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BUYING FROM US IS SIMPLE: (1) Select the Unique Customized Device(s) You Want from our Topical Webpages (Links on Homepage), (2) Click on green CDAF Link above, (3) Print and Complete the CDAF Form (one CDAF for each Device), (4) Mail or Email as a PDF File to Us Your CDAF(s). We Respond to You Within 3 Days About Your Proposed CD Project.


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Subcontractor Suppliers Wanted: Lone Star Consulting, Inc. leases virtually everything it uses in its business, including component parts and office supplies availabilities. Rather than buying $100,000s worth of things that it needs for its daily operations and wastefully tying up its money that way, with its lease agreements, it has available those items it needs on an immediate and lower cost basis. If Lone Star Consulting, Inc. can find a substantially less expensive alternative to its current lease arrangement for any lease item category with the approximately same level of availabilities, it will strongly consider suspending or terminating its current lease agreement it has with another company for that item category, and then contracting with the new supplier. The self-descriptive lease item categories are these: (1001) COMPUTERS & PERIPHERALS, (1002) OFFICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES, (1003) OFFICE FURNITURE, (1004) SHOP TOOLS, (1005) SHOP EQUIPMENT, (1006) SHOP FURNITURE, (1007) ELECTRONIC & ELECTRICAL PARTS (INCLUDING SUBASSEMBLIES), (1008) GENERAL HARDWARE, and (1009) PLANS & SCHEMATICS FOR HARDWARE DESIGNS (TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY REQUIRED). "Approximately same level of availabilities" means that you must be located in El Paso, TX (much preferred as we are a loyal Texas business), or along the I-25 corridor between Rio Rancho, NM, and El Paso, TX, AND that you must keep at least 95+% of the required items at your place and available to us at all times, AND be opened with the items freely available and accessible to us at least eight hours each non-Holiday weekday and Saturday, AND you must have the items on hand in a quantity of at least one of each for all tools, equipment, furniture, and plans and schematics items, and at least 10 of each for all other included items, and all in good condition and fully functional. That's because, when we need an item, we often must have it the same day, and cannot wait around until it is shipped to us.

If you are sincerely interested in being considered as a Lone Star Consulting, Inc. provider of one or more of these lease item categories, here is what you do: (1) Provide us a copy of your proposed contract that clearly states all costs and availabilities. Costs are not set dollar figures, but are to be based on a percentage of the gross price of each Special Projects hardware device we sell and are paid for (in cases of subsequent refunds to our customers, you will have to immediately refund us that percentage of the refunded monies). (2) Include a clear, complete, accurate, and comprehensive inventory list of ALL items that you are including in your offer. (3) MAIL your proposed contract and inventory list to us (address above). Do NOT fax or email us your proposed contract and inventory list unless explicitly authorized by us ahead of time. All mail must meet our policies for sending us mail described on our Special Projects webpage. (4) If we are interested in your proposal, we will usually contact you withing 30 days from receipt of your proposal and its inventory list.

Be advised that Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is under absolutely no obligation or liability to agree to your proposal, or to in any way compensate you for making your proposal. All agreements must be made explicitly IN WRITING, and no verbal contract will exist between us. All questions you have must be asked and responded to IN WRITING - do not phone us with any questions about this potential offer. If Lone Star Consulting, Inc. agrees to your proposal, it will be a temporary (3- to 12-month) agreement that it can terminate without any liability any time it sees fit and without reason or explanation if it wants to. However, if after the temporary period expires, and it is satisfied with your performance, it will consider either another temporary contract or a permanent contract with you.

NOTE: Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is an equal opportunity business. This is not an offer for employment, partnership, joint venture, subsidiary, investment, trust, franchise, dealership or anything similar - only our request to consider your ability to provide us the equipment, parts and supplies we need, and only as we require.

We thank the many businesses which have contacted us over the years to propose supply deals with us. However, we can only consider those that meet the requirements above. Please base any supply offers you have on these requirements. Thanks.

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NOTE 1: We make no medical, legal, scientific, engineering, supernatural or paranormal claims including but not limited to claims about the existence, extent, intentions, purposes and capabilities of space aliens, ghosts, spirits, psychic powers, psionics, mental telepathy, precognition, auras, clairvoyance, remote viewing and pschokinesis - all related CD projects we do are based on our proprietary theories SHOULD they actually exist AND if the customer does not clearly specify in his/her CDAF another theory he/she wants the CD device design to be based upon.

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