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We are here to serve electronically Targeted Individual (TI) victims to help save them from their perps. The perps hate us for that! Just as TI perps are usually experts at harassing and persecuting TIs, they use those same intentions against us. To discredit us, entrap us, force us out of business, harass us, and get us into legal trouble. Without us, perps can 'feast on your brains' with impunity. The perps have their agents working social media, TI groups, complaint systems, etc. Do NOT let perps scam you into not obtaining protective devices from us, thereby leading you to their slaughter. Do NOT let perps trap you, set you up or isolate you. Whatever insulting they say about you and us, the opposite is true. If you have any questions or concerns relevant to us or anything on our website, or are aware of suspicious activity against us, please email us right away. We are custom device designers and makers for decades - with many repeat Clients - all of our devices are unique and handmade to our Clients' orders - so those who claim or imply that any (or all) of our devices are this or that, they are lying - DO NOT FALL FOR PERP SCAMS!
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Dedicated to Defeating Mind Control Tactics / Mind Control Strategies and Electronic Attack Tactics / Electronic Attack Strategies of all Types

Hello! We support many technologies. For introduction into how to obtain hardware and our design philosophy, please click on our Home Page (includes hotlinks to all of our Device Types, listed by Topics and Titles): Home. Hotlinks by Topics and Titles also at: Site Map. When you are done, please use your Browser's Back Button to return here.

DISCLAIMER: OUR MEDICAL POLICIES REGARDING ALL OF OUR OFFERS FOUND EVERYWHERE: NOTE: The term, "Medical" and related terms in all of our webpages include ALL medical fields, ALL dental fields and ALL veterinarian fields (animals can also be injured by electronic attacks). We recognize that once a buyer buys any device from a seller, the seller has no control over what the buyer may actually use the device for nor does the seller assume any liability to anyone for any use in any unsafe or improper environment or way, misuse or abuse of the device. We recognize and fully respect that people have the right to choose whatever form of medical care they prefer; we are not licensed to practice medicine, and therefore we cannot and do not provide any medical advice, medical device, medical opinion, make medical claims, nor scientific claims, nor supernatural or paranormal claims, nor tell you what the causes are for any medical-like manifestation. Nor anything we may provide you is to be used for a medical prevention, diagnostic, treatment, cure or medically-assistive reason; nor to in any manner stop, delay, speed up, interfere with, change or replace any medical procedure or drug prescribed for you by any trusted licensed medical person or other entity. All medically-related statements which we may make are lay, anecdotal and personal opinion-type statements only. If you are suffering from medical-type manifestations, we always recommend that you first obtain a complete medical exam from trusted and licensed medical professionals (at your end and your expense) to diagnose, treat and possibly cure all medically-caused manifestations. ANY MANIFESTATION - MEDICAL-LIKE OR OTHERWISE - WHICH HAS NO KNOWN MEDICAL OR OTHER NATURAL CAUSATION, MAY BE CAUSED BY MIND CONTROL OR OTHER TYPES OF ELECTRONIC ATTACK DEVICES.
          NOTE-1: We cannot produce any device which is intended or likely to be used as a weapon, to retaliate against anyone, or which inflicts injury, pain or suffering to any person or animal, or which causes any other kind of mind control- or electronic-induced manifestations, or which is otherwise illegal, unethical or immoral. So please do not contract us for any device to treat, cure, diagnose, prevent or assist a medical condition, or to cause any kind of mind control or body control condition, or is likely to harm any person, animal or property, or is likely to be illegal, unethical or immoral. Do NOT use any device or statement we provide to stop, delay, accelerate, substitute for, modify or change any medical advice or device provided to you by a licensed, competent and trusted medical provider.
          NOTE-2: A few of our device-types come with an electrode(s) and/or induction coil(s) to be used on or near the skin (all electrodes are surface electrodes - none are invasive). Not even after decades and 100s of devices, no Client or our personnel (who create, test and also use these devices) has ever reported or complained to our knowledge about any harmful effects to them for any device we provided them, so we consider all of our device-types to be safe. Just to be extra safe, if you obtain a device type of ours which comes with an electrode(s) or induction coil(s) used on or near the skin, please consult with your licensed, competent and trusted medical provider (at your end and your expense) to verify that such a device-type is not likely harmful to you for you to apply on yourself, especially if you have heart rhythm problems or are connected to or have implanted inside of you an electronic medical device (including, but not limited to, pacemakers, diabetic controllers, and nerve stimulators), or you are pregnant, or you have allergies, illnesses or injuries or any other medical condition that might be adversely affected by electrodes, coils, EMFs or ultrasonic signals. As with all types of electronic devices from us or anyone else, do not place EMF coils directly onto the skull.

Short on Money to Get What YOU MUST HAVE?
Hard Economic Times makes it difficult for many good people to defend themselves against all kinds of dangers, including Mind Control Attacks and Electronic Harassment. WE CAN HELP YOU!
All of our devices are unique and professionally handmade in the USA. That is why they cost more than the mass-produced foreign-made electronic devices common to discount stores. Our resulting higher prices means that many good people may find our CD projects hard to afford. To make it much easier for stretched people to obtain our unique Customized Devices, we now offer our special Lay-Away and Barter and Collateral Plans (use them individually or in conjunction with each other) as added means to obtain our products and services. For more details, click on: Our Easy Payment Plans, then click on your browser's backbutton to return here.

ADD A NEW ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY COUNTER TO YOUR CUSTOMIZED DEVICES: Many of the Device-Types described herein automatically come with displays. These displays may consist of meter-type digital readouts, analog readouts or LEDs. Now you can add a new small and portable Electronic Frequency Counter (EFC) to any Customized Devices (CD) device you contract for with us (includes, but not limited to the Device-Types described herein) to detect and possibly locate EMF signals between 0.009 Hz and 99,999 Hz. This bandwidth is very important because whatever the transmitter carrier frequency is, for mind control purposes, the carrier must be modulated by ultra low (infrasonic) brainwave frequency signals and/or infrasonic control signals, or ultrasonic frequency data or control signals, which the EFC should detect, while ignoring other EMF signals which are not modulated by these types of signals, such as huge number of normal radio and TV signals. Be sure to specify an EFC for YOUR device CDAF (green link at top of webpage is CDAF). With an EFC, you can monitor the entire bands for infrasonic and ultrasonic EMF signals, as well as electromagnetic signals within this same bandwidth - including brain wave frequencies and many power, servo and control frequencies! This should greatly increase the finding of useful data and documentation, and is especially useful for tracking and analyzing mind control, electronic attack, radionics, power, servo, control and other signals. Since the EFC comes as a separate module which plugs into most of our CD devices, all you need is one EFC for all of your EFC-capable devices, PLUS you can use your EFC for other non-CD devices and uses. We can sell you the EFC by itself custom-modified with battery holder and ON/OFF switch, if you wish, and with any of these types of signal connections: RCA, phone plug, miniphone plug, BNC, USB, spade lug, flat lug, ring lug, banana, pin, barrel plug, bare wire ($349 + S/H ($9.90 USA S/H)). We can also include a detected signal amplifier, and low-band and/or high-band filter; just state on your CDAF for your Device. If you need the EFC by itself, please provide us your CDAF just for the EFC.

ARE YOU A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (TI)?: John Williams's (MSEE) and his people's extensive electronic weaponry, electronic harassment devices, and Radionics devices researches and many projects - including on-site investigations of cases - have resulted in high levels of understanding and insights into electronic mind control and harassment techniques, technologies and manifestations, and especially their countermeasures and transmitter location devices. The technologies for powerful and invisible electronic attacks are proven to exist and are widespread (Online search: "Havana Syndrome", etc.) - attacks aimed at seriously injuring, harassing, controlling, crippling, and "electronic poisoning" people. While you are under electronic attack, you may or may not be aware you are being attacked; however, you will likely experience these manifestations while being attacked or later. Attacks can be by sounds (ultrasonic, audio, and/or infrasonic) or by electromagnetic that may cause sound sensations (Microwave Auditory Effect - MAE).

Manifestations: Do You:

Many of these manifestations may also be caused by non-electronic attack reasons (eg: medical, normal mechanical/electronic problems, etc.), of which you should thoroughly check out (eg: thru your trusted, licensed medical personnel) and rule out if possible. But even if these other often non-electronic manifestations are occurring, electronic attacks aggravate most of these manifestations, so curing a medical problem caused/not caused by an electronic attack may provide only limited and/or temporary relief if electronic attacks were and still are aggravating them. No matter what is causing your medical problems, you need your trusted licensed medical doctors to address them. If due to electronic attacks, come to us to try to stop them from worsening or reoccurring. Many voice, sound and visual phenomena may not be experienced by others near you, or told by them as normal or different sounds and/or sights. Having medical or normal electronic device problems are not mutually exclusive conditions to being electronically attacked - all can occur at same time. Perp attacks may be varied or unvaried in signal type/intensity/timing/direction, and may target the brain, body, and/or electronic devices. Some TIs experience multiple attacks and attack technologies at the same time. If you are not certain that these manifestations are being caused or aggravated ONLY by a medical condition(s), by a normal mechanical/electronic malfunction(s) (eg: from wear and tear), or by some other non-electronic or sound reason, they may be caused by or aggravated by harmful electromagnetic signals or sounds. Note that not all injurious EMF signals and sounds are intended to be malicious; and people differ in sensitivities to EMF signals and sounds.
: You still may be in grave danger of electronics attack. Consider: (1) Electronic attack signals are often not observeable by any of your senses (but can be detected using specialized electronic devices of the types we make). (2) Electronic attacks can cause serious damage over a short or long time, and you may not experience anything until a certain threshhold of damages occurs, then suddenly all comes crashing down. An analogy is cancer: You can have a cancer growing inside of you for years and feel nothing bad, but then one day you suddenly become sick, and are told you are Stage 3 or 4. (3) Even if you are not being currently attacked, if a perp(s) starts attacking you, if you are unprepared, it may be weeks before you can mobilize effective defenses, which then may be too late. An anology is you might carry bear spray with you even though you have never been attacked and have no belief you will be attacked; but once attacked you can quickly defend yourself. Without the bear spray, you may be killed or injured. You keep locks on your doors to end the risks of being murdered, raped or robbed. Same with seatbelts. The way mind control attacks are clearly accelerating today, most people will be attacked within a few years to come, and many attacked multiple times.
In today's world, you must assume that your perp(s) has personal files on you (a dossier), describing realtime in detail you, your family members, friends, associates, locations, schedules, facial and gait recognition, habits, vulnerabilities, medical problems, financial situations, etc., and perps know exactly which buttons-to-push to maximize your injuries, pain and suffering. Dossiers were notoriously associated with Nazis, East German Stasi, and communists - today, there are several-to-many dossiers on almost everyone, and some are sold on the dark web. Since 2001, based on reports we get, mind control attacks have been and are skyrocketing. You may be the victim of injurious electromagnetic, ultrasonic, audio, and/or infrasonic signals and sounds, which come in almost countless variations. No matter what attack devices are used, it is critical to block or jam their signals reaching you and your devices. We here to try to help you with our very effective countermeasures (shielding, jamming) to stop the bad signals from damaging you, and transmitter locators. Please let us try to help you.

Introduction to this Page
Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF)

(For our device types related to many other ultrasonic and infrasonic uses from pest control to commo => audio.htm)
We make no device intended for medical use and we make no medical, supernatural, paranormal, psychic or legal claims, advice or opinion

The ULTIMO MECHANICAL ULTRASONIC TRANSMITTER LOCATOR: "Mechanical" means here that the UMUTL is totally non-electronic (ie: uses no electricity - no batteries nor AC power). The UMUTL is a portable, very wideband ultrasonic transmitter locator you use to locate nearby offending ultrasonic transmitters, preferably within 25 feet of you (almost all ultrasonic mind control and electronic attacks we know of). You point the UMUTL in the direction(s) you believe the offending signal(s) is coming from. If the UMUTL placement causes a certain change, you then determine the exact direction of the offending transmitter(s) by making a few quick and easy mechanical adjustments. The UMUTL will also locate burst, frequency hopping (multi-frequency) and pulse signal transmitters (just as well as continuous wave signals) - transmitter types very difficult to locate using electronic ultrasonic direction finders. The UMUTL also works well to locate multi-directional and simultaneously-transmitting transmitters. Also great for locating transmitting and/or receiving electronic implants. And can also serve as a temporary body part ultrasonic shield. Not recommended for distant, low-frequency or highly mobile ultrasonic transmitters.
            Specify whether you want the external transmitter locator version or the electronic implant locator version. Last made $295 [6 lb].

The ULTRA ULTRASONIC DETECTOR & AMPLIFIER (Ultrasonic Detector/Amplifier/Direction Finder): The UUDA is designed to detect and amplify the presence of ultrasonic sounds in your environment - from weakest to strongest (gain tunable 5,000 - 500,000), from 15 KHz - 225+ KHz. Automatic gain control (AGC) is used to extra-boost weak sounds over much stronger ones. Directional and tunable. Ideal for detecting ultrasonic bugs, ultrasonic pain field generators, ultrasonic spurious emitters, ultrasonic communications (will demodulate some), ultrasonic range finders, ultrasonic depth finders, ultrasonic medical devices, ultrasonic mind control devices, etc. Also, the UUDA comes with a FREE NEW MULTIMETER for you to plug into the UUDA to observe the ultrasonic signal strengths as you scan for offending ultrasonic signals; to determine the directions of the ultrasounds (where signal strength is maximum); which meter you can also use for a vast number of other voltage and current measurements you may want to make unrelated to the UUDA. The UUDA also comes with an ultra wideband ultrasonic transducer housed in a special highly directional feedhorn assembly that allows you to determine the direction where the offending ultrasonic signal is coming from. NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for an ULTRA ULTRASONIC JAMMER (UUJ), ULTRA ULTRASONIC SHRIEKER (UUS), or ULTRA ULTRASONIC COUNTERMEASURE (UUC)-type device because you needa highly directional ultrasonic signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking ultrasound so that we can optimally design the UUJ, UUS, and/or UUC for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your UUJ, UUS, and/or UUC transmits ultrasound. Last made $645 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO ULTRASONIC TRANSMITTER TRIANGULATOR: If you are being electronically harassed, electronically controlled or electronically attacked through some wireless means, the signal is either ultrasonic or electromagnetic (see above) in nature. The UUTT consists of two matching UUDAs (see ULTRA ULTRASONIC DETECTOR & AMPLIFIER (Ultrasonic Direction Finder) described above, along with several other related ultrasonic type devices) so that you can not only determine an offending ultrasonic signal strength but also the ultrasonic transmitter's specific location using the signal triangulation methods we describe. In addition to the User Manual, for all triangulation device-types we sell, we also provide a tutorial on signal triangulation with a completely worked-out example problem using our simple algebraic plug-in formulas. NOTE: We will refund 25% of your payment for this device-type if within 60 days of you contracting for one you also contract for an ULTRA ULTRASONIC JAMMER (UUJ), ULTRA ULTRASONIC SHRIEKER (UUS), or ULTRA ULTRASONIC COUNTERMEASURE (UUC)-type device because you needa highly directional ultrasonic signal detector to try to ascertain the frequency, direction and timing of the harassing or attacking ultrasound so that we can optimally design the UUJ, UUS, and/or UUC for you, and also so that you can prove to yourself that your UUJ, UUS, and/or UUC transmits ultrasound.Last made $1145 [3 lb].

The ULTIMO SOUND MODULATOR WITH BRAINWAVE FREQUENCIES: Every avenue for mind control and electronic attack is exploited by perps! This includes modulating audio tones with brainwave frequencies. Have you ever been on the phone or near a TV, radio, public address (PA), smart speaker, or other sound-generating device, and heard some weird squealing, scratching, rumbling, crackling, humming, hissing, beeping, pinging, tinkling, richocheting-type sounds, usually for short durations, some periodic and some random (source often unidentifiable)? Have you ever heard a voice-like sound that sounds like it is coming from a non-sound generating object (usually, a hard, often smooth and/or flat surface is nearby), or motor or transformer? Could be just meaningless random noise interference. Could also be perps transmitting brainwave signals to you by means of modulating audio (and sometimes ultrasonic) tones (the type of the sound depends on complex factors, such as audio frequency, type of modulation, degree of modulation, duration of signal, signal compression, target vulnerability, etc.). Since the sound itself is usually in the audio band, you can hear it, so the modulated sound gets inside your brain directly thru your ears (as opposed to ultrasounds and infrasounds which must pass thru your skull), where the modulating signals (eg: brainwaves from the perp) are likely decoupled directly into your brain to invade and infect your thoughts. There is no way you can jam or block it and still hear the normal voices and sounds you need to hear. Clearly, this technology is a very popular modality for mind control and electronic attacks. Every audio device-type can be used this way: Person-to-person conversations, phones, TVs, radios, recorders, electronic amplifiers, megaphones, intercoms, annunciators, computer speakers, smart speakers, sound systems, public address systems, hearing aids, car horns, motors, transformers, etc. Our USMWBF device-type modulates audio tones with one's brainwaves (or other low frequency signal) and provides an audio output that one can connect to a speaker for that person to audibly compare what he/she hears from a suspected audio source, so he/she can adjudge whether the suspicious sounds he/she is hearing are likely brainwave-modulated sounds. Our USMWBF is very versatile. Both speaker and oscilloscope output ports are provided (no speaker nor oscilloscope is provided). You can input whatever low frequency signal you want to; including your own brainwave signals, as we include non-invasive electrodes. You can tune the tuner for a range of audio carrier frequencies to modulate. You can select between several types of modulation. You can also adjust the amount of modulation that occurs. By doing these things, you can then compare your resulting USMWBF sound with the weird sound of concern. WARNING: Do NOT use the USMWBF to transmit your own mind control signals to others. Last made $1995 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO INFRASONIC-AUDIO CONVERTER: You cannot hear or record infrasounds. The purpose of the UI-AC is to upconvert unheard infrasonic sound and noise frequencies into audio sound and noise frequencies you can hear and audio record. Relative intensity and frequency variations are maintained. This device is designed to detect and verify whether or not you are under an infrasonic attack. It also invaluable in detecting and verifying animal infestations, small or distant earthquakes, ruptured underground pipes and resevoirs, mining and drilling operations, construction operations, operating machinery, mysterious hums, wind-caused vibrations, and any other source of infrasounds. which may now be causing you great harm and you are not even aware of it. Last made $795 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO ULTRASONIC-AUDIO CONVERTER: You cannot hear or record ultrasounds. The purpose of the UI-AC is to downconvert unheard ultrasonic sound and noise frequencies into audio sound and noise frequencies you can hear and audio record. Relative intensity and frequency variations are maintained. This device is designed to detect and verify whether or not you are under an ultrasonic attack. It also invaluable in detecting and verifying animal (especially insects) infestations, bat sonar, mining and drilling operations, construction operations, operating machinery, and any other source of ultrasounds. which may now be causing you great harm and you are not even aware of it. Last made $795 [2 lb].

The ULTIMO INFRASONIC DETECTOR: Infrasounds can cause serious physical and mechanical damages, due to causing adjacent tissues and parts to vibrate and rub against each other, resulting in frictional wear and tear, and sometimes excessive heat and static electric charges. Infrasonic damage to the body is mostly internal, where there are few pain- and heat-detecting nerves, so ongoing damages may not be noticed until they are devastating. The UID detects changes in your infrasonic environment and beeps and/or flashes a LED to indicate infrasonic changes from about 50 Hz to less than 1 Hz - well within brainwave frequencies. Please note that the UID, due to the physical properties of infrasound, can only provide at most the general direction of the incoming infrasound. It will tell you whether your infrasound exposure change is caused by an increase or decrease in the received infrasonic sound level. Detected increased levels tell you to act now to avoid or shield against the infrasounds, while decreased levels can tell you that whatever steps you took have lessened your exposure and that you are out of danger. While infrasounds can be used to cause physical and mechanical harm, because of its low low frequencies, infrasounds cannot do things that require intelligent signals, such as directly causing forced thoughts or transmitting data, so alone have very limited uses for mind control. However, infrasounds can be used to perform remote control and switching functions, which can in turn control other devices much more capable of mind control and electronic attacks, and by minimizing your infrasound exposure, you may be able to defeat infrasonic contollers from activating other devices. The UID comes with a FREE NEW MULTIMETER for you to plug into the UID to observe the ultrasonic signal strengths as you scan for offending ultrasonic signals; to determine the directions of the ultrasounds (where signal strength is maximum); which meter you can also use for a vast number of other voltage and current measurements you may want to make unrelated to the UID. Last made $1295 [2 lb].

The ULTIMATE EAR-TO-GROUND LISTENER: You may have seen in an old cowboy movie or in actual life, a person (usually, Native American) placing an ear on the ground to listen to oncoming people, animals and/or vehicles. The reason why this usually works so well is because in many places the ground is a much better sound conductor than is the air (neurophonic effect), and there are usually far less extraneous noises than in the air which interferes with one's abilities to distinguish and interpret sounds. Thus, the ear-to-ground technique can often hear a person/animal/vehicle moving around in an area way beyond ability to see it - some times when even miles away. The UETGL uses a special sensor embedded into each shoe/boot heel to pick up and amplify ground sounds way beyond what even the sharpest ear can hear. Ultra versatile, the UETGL is great for Targeted Individuals (TIs), people in fear of being stalked or mugged, security personnel (eg: guards), survivalists, people who live/travel/work in seismic active areas (eg: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, sinkholes, landslides, avalanches), people who live/travel/work in fracking/digging/cave/tunnel/underground fluid/water leaks/flow areas, military, police, private investigators, hunters, ranchers, farmers, biologists, hikers, walkers, joggers, explorers, campers, roofers, etc. The UETGL picks up one channel of sound from each shoe - essentially, stereo. With the UETGL, you can adjust amplification from Sensitive to Ultra-Sensitive. Determining sound direction is usually easy: You stand still. If the sound is coming directly from your side, with your legs spread at least shoulder apart, the perceived sound echo will be greatest. Since each stereo channel results in a slightly different sound, you can usually perceive sound direction by which sound is dominant. You usually can detect the sound of a person/animal/vehicle with the UETGL way before you can with your ears, and usually way before the person/animal can hear your sounds. Sounds that get louder, usually means the sound source is approaching, while sounds that diminish usually means that the sound source is leaving. The UETGL comes with ear buds, so you can secretly listen for sounds. Note, for this device-type, you must provide us a pair of new shoes or boots with a heel at least 1" tall and 1" thick, at your expense. The shoe/boot must fit you comfortably and be 1/2 size too large, because we need to drill the heels to place the sensors. Not for shoes/boots that get wet. Last made $1295 [2 lb]. If you prefer to have our sensors embedded in a walking stick(s), pole(s), cane(s), chair leg(s), crutch(es) etc., we can also provide the UETGL those ways as well. As a partner to the UETGL, we can also provide you with a ground sound generating system which will help you detect unusual variations of reflected sounds produced by buried objects, structures and minerals by pulsing sounds into the ground that you then detect with the UETGL (at additional cost).

The SUPER SLEUTH ULTRA HIGH GAIN SOUND AMPLIFIER & DETECTOR: The SSUHGSAD is an ultrasensitive sound amplifier, detector and pinpointer that operates in the audio range (20 Hz - 20 KHz). Gain is up to about 1,000,000. Comes with 3 tunable bands - bass, midrange and treble - you can independently tune to amplify or attenuate these frequency bands to bring out certain sounds and/or repress others that might be masking them. This device is great for picking up the faintest sounds - even when masked by other sounds. Can be built into a stethoscope or wand configuration if you specify it. While great for general sound amplification, it is especially useful for detecting, pinpointing and recording (tape/compact disk / digital recorder is not included) special sounds that you cannot ordinarily hear well enough or pinpoint, such as biological sounds (eg: wildlife (eg: birds, herd animals, predators, fish, game), hidden / buried animals / insects / crawling insects (eg: termites, ants, prairie dogs, moles)), biomedical sounds (eg: heartbeat, pulse, digestion, breathing), mechanical sounds (eg: engine noises, weird home and vehicle noises), water leaks, flooding, burning sounds, cooking sounds), natural sounds (eg: wind sounds, ocean sounds, storms, thunder, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis), distant sounds (eg: someone coming up your driveway, the mailman, the delivery, cable, phone, utility or repair guy, someone talking or yelling at a distance), unseen dangers (eg: wild animals, feral animals, burglars, peeping toms, stalkers, muggers, creeps, eavesdroppers), and for ghostbusting and ferreting out other hidden earthly and alien beings. The ultra-sensitive audio pickup of this device is mounted on a 6' pole - easy to point at suspected areas including bushes, trees, attics, crawl spaces, holes, underneath beds, underneath vehicles, darkened rooms, ground, underneath storm debris and other items, roof, nooks and crannies. Highly directional. Portable and battery-operated. Tunable sensitivity. For SSUHGSAD-type with 3 tunable bands, last made $695 [3 lb]. For SSUHGSAD-type with 6 tunable bands for ultra sound isolation and pinpointing, last made $895 [3 lb]. If you want two sections of these to form an electronically matched stereoscopic-type device with much increased sound direction pinpointing ability and sensitivity - sort of "bionic ears" - for 3 tunable bands, last made $1295 [3 lb], for 6 tunable bands, last made $1695 [5 lb].

The PROGRAMMABLE LIGHT & SOUND DETECTOR: Do you need to activate something the instant that a light or sound is detected? For examples, as part of a burglar alarm system, proximity detector, or lamp, appliance, power tool, or process controller. The PL&SD/ detects light and/or sound and produces both a relay closure and 9 VDC outputs. Output durations and light and sound sensitivities are adjustable. Last made $195 [3 lb].

The HYPERSENSITIVE SOUND ALARM - Ultrasensitive Sound Detector: Have you tried to track down these low, fleeting, distant or faint sounds yourself only frustratingly not being able to hear well enough or react fast enough to catch them or to determine their sources? Or hired expensive "surveillance experts," "bug-sweepers" or "ghost busters" with same zero results or a bunch of BS? The HSA works by using a highly-directional microphone, super-amplification circuitry, a fast latching circuit (reacts in milliseconds), both a LED and loud beeping alarms (which comes with a volume control and can be disconnected for a silent alarm / secret alarm indication instead) to detect and continuously alert you to low, fleeting, distant and faint sounds in the mike's pointing direction at and within the sound band the HSA is tuned for (if you specified an HSA band).
           HSA DETECTS CRITICAL LOW-VOLUME, SHORT DURATION BEEPS FROM OTHER ALARM SYSTEMS: Are you missing sounds from alarms or alerts which are so weak and/or short-duration that you are distracted or sleep through them? Bothered by strange sounds / weird sounds which seem to come at random or odd times, especially while you are asleep? Unfortunately, many critical alarm systems put out a few faint beeps and then shut off - critical beeps you can easily miss because you are soundly asleep, temporarily out of the area or distracted by other noises and activities. The HSA is designed to detect such faint and short-duration sounds and continuously put out a loud alarm until you shut it off, it times out (if you set it for a time duration) or its battery depletes (if you specified battery operation). To remotely monitor the HSA, you can use a baby alarm with it (baby alarm is not included with the HSA unless explicitly contracted for). We believe that for all critical sounds, as many people as possible who consider that sound to be important should be able to monitor it. However, baby alarms are NOT substitutes for the HSA because baby alarms themselves neither detect low-level and short-duration sounds nor do they lock onto any sound. And unlike the HSA, baby alarms are not highly directional (they also pick much unrelated ambient noises such as traffic, neighbors, equipment, animals, etc.). This means that if you try to use a baby alarm to substitute for the HSA, and you are even briefly distracted or step out of the baby alarm receiver area, or you sleep deeply, or the faint short-duration sound is masked by a louder sound picked up by the typical omnidirectional baby monitor mike, you will likely miss the critical low-volume and/or short-duration critical sound. Also, if the source of the sound or the sound itself you are trying to monitor is expected to soon change but the new sound is also expected to be low-volume and/or short-duration, or there are other faint short-duration sounds you are also interested in, know that the very versatile HSA does a great job detecting and alarming to all types of low-volume and short-duration sounds - the HSA has countless low-volume, short-duration sound uses.
           THE HSA IS VIRTUALLY IDEAL BUSINESS AND HOME INVASION ALARMS: The HSA, especially the Entire Audio Band (20 Hz - 20 KHz) and the All-Band Audio Plus Ultrasonic (20 Hz - 80 KHz) versions, is a far better preventer of and home alarm system / business alarm system for burglaries and home invasions than traditional home alarm systems / business alarm systems because while traditional business / home alarm systems don't typically activate until the criminal has already damaged or invaded or is in the process of damaging or invading your property, the HSA (with the HSA inside your home or business) can alarm you even if the criminal or feral animal is just milling around the outside of your home, business, or nearby car or other property. As the result, traditional alarms can activate too late to save you, your loved ones or property. The HSA is also great against criminals casing your home or business, snoops, peeping toms, knob-turners, lay-and-wait ambushers, home-invading creeps, vandals, snatch-and-grab thieves, gas thieves, and unwanted door-to-door solicitors - its silent alarm / secret alarm feature can quietly alert you to a current or recent invader or snoop without also alerting the invader or snoop. And as part of a baby monitor, home watch, business watch and nanny watch system. When you or your kids come home to an empty house, is your home really empty? One of the most vulnerable parts of people's homes is their garage - an HSA in your garage can alarm you if someone is trying to break into your garage or has enterred through an open garage door. Basements are also vulnerable to home invaders, burglars, murderers and rapists. We all live in an increasingly dangerous world, increased security is now a must.
           HSA DETECTS DISTANT & REMOTE SOUNDS: The HSA is also highly recommended for detecting and listening to remote and distant sounds, and may be a real lifesaver in finding lost children and animals. Also great for bird watchers and other animal researchers, for trackers, for hunters, and for military and police uses. With the HSA, you can detect and hear people and animals at much greater distances and long before they can hear you - giving you great advantages in many situations.
           HSA DETECTS FAINT SOUNDS FROM COLLAPSES, CAVE-INS, AVALANCHES, EARTHQUAKES, TSUNAMIS, WAR ZONES, MINING ACCIDENTS, TERRORIST ATTACKS: The HSA can also be highly effective for detecting people trapped in cave-ins and collapsed buildings, bridges, tunnels, mines, ditches, wells, avalanches, landslides, etc., and is highly recommended for people and emergency services in active earthquake zones, mining areas, avalanche areas, tsunami areas, war zones, and likely terrorist target areas. If someone is trapped or buried, you want the HSA to be right on hand to immediately search for them by detecting their movements, shouts, cries and digging in the rubble. You also want to detect hidden broken gas lines, broken water lines and broken steam lines. Highly directional and ultra sensitive, so you don't need to be near or right over the source of the sounds - a big advantage in rubble situations.
           HSA DETECTS WATER LEAKS, AIR LEAKS, GAS LEAKS, FUEL LEAKS, CHEMICAL LEAKS: Water leaks can be devastating to your property, not to mention seriously drive up your water bills and waste valuable drinking water. Need to detect water leaks or overflows in your buried plumbing, walls, ceilings and floors, and through soil, concrete slabs, asphalt, wallboard, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, carpets, wood, plastic and other materials? The HSA can be used to non-destructively pinpoint the locations of underground water leaks and ceiling, floor and wall water leaks (water lines, sprinkler systems, faucets and other valves, hydrants, swimming pools and water tanks). Water leaking under pressure usually makes spurting, spraying, gurgling or PSSS-type sounds, such low-intensity buried sounds usually cannot be heard by the naked ear - especially when your ears are 5+ feet off the ground, which the HSA serves as an excellent hydrophone. Air leaks, gas leaks, fuel leaks and chemical leaks can make similar faint but distinctive sounds which the HSA can also detect. Many plumbers and equipment rental places do not have leak pinpointing devices, and plumbers which do virtually never rent them out, and charge you $200 - $300 EACH TIME they use them on your property (some double the price if they find a leak and you do not hire them to make the repairs). If you can't pinpoint your leak in a yard line, building line or valve, you may be forced to replace the entire line at huge expense, not to mention the extra expense of removing the debris from the torn up area, repairing it, and suffering a loss on your property because it now will likely be heavily scarred due to replacing the entire line. However, if the HSA can pinpoint your leak, you can usually restrict your repairs just to that small area at much less cost and damage. For leak detection, contract for The Entire Audio Band Version of the HSA with the Delux Water Leak Detection Mike. The Delux Water Leak Detection Mike is a mike consisting of a long padded cone (to concentrate leak sounds) attached to a three-foot plastic tube handle - an electronic stethoscope. You place the cone on the surface in various places as you walk along the line's route, and listen for distinctive leak sounds, where the sounds are loudest usually indicates exact location of leak. The Delux Water Leak Detection Mike also works great as a long distance surveillance mike, but is not sold for that purpose. In addition, also consider getting the Long-Reach Mike, which is a mike in a five-foot thin plastic tube handle which can reach deep into small spaces and pipes, and which usually much enhances received leak sounds when inserted into a steel pipe driven into the ground near the leak.
               Note that another very effective way to detect and locate water leaks is by using the soil conductivity method of our less expensive Ultimo Water Leak Detector & Locator, described on our misc-electronics.htm webpage, and pinpointing water leaks by detecting dips in soil resistance due to the water leak wetting the soil (not effective for air leaks, gas leaks, fuel leaks or chemical leaks, or water not leaking into soil). Since soil and water leak conditions vary widely, and one may work better than the other to detect your water leaks, you ideally should have both the HSA and the UWLD&L on hand to detect water leaks.
               Note: Since we neither have control over your soil and leak conditions nor how you will use this device, we cannot guarantee the HSA will pinpoint your leaks, and we assume no liability for false positives, false negatives, locating a leak after damage has already occurred or is imminent, failure to identify the exact location of a leak, or for anything else related to your use of the HSA device or your leak problems. Also, we are not plumbers, so we don't make plumbing repairs or provide plumbing advice or opinions.
           HSA HAS MANY OTHER IMPORTANT USES: Hearing sounds or voices in your head or your thoughts being repeated back to you which are not caused by a medical condition and appear to be emanating from external sources you can't seem to pinpoint or seem to be impossible sources of sound? Plagued by sounds no one else can hear or directed towards you alone? Or by weird sounds, voices or other disturbances which emanate from underground, walls, attic, basement, crawl space, garage, shed, bedroom, other room, large appliances, vehicles and/or equipment? Great for car owners and auto mechanics to ferret out those strange vehicle vibrations, squeaks, rattles and buzzes. Or underground streams or other liquid flows? Or as part of a baby monitor or nanny watch system. Or infestations of insects or rodents busily eating or nesting behind your walls, attic, floor, basement or other hidden places? Or as an electronic geophone / seismic activity detector. Or are you into ghost-busting, spirit hunting, space alien hunting, or animal detection or research (eg: bird watching, hunting, bats, dolphins, whales, burrowing animals, mice, rats, termites, ants, etc.)? The HSA can be used in all of these other applications as well.
           HSA FEATURES: The HSA is simple and easy to operate and comes with the HSA Module, the Hypersensitive Mike, the buzzer sounder, quality headphones, AC power adapter (for AC power operation), two new 9VDC alkaline batteries (portable DC operation), cabling, and user manual. The HSA Module comes with a Sensitivity Pot so that you can set the sensitivity (ie: input gain) from high sensitivity to ultra high sensitivity, a Duration Pot to set the duration of the alarm signal, and an output Alarm Volume Pot to control alarm loudness. In addition to a powerful beeper, the HSA also has a LED which also lights when the alarm is activated, even if you disconnect the beeper for silent indication. The HSA also comes with an output port where you can listen to and/or record the filtered highly-amplified sound (if in the audio band) and/or view the detected signal on an oscilloscope. If you need remote monitoring (eg: the people doing the monitoring are in a different area or office than the HSA), you can easily use the HSA in conjunction with a wireless baby monitor, home watch / home alarm system, internet monitoring system / internet surveillance system, real time spy camera, or some other applicable legal transmitter/receiver system (the HSA neither includes any of these extra systems, nor interfaces to them, nor any recorder, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, etc.).
           The HSA has two modalities of operation: (1) Feedback Modality, and (2) Non-Feedback Modality. In the Feedback Modality, the alarm signal is also fed back into the sound detection circuitry, which continuously retriggers the alarm until you shut off power to it. In the Non-Feedback Modality, the alarm signal is not fed back, in which case, the alarm activates for periods primarily set by the Duration Pot.
           The highly-directional mike is almost always required to determine actual sound directions - often critically important to determining sound origins with minimal false alarms, and thus determining what or who is making the sounds. By also selecting the band where your sounds of interest lay in, you can also greatly minimize false alarms by isolating your specific sounds of interest - especially useful where and when they are buried in much ambient noise and/or are remote or distant.
           If ultrasonics is important to you, we also do ultrasonic HSA device types. Don't be fooled by similar devices which can't perform above 40 KHz. We also offer HSA infrasonic versions (ie: sounds below 20 Hz), but because infrasound is spread out and infrasound direction is usually not detectable using electronic detectors, the mike provided is built-in and much more omnidirectional.
           Note that for all critical uses of the very versatile HSA, be sure to repeatedly test it in non-critical situations as similar as possible to your actual critical use, and then use the HSA as a backup system to any existing system you may have to alert you. Most important are the, (1) Adjustment for input sound amplification (multiturn Sensitivity Pot) to maximize true positive indications while minimizing false indications, (2) Pointing of the directional mike so that you maximize sensitivity in the direction that the sound of interest comes from, and (3) Setting of the output sound level so that you will be reliably alerted while not disturbing others not wanting to be disturbed. As with all of our devices, we are not licensed medical personnel, so we never make medical claims or provide medical advice or medical opinion or medical device.
           The HSA is the absolute ultimate in low and short-duration sound detection capabilities! Should detecting low and short duration, remote, distant or faint sounds (audio, ultrasonic and/or infrasonic sounds) and alarming you when detected is what you require, the HSA is ideal for you! Last made $395 [2 lb] for the Bass Version (20 - 500 Hz), Midrange Version (500 Hz - 4 KHz) and Treble Version (4 - 20 KHz), $545 [2 lb] for the Ultrasonic Version (20 - 80KHz), $695 [2 lb] for Near Infrasound Band Version (2 - 20 Hz, built-in omnidirectional mike), $895 [2 lb] for Far Infrasound Band Version (0.2 - 2 Hz, built-in omnidirectional mike), $595 [2 lb] for the Entire Audio Band Version (20 Hz - 20 KHz - recommended for maximum versatility and where you are not certain which band the sound mostly lies in or if the sound covers multiple audio bands (ie: wideband audio sound)), $995 [3 lb] for the All-Band Audio Plus Ultrasonic Version (20 Hz - 80 KHz, with major band-selection switch - recommended for both wideband audio sound and mind control and electronic attacks, ultrasonic communications, and animal detection and research where the animal produces or responds to ultrasonic signals), and $795 [2-3 lb] for any other audio and/or ultrasonic band version you specify (each specified band must be between 1% and 25% of upper frequency in width and be at least 500 Hz wide, and must entirely reside between 20 Hz and 200 KHz; add $95 more for each band you specify above first band; 4 bands max; bands may overlap and you may have gaps between your selected bands). Both the plug-in mikes and plug-in alarm sounders have 4-foot cables (flexible, lightweight, high-quality coaxial cables). While the provided mike is highly directional, we can substitute this mike for a more omnidirectional mike (same cost; covers a much greater area but is not nearly as directional), and we can provide additional mikes (eg: more omnidirectional mike along with the usual highly-directional mike), $95 [1 lb] per mike extra for all mikes, except the Delux Water Leak Detection Mike, which is $195 extra [3 lb]. While the alarm sounder is rated at 70-80 db, we can substitute it for an even much louder 90-110 db alarm sounder ($45 extra), or provide the 90-110 db alarm sounder as an extra sounder ($75 [1 lb] extra) (as with all alarm sounders, take cautions to not disturb your neighbors and others without their permissions, and place and tune the HSA system to minimize false alarms). Since you can control volume to the alarm sounder, you can also set the volume to either type of alarm sounder to very low if you wish for a much more localized alarming. Should you also need a relay contact output, add $50 for the relay output. Should you need a stop-clock function (freezes a clock display when alarm sounds; clock is included but requires a relay contact output) - great for documenting activations, add $75. As with all of our Customized Devices, we will of course consider any other variations in features and capabilities you specify on your CDAF.

The SOUND SNAP SHOT DEVICE: Bothered by strange sounds / weird sounds that seem to come at random or odd times, especially while you are asleep? Hearing sounds or voices in your head or your thoughts being repeated back to you that are not caused by a medical condition and appear to be emanating from external sources you can't seem to pinpoint or seem to be impossible sources of sound? Plagued by sounds no one else can hear or directed towards you alone? Or by weird sounds or voices that emanate from walls, attic, basement, crawl space, garage, shed, bedroom, other room, large appliances and/or vehicles? Concerned about your home security or business security? Or are you into ghost-busting, spirit hunting, space alien hunting, or animal detection or research (eg: bats, dolphins, whales, burrowing animals, insects, etc.)? Or sounds which come from the insides of operating equipment to determine exactly how the equipment operates and problem areas?
           To both determine where irritating or mind control or electronic attack sounds are coming from and what is causing them, and to document their actual existence, you almost always need to record them where you can play them back repeatedly to various listeners and even analyze them for those who may be skeptical that such sounds actually exist and are not the figment of your imagination. You have probably already tried to record these sounds but with little luck. You may have even frustratingly tried many audio recorders but with the same failure-to-record results. Or hired expensive "surveillance experts," "bug-sweepers" or "ghost busters" with same zero results or a bunch of BS? The problems with both audio tape and digital recorders (including compact disk recorders) are that their mikes and amplifier stages are relatively narrow band, relatively insensitive, relatively low gain, and often have no AGC, so it is virtually impossible for them to pick up low-intensity, short-duration, audio, ultrasonic and infrasonic sounds. Even the most modern, popular and costly audio tape and digital recorders are not designed to record faint sounds, sound bursts, ultrasounds and infrasounds because they are designed to record only clearly audible voice and music in the audio band. All of the commonly available recorders we tested go no higher than about 22 KHz (mostly 15 - 20 KHz - some less than 8 KHz). The SSSD processes all of these unusual sounds to a format which commonly available modern digital recorders can easily record.
           If ultrasonics is important to you, we also do ultrasonic SSSD device types. In our opinion, to do credible ultrasonic research in free air (as opposed to skin-contact medical ultrasonics) requires sensitivity to at least 200 KHz - so don't be fooled by similar devices which can't perform above 40 KHz. Our SSSD is a specially-designed interface unit that plugs into the mike input of a digital recorder. The SSSD picks up the sound through its own handheld mike; the SSSD then amplifies and filters the sound, and then it outputs the much clearer, louder sound to the mike input of the digital recorder connected to it. The SSSD amplifies all detected sounds from 20 Hz to 200+ KHz - deep into the air ultrasonic band - using our best low-distortion, ultra-wide BW, ultra high gain automatic gain control (AGC) sound designs (AGC is invaluable because it results in maximum amplification of faint sounds but automatically adjusts for less amplification of louder sounds - much increasing dynamic range).
           With the SSSD device, we also include a new commercial high-memory capacity digital recorder we especially selected for this application after much research. This commercial digital recorder will digitally record continuously for a maximum of 287 - 288 hours, so that you don't miss sound bursts which are often missed by voice-activated / voice-operated (VOR/VOX) recorders. You now can continuously record while asleep, busy or away - even for days at a time. The SSSD comes with mike outputs with good impedance matching to record the amplified raw signal and the demodulated and downconverted signals (if ultrasonic and infrasonic are specified), which you can also use to observe with an oscilloscope. The SSSD also comes with a switch for you to select which major sound band you want to output, and an LED will indicate when there is detected sound in the band of your choice and its amplified intensity. Since not even popular digital recorders will record ultrasonic sounds, the SSSD will first downconvert ultrasonic sounds into the audio range so you can hear an audio frequency rendition of the ultrasonic sounds on a speaker or earphones, which pitch is proportional to ultrasound frequency. And if you specify infrasonic capabilities, the SSSD will also demodulate infrasonics to derive the actual infrasonic signals (eg: alpha, beta, delta, theta, spindle brainwave frequencies, control frequencies), which you can observe on an oscilloscope. In addition, the SSSD detects and outputs: (1) Audio signals by themselves, (2) Ultrasonic signals by themselves, (3) Infrasonic signals modulating audio carriers, (4) Infrasonic signals modulating ultrasonic carriers, and (5) Audio signals modulating ultrasonic carriers, (2) - (5) are highly characteristic of electronic attack and mind control technologies. If specifed for ultrasonic/infrasonic capabilities, the SSSD will detect and demodulate: FM / PRM / PFM (frequency modulation / pulse rate modulation / pulse frequency modulation), AM (amplitude modulation), and/or PWM (pulse width modulation) (FM and PRM/PFM are our standards, if you need to demodulate AM or PWM, specify in CDAF and additional charges will apply). The SSSD also includes: (1) An input gain pot so that you can control the input sensitivity of the device up to a gain of 100,000+, (2) A directional handheld mike sensitive to frequencies between 20 Hz and about 200 KHz to help detect direction of sound source and therefore possibly its specific location and transmitter (plug-in handheld mike is connected to SSSD through 4' flexible, lightweight coax cable), (3) A selector switch for you to select whether the SSSD output to the tape/compact disk recorder (which you can also connect to an oscilloscope) is normal audio output, or an audio output demodulated from an ultrasonic carrier, and (4) A mixer pot that allows you to tune for the optimum downconversion of ultrasonic signals (if ultrasound capability is specified.)
           The SSSD is the absolute ultimate in sound detection, processing and recording capabilities! Should detecting and recording low-intensity sounds, short-duration sounds, modulations, ultrasonic sounds, and/or modulating infrasonic sounds is what you require - full audio, full ultrasonic and full infrasonic capabilities described above - the SSSD is ideal for you. Last made $1995 [3 lb]. The SSSD-Lite is the same as the SSSD except it has no ultrasonic, infrasonic or modulation capabilities - only audio between 20 Hz and 20 KHz. Last made $1195 [2 lb]. Should you also need a relay contact output, add $50 for the relay output. Should you need a stop-clock function (freezes a clock display when alarm sounds; clock is included but requires a relay contact output) - great for documenting activations, add $75. As with all of our Customized Devices, we will of course consider any other variations in features and capabilities you specify on your CDAF. (unless explicitly contracted for on the CDAF to the contrary, all SSSD-type devices include digital recorder and exclude an oscilloscope, speaker and earphones).

The "TAOS HUM" INFRASONIC & BRAINWAVE DETECTOR & AMPLIFIER: The THIBDA is designed to be both an Infrasonic Detector / Infrasonic Amplifier and a Brainwave Detector / Brainwave Amplifier. Many people today are insanely afflicted by persistent distant humming or similar very low frequency sounds. The hums mostly sound like a person humming, a distant idling diesel engine, approaching train, jet or bus, a pump or a electric motor. Some people detect these infrasonic hums (subsonic hums) as infrasonic vibrations felt by their bodies or heads (but usually not actually heard), often through the Earth or large objects. Infrasonic sensitivity varies - some people can hear/feel infrasounds while others around them can't. Low frequency hum can travel hundreds of miles with little attenuation in air, water and structural materials (eg: buildings, walls), usually low volume, and sometimes with discernable direction. There are too many known infrasonic sources to list, both natural and manmade, not to mention unknown infrasound sources. Among other things, onset or increase of ambient infrasound is believed to be precursors to impending earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis, tunneling/mining operations or cave-ins, traffic, underground fires, flooding, water leaks and other fluids, thunder, wind storms, sinkholes, structural collapses, dam collapses, snow avalanches, mud slides, rock slides, mountain ledge or face collapses, glacier calving, gas eruptions, tree collapses, equipment failures, military operations, explosions, meteorites, etc. Infrasounds are often a general predictor of foreboding of ominous events and as an unknown presence detector in which the disaster can occur even within seconds or minutes of new or changed infrasounds. Infrasounds can last for seconds or for years, and be continuous, time- or schedule-based, random or quasi-random. Some people are driven virtually mad because of persistent infrasonic hums day and night (Note: infrasonic humming sounds can also be caused by internal factors, such as high blood pressure and toxic heavy metals; there are 100s of toxic waste dumps in northern New Mexico - some near Taos; always see your physician to eliminate or treat medical causes; we provide no medical advice/opinion/claim). Some infrasonic hums come from unknown sources - some say from the Earth's core or from outer space.
          Being able to detect warning infrasounds can be life and death to you. For examples, if you can't detect an impending earthquake's, tsunami's or sinkhole's infrasound warnings in time for you to escape, you could be dead or painfully injured. You can't deal with infrasounds driving you nuts to eliminate or avoid them or get others involved, where no or few others are so afflicted or where you can't find the source because the infrasound intensity is low.
          Extensive efforts have been made to detect hum. Problem is that most hum sleuths use sound amplifiers and recorders not optimized for infrasonic detection, and few make any attempt to detect vibrational hum - or even use optimum transducers. Subwoofer amplifiers usually bottom out at about 40 Hz, so are useless for infrasounds. However, the THIBDA is specifically designed to receive and amplify sounds and vibrations in the 10 Hz - 61 Hz bandwidth (we can do infrasonic frequencies below 10 Hz, down to about 0.1 Hz, at additional cost). The THIBDA comes with two selections: 10 Hz - 55 Hz (non-AC power hum), and 59 Hz - 61 Hz (AC power hum). Amplifier gain of infrasound amplifier section is tunable from 5,000 to about 500,000. Includes an extremely low-frequency mike, and an analog vibration sensor. Also includes automatic gain control (AGC) to extra-boost very faint sounds over louder more obvious ones. Also includes electrode inputs for amplifying and monitoring brainwaves and extremely low frequency (ELF) EMF signals. Amplified frequencies below 40 Hz are frequency multiplied into the audio band for you to hear them and be alerted to their presence. Also includes signal intensity display. Detect and locate external bass and infrasound hum sources, both sound and vibration. Last made $2995 [3 lb].

The ULTRASONIC GALVANIC SKIN RESPONSE CORRELATOR: We believe that the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is a good indication of anomalies that reside beneath the skin where the galvanic skin response is taken from, and that galvanic skin responses will be very close to each other when the taken on two corresponding positions on symmetrical parts of the body of a healthy person. In other words, for example, if there is an anomaly located unseen under the skin of the right foot but not under the left foot skin in the same foot area, galvanic measurements will likely be different for both foot areas (same part of foot; amount of galvanic skin response difference largely depends on type, size, position and depth of anomaly; both areas should have same amount of skin wetness) because the two feet are fairly symmetrical to each other; however, if there is no anomaly in either foot, then the galvanic measurements, while usually not identical, should be close to each other. We define an "anomaly" (eg: tumors, infections, impaired blood flows, nerve disorders, strained/torn muscles, strained/torn ligaments, strained/torn tendons, cracked/broken bones, lesions, subcutaneous electronic implants, etc.).
          The UGSRC includes two of our proprietary Super Soft-Pinch Electrodes. When attached to the skin, the input is fed into an ultra high input impedance ultra high gain amplifier (with AGC and adjustable gain to about 1,000,000), with the results displayed on meter (included). AGC - Automatic Gain Control - is important because it much extends the dynamic range of the amplifier, allowing for full amplification of very weak signals but little amplification of very strong signals.
          What makes the UGSRC especially important and totally unique is that it includes an ultrasonic pulser - a special ultrasonic output transducer. The purpose of the ultrasonic transducer is to "thump" or "ping" tissues and organs (ie: stimulate tissues and organs) located under the skin with ultrasonic pulses (adjustable pulse rate), which pulses are believed to cause an electrical reaction by some anomalies. This reaction may result in a much heightened or amplified galvanic skin response, if so, causing a much greater difference in the galvanic skin response between the side with the anomaly and the side without the anomaly. And furthermore, this reaction may also result in a much much heightened or amplified galvanic skin response from the same electrode placement over an anomaly between the ultrasonic transducer being ON and being OFF, thereby making the UGSRC very useful in electrically ferreting out and pinpointing those well-hidden anomalies, and also for unilaterally testing non-symmetrical parts of the body as well. The ultrasonic transducer is usually placed between the two galvanic electrodes.
          Galvanic skin responses (GSRs) are also traditionally used to detect and expose lying (eg: polygraphs / lie detectors), psychology research (eg: reactions to stress and to disturbing thoughts and memories), biomedical research, biofeedback research, paranormal research / psychic research, mind control and electronic attack, and for "ghostbusting." GSRs are ever popularly used by a large religion to ferret out and compensate for stresses in people's lives. We also believe that the UGSRC can be used to test and/or stimulate animals and plants as well. The UGSRC is great for those into researching their own bodies, gadgeteers, experimenters, science researchers / science projects and Science Fairs. Practically endless uses.
UGSRC last made $1995 [2 lb].
          (NOTE: We are not licensed medical professionals, so neither can we make any medical claims nor can we provide medical opinion or medical advice or medical device; should you believe that you have an anomaly under your skin, promptly contact your own doctor (at your own expense); since this is a newer technology, we do not have tables that correlate galvanic skin responses to specific anomalies so we have no diagnostic information relating to any particular galvanic skin response for anomalies that may result from any medical condition so the UGSRC is NOT intended to be a diagnostic tool - see your doctor; since the UGSRC can only detect those anomalies that cause differences or changes in the galvanic skin response, it cannot detect anomalies, if any, which do not produce galvanic skin response differences or changes; the lack of a significant difference or change in galvanic skin response does not mean that there is no anomaly; external electromagnetic fields and electronic beams (eg: from an electronic direct energy attack ("directed energy attack")) which impact one side of the body more than the other can result in different galvanic skin responses in absence of any anomaly and thus the UGSRC may also be a useful tool in detecting exposures to ambient EM fields; and differences in galvanic skin responses can result from no known, understood or provable internal or external causations).

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