) - which include their User Manuals - are feature-filled and versatile, and yet designed to operate as easily, simply and reliably as we can reasonably make them. If you can operate a TV or radio, you should be able to operate our devices. We have decades of electronic research, design and fabrication experience in our legendary President and chief electronic designer, John Williams, M.S.E.E. - especially in critical areas such as mind control, electronic attack, radionics, energy, physical survival, ultrasonics, electromagnetics, RF, security systems, detection systems, invention prototyping, etc. - all of which John Williams is and has been doing for decades for Lone Star Consulting, Inc. and Consumertronics. Our education plus many 1,000s of hours in our electronic laboratories and fabrication shops gave us the required great knowledge, experience and skills to properly do electronic and electromechanical research, design, development and fabrication for us to rise to the ultimate electronic and electromechanical custom house and specialty house level. We know because we have tested, disassembled and analyzed many devices designed and made by others, and frankly, while most looked great on the outside, most were poorly designed with cheezy workmanship on the inside (eg: using no metal fasteners, melting enclosure plastic with a soldering iron to secure parts, unsecured parts, overheated parts, cold solders, solder whiskers, unclipped excess leads, dirty circuit boards, inadequate tolerances, little moisture, dirt and vibration protection, poor power regulation, unprotected power, inputs and outputs, etc.).

The required educational and experience requirements are all obvious. However, they are not per se enough. IN ADDITION to these requirements, for a custom design house or specialty house to competently do a great variety of electronic and electromechanical projects, it must also have the facilities, equipment, tools and parts to do these high-tech jobs based on optimum designs (few compromises because of shortages), efficiently (eg: few backorder and gearing up delays), and at reasonable costs (while customized and handmade jobs are always more expensive than mass-produced electronics, poorly stocked customized houses forced into paying premium prices always charge more than the well prepared ones). Since many electronic parts, electromechanical parts and electronic equipment are Made-In-Japan and/or Japanese distributed or consist of components, and/or materials which are Japanese made or Japanese distributed which don't have the Made-In-Japan label, and Japan suffered devastating earthquakes and tsunami (March, 2011) which will take decades to economically recover from, having a robust stock of electronic parts, electromechanical parts, special materials and electronic equipment NOW as we do - rather than ordering them when needed as other custom houses and specialty houses typically do - is even more critical. Below is just a sample of how well prepared Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is:

Small sample Of electronic parts accessed by Lone Star Consulting, Inc.    Small sample of parallel-jaw pliers and hand vises Lone Star Consulting, Inc. uses for its Customized Devices projects

ELECTRONIC PARTS / MECHANICAL PARTS: Above are just small samplings of the electronic parts and tools which Lone Star Consulting, Inc. uses for its Customized Devices projects. Left image is a closet-full of electronic parts, which represents less than 5% of the total electronic parts, electromechanical parts and special materials immediately available to us, which minimizes dealing with marketplace parts and materials fluctuations and shortages and for us to backorder anything (this is especially critical now because Japan makes and/or distributes many electronic parts, electromechanical parts and materials Made-In-Japan or used in Made-In-Japan equipment, as well as components and materials used in many other electronic parts, electromechanical parts and equipment not labeled as Made-In-Japan, and as Japan rebuilds, parts and material shortages will become even much greater due to the demands to replace and repair their equipment). And we also have many 10,000s of pages of electronic datasheets and electronic databooks to rely upon for parts specifications, wiring and testing. Those custom houses and specialty houses without huge stocks of electronic parts, electromechanical parts and special materials on hand often make non-optimum substitutions, resulting in inferior devices. Even very modest electronic projects and electromechanical projects can easily take 100+ parts to complete (our electronic parts lists for our devices typically take pages), and each of our many CD projects differ from each other - so huge supplies of parts and special materials, as well as their supporting datasheets and databooks, are required. We can do such a great variety of customized electronic and electromechanical CD projects, and do them all well - virtually anything and everything a Client can ask for - because we have immediate availabilities of huge supplies of electronic parts, electromechanical parts and special materials (and their datasheets and databooks) few others can even come close to. Our secure supplies of electronic parts, electromechanical parts and special materials protect both us and our Clients in the highly-fluctuating and unstable parts and materials marketplaces of today.

SPECIALIZED TOOLS: Right image shows just two of the highly-specialized types of tools we use to do our Customized Devices projects at a high level of precision and accuracy. This is just a sampling. We pulled these tools off of our bench tops for these photos; all duplicates were removed and not all of these tool types are in these images as we neither searched tool boxes nor included similar or related tool types (eg: vise grip pliers, tweezers, etc.). Some of these tools are very rare - a few are one-of-a-kind - and some have been modified or created by us. Right top image is the specialized tool type: PARALLEL-JAW PLIERS. All other pliers (which we also have lots of) have jaws which close with a "V"-shaped action, which is prone to slipping, marring and unevenly compressing and distorting held objects. For most precise, accurate and marr-free work using pliers, the much more costly and rare parallel-jaw pliers are best for most jobs and critical for some. Right middle and bottom images are of the specialized tool type: HAND-HELD VISES. To securely hold and work on objects in your hands, you need hand-held vises, and you need many varieties of them as held objects come in numerous shapes, sizes, weights and materials.
          NOTE: When it comes to tools and equipment, to do an excellent job as an electronic custom house or specialty house, it is not enough to have a large number of tools and equipment made for electronics, which we have. Nor even a large variety of commercially available tools and equipment. The simple truth is to optimally perform our Customized Devices jobs, about 25% of the tools and equipment we use have been either much modified by us or invented and created by us. And we have never limited ourselves just to professional electronic tools and equipment. Precision electronics work often requires using tools and equipment not specifically made for electronics or related disciplines, such as computer tools and electrician tools. Many of the tools we also regularly use are laboratory tools, crafts tools, modeler tools, jeweler tools, watch repair tools, dental tools, medical tools, eyeglass tools, machine shop tools, mechanics tools, aircraft tools, welding tools, forging tools, etc. Plus the required tool skills to skillfully use such a great variety of tools.

Clearly, many people these days are of the false belief that all they need to do is to buy a box of tools from a department store and a certificate from an electronics tech school and they have magically become an electronics custom house or specialty house (based on what some have asked us on how they too can become a custom house or specialty house). Just because they are seriously delusional, doesn't mean that you have to be fooled into paying them money. Decades of high-tech education and experience, as well as countless specialized tools, parts and equipment, are all required.

If you have any comments, inquiries or questions about the education, experience, qualifications, parts, special materials, tools, equipment or tool skills required to become a first rate custom house or specialty house, or if you have relevant parts, special materials, tools or equipment you are interested in selling us or trading with us, please email us => Contact Us

Our capabilities to serve you well are unquestioned. We have all of the wherewithal required to do excellent Customized Devices for you from the initial electronic and electromechanical design, parts list and circuit diagrams to final completion and extensive testing prior to shipping. Unfortunately, many so-called custom houses and specialty houses have only a small fraction at most of the competent personnel, facility and materiel wherewithal we have that is required to do top level work - they simply cannot properly do Customized Devices projects for you, and you waste your time and money if you deal with them.

We at Lone Star Consulting, Inc. both know what we are doing and have full capabilities, so PLEASE COME TO US FIRST.

Before you buy expensive specialized equipment from anyone, first determine their levels of expertise - knowledge and experience. You then determine whether or not they have the facility and materiel wherewithal to even attempt this kind of highly demanding work. There are many slick con artists who spout scientific gibberish to con their victims into buying high-priced worthless devices and services. Just because a business has a slick website, does not mean that they have the knowledge, experience, facilities, equipment, tools, electronic parts, electromechanical parts, and special materials for doing high-tech electronic projects. Clearly, the vast majority of them are fly-by-nights who will steal your money! One Example: A Client told us that he previously bought a $3,000 "mind control countermeasure" from a slick-looking website, never received a thing - later found out that his money vanished to Latvia, the site went down, and shortly afterwards another similar site appeared selling a very similar device with a similar name and claims.

For all questions, inquiries and concerns about this topic, please email us.

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